Room 209 Ch. 02

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Ameri Ichinose

“Now YOU’RE not to cum until I tell you to……”

“A-Anthony, y-your n-not,” as I start stuttering you give me your evil smile. I clear my throat and try again. “Anthony, your not really gonna do this to me are you?”

“No, Sue. I’m not gonna do this to you.” I exhale the breathe I had been holding and relax.

Seeing me relax, you smile your evil smile and look me straight in my eyes. “No, Sue. I’m not gonna do this to you. I’m doing it FOR you. To show you just how much you like it, crave it, and yes, need it.”

Your kneeling over me while I lay there on the bed with my wrists and legs restrained. In your hand is Big Ben. The 10 inch vibrator with clit and anal stimulation. As I look at it wondering why the hell I let you talk me into buying it, you place it on my stomach, leaving it there to torture me.

“Ok, Anthony. I’ll let you keep me restrained and make love to me. Just please put that thing away. You know I’ve never had anything that big. I can’t fit that in me. I can’t take it all.” You can hear the nervousness in my voice. Very lovingly you stroke my cheek with your finger, lean down and kiss me.

“Sue before this night is through, you’ll be amazed at what you can take. Remember, I’m doing this FOR you. For YOUR own good. I do love you Sue, with all my heart and soul. I love you. You can always use the safe word it your in real pain.” Looking at me, you ask “Do you remember the safe word we talked about?”

I think back to the conversation we had last month. You had talked me into watching a rather rough porno. I remember telling you that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the things that were in the movie. You told me if you ever caused me pain while we were having sex to use a safe word. You made me think about it and tell you what I decided.

I look up at you and say, “Wolverine.” You nod your head saying, “Now only use it if your in real pain. I’ll be able to tell the difference if you use it thinking I’ll stop because you want me to and I will be disappointed in you.”

You get on the bed between my spread legs. Big Ben is still slowly vibrating on my stomach. Easing your mouth close to my pussy you blow on it sending chills across my body, through my body. You spread my lips smiling when you see how wet I am. You lick my clit then pull on it gently with your teeth. I moan your name altyazılı porno softly. I can feel you smile your approval just before you start to devour my pussy. That’s the only way to describe it.

It was like you were a lost man in the desert and my pussy an oasis. I’m moaning and start rocking my hips. Never letting up on my pussy, licking from top to bottom, thrusting your tongue inside me. Relentlessly devouring my now soaking pussy. You plunge three fingers deep in my pussy and suck on my clit. You begin to fuck my pussy with your fingers, shoving them as deep as they will go. Stretching me. In and out and back in again. Reaching up your other hand you maul one my breasts.

“Anthony! Yes! Oh, God YES!” I yell as you hit my g spot. Relentlessly, you center all your attention on it.

“Cum for me Sue. Cum for me NOW.”

I throw my head back in a soundless scream as my orgasm rocks my body. My pussy muscles clench around your fingers and you flick your tongue on my clit. I don’t notice when you move Big Ben.

When I look down at you I smile, “Anthony, that was…..that felt….”

“That’s just the beginning.” You push Big Bin into my pussy, just the tip with it still vibrating slowly.

“OH! ANTHONY NO!!” I yell as I start to fell it stretching my pussy. You pull it out rubbing it on the outside of my pussy, using my juices to lubricate it. You ease in back into me slowly. Looking up at me you begin to push in my pussy, little by little. I feel the clit and anal stimulator pressing into me as the 10 inch vibrator stretches me wide. Watching my face for true signs of pain, you keep pressing Big Ben into me.

“It’s ripping me open. Please I can’t take it.” As I start pleading with you, I can’t keep the fear out of my voice. But you also hear the little moan of pleasure that escapes as I feel it pop through to fill both my holes. I hear you chuckle and mumble something. It sounds like you say that your slut likes it.

You shove it all the way in and turn the vibrator on high. Moving it in and out, over and over. My body begins to shake with pleasure. You ease up to reach my breasts taking one in your mouth you begin to bite my nipple and pull it out as far as it will go. My other nipple is being twisted by your other hand. I begin to moan and rock my hips, all the stimulation is too much zenci porno for me.

