Rockmount Brat Camp Part 3 – part 2

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Finally! Part 3 is complete! I worked pretty damn hard on getting this finished so I hope you all enjoy and to the person that kept messaging the other part of the story I really am sorry for the delay but here it is better late than never – look for part 4 some time in the future maybe even next week if I find the time
oh and btw heres my email for anyone who would like to message about the stories with ideas or even criticisms or maybe just questions about something either way i’ll gladly message back
[email protected]

*EDIT* Sorry all but this is the 2nd upload of part 2 due to me being a complete dumbass and somehow managing to underline the entire story making it hard to read for many – so I decided to simply re upload it without the underline problem so Enjoy!

Rockmount Brat Camp Part 3 – Volume 2 Version 2

I stood there frozen with my back to Piers, which is lucky otherwise he would have seen the look of sheer terror on my face. “So… Piers… you… you have cameras… everywhere?” I squeaked, not wanting to turn around as I butchered the phrase ‘playing it cool’. “Yeah everywhere, the dorms were a bit of a problem for a while, legally schools not allowed cameras in students or teachers dorms. But we got around that when they installed the new smoke detectors, now we have cameras in every dorm in the school, even that fat lech Coleridge, I love health and safety.” He laughed again to himself as I twitched, wondering if pissing myself did justice to how I felt. “C’mon, I’ll get Morgan to fill you in on everything you need to know.” I shuffled out of the room, wishing I could lock myself in there, jumping a the soft pneumatic close of the wall panel. My heart rocketed in my chest, head butting my ribs. “Say hello to our newest member” announced Piers proudly clapping me on the shoulders, with a strange glint in his eye… pride? Piers’ phone went off, giving me a minor coronary. “Sorry boys one sec.” He walked to the back of the room to talk while I hunched over wishing I could sink through the floor all the way to Australia. “Please, sit” said Morgan, beckoning me to take a seat next to him. “Err… yeah, thanks,” I mumbled distractedly. Piers couldn’t have seen the video yet, or otherwise I had the sneaking suspicion I’d be in several pieces floating down some sewer system. But why hadn’t he seen them? I mean they had the Alissa footage already and that was only a few days old. I snapped out of my thoughts as Morgan droned on about the technical brilliance which had set it all up. “Hey listen Morgan, I was wondering something, while I was in the room I never saw any DVDs under Roxy, Piers’ sister?” oooh I astound myself with how subtle I am. “Yeah, I would love to play doctors and nurses with that fine bit of ass too, reckon she’s a freak in the sheets,” grunted Matt, looking over his shoulder to make sure Piers hadn’t heard, you know I wish he had. “I’m asking because she’s my friend,” I growled with a venom that surprised even me. “Hmmm, yes you wouldn’t since Piers doesn’t trust a certain someone with footage of his sister, and with good reason too,” answered Morgan staring at Matt. “Fuck you, you little geek, you’d wank over that bitch every second of the fucking day if you could!” “So what… what happens to the footage?” luckily Morgan and Matt were far too distracted glaring at each other to question my odd curiosity. “Piers looks through the footage of her dorm personally, it gets recorded automatically by Lisa on to a DVD which Piers picks up and watches before he goes to bed.” There it was! My saving grace. “Has he picked up the DVD yet?” I’m seriously thinking of changing my name to Mr. Casual or Sir Subtle “He picked it up yesterday before he left for his meeting.”

