Rollover Irene

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My name is Irene and this is my contribution.

Sometime during the end of 2001 I heard a distinct flush in my life. My boyfriend dumped me a week before my birthday and all I got from him was a DVD of a dumb movie we saw the year before. My stock portfolio took a nosedive with the rest of the economy and three months later I lost my job. My mortgage application fell through for the house I wanted and by June the only thing I was contributing was a heavy element of sarcasm to conversations with friends. 2001 was… 2001.

For six months I was out of work collecting checks from the state and applying for rejection letters. Finally, fortune tapped me on the shoulder and I received an admin position in a small brokerage firm near Wall Street and a cubicle to match.

I worked from that cube for nine months until I received a call from well-known investment company where a friend worked. She and I always got along and when the position opened up she thought of me. I loved my new job but felt something was missing. That was one year ago.

Last month it occurred to me to simplify my finances, to get it all onto one piece of paper so-to-speak. I had some stock options, an old 401k and some other dollar signs floating around in a half dozen financial statements. I didn’t want to involve anyone at work for privacy sake so I tried to sort it out myself.

One evening after dinner I took all the different files and account statements and laid them out in small piles on my kitchen table. Looking at it all made my brain hurt. I needed a little help with this.

I shut my eyes and leaned back in my chair. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a faint warm spark deep inside my pussy. I opened my eyes slightly and stayed very still until I was reminded of what was happening. This would happen to me from time to time. During times of stress a spark would come to me like old friend comforting me. Over the course of my life I’ve had several of these ‘spells of sudden arousal.’ I once asked my sister Cathy and she told me she experienced the same thing. Her episodes seem to be more frequent and intense. She thought it might be some sort of biological safety mechanism; a way to weather through tough times. We are very close and I trust her. She works as an accountant a few blocks north.

The Sakarya Escort spark I felt this evening was enough to start a slow burning inside me; one I would feel for days.

Reaching down I pushed past the elastic of my underwear and found the source of the heat. I moved my fingers over my hard button rubbing it for a few moments then moving past it to sink into my waterhole below. I sighed and closed my eyes again.

Monday morning I made a few phone calls to financial planners in my area and spoke to them briefly. Some dealt with retirement packages while others worked only with mortgages or trust funds.

I settled on a big name financial service company and found a licensed representative in my neighborhood. His name was Jeff and we agreed to meet at my apartment after work on Wednesday. His voice sounded nice. A combination of casual and professional. As I hung up the phone I felt the warm burn return between my legs.

Tuesday was hectic and Wednesday morning wasn’t much better. By the time five rolled around I was feeling good. I drove home in the rain and showered then dressed in my favorite jeans and sweater.

I ate something light then cleared the kitchen table. Twenty minutes later the buzzer rang.

I opened the door and greeted a rain soaked financial planner holding his briefcase. His deep blue shirt had turned a deeper blue and his dark hair drooped over his forehead. In a cute way.

‘Oh, you’re soaked,’ I said allowing him to step inside. ‘Come in,’

‘Thank you. I forgot my umbrella and the rain only got heavier and heavier. If I could use the restroom for a moment just to freshen up, I appreciate it.’

‘It the first door on the right,’ I said pointing down the hall.

He set his briefcase down and walked into the restroom and closed the door. I made my hand into the shape of a phone and put it up to me ear. ‘Yeah, hello,’ I said silently to myself. ‘I need a financial planner to help me with my stuff. Could send someone to my house. And could you make him a complete stud. Thank you.’

After a moment I heard a flush and a slightly dryer man in his late twenties appeared looking very appreciative.

‘Thanks a lot. Should we get started?’

‘Yeah, that be great.’

He gave me a basic understanding Sakarya Escort Bayan of the company he worked for and what he did for a living. He described the services available to me and took the time answer any questions. When I felt comfortable we went ahead and looked at my 401k materials and other accounts.

