Room Service

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I have a career of my own, so I don’t normally join my husband on his business trips, but it had been so long since I had visited New York that I decided to accompany him this time. New York is my favorite city and Rob would only be busy in meetings for one day, allowing us to spend the remainder of the week rediscovering “The Big Apple” together.

We arrived on Sunday and enjoyed a meal together at a restaurant a short walk from our hotel and the lavish suite we had booked. We woke early the following morning and made love on the extravagant bed before ordering breakfast in the room. Rob was dressed for his meetings by the time room service knocked on the door, but I was still naked. I wrapped myself in a towel and opened the door, directing the young waiter to place our breakfast on the table. As he handed me a pen to sign the check, I let my towel fall to the floor and feigned embarrassment at my “accidental” exposure. I hurriedly picked up my towel, apologizing for my clumsiness, and holding the towel up, only partially obscuring my breasts and crotch. The waiter was blushing awkwardly, and I insisted on giving him a tip that I retrieved from my handbag that was on the floor by the door. As I bent over to extract the money from my purse, I gave the waiter a fine view of my naked ass and apologized again.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked Rob once we were alone again.

“You know I did,” he replied, “I always do.”

“Just a little thrill so you remember to come back this evening.”

“I will be back in time to take you to dinner,” he explained. “What are you going to do to keep yourself occupied?”

“I was thinking of doing some shopping, and finding somewhere for lunch,” I replied.

“I hate to think of you alone in the city. I don’t want you to be bored and lonely,” he said looking at his watch.

Rob ate his breakfast quickly, checking his watch several more times, and I ate more slowly wearing a luxurious robe and reclining in a comfortable chair.

There was a second knock from outside, and Rob made his way to the door.

“If that’s room service, tell them I haven’t finished eating yet and they can collect the tray later.”

Rob opened the door and ushered two young men into the room.

“I really don’t want you to be lonesome while I am at work,” Rob explained, “so I have asked these two gentlemen to keep you company.”

I hesitated for a moment and took a careful look at the two men presented to me.

Both were in their twenties, smartly dressed, muscular and handsome. The taller of the two was black, with cropped hair and a broad friendly smile. His partner was white, with longer blonde hair, and even from a distance, his green eyes sparkled. I was going to ask their names, but decided it wasn’t important.

“You always get me the nicest things,” I exclaimed excitedly. “They are both so beautiful.”

“They are here to take care of you for three hours this morning, you can go shopping this afternoon and then I will meet you for dinner.”

“A perfect day.” I agreed.

I stood up and gave my considerate husband a lingering, passionate kiss. I could feel how hard he was through his trousers as we embraced, so I reached down and grasped his cock firmly, whispering that I loved him as he left the suite. I was going to reward his generosity later.

I turned toward the two young men and asked, “What shall we do for the next three hours?”

The young black man offered his hand and began to introduce himself.

“No names,” I stated emphatically. “You can both undress whilst I get something from the bathroom.”

I partially closed the bathroom door and rummaged through my toiletry bag, ignoring the vibrator that I had previously planned to occupy myself with this morning. etimesgut escort and instead retrieved a bottle of massage oil I had intended to use with Rob.

I reentered the room where the two breathtaking young men stood exposed and confident before me. I admired their athletic physiques, initially from a short distance away, but I was soon drawn closer to them. My blonde companion was especially toned, perhaps a fraction less muscular than the second guy, but still impressive in stature. He had tattoos on both arms and his right shoulder which are not typically my taste but were attractive in his case. Save for his carefully manscaped pubic hair, his body was hairless and smooth. The second companion had trimmed hair across his ebony chest and around his crotch. Either man could have been a professional athlete, or perhaps an actor or model. I briefly wondered what had led these two gorgeous men to escorting, but there was no doubting that Rob had employed the finest gigolos the city had to offer. I am not a size queen, but both men were sufficiently endowed to satisfy even the most demanding clientele.

I handed the massage oil to the nearest of the two men and then removed my robe. Their combined ages probably equaled mine, but I have taken care of myself and proudly stood naked in front of them. I don’t know how their typical clients look, but they both seemed genuinely excited by my appearance, and I knew they would not be disappointed by the rear view as I turned away from them and made my way to the bed.