Fuck! But wait! There was still a chance! If Piers picked it up last night then he definitely wouldn’t have had a chance to watch it yet. All I had to do was get that DVD before he watched it! “What’s with all the fucking questions anyway newbie?” grunted Matt, eyeing me suspiciously. “At least he takes an interest! More than I can say for you! All you do is abuse poor Lisa, viewing your disreputable porn web sites! You know I’ve had to sweep for 100’s of viruses thanks to you!” “Oh fuck you four eyes! Why don’t you just get it over and done with and fuck the fucking thing you poof!” “Fuck you…!” As the beginnings of a plan took shape in my overloaded brain Piers came back. “Oi dipsticks! we’ve got some activity,” he pointed at one of the screens, where it seemed Ms Lockhart was unbuttoning her shirt. “Enlarge it geek!” yelled Matt a fraction of a second before I would have. There with 2 foot cleavage was Ms Lockhart. Her shirt buttons melting away as more and more of that luscious body came uncovered. “Shit we need a cam there, now!” Piers ran over to a closet and grabbed a black rucksack out, tossing it to me. Safe to say I was far too busy watching probably the best thing ever to happen in my short life to catch it. “Wah!” I yelled as the bag bounced off my head. “You’re up thriller,” he said, as Morgan gave me a headset and began to fiddle with a GPS. “What do you mean I’m up?” I asked as Matt ran over to a set of movable steps like in those old crusty libraries, and began moving it, the frenzy of activity temporarily distracting me from the on screen beauty. “Well, I could mean it metaphorically as in your services are needed,” he said leaning against a chair checking his nails, “or I could mean literally you’re up.” “Up where?” “Up there of course,” we both looked up, and there coiled around the ceiling was the air ventilation system. “No fucking way!” And there I was belly crawling through rat shit and dust as thick as a virgin’s cum. “Now all you have to do is follow the instructions on the palm pilot and you’ll find your way to Ms Lockhart’s room.” Buzzed Morgan on the Mission Impossible headset I found in the bag as well as a small GPS. Difference was, at least Tom Cruise got to choose whether to accept his mission. “You guys watch too much fucking Recess!”I growled in to my headset. “Less answering back more crawling,” came back Piers sarcastic tones. Even now as I followed the palm pilot wondering if snakes liked air vents, my chances of getting the DVD of me and Roxy got smaller and smaller. I ran through all the different scenarios for trying to get the DVD back, I had surmised it was in our dorm but how to get there, steal it, and get away without being seen remained a fucking mystery. If only I had Shaggy and Scooby life would be so much easier.
“Right I’m here, now what exactly am I supposed to be fucking doin… fuck me!” Sitting on her desk below me was Ms Lockhart, decked out in some of the nicest lingerie I had ever seen.
“Now check the bag.”
“Check the fuckin’ bag newbie!” yelled Matt, his ugly accent causing unbearable static on the mic. I tore my gaze away from the beauty before me and looked at the far less appealing bag. Inside, to my surprise but strangely not shock, was a hand held video camera.
“Oh come on! Are you guys serious!” I hissed in to my headset
“Hey, it’s all about the action shots kid.”
“Now turn the camera on and all you have to do is set up the tripod and move it every now and again to keep an eye on the action,” crackled Morgan, tapping away at his keyboard.
“Yeah great,” I muttered turning on the camera and setting up the tripod. My breathing rattled around the vent, and I had already begun to sweat. The set up of the vents perfectly lent itself to our perverted machinations as Rockmount was rich enough to basically remove all the external vents and instead build them above the ceiling, leaving only the odd panel visible. And it was through one of those panels I now watched Lockhart stretch luxuriously on her desk, the weak winter sunlight capturing her beautifully, casting a dark shadow on her sizeable cleavage accentuating it even more.
“Check the bag kid,” I almost jumped at the sound of Piers’ voice forgetting I was wearing the headset, I looked inside and the only item left was a large pot of Vaseline.
“What’s this for?” “So Lockhart’s not the only one who gets lucky,” I could just imagine Piers sitting there with his customary smirk, “have fun kid.” The headset went dead.
“Fuckin’ perverts” I muttered with a grin of my own, and only now did I take notice of the uncomfortable erection that was trying to stab a hole through the vent. Just as I was ermm… “applying” the vaseline, their was a knock on the door. I jumped and instinctively looked for somewhere to hide. “Who is it?” cooed Ms Lockhart posing on the desk, so her abundant chest strained against her pink lacy bra, her luscious legs coiled around her.
“Who do you think?” answered a slightly impatient voice. Walking in I saw a teacher who I vaguely recognised, mainly because I had dubbed him the Nazi’s wet dream. Standing at about 6’1, with short blonde hair, startling blue eyes and a muscular build, you couldn’t blame me for thinking it. He stopped and simply admired Ms Lockhart, running his tongue slowly over his lips. “Come here and do that,” purred Lockhart, beckoning him with a finger. Hastily locking the door behind him, the P.E teacher, he had to be a P.E teacher, yanked off his top, and strode over to a grinning Lockhart. Without even saying a word he pushed her back on to the desk laying on top of her kissing her with almost a desperate anger. One gloriously tanned leg snaked around his waist, her heel resting on his ass. For a few minutes they were nothing more than a writhing mass of pleasure, his hands glued to her ass and tits, while hers stroked his package, much as mine did. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, all my perverted dreams, no scratch that, every teenagers perverted dream of seeing this sort of scene was actually coming true. “Oh Mike, do that again,” moaned Lockhart after being spanked, and Mike wasn’t about to refuse her as he slapped that firm ass again, barely causing a ripple. He hoisted her up off the desk as she clung to his neck, their tongues wrestling as he groped her ass. Sitting on the edge of the desk let Mike grind his dick against her quickly dampening pussy. Giggling Ms Lockhart obliged and began to grind against him in a way that would make a lap dancer jealous. Kissing and biting his neck as she did. “Suck my cock you filthy slut,” he growled spanking the nympho teacher again. In answer Lockhart simply purred and slid down his body, her eyes never leaving his, her brunette hair cascading around her as she ran her tongue down his stomach dipping her tongue in to his belly button. He groaned throwing back his head as her warm mouth swallowed his cock over his trousers, his hands running Escort Etimesgut through her soft glossy hair. Slowly, agonisingly slowly, She slid down his zip, unbuckling the belt on his trousers, yanking them down only to be greeted by the spring of his throbbing dick as it fought to tear through his boxers. The monstrous thing bounced in front of Lockhart making her coo in pleasure, I could already see her hand snake down to her wet pussy as she squatted in front of him. I zoomed in with the camera as Lockhart stuck out her tongue and ran it all the way up his shaft, still not taking it out of his boxers, making Mike groan and buck. As well as what her mouth was doing my eyes were glued to Lockhart’s fine ass spread as she squatted, a little red from Mike’s over zealous spanking. Finally she yanked down the panting PE teachers shorts, his cock flaring to life, the purple head already leaking more pre cum than a normal man should be able to cum.
