Roadside Nookie

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Big Dicks

Keri and Ron had been together for ten years, and married for two. At 5’4″ she was relatively short, but curvy and delicious. She made heads turn with her honey-colored middle eastern skin, naturally curly long brown hair and big brown eyes laced with dark, long lashes. Her large natural breasts, tiny waist, full hips and a nice tight yoga butt, fueled his daily fantasies. Ron, fit and toned at 6′ even, hazel eyes that changed with the time of day, and with thick, luxurious salt and pepper hair, gave Keri her own wet dreams, complete with dirty thoughts about his thick, filling cock at 8 inches firm.

As with most busy professional couples though, they found it hard to find time to be together. They loved each other and were greatly affectionate, but when Keri turned 30, she decided it was time for a change. After all, she was a big girl now and it was time to rekindle the early days in their relationship when they would fuck three or four times a day, and fall asleep tired yet satisfied in the living room, on the kitchen table and other various places in his bachelor apartment.

When they met, she at 19 and he at 25, she hardly knew what she wanted sexually. But over the years, she found exhibitionist tendencies surface. Keri knew he’d be up for pretty much anything. She could just never break through her shyness and admit to her loving husband that all she really wanted was a good hard fucking on a semi-private balcony of a hotel, where she could moan loudly and the lucky passerby could not only hear her, but also catch a glimpse of her bouncing tits. The only things she managed to admit to him one night, in the slur of a third whiskey neat, was that she wouldn’t mind having sex outside sometime, and in general, he was welcome to man-handle her a little more, the latter of which he applied immediately.

So she booked a series of trips without him knowing, and promised herself she’d set aside her good girl ways for a little bad girl fun. Their first trip, a few hours away to a desert resort town would be the perfect start. She decided that the drive over there would be her first chance to dip a toe in her fantasy pool, and show him that his wife had blossomed into a naughty vixen.

The morning of the trip, they finished packing their bags, and while Ron hopped in the shower, she cooked him a nice hearty breakfast. In her eyes, he would need to keep his energy up this weekend. They enjoyed a nice breakfast while doing a little research for their destination dinner.

When it was time to go, she went into their bedroom to change into her comfortable travel outfit, a short, frilly, layered skirt, and a ribbed tank top. She put on her favorite bra, and let the lace trim peek out of her top. She decided weeks ago that she wouldn’t pack any panties on the trip. It would be a shame to cover up her freshly waxed pussy anyway, with its puffy, hairless lips.

She grabbed her sunhat and her weekend bag, and came out to the living room where he was waiting for her. His eyes lit up when he saw her skimpy little outfit and the glint in his eye betrayed the dirty thoughts that rushed through his head.

“Ready to go, beautiful?” He asked, as he came up behind her, patting her on the ass, and herding her to the door. It was clear he wanted to get the trip started.

“Yep! I’m so excited!” Keri exclaimed, as she did a little skip towards the door, a move he knew drove him crazy, as it reminded him of her younger days.

They loaded up the car, he slipped into the driver’s seat and they were on their way. Keri made it a point to pull out her book, so as not to give the impression that this was anything other than a normal ol’ road trip. He probably thought he’d get lucky when they checked into the hotel, but he certainly didn’t realize what was coming.

About two hours into their drive, and only half-an-hour away from the resort, they were finally on the lonely little highway that she insisted they take when they were planning their drive the night before. “I heard there’s a hidden fruit stand there with the best strawberries! Let’s take the detour and just make it part of our trip.” He had acquiesced, not knowing that what she had really heard, was that there was a little highway that was perfect for a little road shoulder Sakarya Escort nookie.

She put her book away as he continued driving. There were only a few other cars on the road, and the day had warmed up nicely. She turned on some music and reached her hand over to the back of his neck, to give him a little squeeze. He looked at her and smiled warmly. She giggled and lovingly grabbed his hand and put it on her thigh.

“Oh!” he teased, in a mockingly sexy tone.

Keri giggled again, then took his hand and put it up higher. Another mocking “oh” from Ron, only this time, with a hint of intrigue. Still watching the road, he lovingly rapped his fingers lightly on the inside of her thigh. He was used to little love taps on road trips, but not being used to random acts of naughtiness, he didn’t seem to be expecting much more.

She leaned over and gave him soft kisses on his cheek and neck.

“Thank you baby,” he said, and used the opportunity to move his hand a little higher.

As she continued kissing him, she let her hand drop down to his leg, towards the inside, and then gently grazed his cock. She felt it stiffen immediately.

He looked at her briefly, then back at the road.

She whispered into his ear, “Pull over.”

“What?” he asked, genuinely surprised, throwing a couple of quick glances her way to see if she was serious.

“I said, pull OVER,” smiling slowly as she bit her glossy lower lip, yet another thing that she knew he loved.

