Roadside Rest Stop

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John walked into the rest stop bathroom on route 17 on his way to Rochester. It had been a long ride and he had to piss like mad. He quickly walked up to the urinal, unzipped his fly, pulled his dick out and let his piss stream out. He tilted his head back a bit from the relief of it all. He breathed heavily as he emptied his bladder. He had been horny most of the way up and because of that, and just needing to piss like crazy, his dick was sort of hard and extended. It felt big and thick in his hands.

He had had to piss so bad his eyes had been tearing up. Only after about 30 seconds was he able to relax. He sighed a bit and looked around the restroom. He had noticed another guy in there and a standing several urinals down but had not looked at him carefully. He looked to his left and was surprise to see a young guy, maybe 20 or so.

He was hot — a cute Latino guy. On top of that, he was standing at the urinal with a big chubbed out cock — a fucking super hot cock actually — kind of curved down, like bent. It was uncut but erect enough that the head was unhooded. John noticed that his own cock was getting harder in his hand as he finished pissing. He also noticed that the guy was looking at him and was stroking his own cock.

John’s first inclination like always was to not maintain the eye contact — it was some old insecurity probably rooted in a sense that no one would be into him. It was actually pretty illogical. Even though he was middle aged he was still in great shape and good looking. He kept eye contact with the guy as they both stroked their own cocks. He was done pissing. But fuck this was hot.

John tilted his head toward the stalls and walked over to one. The guy hesitated for a minute but also walked over. The place was empty except the two of them for the moment but no telling how long that would last.

John walked into one of the stalls. As the guy walked in behind him he swung the door shut. Without a thought John leaned over the toilet with his back facing the guy. He was wearing sweats and lowered them just below his ass and pulled his boxer briefs down. He bent forward with his ass fully exposed below his shirt. His ass was tight and hot — he was a runner and in great shape.

The guy inhaled sharply. “Fuck,” he said softly. And ran his hand over John’s ass and let his fingers slide into his ass crack, gently massaging John’s asshole.

“Ughhh, fuck,” said John quietly.

“Fuck yeah,” said the guy. His dick was already out of his gym shorts which he let drop down to his knees. John could hear him clear his throat and spit a gob into his hand. He could feel the warm wetness of it dripping into his ass crack. The guy hocked more spit onto John’s ass, guiding it with his fingers and pushing it into John’s crack. At the same time both of them were stroking their own cocks.

The guy pushed his cock into John’s ass. Slowly at first – just the head, in and out, but then more. John took a breath sharply. “Fuck,” he said softly. He pushed his full cock into John’s ass. The guy was huge. His curved dick felt even bigger in John’s ass than it had looked.


He began to fuck John — slowly at first but then faster – pushing in and out of John’s ass as he bent forward over the toilet. He was so big that it hurt, Escort Anadolu yakası but it also felt so good. John grunted a bit in pain and pleasure as he was fucked.

The guy began fucking him harder and his breathing quickened. He lifted John’s shirt from behind and held John’s sides as he fucked him. “Fuck man,” he whispered, “your ass is so hot.” He fucked him harder, his balls hitting against John’s ass with each thrust. John could hear the guy’s breath getting deeper.

“Oh fuck man,” the guy whispered as he fucked John harder. “Fuck. I’m gonna cum man,” he whispered. “Can I cum in your ass”

“Fuck yea,” whispered John. “Please. Please. Please.” John almost wanted to cry thinking about this guys load in his ass.

“Fuck, fuck,” whispered the guy as he fucked harder. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He stopped pounding John’s ass and pushed his cock hard up into him — the guy actually lifted up on his toes and he fucked deep in John’s ass — releasing his load deep into John. “Fuck,” he moaned quietly, “fuck.”

John could feel the guy leaning into him, his dick was still deep in his ass and the guy was way out of breath. He held John from behind – John could feel his heart as the he wrapped his arms around John’s chest as he recovered.

Finally, the guy pulled his cock out of John’s ass. He could feel part of the guy’s load dripping down his leg as the guy pulled up his own sweats. The guy turned and walked out of the stall. As he left the stall door swung close. John reached behind him and locked it. He stood there for a moment catching his own breath.

His sweats still down around his ankles and he reached around and ran his fingers through the cum dripping down his leg and brought it to his mouth. He had felt the guy pump a full load deep in his ass and he must have shot more on his leg as he pulled out. John smelled his cum, brought it to his mouth and ate it. His own dick was raging hard, and he was ramped to a state of euphoria. He was tempted to jerk off into the toilet but knew it would just be anticlimactic. He brought his hand to his own asshole and felt it wet with cum. He skimmed more cum from his hole and ate that too. He could not get enough.

John kept teasing his own cock for another 10 minutes or so. He would let cum out of his ass and jerk off his cock with it. He also rub it up his stomach and on his chest. He knew he reeked of sex, but he didn’t care. Actually he wanted it — he wanted to replay this moment for the next 4 hours of his drive upstate.

Finally, he calmed himself down enough to piss again, pull up his sweats and and pulled himself to some level of presentability. He walked out of the stall to the sinks and checked himself out in the mirror. He straightened his hair a bit and took a deep breath. He did not wash his hands. He wanted to smell the guy’s cum on him the whole way up. His dick was just a bit hard but it ached to cum. He was wound so tight sexually he almost couldn’t think.

Before he opened the door he stopped for a moment and relaxed his asshole. He cum soak into his boxer briefs. He breathed in deeply and stepped through the door.