“Aww, that looks, uncomfortable.” With more glee than a kid in a sweet shop Lockhart wasted no time in devouring the impressive slab of meat before her. With her first few sucks half of Mike’s snake had disappeared, nestling in Lockhart’s warm moist throat. Bobbing with a rhythm only gained through experience Ms Lockhart bobbed on his prick, moaning and humming in her throat, making Mike’s face spasm in pleasure, while her hands fondled his heavy nuts. Apparently he got bored with the pace though as the frustrated PE teacher suddenly grabbed the back of Lockhart’s head and rammed the rest of his shaft down her throat. Without hesitance he began banging his cock in and out of Lockhart’s mouth, while she calmly accepted the oral abuse. Finally he relented as Lockhart pulled away, gasping for air as thick trails of pre cum and saliva dripped on to her tits and chin. As she panted the pro that was Ms Lockhart still kept jerking off Mike. Wiping her mouth delicately with one finger she grinned at Mike. “I think someone’s ready to fuck.” I had honestly never heard a sweeter sentence, and apparently neither had Mike as he practically leapt at the chance. Helping her off her knees, they went straight the closest table in the classroom. Hoisting one of Lockhart’s knees on the desk, spreading her pussy at the perfect height for her fuck buddy. As I zoomed in, putting all my years of ermm… “studying” pornos to work and, getting the perfect shot of Mike’s dick slowly pushing in to Lockhart’s surprisingly tight pussy. “Unghhhh fuckkkk!” growled Lockhart, her arms spread on the desk holding her up as Mike rested his prick in her pussy, slowly working his cock in and out, moaning quietly with every thrust. “Oh would you hurry up and fuck me!” yelled Ms Lockhart, her voice thick with the need to fuck. Again Mike wasn’t about to say no as he drove his dick deep with one violent thrust, grabbing her shoulders for support. Ms Lockhart’s entire body shook as Mike began his animalistic fucking. He snapped off her bra letting those gorgeous melons fall free, switching grips so he could cling to them while pounding Ms Lockhart from behind. A thin layer of sweat began to form on the lovers as they grinded hard against each other, Ms Lockhart doing her best to keep up with Mike, her hips thrusting to meet his. Suddenly the waves of an orgasm gripped Ms Lockhart her arms going weak as she flopped down on to the desk, her legs spread wide, tits pressed lewdly against the mahogany desk as Mike continued his sweet torture, pounding Lockhart for all he was worth. I felt the cum boil in my balls as I jerked furiously, regardless of the dust streaking down my face as it stuck the beads of sweat, when suddenly I knocked the camera over. “Shit!” I hissed righting it quickly. Now they had switched positions, Mike sitting on a chair with Ms Lockhart fucking his man meat, her head thrown back, a look of pure bliss on her face. Those sweet perky tits matched her bounces, as both me and Mike just stared at them. Leaning forward he inhaled one of her constantly hard nipples licking and suckling them hard, while sliding a thumb over her clit, making Ms Lockhart scream in pleasure, and quicken her boucning, throwing her hips against his dick, trying to bury his cock deeper and deeper.
“Unnghhhh Mel, don’t stop that’s it…. keep… fucking going,” growled Mike. Ms Lockhart threw back her head and screamed again as yet another orgasm rushed through her setting her senses on fire. She went limp for a minute, leaning against Mike, as she bounced slowly on his cock. “Not done are we?” he asked sarcastically. “Fuck no!” Mike picked her up again, his cock still buried in her pussy as he laid her down on the desk, now fully in control. Both his hands mauling her tits, as he began pounding that soaking pussy again, Ms Lockhart’s legs spread wide in the air. Mike grabbed one of her legs as he fucked her, sliding his tongue down her shapely leg, kissing the smooth skin, while Ms Lockhart simply moaned and swore, her words lost in an inarticulate moan of orgasmic bliss. Mike slid his fingers in to her mouth to keep her quiet, Ms Lockhart took the chance to start sucking his fingers, her eyes trained on him, a twinkle of devilish horniness in them. “Ooohhh fuckkk!” he growled and, if possible, sped up, fucking Lockhart so hard the whole desk tremble, as her tits flew up and down, his balls slapping against her juicy ass. “Fuck here it comes!” he yelled yanking his soaking dick out of Lockhart’s pussy, while she snaked of the desk and knelt in front of him panting as she began to furiously wank him. She squeezed one of her tits as she hastily licked her juices of his cock, moaning in pleasure at the taste. One of her small hands were wanking him off like I was doing to myself. She then took his head in her mouth. Bobbing up and down as she tried to take all of his thick cock.
“Take it all bitch!” he growled grabbing a fist full of her hair and pushed her mouth onto his cock, making her take it all. Like a good slut, Ms Lockhart simply responded by moaned in pleasure as her finger slipped in and out of her pussy. Even now I could see her body shake as smaller orgasm hit her, making her tits bounce as she cummed. Mike’s eyes rolled into the back of his head in complete and utter satisfaction. She pulled his cock out of her throat and winked at him. “Do you like that baby?” she asked slapping his cock against her face. He answered by thrusting his dick back into her mouth. But she pulled out and went to work on his bulging ball sack. Sucking each ball separately taking it in her mouth and licking it. Mike was groaning furiously and grabbed her face in his hands. He aimed his rock hard rod at her mouth and began thrusting like a man possessed into her mouth and throat. Lockhart just knelt their like a good slut, one finger now teasing her ass, her fingers in her pussy matched the speed of Mike’s cock pistoning in and out of her throat. The other hand massaged his heavy balls coaxing out the cum. I was wanking my self stupid now, I could feel the cum building in my balls, sweat covering my burning body.
“Here it comes, open wide baby!” grunted Mike. Lockhart unsheathed his cock from her throat and knelt, mouth wide open. Mike stood up and began wanking as hard as I was, both of us in a race to bust.
“Yes give it to me baby! Right now! I need your cum in my fucking mouth! NOW!” Ms Lockhart begged on her knees massaging his nuts and her tits, putting on a show for both of us.
“I’m cumming!” gasped Mike. His cum shot out in thick blobs. The first shot, and the biggest, hit the slut in the back of her throat the second one on the roof of her mouth and the third and final right into chin and lips. He groaned and fell back to the desk, his chest heaving. A second later I was repainting the ventilation shaft my cum rocketing from my dick, making my balls ache and my head swim. A ridiculously pleased look appeared on my face as I simply lay there panting. Ms Lockhart slowly stood up and licked her lips and chin. Then she opened her mouth to show him, and me, her little treat. Pushing the worn out PE teacher on to the desk behind him she crawled on top of him, sliding her tits over his deflating cock until she was mounted on his chest. Slowly she opened her mouth and let the both of us watch as she slid his thick cum down her throat, with me desperately wishing it was mine. She then sucked the two fingers which had just been in her pussy. “Mmm that was fun, sir” she purred laying down on his chest and kissing him softly on his lips. “Out of the rest of the staff you’re definitely the best, Ms” he said, his hands squeezing her firm ass, still slightly out of breath. “I know baby” she laughed, sitting up and stretched giving us both an amazing view of her tits. My cock had started going soft now, but was twitching at the sight of Ms Lockhart’s fabulous body. She dismounted him and pulled her bra back on, signalling the end of the show. Mike sat up and ran a hand through his hair as she walked over and collected his clothes giving me an amazing look at her naked ass bouncing as she walked. Mike got dressed and kissed Ms Lockhart deeply giving her tits one more squeeze. “Have you got a lesson next?” asked Mr Gamble, his hand playing up and down her fine figure. “No I’m done for the day” she answered, giving his crotch a stroke. “I might be back then” he laughed and pulled away from her. Mike unlocked the door and left quickly. Ms Lockhart began to button up her shirt, slowly going about cleaning up the room Time to disappear I thought, quickly packing up everything, and grabbing my headset and GPS. After a few awkward moments of trying to figure out how do a 180 in an air vent, I was on my way back. All my problems flooding back to me just as soon as all my cum flooded out of me.

