Roomers Ch. 01

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“Thanks, Rick.” I said to my Hong Kong friend. “I really appreciate you putting me up even for a little while.”

“No problem, Jer. I know what it’s like.” Answered Rick.

Rick and I and a few other friends worked out at the same martial arts dojo. I had just separated with my wife. It was a trial separation. After many, many, many years, I felt we had nothing going on between us anymore. While the lack of sex or even intimacy wasn’t the main reason, it was part of a contributing factor. I can’t remember the last time we had intercourse. The last BJ or even a hand job I got from her was over a year ago. We really didn’t seem to have anything in common any more.

This mundane routine seemed to start almost immediately after we were wed.

I had found outside gratification. I always loved going to strip bars. I ended up meeting a little older dancer who was working there to make a few extra bucks. She was a bit of a MILF and we started going out. It turned into a ten year plus affair (but that’s another true story).

Rick was divorced after he found out his blond Scandinavian wife was having an affair with someone else. It hit him and his two older kids pretty hard. He later reignited his social life and found a nice Asian girl. Tina was a few years younger than he. And spoke better English too albeit with a heavy Taiwanese accent. She was very tall, about five foot ten and pretty although not much of a body shape to speak of, she did have a nice bum.

They now lived together with his two adult sons. Mitch was the younger, while Harry was the older and temporarily in Quebec City for a while. They let me use his room.

Mostly, I was either out of the house or stayed in my room and worked on my PC. Rick was pretty busy with his business, often having to pitch in with the heavy labour along with his workers. He usually left very early and came home pretty tired. Tina didn’t say much but she relate to me that Rick would repeatedly come home late and always tired. He’d eat some dinner, talk a bit then he would go to sleep. Repeat.

Tina was a licensed RMT, Registered Massage Therapist. She worked for a spa at a posh hotel but since she was relatively new there, her clientele list was very small. She used one of the spare rooms in the house for a private massage practice.

I’ve been here for about a week and a half now. Communication with my wife had only been via text. I’m not sure how things will go but…

I was in Harry’s room getting dressed to go out after my shower. I guess I didn’t close the door all the way and Mitch’s cat Armageddon pushed the door open and walked in. Normally I wouldn’t care but being buck naked, I went to go close the door. Just then, Tina came out of her bedroom. We stood there facing each other for a few seconds.

Tina turned away first. “Sorry! Sorry!”

I slowly closing the door, I replied. “ It’s okay. Armageddon opened illegal bahis the door. Sorry.”

I kind of giggle to myself. I looked down and notice I was about half mast. I’m not huge by any means but a pretty decent length and thickness. Most women who commented have told me it was the perfect size. Perfect for deep throat-blow jobs yet big enough to fill their pussy with cum.

“Meow!” Cried Armageddon. Curiosity satisfied, she now wanted to get out.

“Good girl.” I gave her a nice pet on the head before letting her exit.

The week that followed was a bit tense. In the morning when I’m having coffee, Tina would be there. I could see a small smile crack her lips as we talked. Her big almond eyes flitted from my face to my crotch.

“What are you doing today, Jer?” She asked.

“I got some things to pick up before going to the dojo.” I told her. “Are you working today?”

“Yes, later this afternoon.” Tina told me. “I have to do some shopping this morning. Do you need anything? Soap? Toothpaste? Condoms?”

“What?” I said to myself. I must have misunderstood. It was probably her accent. “No, I’m okay.”

I left later to do my tasks. One box I picked up was heavier than I thought and I slightly tweaked my back. I thought a good workout after would fix it, but next morning I was barely able to crawl out of bed. Tina was in the kitchen as I struggled to make my coffee; Rick was getting ready to leave.

“Are you okay?” Rick asked.

“I pulled something in my back when I was picking stuff up. I thought working out would work it out, but it is so sore this morning.” I groaned out in stifled pain.

“Tina can give you a massage. It will help.” Rick nodded to Tina.

“No. I think it will be okay.” I groaned back.

“Yes! Yes!” Tina nodded back. “Go to my room and undress. Face down under the sheet.”

“Don’t you have to work today?” I asked.

“No. No appointments today.” Tina told me.

“You’ll feel better. I’m leaving now and Mitch is at his girlfriend’s so it will be quiet and private.” Rick kissed Tina good-bye and left.

“Go-go!” She ordered while pointing the way.

I found my way to her private workroom. Even with the shade down, it was filled with warm, gentle sunlight but not glaring. There was a standard massage table and a separate table with lotions and other paraphernalia. I took off my sweat shirt and pants before I hopped on the bed and covered myself with the crisp white sheet. The pressure atop my cock was bothering me a bit so I pointed it downwards between my thighs.

“Knock! Knock!” The door sounded and then I heard Tina ask. “Are you naked and ready?”

She didn’t wait for a response before entering while I thought about what she just said. She was on my left side as her hands palpitated my body. I heard Tina squirt something and felt her lower the sheet covering my back. The first couple of strokes with illegal bahis siteleri her hand spread slippery whatever she was using. Then she went to work. Softly at first then stronger pressure against the knots in small of my back. Her thumb hit a big sore hot spot.

