Rooms of Sin Ch. 02

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Sophie wandered down the marbled corridor, checking the lights above the doors. She chose a door at random, and walked in. Again, there was a full length mirror on the wall, with which she checked her appearance, but there was no clue as to what might be on the other side of the door. She turned on the red light outside, her heart racing as she opened the second door. On entering, she found herself alone in a luxurious lounge, decorated in a very modern style. The floor was tiled black, with chromed décor around the room. A large red leather sofa was located in the middle of the room. A spiral staircase was situated in the corner, and the walls were covered in erotic art, which Sophie took time to enjoy.

It was very quiet, and Sophie wondered if she would be alone for long. She sat on the red sofa, looking at the paintings, her fingers casually stroking at her pussy. She didn’t have to wait long, hearing footsteps from the staircase behind where she sat. She turned and looked in amazement. Six men, all dressed head to toe in black latex, were slowly making their way down the steps. They were all of athletic build, Sophie could see their rippling muscles through the skin-tight rubber. Their faces were obscured by their latex hoods, which had holes only for their eyes and mouthes. They padded softly down the stairs in silence, their shaved, thick cocks and heavy swinging balls jutting proud from a small opening in the crotch.

“Hello boys!” Sophie gasped.

She lay back on the sofa, lifting her thighs wide apart, exposing her glistening cunt. The men lined up in front of her, identities made unknown by their gleaming rubber costumes. Their cocks bobbed erect as Sophie gave them a display of her pussy, her fingers disappearing into her moist crack. She pulled at her erect nipples, sending jolts of exquisite pain through them.

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhh,………that hurts so good!” she purred, knowing that she was about to be gang-fucked by the six horny guys.

She turned around, kneeling on the sofa with her ass high in the air and then slipped a finger into her asshole.

“I do hope you’re not going to ignore my tight ass, boys? I love a thick cock in my ass!” she groaned.

The men fell on her, fondling her smooth ass cheeks, her creamy tits that swung beneath, and rubbing their cocks all over her. One man began licking at her wet snatch, pressing his face hard into her crack from behind. His tongue darted and poked wildly from the hole in his latex hood. Sophie was surrounded by hard cock, she reached out grabbing one in each hand. She stroked each erect cock offered to her, squeezing the hard flesh. A man positioned himself in front of her face, offering her mouth his erect cock. A dewdrop of pre-cum leaked from the tip. Sophie quickly gathered it in her mouth, tasting the sweet juice.

“Mmmm…..delicious! I do hope there’s more to come!” she giggled.

The men constantly swapped places, rubbing, licking, and probing their way around Sophie’s body. She suddenly felt a cock pressing at the entrance to her hot pussy lips, and then he was inside her. He slid deep into her slick opening, her strong cunt muscles gripping his shaft. The man began to fuck her, driving his hard cock slowly up to the hilt. The room was filling with the moans of Sophie and the men, as they explored her body. She felt so horny, dressed still in her satin corset, stockings and heels, as she sucked greedily on the next man in turn. She knew that her body was about to be plundered hard by all of them.

Oscar was ready for more, his cock strained at his trousers, aching for release. He walked in the corridor, glancing at the lights above him. Only one was green, maybe it was an omen, he thought to himself. He went inside, eager for more fetish fun and games. Upon entering the anteroom, he was greeted by his friend, Michael.

“This is a surprise, my old friend!” said Oscar.

Michael greeted him with a slap on the shoulders.

“I wanted to show you this room myself”, replied the German, turning the wall switch to red.

Oscar was slightly confused, but desperate to know what lay in store for him. Michael opened the door for him, allowing him to enter. They walked into what looked like a cocktail bar, mirrors were located everywhere, and neon lights lit the room. A barman, wearing a black mask, served drinks from behind a dark granite bar in front of which were some chrome stools. On the stools sat together drinking cocktails, were two 19 year old, Japanese girls, dressed identically in school uniforms. They turned and smiled at Michael, raising their glasses. Michael ushered Oscar to a leather sofa opposite the girls. The petite girls, who could have easily been mistaken for twins, looked horny as hell to Oscar in their tartan skirts and white socks. The budding nipples of their small, pert breasts were clearly visible through their thin white blouses. He felt his cock growing rapidly in his trousers.