“Good job kiddo,” said Piers as he calmly viewed my footage of Ms Lockhart, much in the same way that “zoologists” watch to rhinos hump in the safari. “Dex splice the footage together, increase the volume during the dialogue and send out alerts.” I sort of stood there covered in dust and vaseline, awkwardly standing there my hands buried in my pockets, thoughts of my imminent demise disrupting any plans I was trying to formulate. “errr… what now Piers?” I asked, trying to not to look as sleazy as I felt. Piers looked at his watch and smiled at me. “Lunch is over my man, time to get back to work, and don’t worry about changing you’ve got art… gonna get messy anyway.” He smiled at me in that odd way, as if he had just made a joke that only us two were privy to. “Yeah ok, great.” I hurried out of the room, the cool air of the disused corridor only confirming for me how utterly surreal and down right fucking weird that whole experience had been. But I knew it was only about to get weirder as I practically ran down the halls of Rockmount scheming Etimesgut Escort how to steal a DVD of me having sex with my only-friend/boss/director/possible-murderer’s sister without him knowing and all whilst trying not to be late for another lesson. I stumbled in to Art “fashionably” late, strolling in to the large almost museum like room, with its dark mahogany furnishings and it busts of long dead poets and scholars. Although admittedly the classic furnishings were covered in paint and what I hoped was glue, the busts had wigs and hats, and large abstract works of vomit hung from the walls. Now as most kids know Art, even in normal schools, is pretty much an excuse to sit and look at the naked women from poorly photo copied paintings, and in Rockmount it really wasn’t much different.
Slumping down in to the nearly seat, I looked around and saw kids sitting on desks talking, doodling, even sleeping, while our “teacher” (and I use the term loosely) fluttered around spraying paint over various easels in a fine show of “modern art” telling the kids around her to delve deeper in to the meanings of her strokes. Frankly if I have to instil meaning in to your painting while viewing it in some pompous exhibition then it’s not art, it’s… well not art… it’s a dirty bed? Although as I sat there I had to admit I didn’t mind watching this flake bounce around. She looked like she was barely out of whatever art college she had won a coupon to, with perky breast that, apparently, didn’t need a bra. Her brunette hair was curled in to ringlets, while her sharp blue eyes danced childishly as she took glee in her work. Her body was perfectly firm and toned, even though there wasn’t really much there to be toned or firm. Even now I could feel my cock stir as I wondered if I could borrow a DVD of her.
Fuck, the DVD! How? I faced a myriad of problems in getting it: Piers hadn’t slept in days so would obviously be asleep in our room, who knows where he put it, he could have already have watched it, even if I did steal it how the hell could I explain a missing DVD? how could I possibly get in and out unnoticed when apparently Piers has so many cameras I wonder if he hasn’t got my asshole wired for sound. Groaning I banged my head on my desk, wishing the world would stop and give me a chance to process everything that had happened, give me a chance to breathe. Background noise buzzed around me, the fuzzy noise of my “peers” and my so called teacher, served only to irritate me more. I stared listlessly around the classroom, shivering as the icy breeze blew in through an open window, as my gaze roved around. There it was. That innocent panel in the wall. Piers had told me that all the CCTV cameras in the school had been hidden in order to prevent anyone tampering with them, you can imagine the grin on Piers’ face as he told me that. Behind that panel sat a state of the art surveillance camera which could see through the thin material of the panel, spying gleefully on the unwary inhabitants of the classroom. If only that camera could talk, so I could listen as I choked the mechanical bastard to death.
“Fuck it!” I growled clenching my fists, for hours I had been calculating and scheming fruitlessly how to solve my little problem. Now, now was the fucking time to do something. Mockingly though, time had deliberately slowed down, sticking it’s middle finger up at me and my problems. Hey, at least I got my wish for time to slow down… fucking Irony, the bitch. I sat there having a silent staring match with the clock on the wall, my leg quivering agitatedly. I was so focused I nearly crapped myself when the alarm did go off. BEEEP BEEEEEEP Swearing profusely I grabbed my bag and rubbed my knee which had just got it’s ass kicked by my desk. The first part of my plan required me to run all the way to the study hall. As I wheezed and swore to cut down on the green stuff, I casually walked in and slipped by the teacher on duty. Frantically I began to look all over the place, relying on a big hunch. The whole time I was staring at Lisa I only saw one shot of the study hall and that was the entrance and front row seating. I ran back to the rough place where I had ‘tasted’ Roxy and stared at the camera. You know all those nasty things I said about Lady Luck? I take it back and would marry the beauty if I could because the security camera never once took a shot of where me and Roxy got to know each other.
Part 1 complete, now the second and by far more insane, time to steal from a guy who had the entire school wired for sound and picture. Yeah I know no need to say it. Frantically my mind raced while I tried to act all casual, but every-fucking-where I looked there was a security camera smirking at me, like I had a great big Fuck Me tattooed across my forehead. There was only one way around this… ever heard of the expression out of the frying pan and in to fire? Here I go to the fire. With a sneaky-ness that the Pink Panther himself would be proud of, I somehow found my way to the deserted corridors leading to Piers’ “HQ”. Yeah my grand plan involved me breaking in to the guy who has the entire school wired for sound and picture’s home turf… yeah you really don’t have to say it. So there I was sweating like the Pope in Baghdad, wondering what the odds were that Piers just so happened not to have a camera hooked up in front of his HQ? Yeah I wouldn’t take that bet either. There had to be a fucking way! There was no way he could have this entire place rigged! Hope’s a fickle thing, it’s only there when it seems likely you’ll succeed, as soon as your chances drop Hope fucks off like a hooker who didn’t get paid. I leaned against the wall sinking down, my head hanging… hopelessness’ dick slapping me in the face asking me who’s bitch I am. I looked around my eyes wondering up to the ceiling. No way… And there they were, my saving grace, the ventilation system. Laying there on the ceiling so inconspicuously I had almost forgotten about them, and with that Hope came running back g string already off. I hopped up and grabbed the low lying vent, desperation aiding my less than built arms in pulling me up. I made another promise to Lady Luck as I crawled through the stale shaft, promising to buy her a nice house in the suburbs if I was crawling in the right direction. Ahead of me light permeated the shaft somewhere, glowing, and like a moth I shuffled to it. I didn’t need a genius to know I was heading in the right place, as the now oddly familiar sounds of female pleasure rattled through the vent like surround sound porn. Excitement rose in my throat… as well as “other” places, my heart pumping as I neared the light source pouring in to the shaft. Looking down I saw the ladder neatly waiting under the vent making me smile for the first time in a while. Silently, I pushed open the vent sticking my head out of the vent like some retarded meerkat. And there in all her upside down beauty was Melissa’s ridiculously perfect rack bouncing on a very familiar looking dick.