She didn’t have to tell him again. He immediately pulled over on the side of the somewhat barren road, the tires of the car kicking up dust from the dirt shoulder.

“Now get in the back” she said with a giggle.

Eyeing her curiously, he got out of the driver’s seat and slipped into the back. She got outside, walked over to the open back door behind the driver’s side and started to climb in, putting one knee on the seat, letting her short skirt expose her naked ass to the road. His eyes grew wide at the sight of her heavy breasts, wanting badly to be released from the lacy bra constricting them. Once in, and on all fours in the back seat, she closed the door behind him, turned and gave him a little wink, and then kissed him passionately. He immediately grabbed Keri by her tiny waist, muttered “well come on then,” in a low, raspy tone, knowing she liked it when he picked her up and put her where he wanted her.

Straddling him, they kissed deeply, wrapping their tongues around each other’s, Keri then gently sucking on his bottom lip. His hands caressed her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. He could feel them hardening underneath her clothes. She unbuttoned his pants and lifted herself onto her knees. He lifted his hips up as well, taking the hint, so Keri could pull his shorts and boxers down and gain access to his already hard shaft. With the task done, he lowered his hips back down but grabbed her ass to keep her from lowering her breasts out of range from his mouth.

He closed his mouth over her nipple, over her clothes still, with one hand on her right breast, and the other squeezing her firm ass. As he moved his hand to the side of her hip, ready to pull her panties off, he stopped, pulled his mouth away from her breast, and looked up at her intrigued.

“That’s right baby…” lowering her mouth to his ear, “I’ve been sitting next to you thinking about fucking you on this road,” whispering softly in between luscious kisses on his neck, “getting wetter and wetter,” a soft kiss on his cheek, and then his temple, “with no panties to soak up my hot, sweet juices.” She moved her mouth to his and she kissed him, urgently. He moved his other hand down, and spread her ass, just how he knew she liked.

She moaned softly, pulled away from his lips, reached down and started to pull her tank top off.

“What if someone drives by and sees those big tits?” he asked sarcastically.

“Well they won’t see much since you’ll be sucking on them,” she teased back, as he immediately unhooked her bra, and ripped it off her, grabbing both tits, squeezing them together, and hungrily sucking on her nipples. Keri let her head fall back, pushing her hard nipples deeper into his mouth. She kept her bare pussy, Sakarya Escort Bayan just out of reach from his cock, every few seconds or so letting it graze the head.

“Mmmmm suck on them harder baby,” and as she said this his sucking got louder, his teeth grazing her flesh.

“I bet you want to fuck me don’t you? It’s going to feel so good when you slide your cock inside me baby, stretching my pussy out nice and taut.” Keri moaned, letting her pussy bounce up and down on the fleshy head of his cock.

“Mmmm I’m going to remind that sweet little pussy of yours what it’s been missing. It’s been a bad pussy. Hiding from me like this…” he added, in between mouthfuls of nipples and handfuls of perky tits. He loved her natural breasts. They bounced perfectly, were nice and perky, and just the right combination of soft and firm.

She pulled her nipple out of his mouth, then swung her leg over and got back on her knees next to him, so her ass was in the air, facing the road. She started taking off his shirt, and he took over, as he saw her eyeing his thick shaft. She noticed he had trimmed the hair around it short, and his bulging cock made her mouth water.

She took his cock in her hand, stroking it softly as she brushed her hair along his chest. She heard a car driving by and was sure they caught a glimpse of her pussy through the window. The thought of that made her hot. As if reading her mind, he reached up to her ass, and pulled her skirt up higher, so he could see the heart-shaped curve, and probably, to give a clearer view to anyone else who drive by.

She giggled at this, then lowered her mouth down to his waiting cock. She opened her mouth wide, and lowered her mouth over his dick, never closing her lips on it, just letter her hot breath surround it as she moved her hand up and down slowly a few times. She then tilted her head to the side, so he could see her face and mouth, and started lapping at his fleshy head with her tongue, teasing little licks, as if she was trying to make her ice cream last, all around the head, and moving down to his shaft. She switched hands and held his cock up as she made her way down to his balls and proceeded to lick them each. He opened his legs wider to make it easier, and in doing so, she slipped one of his full balls in her mouth and sucked on it gently.

A moan escaped his lips.

She popped his ball out of her mouth, flattened her tongue out and lick his shaft slowly from the base to the tip. Once at the top, she took his head inside her hot mouth, holding it inside while her tongue twirled it around. She slowly lowered her wet mouth over his cock inch by inch, moving her other hand down to cup his balls. She let her spit run down his cock, and made sure he heard the sounds of her slobbering all over it. He seemed to enjoy that as his moans became more frequent. She used that as a sign to suck on it harder, up and down, while she played with his balls and that little sensitive spot underneath them.

