Rosa and the Wolves- Prequel

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Just the prequel!

Rosa couldn’t believe that she was even in this predicament, she thought to herself as she urged her horse faster, her big tits jiggling with every gallop the horse took. The horse neighed in fear, its breath coming faster now as it was urged to run as fast as it could, not only for the safety of the rider on its back, but for fear of the wolves that were chasing them. She looked behind her to see how close the wolves were, and she counted three of them, they were less than half a mile away with the distance closing quickly. This was supposed to be an amazing vacation to celebrate her wedding to her husband; not a race to keep herself from dying. The wolves howls were closer now and she could hear the pounding of their feet on the snow covered ground, hear their growls, snap of their teeth and their harsh, fast breathing.

6 hours earlier…

This whole debacle happened because when they got to their honeymoon spot at 1 pm, her husband Marc just wanted to stay in the hotel room and sleep. He said he was exhausted from the 16-hour flight. Surprisingly Rosa wasn’t jet lagged. She was still amped up on excitement. Since this was the first time she’s ever been overseas. It would be expected for him to be more tired because he was 48, almost 2 decades older than she was.

She told him that she was going to go on whatever was on the itinerary for a little bit and she’d be back for the late dinner and that she’d see if anyone else from the guided tour wanted to go with her. She grabbed her small back pack and placed her wallet, passport, cell phone and water bottle in it. Then she walked towards the door as Marc got ready to take a shower then a nap. “I love you” was the last thing she told him before he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

“I love you too!” she heard as she exited their room and walked down the hall, hit the button to go down on the elevator and when she walked out into Çukurambar Escort the lobby, she met some of the other people who were traveling on the same small guided tour. Also, on the tour there were Christine and her husband Blake, and their two kids Krissy and Blake Jr. Then there was the couple who argued the whole way over on the plane, Robin and Jordan; boy were they going to be a headache, and this was supposed to be their 10-year anniversary trip.

Lastly there was Aubrey and Cameron, they were newlyweds like we were. They were all standing around a board that had a piece of paper on it describing the trips itinerary. Tonight, was horseback riding into the national forest and up the mountain a little bit then a late dinner in a local restaurant. The tour guide Andrei was sitting close to the board and was asking everyone if they wanted to go on the first excursion. “I do”. Rosa told him as she handed him her travel visa from her wallet and passport.

“You’re here on your honeymoon?” he asks her. “Yes, we just got married two days ago”. She told him. “Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your trip” Andrei said to her as he handed back her card and passport. She stood off to the side as the other couples walked up to him and told him whether they wanted to come on the excursion or not.

The people who wanted to go were Christine and Blake, the kids wanted to stay at the hotel and swim, Aubrey and Cameron who were excited to do everything that they could on the trip. “Now that everyone is ready, lets head out into the forest then we can start our horseback riding trip”. Said Andrei while clapping his hands loudly getting everyone’s attention. “Okay, follow me!” Andrei stated as he started walking out of the hotel doors and everyone else followed him.

Andrei started talking to the small group. “Alright everyone! We’re not too far from where the barns are, maybe only 2 miles away.” The group Çukurambar Escort Bayan started walking after Andrei and they quickly start to sweat because it’s hot outside and very sunny with little breeze. They start talking about where they were from, how they came to be on this trip and what they were looking forward to. The 2 miles quickly passed, and the group of previous strangers had become quick acquaintances.

After about half and hour of slow walking the group finally came upon the stables that were located on the outskirts of town. It was a big modern looking red barn where a stable hand was outside the barn with a group of horses that were all eating grass in a corral. The horses were all about 14-16 hands tall and had varying colors from tan, to grey, to brown, to black and white. The group walked up to the stable hand and he introduced himself.

“I’m Levi. I’ve been working here at my families ranch ever since I was a child. We have multiple different kinds of horses, and they all are different sizes. If you’ve never rode a horse before I’ll show you how easy it is.” “Who here hasn’t ridden a horse before?” No one raised their hand. “Plus, you’ll also get to learn how to put your tack on the horse and give them treats. Don’t worry, all the horses we have here today are all very gentle and domesticated. None of them will buck you off unless they’re very scared”. “Okay, lets go into the barn and get the tack”.

The group walks into the barn after Levi, their eyes adjusting from the sunniness outside to the dim interior of the barn, even though it was lit up by light bulbs. The barn floor was clean, there were bales of hay in the open loft up top, the barn smelled like horses and hay. There were rows of horse grooming equipment on one of the walls all in different buckets; some held various sizes of bristle and wire brushes, clippers, rope, shampoos, picks, and other things that are used Escort Çukurambar on horses. There were also saddles, blankets, bridles, pads, lead ropes, bits, spurs and more that were up on the wall as well. There were ranch hands inside that already had different piles of tack on the ground and they helped the group grab the piles of tack and take it outside.

Once outside back in the sunlight, Levi led everyone to the corral, and everyone was able to pick their own horse. Rosa picked an all-black horse. Christine picked a white one, while Blake picked a tan one. Aubrey picked a brown horse and Cameron picked a black horse. The last one was white, and tan and Andrei picked that one. Each person stood by their horses, petting them as the ranch hands grabbed the tack and started putting everything on the horses. After a few minutes everything was fully done, and the group was ready to start their day of fun.

“If I may have a minute of your time before we all get saddled up!” Andrei said before everyone started to get onto the horses. “I just wanted to say, thank you for coming out today and I hope everyone has fun. Just a little word of warning though, don’t go off the path and don’t lag behind. We are going into the forest and you will see wild animals there! Mostly deer, rabbit, foxes, and maybe if you’re lucky we can see a wolf.

“Just don’t stray away from the group and the wolves normally leave us alone!” Aubrey asks the question that is now on everyone’s mind. “Are they dangerous?”. “Just don’t stray away from the group and they aren’t dangerous. We haven’t’ had anyone attacked on this excursion yet. Normally, they just attack farm animals because they’re easy prey. The people who live in these parts have gotten used to the wolves being around the town”.

“Okay let’s go!”. The ranch hands helped everyone get up onto the saddles on the horses and once everyone was firmly seated, ready to go and Levi knew that the group knew how to handle their horses; Andrei turned his horse around and exited the corral and the horse started to slowly trot towards the forest that was looming behind the barn like an unavoidable wall of green and silence.

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