He sat down next to Michael anime porno on the sofa, not quite knowing what was going to happen next. The girls put down their glasses, and moved a little closer together. They started to kiss, passionately, each reaching for the others breasts. Oscar’s cock was now fully erect and recovered from his previous action, as he watched the girls intently. The girls reached under each other’s skirts, exposing their hairless cunts. The barman carried about his business, seemingly unaware of the show the girls had started. Oscar watched as one girl climbed up onto the bar, kneeling on her hands and knees. She pulled up her short skirt around her waist and said something to the other girl, who climbed up, joining her friend on the bar top.

“What are they going to do?” asked Oscar.

“Wait and see, my friend!” replied Michael.

The first girl spread her soft, young ass cheeks, inviting the other to lick at the pouting lips of her smooth cunt. She took up the invitation, lapping at her friend enthusiastically. She licked and sucked for all she was worth, gradually moving her tongue to the tight puckered entrance of the girl’s asshole. Oscar watched in amazement as the masked barman suddenly produced a large plastic funnel, and a two litre bottle of milk.

“What the……?” Oscar whispered to Michael.

The girl stopped licking momentarily as the barman gently pushed the tip of the funnel into the girl’s ass, which now lubricated by her friend’s saliva. She groaned as the taped tip went deeper into her, stretching her tight anal ring. She rested her head on the bar top, raising her ass high up in the air. She giggled and nodded to the barman. He began slowly pouring the milk into the funnel, and flooding the girl’s bowels. Oscar couldn’t take his eyes from the bizarre show. The barman continued to pour steadily, until the bottle was empty.

“How can she hold so much?” Oscar thought to himself.

The girl groaned loudly every few moments, as waves of gut cramps took over her. The barman went to fetch another bottle and returned to continue filling her ass. Her moans became louder, her stomach seemed swollen with milk, yet she seemed able to take even more inside her. Finally, she had reached her limit, shaking her head violently in submission. Still groaning in extreme discomfort, she carefully swapped positions with her friend. The barman removed the funnel, and a small dribble of milk escaped her milk laden bowels. The barman then repeated the process on the other girl, until they both had their asses pumped full of creamy milk. The girls were now groaning in desperate discomfort, stomach cramps gripping their insides, threatening to expel the milky fluid from their young asses.

Oscar turned to his friend, “This is about to get very messy, Michael!”

Sophie took hold of two men’s cocks, wedging both their glans into her mouth. She loved to suck cock, and having two in her hot mouth at the same time tasted absolutely divine. She caressed each tip with her tongue, feeling the men’s pulses through their rigid shafts. Pre-cum seeped from their piss-slits, which she rubbed over her mouth, making her pouting rouge lips even glossier. The men took turns at her pussy, thrusting wildly so their rubber clad thighs slapped against Sophie ass.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me harder boys, fuck, fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed. “Fuck my dirty cunt, I want your cocks deep inside my dirty cunt, that’s it fuck me, oh yes please!”

She changed position to straddle a man lying beneath her. Her slick pussy slid down his upwards pointing cock until it was fully embedded in her aching pussy. Sophie rode him hard, her ass shaking and wobbling up and down as she ground into his cock. Suddenly she felt another cock, probing at her pussy from behind. Another man was trying to squeeze his cock into her dripping cunt! She felt a burning sensation as the second cock slid in alongside the other, the men groaning as they stretched her pussy wide. It was like having one enormous cock inside her. The men began thrusting in unison, driving Sophie wild with carnal lust.

“Fuck me, fuck my tight cunt, fill me with cock, oh yeah, fuck me, oh Jesus, that feels so fucking wonderful!” Sophie gasped, grinding her pussy onto the men’s cocks. She carried on sucking the two cocks in front of her, and had a cock in each hand, rubbing them furiously. She was now servicing all six of the men at the same time.

“Don’t forget my ass you dirty fuckers! Fuck me in the ass, I want all your cocks to fuck me hard in my filthy whore’s ass!” she obscenely begged to the rubber dressed men.

The man kneeling behind her withdrew his cock from her slippery pussy, and stuck a latex gloved finger into her hot vice-like asshole, finger fucking her while Sophie rode the other man’s cock.

“I’m cumming, aaaaaaah! Fuck yes! I’m cumming!” Sophie’s body went into spasms as her first orgasm ripped through her. Pussy juice anne porno leaked from her as she came hard, the finger in her ass triggering her sudden climax. After a minute or two, he felt Sophie’s ass loosen slightly, so he pressed his swollen cock head against her tight rear passage. She felt him enter her, the thick shaft penetrating her hot, dank hole. Her seemingly elastic sphincter stretched around him until he was balls deep in her.