I lay on the bed, face down, as their warm oily hands gently caressed my back and shoulders. A four-hand massage is a treat in itself, but this experience was especially erotic given the attractiveness of my masseurs, their state of undress and my anticipation for what would soon follow.

The two men patiently massaged me, applying an expert degree of pressure and attention to my receptive body. My expectation of their other physical talents grew as I relaxed into this delicious massage.

Two hands continued to manipulate my shoulders as I felt a second pair of hands move down my back and gently grasp my hips. The hands began to massage and knead my buttocks and I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure and excitement as my thighs were massaged. I didn’t want to rush this delightful treat, but found myself opening by legs, just a tiny amount at first, and then raising my hips slightly. The expert lovers recognized the subtle signal and their hands became more focused on my already sensitive erogenous zones. The inside of my thighs were gently caressed as my exposed neck was kissed and nibbled. Goose bumps appeared all over my body and I shivered with excitement as I opened my legs still further and raised my ass higher into the air. My crotch was now exposed as the hands moved further up my thighs, caressing as close to my vulva as possible without touching my eager pussy. The teasing was exquisite and I found myself rocking my hips back and forth, desperate to feel the strong fingers on my clit and pussy. My movement became increasingly desperate as I tried to thrust my crotch toward the playful hands and eventually my tormenter took pity on me, taking firm hold of my hips and raising my ass even higher. The second companion continued to kiss and fondle the back of my neck as the first performed expert cunnilingus on me from behind until I released all of the tension with an intense orgasm.

I was still shuddering from the first orgasm as he positioned himself with his head between my legs so I could sit on his face and demand a second orgasm. I shamelessly ground my pussy into him as he sucked my clitoris and used his fingers to penetrate my pussy. I lifted my etlik escort head off the bed as I did until I was sitting upright and eye to eye with the second escort. He kissed me enthusiastically as I orgasmed on the other escorts face.

I slumped forward after the second orgasm, with my head once again on the bed, and released the talented young man from between my thighs.

I paused for a moment to regain my composure, with my face buried in a pillow and my ass high in the air as one of the men began to kiss and stroke my round bottom. I reached back and gently held my buttocks apart and one of the attentive lovers began to lick and tongue my anus.

He momentarily removed his tongue from my rectum, but I reached back, grabbed his hair and returned his face between my buttocks. He continued to enthusiastically rim me as the throbbing of my clitoris began to slowly subside. The feeling was pleasant and the situation erotic, but it wasn’t going to result in my third orgasm, so I gently moved away and rolled onto my back.

For the first time since we made our way to the bed, I could enjoy looking at the two beautiful men before me, and I found myself captivated by their magnificent bodies. The fact that both were already erect was flattering, and their endowment was exciting.

I reached for the massage oil and gently dribbled some of its content over my breasts and stomach, inviting both men to rub it into my skin. I watched intensely as they stroked and massaged my body, sharing smiles as their finger tips ran up and down my torso and across my breasts. As my nipples became erect, I took the initiative and opened my legs slightly and the massage progressed from sensual to sexual. Both men were stroking my vulva and alternating between kissing my nipples and my lips until I finally closed my eyes and felt fingers from each man simultaneously penetrate my pussy and bring me again to climax.

I lay blissfully on the bed, consumed by the exhilaration of the orgasms and handed the massage oil to the men who stood naked and aroused before me.

“Oil your bodies for me,” I instructed, before correcting myself, “no, oil each other’s bodies for me.”

I watched on, enthralled, as they rubbed oil into each other’s muscular frames, encouraging them to use more and more oil and to apply it into every crevice and crease.

“Turn around so he can oil your back,” I directed. “Bend over so he can reach between your buttocks.”

I was thoroughly enjoying the role of demanding cougar, commanding my willing servants, and they were eager to please their mistress, enthusiastically stroking oil into each other’s already turgid cocks for my voyeuristic pleasure.