“OOH!” I groaned. My left leg spasmed

“Mmm… There’s a big lump there. It’s also running down your leg. I’ll have to fix that.” Tina informed me.

Her thumb hit another knot.

“UUH!” I grunted. My right leg jumped.

“Both sides I think.”

And then Tina worked her thumbs against both of the hot spots at the same time.

“YOW!” I yelped. Both legs reacted.

“Worse than I thought.” Tina stated. “Humph! Try to stop moving and jumping around so much. I really need to work on your problem.”

Suddenly I felt Tina get up on the table and mount me across my back facing my feet. This wasn’t my first non-happy-ending massage, so I knew this wasn’t usual. “Tina! What’s…?”

“Don’t bother struggling. And be quiet or I’ll make you stay quiet.” Tina warned me. “Okay”

Not sure if I should speak, I managed a tentative nod.

Straddled across my lower back, she said. “There. That’s better… For me anyways. This should help me work on your stiff areas.”

Tina pressed down on my lower back. Being a more over my body helped with pressurizing against the knots. Her strong thumbs worked against my aching muscles. “Oh fuck! That feels better, Tina.”

She continued to work on my back for maybe ten minutes before getting off of me. Tina moved to the bottom of the table and folded the sheet up to expose my lower legs. She squirted more something into her hands. Starting above my ankles, I felt her hands strongly stroke upwards on my calves. I felt the pain start to dissipate and started to relax a bit.

“Good. I can feel you start to enjoy this.” Tina said. I felt her climb onto the table; her knees between my legs. She started working the upper back thighs beneath the sheet. Even so covered, with her between my spread legs, I know she can see my growing member sticking out. “Feels pretty hard, doesn’t it?”

As Tina massaged my thighs harder and higher, the sheet ascended until it was barely covering my bum. Her thumbs were kneading the insides of my thighs and getting progressively lower. The tip of her thumb grazed against my now solid dick. I could feel my pre-cum flowing freely.

“Well, I might not need to use lotion anymore.” There was no more misunderstanding her actions. Tina pressed her thumb at my base and pushed out even more pre-cum. She used her finger to collect the beads of clear liquid and spread it along the underside of my shaft. I groaned pleasure and pain as she massaged her thumb into my scrotum. She cupped both balls in the palm of her hand and rolled them around. Tina moved up more to force my legs apart even wider. She used her other hand to grab hold canlı bahis siteleri of and stroke my erection.

“Oh my god, Tina. That feel so good. I can cum right now!” I told her.

“No! No! Not yet!” Tina suddenly stopped. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Tina totally remove the sheet. She moved slightly and told me to turn over. While turning onto my back, I realized Tina was naked. “When did she take her clothes off? Was she naked from the start?”

Tina’s body was very slender. Her tits couldn’t have been bigger than A’s but with rock hard nipples. She had no body hair and was clean shaven below. She climbed over my body and pressed her wet slit against the underside of my hard as steel cock. I would say she was dry humping me but there was nothing dry about it.

With my shaft now totally shiny slick with her juice, Tina lifted up and forward enough to allow my cock to access and pierce her hot, wet hole. She descended all the way down in one go. I’ve always love the feeling of the first penetration.

Sitting on my base, Tina supported herself by placing her hands on my chest as she slowly started to rock back and forth. Her eyes shut tight and her head leaning back. “Oh! That feels so good. Rick hasn’t fucked me in a long time. I needed this.”

Tina’s rocking began to increase in pace and force. Her head started to thrash back and forth as she fucked me harder and harder. Her mouth was open wide. All that came out was “Aaaahhh…! Aaaahhh…! Aaaahhh…!”

The feeling was incredible and intense. I warned her. “I can’t hold on much longer!”

“Yes! Yes!” Tina was fucking me as hard as she could. “Cum! Cum now! Cum inside me now!”

It was like pressing an eject button. I started to shoot my load immediately. I can’t remember ever coming this hard in a long time. “Oh fuck! Ooh fuck! Oooh fucking yes!”

“Aaiee…! Yes! Cum inside me!” Tina screamed. “I can feel you inside cum me!”

After both of us were totally spent, Tina collapsed atop of my torso to recover. Both of us breathing in unison.

“Oh god, Tina! That was great!” I told her lacking any brain to use a better descriptor.

“Oh, Jer! I needed that so badly.” Tina admitted, then giggled. “I guess we really didn’t need to get condoms, eh?”

Later that evening when Rick returned home from work, I was reading in the living room and called out. “Hey Rick! How was your day?”

“Rough! I’m tired.” He stood in the doorway. He looked like shit. “I’m too tired to eat. I need a shower and sleep. Where’s Tina?”

“She went out for a walk.” I told him. “She should be back soon.”

As soon as I said that, the front door opened and Tina entered. “Hi Rick.”

“Hi.” Rick kissed his girlfriend on the cheek. “Did you give Jer a massage? Did you get rid of all his stiffness?”

Tina and I shared a smile.

“Oh yeah. For now. He might need another treatment though.” Tina gave me a sly look.

Unfortunately, Harry would be returning home so I needed to find a new place in a while. Tina and I continued our sessions whenever we could or when she was off from the spa. Each one was better and better. I was sorry to have to leave.

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