We talked about my goals and where I wanted to be in a five years, ten years.

I felt warm and good. His voice comforted me.

After a while I seemed to drift away from the conversation. I continued to hear his words but listen to them less and less. Instead of listening I looked at his mouth moving and how it was shaped. I wondered how his lips would taste if I kissed them. This made the warmth in between my legs stir.

Only a few words made it through the haze around me now. An intense heat moved up out of my crotch into my belly and into the tips of my breasts. I felt like I was drunk. ‘Low risk bonds?’ I thought to myself. ‘I always thought bondage was very risky.’

‘Mutual funds?’ I thought to myself, ‘that sounds a lot like Mutual Fun.’

I leaned back against the sofa and crossed my legs trying to hide my arousal. I was warm all over and breathing hard. I was struggling to pay attention. I wanted to get these damn jeans off.

He continued to explain my options and I continued to fight the heat inside my body. I began to feel prickly lines of pleasure spiral out and away from my nipples only to fade and disperse in the round perky volume of my breasts.

My pelvis shifted in a slow oval; moving forward slightly, then a bit to right then backward to start again. My breathing increased. I couldn’t hold on much longer.

What did he say?

Did I hear him correctly?

‘Roll over Irene?’

Surely, not. He wouldn’t say such a thing.

Yes! There it was again. And again! ‘Roll over. Roll over Irene.’

Well, no need to tell a girl a third time!

I slowly stood up before him and unbutton my jeans. Slipping my thumbs inside my underwear I pulled them down along with my denim. He sat there and said nothing. With my jeans around my ankles I pulled my sweater off over my head but left my black lacey bra on. Dropping my sweater on the floor I turned a 180 and kneeled down on the sofa with my ass in the Escort Sakarya air.

‘How’s this for a roll over?’ I asked.

This guy went down on my pussy like day-trader on his morning double espresso. He worked his tongue inside my pussy as he worked his thumb into my asshole.

I was shaking and moaning. He carefully opened my legs wider to take in more of my sex. I grabbed the back of the sofa to stay upright as my orgasm washed over me.

‘I need you cock, baby!’ I yelled over my shoulder. I turned around to see him fumbling with his belt. I helped him out of his pants then his boxers. His cock wasn’t big or small. I licked my lips at this Initial Pubic Offering. I opened my mouth and swallowed him down to the root.

He stood in my living room with his shirt and tie on and moaned while I deep throated his dick. I kissed his head and licked his length. After a moment he had other ideas. He pushed me back down on the sofa and put my left leg over his shoulder.

He slid his thickness into my Kitty pushing past my swollen lips into my burning wet core. I could feel his member sink into me going deeper and lower until he bottomed out. Not unlike my stock portfolio in 2002.

I held him there for a moment savoring the new presence inside my pussy. He adjusted his footing then started to fuck me. I panted heavily and pulled on his tie.

‘Fuck me, you bastard! I want a 20% return this year! I want to it all without fees! Give me all I want. Fuck me! Fuck me!’

‘You got it baby!’ he yelled.

This guy delivered the right numbers on my pussy. His stock gave a solid performance over the third and fourth quarters. I panted and screamed as he sucked my nipples. His cock was amazing.

Finally, he pulled out and I jerked the cum out of his dick. It sprayed onto my stomach and collected in my belly button. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

We showered and dressed.

Before he left he stood by the door and I kissed him.

‘I meant what I said earlier. I don’t want to pay for anything. But I do want you to fuck me on a regular basis,’ I said smiling.

‘I have this special policy like that reserved only for my girlfriend,’ he said. ‘Maybe I could bring it by tomorrow night for you to look over?’

‘Girlfriend, huh? Sounds good to me.’

He left and I went to bed.

The next day at work I looked over the pamphlets and brochures Jeff left with me. When I came across the Rollover IRA brochure I shook my head and laughed. Then I realized something. It all made sense.

Financial planning turns me on.

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