Looking down I say Dexter sprawled in his chair, trousers around his ankles a tub of vaseline an a box of tissues strewn around him as he jerked furiously, eyes glued to my ball sack. Taking only a few seconds to process the disgusting feeling of seeing Dexter pleasure himself to my errrmmm… feature length picture, I slid down from the vent, the sound of Melissa telling me to “drill her with my fucking fat motherfucking cock” drowned me out slightly. I crouched on top the ladder staring at the other screen dotted around me fucking Melissa like a rabbit. Luckily Dexter had been nice enough to place the monitors in numerical order based on hallway number and area of the school, the screen alternating every 30 seconds or so. I hadn’t even realised I was sweating at this point, my shirt clinging to me, dust tickling my nostrils and filth from the shaft streaking down my skin. THERE! My eyes snapped to a screen near Melissa’s right nipple. Our entire dorm block was on that screen! Watching closely and internalising the positions of the cameras I stared intently, sweat stinging my eyes, my breath slightly ragged and slow. No… 6 cameras leading to our dorm… There was no blindspot or broken camera, he had made perfectly sure that no one would be able to approach our dorm without some one spotting them. My head dropped as defeat ate at me again. Clenching my jaw furiously, I looked up at the vent and knew that I was about to spend a whole lot more of time in there. Just as my scuffed shoes disappeared in the shaft the HQ door opened. “Urghhhh… what the fuck you doin’ four eyes!” “Wha! What are you doing here!” “What the fuck are you doing here more like it! Little fuckin’ perv…” “Wait… is that the newbie?” “Err… yeah…” “Damn! Look at those fuckin’ melons… this is some good shit!” “Pass the vaseline.”