Easing up further you kiss my neck and lick up to my ear. You whisper into my ear, “You like it don’t you? Like how it feels to have your pussy stretched and something stuck up your ass at the same time? You should see yourself, Sue.” You look into my eyes, “You enjoy being tied up. You enjoy me being in control. Telling you when you can cum. Oh, yes. I knew you would love it. You enjoy being a slut. You enjoy being MY slut.”

Hearing you call me your slut sends jolts of pleasure straight to my pussy, making me more wet, if possible. I’m in ecstasy as you continue to use Big Ben on me. Never have I been so full, so aroused, or so wet.

“Yes! Oh Anthony, make me your slut. Fuck me Anthony!”

You pull Big Ben out of my pussy and remove the restraints from my ankles. Turning me over onto my stomach you tell me to get on my knees. You thrust deep into me, not stopping until your entire length is pulsing against the walls of my pussy.

Grabbing my hips you start fucking me hard and deep. “That’s it slut. Take my cock. You like that cock in your pussy, don’t you.” You slap my ass as you say this.

“Fuck my pussy. Give me your hard cock baby. That’s it slap my slutty ass and fuck my slut pussy.”

You continue to slam into my pussy, your cum filled balls are slapping into my clit making me moan with pleasure. “Yes, yes, don’t stop Anthony. Please don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

But you do stop, just for a moment to untie my restraints. Moving me so my head hangs off the bed, you shove your cock down my throat. “Suck my cock slut. Taste your pussy on my cock.”

I take your hard throbbing cock down my throat as you fuck my face. Reaching down I begin to rub my clit. “That’s it slut, rub that clit. Rub it hard as I fuck your face. You can rub it all you want but don’t you dare cum not yet slut.”

You begin to slow down fucking my faces, “Oh fuck Sue. My cock feels so good in your mouth. I’m not gonna last much longer. But I know just where I want to cum.” You pull out to grab my leg and spin me around. Laying on my back with my ass almost off the bed. Grabbing your hard cock wet with my saliva in your hand you place it just at the entrance of my pussy. Slowly guiding it inside me you say, aldatma porno “This is here I want to cum. I want to give my slut my cum deep in her pussy. You want my cum, don’t you slut?”

“Yes! Give me your cum! Give your slut your cum!” Once your cock is deep inside my pussy you ease it almost all the way out, then bring it fully back in. Slowly building up your rhythm. Leaning down you stake your claim on my mouth. Thrusting your tongue in sync with your cock thrusting in my pussy. Sucking on my tongue you reach up and pull on my nipples, twisting them.

I grab your head and guide it to my breasts. You take your tongue and lick all round the nipple while squeezing my other breast with your free hand. Finally taking my nipple in your mouth you suckle it then gentle bit it pulling it taut. Thrusting my breasts up you let my nipple go smiling at me as you do the same to my other nipple. Never breaking the rhythm you have set fucking my pussy you suck on my breasts leaving little marks on them. Marking them as yours.

You take my legs and put them over your shoulders, then reach down and start rubbing my clit and pulling on it. “Anthony! Anthony! Oh yes, baby. Don’t stop. Please let me cum, I c-can’t wait. N-need t-to cum.” Moaning I bite my bottom lip, trying to hold off on my orgasm that I know will consume me any second.

“Cum for me, my slut. Cum on my hard cock in you pussy. Sue, my slut, CUM NOW!!!”

Hearing you call me your slut, ordering me to cum is all it takes to put me over the edge. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! YESSSS!!! YESSSS!!” You feel my pussy walls begin to spasm around your cock, you can feel my pussy trying to swallow your cock as my orgasm takes hold of me. My pussy juices spilling over your hard cock and out of my pussy.

The sensation is too much for you and takes you over the edge with me. You roar, “I’M CUMMMING MY SLUT!! TAKE MY CUM! TAKE ALL OF IT!!!!!” Grabbing my hips you thrust even deeper into me and your cock explodes directly into my womb. I can feel each explosion of cum landing deep inside filling me with your warm, gooey, tasty cum. My pussy is squeezing every drop of your cum from your cock.

Exhausted you fall on top of me. Both of us breathing heavily, trying to catch our breath neither of us can say a word. Finally, you raise your head up and slide to my side making it easier for me to breath. Taking your hand you turn my face to you, kissing me with every ounce of love in your soul. When the kiss ends I smile at you, my love overflowing in my eyes.

“Thank you for bringing my fantasy to life”

“No, Sue. Thank you for being my fantasy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32