“Fuck me now, both of you! Fuck my perverted ass, and my filthy cunt! Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!” she screamed. The men needed no telling, their cocks pistoning in and out, reaming both her holes.

“Give me a cock to suck, fuck my whorish mouth and make me gag!” she pleaded.

With a man knelt each side of her head, Sophie took turns to suck them alternately. She was going berserk with animal lust. Taking them so deep down her throat, her red lips were able to caress their shaved balls. She gagged violently as they roughly fucked her mouth. Stringy spit oozed from her mouth, slobbering over their cocks, making them glisten.

“Uuuugggghhh!” she gagged, feeling their wet cocks hit the very back of her throat.

The man lying beneath her withdrew his penis, and pushed it hard against her asshole.

“This can’t be happening can it? Surely there can’t be room in my ass for two thick cocks? ” She thought to herself.

She was so hot and turned on now, anything was possible. But sure enough, she felt her ass muscles expanding even further to accommodate the two men. Slowly he forced his way into her gripping, juicy asshole.

“Nnnnnnnooooooooooo……….wait…………uuuuh…..aaaah…..Fuck yes!” Sophie moaned as the two cocks invaded her burning ass.

The men fucked her furiously, plundering her tight asshole, seeking their vile pleasures. Two thick shafts of throbbing male flesh, deeply embedded in Sophie’s stretched ass hole, were driving her crazy. The hooded men frequently changed positions, each of them taking turns at her three fuck-holes, until they approached their orgasms.

“I want you all to cum in my ass hole, I want my slutty ass filled with your hot, slimy cum. Do you think you can do that, you fuckers?” Sophie begged.

The men silently nodded in response. Sophie lay on the floor, against the sofa with her ankles behind her head, so that she was partly upside down spreading her ass cheeks. With her ass hole pointing upwards to the ceiling, the first man pinned her down, straddling her upturned ass. Her once tight asshole was now obscenely gaping wide for all the men to see. The other five men stood in a circle around them, stroking their hard cocks, watching the other man began his anal assault on Sophie. He dipped his cock all the way in and began fucking her to his climax. It wasn’t long before he grunted, and came, spraying his slimy cum into her hot depths.

“Uuuuuh, that’s it, give it to me, fill me up with your sticky seed!” She groaned.

He quickly made way for the next latex covered man, who was going to deposit his load into Sophie. He too, didn’t last long, injecting his creamy mess into Sophie. She could feel her ass filling with hot cum. Each man took his turn, emptying his full balls of cum, until Sophie’s ass was brimming full of sticky white goo. Sophie rubbed furiously at her swollen clit, excited by her ass full of cum, she needed to orgasm so badly.

“Oooooh fuck yes, fucking hell yes, I’m cumming……yes I’m cumming now! Aaaaiiiiieeeeeeee!!!” she cried.

Her body bucked and convulsed, a fountain of girl cum sprayed from her pussy arcing through the air, splashing her upturned face and neck. She completely lost control of her ass muscles, sending a torrent of the men’s combined cum, flowing over her pink pussy lips and down the front of her purple corset, towards her voluptuous tits. Sophie sobbed, crying in ecstasy, she was covered in cum, and her pussy, mouth and ass had all been thoroughly fucked. The men stood paraded in a line, and made their way back to the spiral staircase, leaving Sophie to recover.

Oscar and Michael continued to watch the Japanese girls perform. Both men were feeling incredibly horny now, their cocks aching for relief. One of the girls on the bar began lapping at the others ass, digging her tongue into her cream filled hole, while fingering her own wet pussy. That was enough for the other girl, who was finally unable to contain all the milk trapped in her bloated rectum.

“Uh….. Uh…..Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” she squealed, releasing an explosion of milky mess, straight into the other’s face. The receiving girl came loudly, digging her fingers deep into her cunt, while her face was showered by the endless jet of milk. Milk went everywhere, mostly down the receiving girl’s front, drenching her white blouse. They changed positions, so that the girl with her asshole full of milk could take her turn to relieve her cramped guts. A second deluge of milk sprayed from her ass, which the arap porno other girl tried in vain to gulp down.