I was surprised how aroused I still was after three orgasms, but my body was craving more and ached to have these beautiful men inside me.

I beckoned the young black stud over and guided him down on to me. I loved the feeling of his weight pressing down on my body and his firm oily muscles against my skin. I reached down, between my widely open legs and took firm hold of his impressive cock. I could feel him trying to push his hips into mine and his cock into my keen pussy, but he was going to have to wait a little longer. Instead, I tickled and stroked my clit with the moist head of his cock. He was impatiently, even desperately, trying to enter me, but I selfishly continued to masturbate with his prick as his hips rocked back and forth on top of me. Only as I climaxed again did I allow him to slide effortlessly inside me, extending and intensifying my orgasm.

Any control that he had managed until this point was brushed aside as he frantically hammered deeply inside me. He made no effort to moderate his speed eve gelen escort or intensity, urgently pounding my grateful cunt, overcome with lust and desire. Every shuddering thrust felt like flattery as his professionalism gave way to a carnal desperation created by his need for me. I encouraged him to fuck me harder and faster, clenching his firm buttocks, and driving him onward with ever greater energy. The only question was if I would cum before him, but as his groans grew deeper, more rapid and guttural, it became clear it would be him.

The strength of the last few thrusts pushed me deep into the mattress as he loudly climaxed inside me. He collapsed on top of me, but I managed to push him off and have the second stud almost immediately replace him. His own excitement must have been growing as he watched the passionate fucking, and he was perceptive enough to continue at the pace and intensity set by his partner. This time I climaxed momentarily before my vigorous lover, and the three of us lay sweaty and spent on the bed.

I was the first to regain my composure, and turned to the first of my lovers.

“You still need to make me cum,” I stated unemotionally, and watched as he reached down and try to jerk life into his flaccid cock.

I watched him for a minute or two as he fruitlessly tried to get erect again, before asking, “would a blowjob get you hard?”

He nodded nervously and I turned to his partner and instructed him to, “suck his cock.” Both men looked nervous, but did not hesitate, and life was soon coaxed into the once again turgid penis.

This time I had him take me from behind, as I stared into the dressing mirror on the opposite wall, watching transfixed as he serviced me for a second time. As I watched his sweaty, oily muscles ripple as he energetically fucked me, I thought of Rob and felt an irresistible urge to share this moment with him. I reached for my phone and handed it to the second lover, instructing him to take pictures as I was expertly fucked by his partner. He handed back my phone and I selected two images that captured the intensity of the experience, and sent them to Rob who was still in his meeting. I climaxed as I received Rob’s response, a simple heart emoji.

The three of us lay together in a tight embrace on the bed for ten or fifteen minutes, with me squeezed between the brawny men. I could have stayed in this position for hours, but the exertions of the morning had made me hungry, so I called down to room service and ordered us lunch before returning to my position as the meat in our erotic sandwich.

After a short wait I opened the door for the same room service waiter that had delivered my breakfast earlier that morning, but kept my robe tightly closed.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” he smiled, perhaps expecting another naughty flash. His trolley had multiple trays and plates, causing him to ask, “is this all for you?”

“No,” I replied, pointing to the bed, “these gentlemen are joining me for lunch.”

To the waiters credit, he managed not to drop the tray he was holding despite me shocked by the sight of two naked men laying on top of the bed. I signed the receipt, adding a generous tip, but just as he was leaving I called him back.

“Could I ask you to take a picture of the three of us?” which he was more than happy to do, especially as I removed my robe. Again, I shared the best of the pictures with Rob as we ate our lunch.

We took a shower together in the spacious bathroom as the clock approached the end of the agreed three-hour appointment.

“Gentlemen,” I began, “I greatly enjoyed our time together and appreciate your talents and effort,” indicating that they could now leave.

They looked at each other, and the blonde replied, “we can stay.”

“No charge,” added the black gigolo, “just for fun.”

I paused for a moment and replied, “I don’t think so. I really do want to do some shopping this afternoon.”

“Please,” begged the first.

“We can do anything you want,” pleaded the second.

“I don’t think so boys,” I concluded. “Maybe next time I’m in the city.”

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