It took the rest of my journey through the vent to get the vomit inducing image of a joint masturbation session between those two pervs with me as the main attraction. Guesstimating the actual location of where I had started, I dropped down, sneezing and coughing. Hastily dusting myself down I began what was to hopefully be the end of all this mess, I once again put my wonderful skills of casualness to use as I began to jog to the school toilets in our wing of the building. Walking in I rinsed my face in the marble basket, looking around I walked in one of stools, admiring the marble crapper, before I slammed down the lid and stepped on it. Just as I was fiddling with the vent latch I looked down in to the next stool where a tight looking blonde had some guys dick in her throat. Stopping for a second I stood there before hastily scrambling in to the vent. Darkness doused me, mentally I ran through the directions I had figured out and set off, my poor elbows and knees growling angrily as I began shuffling.

Red faced, feeling sick, sticky and pissed off, I stuck my head out of the shaft again, quickly looking around one last time, I finally managed to anchor my position and finally knew where I was going. I checked my watch and saw it was damn near 8:00 pm! I spent nearly two precious hours stumbling around, banging my head and getting lost on more than 18 occasions. Setting off I knew I was only metres away from the air vent shaft which warmed our room, meaning the temperature of the vent soared, making me drowsy. Another knock on the head woke me up as I approached our room. My only hope was that Piers had slept till now and was getting some dinner.
Damn! Guess he’s awake. I dragged myself the metal grille and stared across our room my eyes snapping to the two figures in the room, one holding another against a wall. As my eyes readjusted to the light I saw a sight that even now managed to shock me. Piers had Eve by the Etimesgut Escort Bayan throat slammed against a wall.
“Why do you have to fuck with my business!” he snarled at her.
“Oh admit it Piers you would be lost without the competition.
” What the fuck was going on? I wondered flicking sweat from my eyes.
“Don’t flatter yourself, you’re no fucking competition for me!”
“More fucking competition that you can handle Morgan,” she spat back at him, her fingers clawing in to his arm. Without a second hesitation Piers kissed her hard unbridled passion driving him, there lips pressing together in pure and utter lust. His hand slid from her neck to the back of her dress furiously unzipping it as Eve slid her gorgeous honey coloured thigh around Piers’ waist. There moans mingled with each others’, their anger seemingly unabated as they roughly tore through the others clothing, Eve leaving three long scratches across Piers’ chest as she ripped off his shirt exposing his muscular chest. Yanking her lips from Piers’ she looked at him mockingly. “Still can’t sleep without a pussy next to you, Piers” she was breathless even as she mocked him. Piers grunted and flung Eve to the bed, her light brown hair surging like a river around her, her dress barely clinging to her waist, exposing her red lace bra, and unbelievable tits. Her “blowjob” lips twisted in to a grin of uncontrollable lust as Piers fell on top of her, his hands pulling at his zip, even as he began to kiss her exposed neck and collar bone, as the Latin beauty writhed and moaned underneath him.
“Mmmm fuck you Piers Morgan,” she moaned her hands pulling at his greyish black hair, eyes screwed shut. Piers, in one expert move, had removed her bra, his lips passionately wrapped around one of her brown nipples, the other hand had slid down the front of her g string. His trousers removed, Piers had Eve’s incredibly glossy looking thighs spread before him, his hand working over her soaking wet pussy. I could see a strip of a neatly trimmed pubic hair under her red g string. Disbelief wove through my thoughts at what I was seeing, my own cock had since risen from the dead, and was poking furiously though my trousers. Their lust was contagious as my dehydrated and over heated mind could think of nothing else but anamalistic lust. Eve and Piers were locked in a long kiss again, their hands playing all over the other’s body, expertise and experience maximising the pleasure for both. Piers’ softly yet firmly played over Eve’s tits, teasing twisting and stroking her hard nipples. His other hand was jackhammering Eve’s incredibly tight looking pussy with two fingers, her dress and underwear finally removed and flung clear across the room. My breath prattled around the claustrophobic shaft, almost unconsciously I slid my hand down freeing my swollen cock. Piers had slid down Eve’s sumptuous body, running his tongue lightly down, dipping into her belly button. He knelt in between Eve’s legs half naked, a glint in his eye as he torturously began kissing her toned calf. Lifted her gorgeous honey coloured leg, planting kisses softly up it. Eve’s breathing became sharp almost erratic, she gasped as Piers drew closer to her radiating pussy. His lips softly planting kisses, teasing her, finally his lips began to gently ply their torture on her firm thigh, her legs spread before him her soaking wet pussy making my mouth water.

