Room 139–06

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When I returned, Kelly, Michelle and Wendy were simultaneously changing into their costumes. Wendy helped me out of my dress and wig. I lay down on the bed to watch their preparations.

Michelle had beautiful, olive-colored skin, which perfectly matched the light brown hair between her legs and on her head. She was taller than the other two, with nicely-rounded hips, a slender waist and gorgeous breasts.

She caught me staring as she stepped into the panties she would wear underneath her costume.

“Enjoying the show, are we Missy?” I smiled sheepishly.

A few feet away stood Kelly. She wore what was left of a summer tan, and had a carefully-manicured strip of pubic hair leading up from between her legs. No wonder she had been so appreciative of Christa’s work.

She had a voluptuous figure, with long, blonde hair that curled softly and reached the middle of her back. It drew my eyes to her waist and the pert cheeks that made up her sweet, round ass.

When Kelly heard Michelle’s comments, she brought her hands up to cover herself.

“When did you get back?”

“Just in time to see everything” said Michelle.

Kelly dropped her hands and laughed.

“Hey—did you see my lingerie bag? It’s red with a yellow drawstring, and I can’t find it anywhere. I am losing my mind, I swear to god.”

“Maybe it’s in the car” said Wendy, returning from the bathroom.

“I’ll go check” I said, and put on my pants and t-shirt. They felt coarse compared to what I had just worn.

Outside, the sun was bright. The temps seemed to be near sixty. It was beautiful. But I couldn’t linger; I had make-up on and pink nails. Earrings.

Kelly’s bag was in the very back of the cavernous trunk. I climbed in, grabbed it and slammed the lid shut.

After handing the bag to Kelly, I undressed again. I wanted to keep my brand-new lingerie fresh for tonight.

“Where did my underwear go?”

“Which ones?” asked Michelle.

“The ones you brought me in the bathroom.”

“You mean my underwear, Missy! But you can wear ’em. Here.”

Michelle balled them up and threw them at me.

I began laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Kelly.

“Just something Wendy told me. By the way, where is she?” Kurtköy Grup Escort

“By the mirror—as usual!” said Kelly.

I put on the underwear and went over to her.

Wendy was holding up costumes in the mirror. She was naked.

“What do you think? she said, holding up a tiny leotard covered with neon rhinestones and a lime green swirl of a skirt.

“I think you’d have to put the clothes down, first.”

“Come on. This is serious. I need to decide.”

She picked up another costume, a black corset with black sequins and short, black fringe hanging from the bottom.

“What do you think of this one?”


She laughed and considered it again in the mirror.

I studied Wendy from behind. The swell of her hips perfectly accommodated her irresistible, peach-shaped ass. Her creamy, pale skin was flawless, and in exquisite contrast to her dark-brown hair. Her waist formed the base of a beautiful, V-shaped torso. I watched the supple undulations of her shoulders as she modeled the costume.

I brushed a strand of hair away from her neck and kissed her. I marveled at the heat. At the softness of her skin. Wendy turned, dropped the costume and put her arms around me. She closed her eyes and tilted her face upwards.

I kissed her on the mouth. It was a long, slow, languorous kiss. I felt the surge of desire. Her breathing quickened, and she whispered “Yes”. “Now.”

We lay down by the sink. She rolled my panties down and mounted me, the hot pink silk of her pussy caressing and urging my cock. I could feel the delicious heat of her thighs on my hairless skin, and wanted more. I raised my hips to meet her.

Wendy varied the speed of her strokes, correctly reading that I was about to climax. Her hands were on my chest, eyes closed in ecstasy as she maneuvered up and down. She gradually quickened her motion.

“Yes!” she whispered. Moments later, I also let go. Great, shuddering orgasms washed over each of us.

Wendy lay her head down on my chest. I put my arms around her. We lay there until I could feel cool air on my penis as I began to slip out of her.

Even then I did not want to move. I loved the sensation of Wendy’s weight on me. It was the only way I could feel Kurtköy Manken Escort close-enough to her.