He walked out of the restroom into the common area of the stop. A few years back they had replaced Kurtköy escort the seedy rest stops with new more welcoming ones. These had an enclosed common area with vending machines and a wall of pamphlets. Also in the space were a few tables and chairs. John had planned on grabbing a Pepsi and headed over to the vending machines.

As he walked he noticed the guy who had just fucked him sitting at one of the tables with another guy. He sucked in his breath and almost stopped in his tracks. This was totally unexpected. He would have thought that the guy would have bolted. He did not know what do to. His inclination was to kind of ignore him and just walk to the vending machines but he noticed that he was looking at him. He was looking at him, smiling and talking to the other guy.

John kept his gaze on him as he walked toward the machines. At the same time he noticed the other guy with him. He was another hot guy — probably Dominican with light brown skin and short black hair. He was lean like the other guy but more muscular. Probably about the same age around early 20s. He was also looking over a John. He unshaven and had brown eyes. He was very hot.

As John walked by the guy gestured him over to the table. For a moment he did not know what to do but decided to walk over. It felt risky to him — could be anything from fucking with him to beating him up. He didn’t know but he was so sexually wired he was willing to take the chance that maybe it meant something else.

“Hey man,” the guy said. He turned to the other guy and then back to John. “He wants you to get back in there.”

John looked at him. He did not know what was going on and he did not know what to do. He looked at the other guy almost like a question but also not wanting to hold his gaze — he was shy, he was afraid, but he was also really turned on.

“Yeah man,” said the other guy.

John froze, his heart was beating. He didn’t know if he was being set up to be fucked with in some way of if the guy was really serious. He almost couldn’t breathe. The guy looked down at his own crotch and John could see he was wearing gray sweat pants. He could also see that the guy had a hard on and a huge fucking cock. It looked like it could be 10 inches. He felt his own breath draw in and his own cock swell in his pants. Fuck.

“Like now or never man,” said the guy.

John looked at him and immediately averted his gaze. He breathed in deeply and turned around and walked back to the rest room. He didn’t even look behind him as he went in. He didn’t hear anyone come in behind him, but he still went back to the same stall the other guy had fucked him in. He walked in letting the door swing shut behind him. He faced the toilet and lowered his sweats and boxer briefs just below his ass. His boxers were soaked in cum.

He stood there for a minute and nobody came in. Then he heard the door to the rest room open and shut. Then the stall door opened behind him. He heard the stall door closed and latch shut. He could feel the other guy in there with him. He felt him come up behind him and reach around him – he ran his hands over John’s abs and his chest. He must’ve pulled his sweats down also because he felt the guy’s huge cock head as he rubbed it against John’s ass hole.

“Damn Maltepe escort bayan this pussy looks good Man. Your all fucking lubed up with cum.” He whispered. “Did you take his full load?”

“Yeah man, lube up that pussy for me.” John could feel him push his dick into his ass. Kind of slowly in and out. His dick head felt huge. John reach behind himself and felt the guy’s dick. It was huge alright. Yeah, it was at least 10 inches long. John groaned and pushed into it.

“Yeah it’s good you took his cock first man. Opened you up and get you ready for me.” He pushed himself deeper into John. In and out in and out. The guy was moaning softly now holding John’s hips as he pushed his cock slowly in and out at John’s hole. John reached behind himself felt that the guy’s cock was fully in his ass. The guy’s balls were slapping against his ass cheeks. He could not believe his whole cock actually fit in his asshole. He could feel it deep in him. It hurt so much he wanted it to stop but he wanted more at the same time.

“Fuck man you are so tight,” he guy whispered. “You like this dick in your ass?”

“Yeah man, please.” whispered John. “I want it so bad.”

“Good man. Because after I finish fucking you he’s gonna come back in and fuck you again too. We want to get least four loads in you before we leave. Do you think your pussy can take that bitch?”

“Fuck man, please…please.”

The guy groaned softly as he fucked John more deeply. John could not believe cock that long could fit in his ass. John could feel him breathing hard as he fucked him. The guy was holding John’s midsection and was leaning over John arching his back into him as he fuck John’s ass harder. It hurt but it was extasy at the same time. His breath was off the charts. He wanted moan like a bitch, but he knew he could not make any noise.

“Fuck man your pussy is so sweet man. I’m so close.” He whispered into John’s ear, “you want me to breed your pussy? You want me to flood your pussy?”

“Yeah man, please man. Please fill me,” John whispered.

John could feel the guys breathing intensify as his fucking became more rhythmic. He could feel short rough hairs from his midriff rubbing against his back as he pushed his huge cock deeper and deeper into his ass.

“Fuuck,” the guy whispered. “Fuuck, I’m cumming. Ugghghh.” The guy slam his cock fully into John’s ass and drove it deep and up into him. He held himself there with his arms tightly wrapped around John’s chest. John could feel his cum pumping into his ass – pumping deep into his body. The guy backed out a little and then pushed his cock in again, almost deeper, still cumming. John could feel the guy’s heart beating like a jack hammer.

“Oh fuck man, please man, fuck,” John whispered.

The guy left his long huge cock fully in John’s *** as he leaned down on John’s body and held him. He almost lay on top of John as John was leaning over the toilet. Both of them were breathing heavily their hearts were pounding. He stayed in John for a few minutes as his cock relaxed slightly and only then as his breathing slowed down, he pulled back from John and pulled his cock out of Johns ass.

Both of them let out a sigh of disappointment.

John almost cried is the guy pulled on his sweats and walked out a stall in the bathroom door. Once again he reached behind him and collected as much cum as he could to put into his mouth and swallow. His cock was so hard he felt all he wanted to do is cum but he also wanted to wait.

He wanted to wait until the next guy came back in.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32