“Stop fucking playing around Morgan!” she growled through clenched teeth. A light sweat making her naked body glisten in the dim light, my head swimming, sweat pouring down my own brow, as Piers smirked in almost a sick pleasure as he teased Eve. Eve’s thick hips bucked as Piers’ warm breath hit her steaming cunt. He looked her deep in her eyes, his tongue in one firm lick, ran from the bottom to the top of her pussy, flicking over her swollen clit. Eve exhaled sharply, almost reluctantly moaning, her small fists beating against the bed as Piers showed why he made all pussies with in a 10 meter radius wet. His tongue began to licking away at Eve’s velvet pussy lapping up her sweet juices, each lick going deeper and deeper in to her dripping pussy. His hands softly stroked and massaged her thighs, allowing his tongue to work uninterrupted. With almost careless ease Piers manipulated her pussy, sliding his tongue in and out. With one stroke he would drill in to her pussy, delving deep in to her, another stroke he would slide his tongue over her lips, playing with her clit.

“Ungghhhh… you’re… you’re rusty Piers” moaned Eve, as her hips bucked, hands clawing at the sheets around her, her firm tits thrust out in front of her as her back unconsciously arched.
Sweat beading down her chest now, her breathing sharp and excited, her eyes shut in anticipation. Piers, in answer to her claim, increased his oral ministrations. His tongue seemed to be all over her pussy at once, drilling, licking, sucking, flicking over her hard clit.

“Ahhhh… unggghhhhh” whatever words Eve was about to utter were lost as a wave of orgasm smashed through her excited body. Every nerve on fire, pleasure rolling through her body, her hips bucked wildly, thighs clamping tight around Piers’ head. For a second everything was quiet, the only sound was Eve’s heavy gasping breath, her head resting back against the bed, eyes shut, a blissful look on her face.
“What was that you were saying about me being rusty?” asked Piers, sliding on top of her, pinning one hand against the bed. Their eyes locked again, a seething pot of emotion bubbled below the surface, their eyes betraying more emotion than the always ready hate they showed to each other. The moment was lost as Eve bucked her hips and flipped Piers over in one smooth motion. She straddled his lap, flicking back her hair, giving us both the most incredible view of her arching firm body. Eve grabbed Piers’ wrists and held them above his head, kissing him hard, almost as if to prove that this was nothing more than sex, to prove she was in control here. Her lips pressed hard against his, their tongues wrestling as Eve, with one hand, deftly unbuckled Piers trousers. Piers kicked off his trousers, his rock hard cock trying to break out of his boxers. Eve deliberately grinded her neatly trimmed pussy against his bulge, taking more than physical pleasure in teasing Piers’ swollen cock, his face coloured with lust for this latin beauty.