I realized the room had grown strangely quiet. That’s when I noticed Kelly and Michelle leaning against the wall near the bathroom, hands inside their underwear.

Out of the blue the telephone rang, startling them from their reverie. They withdrew their hands, unnerved. Neither knew where to look.

It was Michelle who spoke first. “I told you guys we were going to join you if you didn’t stop!”

Wendy raised her head. She whispered to me.

“Do you find Michelle attractive?”

I looked at her quizzically.

“Follow me” she said, and stood up.

Wendy took Michelle and Kelly and led them to the beds. She sat Kelly on one and Michelle on the other.

She approached me. “You go with Michelle and I’ll go with Kelly.”

“You want me to…” My voice trailed off.

“Yes” Wendy whispered.

My head was swimming. I felt as if an entire decade were being crammed into a single weekend.

Wendy whispered again. “Michelle wants you. Go.”

She gave me a gentle shove towards the bed.

I approached Michelle. She looked at me.

I knelt in front of her and drew my fingers lightly down her legs. She leaned back. I began kissing her ankles, working my way slowly up to her thighs. There, I used my tongue. Her legs parted a little.

I continued to use my new nails, dragging them lightly across her skin. She moaned. I traced her cleft through the damp crotch of her panties, and slid my fingers inside. I gently pinched and kneaded her clit. She parted her legs some more.

She began thrusting against my hand, but stopped.

“Come here” she whispered. She began to remove her bra. I eased the panties down her legs. We lay side by side. She played with my earrings. I had forgotten about them, and started to remove them.

“Leave them on” she said.

I caressed her curves. I traced a circle around a nipple and lightly pinched it. Then I ran my hand down her back, stopping just short of her firm, rounded ass.

I took my hand and brushed away some hair that had fallen across her face. “Kiss me” she said.

Our lips met in an eager, searching kiss. Kurtköy Masöz Escort Her pelvis began to grind ever so slightly against me. She placed her hand behind my head and drew me close for another kiss.

Our lovemaking was deliberate and unhurried. More detailed. Which was fortunate, since I needed a little extra time. I was pleasantly aware of Michelle’s height.

When I was erect, and Michelle spread her legs. I entered her, and she wrapped her legs around me. As with Wendy, the sensation of her skin against mine was ecstatic. Thrilling.

After several minutes, we were near a climax. Michelle groaned as I came, and she fell limp against me with her arm across my chest.

After a few minutes, I turned towards the other bed to see what Wendy and Kelly were up to. Kelly was leaning back on the bed, using her arms to support herself. Wendy was between Kelly’s legs. Kelly was obviously deep in the throes of ecstasy.

I stared at the ceiling and smiled. I couldn’t have imagined where this trip would take us. I drifted off into a deep, contented sleep.

When I awoke, the shadows in the room indicated late-afternoon. Michelle stirred.

“Hi” she said sleepily.

I turned to the other bed. Wendy lay on her side with her back to Kelly. Kelly’s arm was draped across Wendy’s abdomen.

Michelle took in the sight and giggled.

“Hey—want to take a shower?”

Like Wendy, Michelle had a talent for being mischievous. We crept into the bathroom. She started the water.

“Here. Let me get those for you.” She stood close and carefully withdrew the earrings from my ears. “There.”

She held my hand and we climbed in the shower. I closed the curtain.

She took my face into her hands and kissed me. “Thank you. That was wonderful.”

I looked down. “You’re so shy!” she said.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. I was—at times.

“We better get started. I still haven’t managed to get my costume on!” laughed Michelle.

We soaped each other’s bodies, being careful not to stimulate each other. We were briefly interrupted when the bathroom door opened. A voice called out “Sorry guys! I couldn’t wait!”

Through the translucent shower curtain we could see a form on the toilet. A moment later Wendy was yelling “Don’t take all the hot water!”

Michelle and I looked at each other. “We won’t” cried Michelle.

When we were finished, we toweled off and returned to the room. Wendy and Kelly were watching TV.

Kelly spoke. “You guys ready for some dinner? I’m starving.”

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