Rocking Her World On The Train

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She was the first woman I had a lasting relationship with, after the brutal break up with my ex. There were other woman before her, but they were the result of a night spent drinking, and no more than one night stands, or the occasional lost weekend. But she was different… She was different because she was exceptional. And she was exceptional in a variety of ways. Her name was Natasha, and I met her one night at a comedy club after I performed my stand up act. The gig went really well, and everyone was laughing hard at the end. As comedians say, I went out there and killed! It felt great! So Natasha made the effort to find me after the show and get to know me better, because she was curious… curious about what kind of guy I really was, behind my act.

She managed to find me back stage, because women like her can always find a way to get back stage, if they really want to. When she saw me, she made an effort to impress me almost immediately. The first part wasn’t hard, because Natasha was incredibly beautiful, and impossible not to notice. She had long full raven black hair, with a milky white complexion, but just enough rouge to put some rosy color on her cheeks. She had the most amazing pair of light crystal blue eyes, that danced and sparkled as she smiled. Her reddish pink lips were full and sensual. She was full figured, but perfectly proportioned. She had long shapely and incredible legs, to go with her hourglass shape and her very well endowed breasts. She was nothing less than stunningly beautiful and an absolute knock out.

When she moved towards me, close enough to touch or even kiss, I was just blown away by her presence. She introduced herself, and then pausing for dramatic effect, she said “I’d really like some time alone to talk with you, Chris. I’d really like to know you better.”

I replied that the rest of my night was free, and we could have that time alone to talk and get to know each other. She smiled that beatific smile, and replied breathlessly that this is exactly what she wanted. I became like putty in her hands… ready to say or do anything that she asked for, just to keep our conversation flowing, and our contact ongoing. I really wanted her… I wanted her as badly as being able to breathe.

I could tell that she knew how much I wanted her. I could also tell that she really loved my sense of humor, and that this drew her closer to me. As the night grew late, she looked at me with a sly sarcastic smile, and said “Well I think we just went into overtime. Wanna flip a coin? Heads I win, tails you lose… My kinda bet.” she smirked playfully at me. “You wanna play? Well I hope so, because I might even let you win.” She punctuated this last comment by ever so slightly pulling her shoulders back, and pushing her breasts forward, while those amazing crystal blue eyes caught and captivated mine. At that instant, I was lost in her… completely consumed by her.

It was six months later when Natasha and I were due to travel to Washington D.C. to visit her relatives for Christmas. Instead of flying, we decided it would be fun to take an Amtrak Train Sleeper Car from Boston to D.C. Neither one of us had ever traveled this way before.

Soon after boarding the train, a conductor küçükçekmece escort led us down a very narrow hallway to our private compartment. The conductor showed us in, and gave us a brief summary of how everything worked. He soon left us, and we shut and locked the door. We turned out the overhead lights, and were soon fascinated by all the “glow in the dark” controls all around us, in our private compartment. We pushed all kinds of buttons, just to see what they would do. This was fun! It was well after nightfall, so even with the blind to our window completely up, all was dark, outside and in.

The train lumbered down the tracks, and picked up speed with a rhythmic rocking motion that was subtlety suggestive, if you were in the right mood. And we were…

It wasn’t long before she and I were together in the lower sleeping compartment, with me on top of her, spreading her long legs and thighs open, while kissing her deeply and pulling her skirt up above her waist. Her hips rocked upwards towards me, as the train rumbled and rocked along the tracks. As I continued to kiss her, my hand reached up between her legs, to her hot and moist sexual center, and pulled pantie hose and panties away, and down… all the way down… down past her thighs and down the silky skin of her long legs…off her ankles, and completely away! She moaned long and deeply, as she felt her panties pulled down and off.

Now I pushed my right hand up into the warm naked wetness of her pussy, while my left hand unbuttoned each button of her silk blouse, until it fell completely open and I slid it down and off her shoulders, exposing the texture of her white lace bra. As I continued to kiss her mouth so deeply, my eager fingers probed behind the smooth and soft skin of her back, and soon found the clasp, and the hooks that when pushed apart, caused her bra to open and release, and loosen the hold around her breasts… letting me slide her bra straps down her shoulders, and off completely…exposing her wonderfully full breasts and her large provocatively pink nipples…

The sight of her naked breasts and big pink nipples mesmerized me as I reached forward to fondle and massage them, run my hands all over them and roll her nipples between my finger tips, then take one into my mouth, sucking eagerly, while my tongue wetly licked circles around her areola, sucking it again more deeply into my warm wet mouth and then flicking the tip of my tongue rapidly around the tip of her nipple, while my hand massaged and caressed her other breast.

Soon I switched sides, her other nipple now sucked deeply into my mouth and repeatedly licked and played with by my eager tongue, stroking the salty hardness of her erect nipple, while the first breast was now traded into the massaging grasp of my hand and the stroking caress of my finger tips. Her skirt was still pulled up high around her waist, and increasingly wild with lust, I yanked hard on it, my excitement fueled by hearing the ripping sound of the fabric as I tore it away.

She was now completely stark naked before me, with her most intimate place in full view for my voyeuristic excitement and pleasure. küçükyalı escort As my gaze returned to her naked and swollen sex, I moved in between her open legs, and my hand massaged her warm and dripping pussy lips. She was hotly wet, and she began to ever so slightly rock her pelvis, just barely enough for me to notice. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted. I watched her breasts rise and fall with her increasingly rapid breathing. I felt like I was going to lose my mind, but I willed myself to stay in control.