The two girls found themselves kneeling in a pool of milk on the bar surface, panting and gasping at their sudden relief. They beckoned Michael and Oscar to join them. The men stripped off their clothes, their hard cocks proudly erect. The girls climbed down from the bar, still soaking wet, and leant over the stools, offering up their ripe young asses. They faced each other, and began kissing again. Oscar gripped one of the girl’s hips, and without any hesitation, plunged his cock deep into her slippery ass. Michael did the same, shoving his thick German cock into the other girl’s back door. The girls whimpered and moaned as the men rammed their cocks into their slick, hot assholes over and over again. Oscar gripped tighter still, holding the poor girl in place. He fucked her savagely, drilling into her young ass without mercy, while Michael relentlessly pounded into the other girl, who was now wailing and crying.

“Fuck that ass, fuck that ass, go on my friend, fuck her hard!” encouraged Michael.

The room was filled with lustful groans and gasps, as the girls were fucked into oblivion. The barman, who until now had remained behind the bar, came in front and stood in between the two girls. His hard cock poked out from his black uniform, aiming it at the girls. He stroked his thick shaft until he came, gushing his steamy white cum over the girls angelic faces. The girls shared it between them, licking the oozing cream from their young faces. Oscar could feel his own climax approaching, his balls tightening until he reached the point of no return.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’ve got a big load for you sluts…..oh fuck!…Aaaaargh!” Oscar shouted.

He quickly withdrew from the girl’s ravaged ass, and sent his own cum spewing over the Japanese girls. Jet after jet of Oscar’s sticky cum decorated their faces. Michael did likewise with an explosive climax, sending his creamy jizz splattering over the girls already glazed features. There was cum everywhere, dripping down the girls chins, onto their already soaked blouses.

“Fuck, that was good Oscar, wasn’t it?” asked Michael, recovering.

Oscar grinned back at his friend with satisfaction. They picked up their clothes, leaving the girls exhausted and covered in cum.

Sophie went back to her bedroom, where there was no sign of Oscar. She stripped off her dirty lingerie, and soaked in the bath until her husband returned. She heard him enter the bedroom, and called to him.

“Well, how was that for you, my love?”

Oscar peeked into the bathroom, “Fantastic, dare I ask how your evening went?”

Sophie reminisced on her latest depravity. “Everything I hoped for, and more!” came her reply.

The next day, Oscar and Sophie had lunch with Michael and his wife, Katrina.

“Well guys, we hope your first night was enjoyable, yes?” asked Katrina, keen to hear about their erotic experiences.

The four of them sat in the large dining room reserved for guests at their country house. Oscar and Sophie opened up about their debauched experiences, recalling every sexy detail.

“And towards the end,” said Sophie, “Having both those hard cocks in my ass at the same time felt amazing, those horny guys in latex were insatiable!”

Oscar was similarly enthusiastic, “Having my cock milked like that by the nurse was just incredible! She was an expert at fisting me, I’d never felt anything like it before!”

Michael smiled at his old friend, “Yes indeed, she has very special talents, I’ll let you into a little secret, she isn’t employed by us. She stays here for her own pleasure as a paying guest!”

Sophie raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“You didn’t tell me everything about last night!” she joked with Oscar, “You mean to tell me you weren’t the dominant one for a change?” after Oscar had told his wife about being strapped down in the chair.

“Well,” said Katrina, “From what Michael tells me, Oscar was very dominant with the Japanese girls!” They all laughed, raising a glass of champagne in celebration of their first night. “Here’s to more surprises tonight then!” said Sophie.

Later on that evening, Oscar and Sophie prepared themselves for the fetish entertainment ahead. Sophie lay in the bath, shaving. She massaged the cool shaving gel over her steamy cunt, gently stroking the razor to make sure it was completely bald. Her fingers of one hand slipped inside her crevice, while her other hand reached to her nipples, pulling and pinching at them.

“Mmmmm……aaaah……… Oh God, I love pain…..oh God, that feels good…….I need pain……oh fuck…..Oh Jesus…..I need pain tonight, I need to be spanked, I’m such a naughty girl……Oh fuck……yes…….yes…..I’m cumming now, such a naughty girl……yes, I’m cumming…….Oooooowwwwaaaaaaarrrrgh!!!” she screamed.

She thrashed about wildly in the bath, spilling water over the side as she came hard using just her fingers, and her hot fantasies of punishment. Oscar heard Sophie climaxing in the bathroom, and it made his cock throb hard. He was more than eager to see what the night had in store for them both.

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