He grabbed her hair gently, and started fucking her mouth. Keri began to moan, and she knew he liked how it felt. She sucked him hard on the way up, and more gently on the way down, moving his thick hard shaft in and out, her thick, sticky lips creating the perfect soft circle.

“Mmmm that dirty little mouth feels so good” he whispered. She looked up and locked eyes with him, as she continued bobbing up and down.

Another two cars passed by. It made her so hot that her slobbering got louder. In and out of her hot, wet mouth, Keri mouth fucked her husband until she could feel his cock getting even harder. She pulled it out of her mouth most of the way, sucked on his fleshy head, popped it out, and then licked him from belly to chest.

“Will you fuck my pussy like you fucked my mouth? Mmmm I’m aching for this big cock.”

And with that said, he grabbed and pulled her on top of him. He selfishly sucked on her tits, and reached around her ass to tease her pussy.

“Fuck, your pussy is so wet, baby,” as he raised his hand back up to his mouth to taste the nectar on his fingers. “Mmmm tastes good, too.”

He reached his thumb down to her clit, and started teasing it. She let out a breathy moan. After a few seconds, he let his Escort Sakarya index finger wander, exploring the soft, almost jelly-like entrance of her tight cunt. She loved when he fingered her. He seemed to know all the right buttons to push, and with her nipple in his mouth, he was sending her over the edge.

He let his finger slip in and out of her a few times, while his thumb continued playing with her hard little clit.

Two cars passed by and Keri glanced to the road out of the back window, noticing another coming their way. She only saw one person inside, and what looked like a man. He slowed down a bit and watched as she arched her back more, breasts pushed in the air, one nipple in Ron’s mouth. She locked eyes with him for a split second, and noticed his mouth gaping open as he drove by. Ron watched her and noticed her juices slip down his fingers.

“You like that huh baby? Someone seeing you get sucked on? I bet he’s not going to make it where he’s going without rubbing one out, thinking about these gorgeous peaches. Mmmm so delicious,” as he sucked even harder on her tits.

“Mmmm yeah baby. Makes me want a nice hard fucking.”

And with that, he pulled his hand out, licked his fingers again, grabbed her by the waist, and position her over his cock. Keri could feel his fleshy head poking at her slit. Her pussy soaking wet and slippery, his head found its way inside immediately.

Keri, letting her head fall back as she lowered herself slowly on his cock, let out a long slow moan.

Up and down she started slowly, feeling every inch of him rubbing against the inside of her pussy. And then she let herself drop, grinding her puffy pussy onto his groin, bringing her head back up to kiss him. Her tongue explored his mouth as she continued to grind his cock inside her, moving back and forth and in circles, trying to get it as deep as possible. The sounds of their juices squished beneath them.

Raising herself up, she began to fuck him. Slowly at first, but then she started going harder, slamming her pussy down to the base of his shaft, and then back up again. “Ooooo yes!” she cried, as he tried to catch her nipples in his mouth, while her great big tits bounced in his face. “Ooo that cock feels so good inside me…”

He watched her as she fucked him. He loved when she got to this point, almost like a wild animal. She moaned loud and screamed, fucking him harder and harder.

“Fuck me Keri. Fuck me harder and watch me cum all over your pussy.” This made her buck at him harder, crying out with each pump, their juices starting to splash onto her inner thighs.

He could feel himself about to cum, but knew she wasn’t done.

“I want to cum on your tits baby. Can you bring them down there for me?”

She looked at him with a naughty grin, grinding her cock inside her, she then pulled him out of her, and back on all fours, with her ass in the air facing the road, lowered her bouncy tits to the head of his cock. He grabbed his shaft, and with two or three pumps, sprayed all over her luscious breasts, as she tried to catch strings of mid-air cum with her tongue. He watched her hand reach back and play with her tight little asshole while she did it.

She let her take his cock in her mouth, and gently suck the last of his cum out. When she pulled his cock out her mouth with a satisfied grin, he shot her one back, then surprised her by pulling her up until she was on her back with her legs in the air, and immediately dove three fingers into her throbbing pussy. He quickly lowered his mouth onto her rock hard clit. She let out a scream and he knew he had caught her at just the right moment. He let a finger on his other hand reach down to her asshole, and the second he started teasing it, he felt her pussy close in tight around his fingers. By now she was wailing, demanding he fuck her harder, and suck on her sweet little clit. He did as asked, penetrating her slit over and over while he teased her tight little asshole. She was pinching at her nipples, slippery with his hot cum.

And as she let out a big “Ooohhhhhh yes! Ahhhhh!” her hot girlcum shot all over his hand and mouth. He pumped her, more gently, a few more times, and she convulsed with each thrust of his fingers.

She lay there, breathing deeply, sticky from their little adventure.

“Good thing I brought wipes for the road trip,” she said, winking at him.

“I hope you brought enough. We still have to drive home on Sunday,” he winked back.

They both knew, this was going to be one of their best weekends.

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