Robert’s High School Friend

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Anal Shafting

Going up in the south there wasn’t much to do, but what it lacked in culture it more that made up for in strong country boys. And by boys, I mean grown men 18 and over. One of those grown men walked into our kitchen with my step brother one night. I’d never met or seen him before, but he was everything I had ever imagined the guy I would fall in love with would look. Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, slim, but muscular in all the right places.

As usual my step brother couldn’t sit still and was working on something. He came in from the shop in the backyard to clean up a part from something and then took a break. I had always found my step brother extremely attractive, but the guy that followed him in made him seem like a 2. Robert introduced him to everyone all at once and said they went to high school together. Over the years they had lost touch, but he saw him at a gas station a few days ago and they finally got to meet up that night.

Greg was something else. Hair dark, dark thick beard, somewhat tan, and dark hair on his arms. He was charming and funny, but not cocky or self-centered. I didn’t know it then, but I would be thinking about this man for the rest of my life. To this day, I have never seen him again, but the memory of that night lives with me forever.

By 11pm, my parents had gone to bed, my brother was still out with his friends so I walked out to the shop to see what was going on. Of course the smell of weed was strong enough to knock a person down, but I didn’t care. By that point, I was 18 and had already done my fair share of drinking and smoking. They were surprised to see me and snickered that I came out there in shorts and a t-shirt even though it was cold.

As usual my step brother started describing what they were doing. I didn’t understand much and by that time I was just happy that a guy was actually talking to me. I went to a rural high school that mainly consisted of kids of farmers and blue collar workers. The only time they had seen a gay person was when they were being the brunt of a joke. Needless to say my high school experience was limited. Finally, Greg spoke for the first time beyond Hi and ask if I had a girlfriend. I knew what he was getting at and knew that Robert was cool so I asked him if I looked like the type that Sex Hikayeleri would. We all laughed, but I got my point across. I smoke some weed with them and we started talking.

Greg actually just got back from Army basic training. He was eager to take his shirt off and show off the results of the grueling physical challenges he had been through. I know my face told on me, but what I saw was glorious. I saw biceps, pecs, and abs like from one of those porns right in front of me. The icing on the cake so to speak was the dark hair that was scattered all over his chest. The top area growing straight up while the rest situated itself downward leading to the area just above his dick. I was shell shocked. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. And then they noticed my reaction and started laughing together. I was embarrassed a bit, but not as much as I would have been if this had happen a few years earlier.

We smoked some more and they got me to take a few shots. At about 3am I finally said that I needed to go to bed. Greg told Robert he would make sure I got inside alright, because he had to piss and get something to drink anyway. He didn’t have to help me much, but I could tell he was finding excuses to touch the small of my back. I tried to fight back the urge to arch my back when he did but eventually I just gave in.

We walked past the kitchen and I went down the hall first. The bathroom was on the way to my bedroom. As we passed the bathroom he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into the bathroom and shut the door. He could tell I was shocked and leaned in and gave me a small kiss and asked me if that was ok. I whispered yes and he leaned in again. This time he pulled me close and I could feel his firm body up next to mine. We began kissing that slowly transitioned into me sucking his tongue. I started to ease down his body to his pants and he said, hang on. I gotta piss first.

He was faced away from me as he was peeing. As I was standing listening to the pee hit the water I was thinking this is as good as it will ever get. He came back over to me and pulled me close again and realized I was shaking. It was like I was shaking from being cold, but I wasn’t cold. I was excited and I told him as much. For only the second time in my life Erotik Hikayeler was a guy actually paying attention to me and wanted to spend time with me. I was stunned and the rest of the night was so surreal. I put my arms around him and he began kissing me again and lifted me off my feet. My heart was jumping out of my chest when he sat me down on top of the washer not stopping what he was doing. He ran his hands down my pants and felt what had come to life.

And just like that my pants were off and he was sucking my dick. I remember thinking to myself oh he has done this before. His wet, warm mouth left saliva on my shaft that glistened in the light. He really took his time and about the time I was about to cum I felt two fingers slowly entering my ass. It’s as if he was paying attention to my breathing to know just when to start.

My parents bedroom door was closed and my bedroom was right across the hall so it was nothing for us to get into my room. Once there we started shedding our clothes. The light was out, but I could still make out the details of his body in the night light. He was the ultimate, the beginning, the end, and best of all he wanted me.

I sat back on the bed and leaned back when he came over to me and scooped me up. He moved me up in the bed and laid his warm, hairy, firm body on mine. As he pushed his thighs into the back of mine I could feel the head of his dick slightly rubbing up against my butthole. Along with all that he was such a good kisser. He had neutral smelling breath, loved sucking my tongue and bottom lip and kept whispering compliments about my body. He made it seemed like to him I was the only thing that mattered.

I sucked his dick, he sucked mine, ate my ass, and fingered me. Then we switch positions and it was time for the moment of truth. It was finally time for him to shove that long thick dick in my ass. I breathed out, push my butthole open, and felt is warm, slick dick enter me just slightly. Very breathy he ask me if he could keep going. He did this 3 more times and was all the way in. I was bracing for the real fast motion in an out that I had experienced before, but Greg was different. He understood the assignment.

He stayed completely in me, kissing, stroking, caressing, until Tecavüz Hikayeleri my muscles began to loosen. Then he slowly pulled back some and went back completely in. At first he was slow and subtle, caring and easy. I’ve never felt more loved by someone like that ever again. He knew that the way to the mountain top was slow, but he was persistent.

He fucked me like he couldn’t get deep enough into me. The first guy I was with pushed into me over and over, but Greg’s body took on a wave motion slowly and steadily increasing in speed. He was finally up to a good tempo when he slowed and laid back on top of me an said. I don’t wanna cum yet, I want this to last.

He flipped me over on my stomach and I felt his hairy balls on the back of my thigh. He pulled my other leg back while straddling my thigh. He slowly entered me again all the way in and laid across my body sucking my ear. He slowly began moving back and forth again and I was just about to cum and my parents door opened and closed. We both froze in place trying not to make a sound. Then only thing I felt was his flexing cock in my ass. It’s that movement as you get harder and harder right before you come. After a few minutes my parents door opened and shut again. I was ever so glad I didn’t cum because I didn’t want it to be over. He finally leaned in and said we need to finish up, roll over. I still can hear him say roll over in my head to this day.

He laid back down on top of me and ran his hands over my legs as if to say cross your legs behind my back. He slowly entered me again all the way in and began moving slowly again. Then a little quicker, then a little quicker, until he was up to full speed. I just couldn’t hold back any more and pushed myself up and put my arms around him as he was still thrusting a full speed. I whispered that I was going to cum and that’s when he put his hand over my mouth. That ended up being a good idea. I got quieter and he removed his hand. As my body twitched from the orgasm he came in me. I could feel the squirt of cum even that far in. By that time he was 7 1/2 inches at least.

After it was all said and done, we lay there, him still inside me. He told me so many things I wanted to hear about how good it was and how good I was. I was completely lost in the after glow of it all. Keep in mind this was only the second man I had slept with at this point so I didn’t have a lot of experience. He finally pulled out and cleaned us up. Then he laid there with me until I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up dressed and he was gone.

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