“Now who’s fucking about?” he grunted, grabbing her waist working his dick against her pussy.
”Mmmm you’re right” without another word, Eve yanked Piers’ boxers off, his dick springing to veiny life. Words were lost now, as both lovers let their lust take over again, washing away all thoughts of anything else apart from physical pleasure.
Eve slammed Piers’ dick in to her in to her pussy in one stroke, as she began to ride him… hard. You could tell this wasn’t Eve’s first rodeo, her pace was uninterrupted, a rhythm quickly developed as Piers clung to Eve’s hips, her hands resting on his chest. Her hips did most of the work, swaying and pumping Piers’ cock, giving me an amazing view of her firm ass working his cock.

I was wanking furiously now, my mind completely absorbed with the couple in front of me, my heart racing and my head hammering.

Eve’s moans were the only intelligible sound, Piers grunted beneath her, his hips bucking hard to meet Eve’s bounces, his heavy balls swinging making contact with her juicy ass with every bounce. As another orgasm swam through Eve making her gasp, she fell against Piers’ chest, as he pumped her soaking wet pussy. Piers powerful frame spun Eve over so he was laying on top of her, his dick still buried in her pussy. Almost tenderly, he pushed aside strand of hair which clung to her face, their eyes boring in to each other. Fatigue stripping their eyes of the intense hatred, replacing it instead with something softer. Now Piers began to thrust in to her again. His legs tenderly separating Eve’s as she wrapped her legs loosely around his waist, her eyes shut in peaceful bliss, a soft melodic moan escaping her barely parted lips. Slowly, softly, Piers began to push in to Eve’s glistening pussy, his own orgasm building intensely.

I was so close, almost all rational thought had disappeared from my mind even the reason why I was there, instead all I could think of was cumming.

Piers’ pace picked up again as the cum boiled in his balls, Eve welcoming his tender yet assertive strokes. He kissed her neck, whispering something I couldn’t make out in Eve’s ear. Almost like the dissipating of a storm, Piers cummed hard. He began to feverishly fuck Eve, lifting her ass for more leverage. Eve just threw back her head and began a long line of something in Spanish, while Piers mauled her tits.
“Fuck!” was all Piers growled, his jaw clenched as he came for a solid minute.

I gasped in pleasure as my cum rocketed out of my dick shooting everywhere, so much pressure built up in my head and flooded out of me with my cum. Peacefulness washed over me, sleep following. My eyelids drooped, as I watched Piers kiss Eve curling her up in his arms… and then only blackness.


“Wah…” my mouth was so dry, my head felt so heavy, and my face was stuck to my bed. Slowly my vision cleared, making me blink owlishly as I tried to get up…
My head crashed off something, knocking vision clear.
The air vent!
Shit I fell asleep!
I couldn’t believe it! Quickly stuffing my cock in to my trousers I hastily looked out through the vent. After what felt like a decade I decided that they were both still asleep. I looked at my watch it was 4:30 am! Feeling like I just got anally banged by a pound of crack cocaine and probably looking worse, I slowly pushed open the grille of the vent. Someone felt sorry for me as the vent swung open noiselessly. Slithering out, the smell of sex hung heavily in the air, but hell probably smelt better than me. Hastily I scrubbed at my face, sweat pasting dust and other more undesirable things to my face. Sneaking over to Piers’ half of the room I looked around, if I was a DVD of my roommate having sex with my sister where would I be? Despite the desperation of my mission I couldn’t help but glance at Eve her naked body glistening in the moonlight.
As I was walking towards Piers’ desk I stumbled in to something.
“Fuck!” clamping a hand over my mouth, and then regretting when I remembered where that hand had been, I hastily looked over my shoulder, man I love lady luck since they were both still out of it. What did I hit? Looking down I wished I hadn’t. It was a brown rucksack, the bag open slightly, and inside I saw a CD! Dropping to my knees I unzipped the bag there it was! Clearly labeled: Roxy 09/10/08. Kissing the CD, my nightmare was finally over… Wait… I looked in to the bag pushing aside a t shirt and there was something which really fucked up my fucked up day.
“Pills?” there, almost innocently, sat bags upon bags of white pills.
“I wish you hadn’t seen that, Tyler.”

To be continued

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