My hand used two fingers to stroke up and down her glistening wet, pink inner lips. My finger tips pushed a little deeper between those lips, sliding up and down their slippery wetness, but not to the point of penetration. I used my thumb to gently draw circles around her clit, using only light indirect pressure, while my fingers continued the up and down slide between her lips. Then I used my palm and all my fingers to rapidly rub her pussy up and down and around in circles. She shivered and moaned…

I saw the inside of her thighs quiver and begin to slightly shake as she now rocked her pelvis rhythmically up and down with more movement as her sexual excitement mounted. With her eyes still closed and open lips parted, she shook her head from side to side, with a soft moaning, but she seemed to stop herself as though she didn’t want to make the sound. But the moaning escaped her once again, louder now, as my thumb returned and rotated more rapidly around her clit, giving her even greater stimulation.

Gasping cries now rose up from her throat with each breath in and out, as I gently and slowly pushed two fingers inside her entrance, only shallowly inside to begin with, but then more deeply as I felt her inner flesh open and give way. Soon both fingers were all the way in, as deeply as they could reach. Feeling how dripping wet she was now, I began to finger fuck her, with both fingers thrusting rapidly in and out of her pussy. Within less than two minutes of being fucked by my fingers, she rocked her hips high and hard upwards and her whole body shuddered and shook with the rush of her orgasm as she cried out loud with a high and long exclamation of shock combined with incredible pleasure!

Her pussy lips were now so swollen and wide open that her hot cum juices oozed out of the base of her open hole, and dripped down the skin between the inside of where her inner thighs and cheeks came together, and trickled into the puckered center of another hole… In all the time we’d been together, I’d never seen her so dripping wet.

We were both feverish with need for each other, and it was now time… Inhaling a big lungful of air, I couldn’t undo and yank down my pants and boxers fast enough! My big thick cock sprang up and out of the waistband of my lowered boxers, and bobbed slightly up and down a couple times as my groin spasmed it into movement. My cock stood up rock hard and erect, with a small drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip of the wide and swollen head.

I was no longer in the realm of thought, but totally immersed in raging and out of control urges and white hot heat of emotions that all caught fire and maltepe escort burned together as I lunged forward towards the dark hair of the triangle between her inner thighs. My hand flew down to grab my shaft, and guided it forward so the swollen purplish head of my cock could rub up and down the slippery wetness and then slide down to find its source. The head of my cock found that place and slowly pushed forward and in, gliding three inches inside and briefly pausing there as the pink inner flesh pushed open and gave way as my cock now glided deeply inside her. She tightened inside around me, and I felt her entire body quiver… Her warmth and wetness inside felt so intensely good that I gasped out loud at the same time I heard her gasp with the rushing exhalation of her breath. I heard her involuntarily gasp again as I pushed deeper all the way in, until my balls rested on the inside of her cheeks.

I slowly pulled two thirds of my shaft out and then pushed it back in again right up to the hilt. The incredible warmth and wetness inside of her again staggered my senses with a flood of pleasure. I gasped and groaned more loudly as I was shocked by how unbelievably good she felt so deep inside. I pulled most of the way out again and pushed back in, as I slowly started a back and forth rhythm of thrusting penetrations. I wrapped my strong arms around her back and as I held her breasts tightly to my muscular chest, I kissed her deeply, my tongue pushing past her lips and into her mouth, searching for hers.

She returned the deep intimacy of my kiss with her own as our lips sucked, slipped and slid over and inside each other, sucking and sliding repeatedly over and under as our tongues thrust inside and found each other, tips licking and curling together. I felt her breasts pushed against my chest and the firmness of her hard nipples on my skin, and once again I fondled and stroked them, squeezing and releasing my grasp faster and more urgently now.

I was quickening the rhythm of my pace as I repeatedly pulled back and plunged in, going faster with each pushing penetrating thrust inside her. She was rocking her hips and pelvis back and forth in an undulating flowing rhythm with my thrusts, even faster now as our crotches slapped together with wet smacking sounds. She was crying out more loudly with each thrust, “Oh! Ohh!! Ohhh!!! Oh My God Chris!!! OHHH!!!” I was fucking her like a wildman, drilling her as hard and fast as I could, as I began to totally lose myself in an out of control state of sexual sensory overload!

I rocked back and forth into her… my pace getting faster and faster! She moaned, she cried… she sobbed and whimpered! But soon she begged for more! “Faster!!! Harder!!! Oh, God… Please don’t stop!!! Ohhh… Please… Fuck me!!! Fuck me as hard as you can!!! Ohhh… YES!!!” I slammed into her hard, again and again, my cock repeatedly thrusting in and out of her and drilling her pussy deeply as we rocked so hard together, while the train rocked and rumbled on into the night.

I felt her pussy go into spasmodic contractions around my cock, as she lost all control, and she screamed out loud as her orgasmic tidal wave rolled over her! I was only seconds behind her, as I began to cum… and cum so intensely that I growled and groaned like a wild animal as my hot cum spurted hard and deep inside her!

Ohhh GOD!!! That was sooo intense!!!

Afterward, we held each other, so intimate, so close… and bathed in warmth and comforting afterglow… safe inside our own private compartment, as the train rocked and rumbled on into the night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32