“Rio” Grande

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Son of a bitch, I thought as I saw the strobing red and blue lights outside of my barn. The music cut off and people scattered as I saw two large men exit the police cruisers that had just arrived and ruined the evening for my friends and I. Being twenty years old, I was not yet legally allowed to drink, but I mean come on, I only had three more months. The first officer spotted me up on the loft and motioned to me saying “Hey Erin, come here for a second, please”. I groaned as I realized it was my brother’s best friend, Rio. Just what I needed, for him to show up and start ragging on me like he always did. I mean sure, he was gorgeous, and we flirted some, but he also annoyed the hell out of me sometimes.

I walked over to the ladder and began to climb down. When I was about 2/3 of the way down I felt two large, hard hands grip my waist and heave me down onto my feet. I stumbled a bit and fell back into a sculpted chest with an undignified oomph. Rio’s hands gripped my shoulders and turned me around to face him.

“So… when the parents are away the kids will play?” he asked as he looked at me, one black eyebrow quirked up and a slight smile on his lips. I stuck my tongue out at him, choosing not to speak. Classy, I know. Rio let out a rumbling laugh and tugged on one of my blonde pigtails.

“Girl, you know you can’t be having all these underage kids out here drinking and carrying on. This here’s my partner Noah.” My gaze shot over to the tall man behind Rio. He merely nodded when my gaze met his.

“What’re you gonna do Rio, arrest me?” I asked, sticking out my lower lip a bit and looking up from under my eyelashes at him.

Heaving a sigh that made his broad shoulders flex, he rolled his eyes. “How much have you had to drink, Erin? You didn’t seem too steady on your feet when I sat you down.”

“I only had two beers so far, I swear. I only stumbled because my boot heel got caught on that damn wood plank.” I answered nodding towards the busted board laying on the floor.

Rio eyed me skeptically then turned to his partner and spoke. “Noah, you can go ahead and head back out, I can handle this. Seems that most of the kids have fled anyway.” It was then that I noticed that all of my friends had, indeed, gotten into their cars and fled while the officers’ attention had been on me. The man named Noah nodded and strode back to his car then drove down my long dirt lane.

Rio turned back to me and reached out, snagging me by my belt loop and dragging me closer to him. His gaze searched mine and I could not tell what he was thinking at the moment. Rio was hard to read like that.

“Why do you insist bostancı escort on getting me into predicaments like this?” he asked in a low, deep voice. I scowled at him, not fully understanding. After all, I hadn’t forced him to come here and break up my party.

“Like what?” I asked, cocking my head to the side a bit.

Rio stepped back and his gaze slid down my face to my button-up blue and white plaid shirt. The top three buttons I had left undone showed quite a bit of cleavage and Rio’s eyes remained on that spot for a few seconds before his gaze traveled lower. My nipples tightened as his gaze locked on them. It was obvious I was wearing no bra. My tight jeans fit my toned legs like a second skin all the way down to my worn out cowgirl boots and Rio took his time staring at that as well.

“You’ve put me in a tight spot, baby,” he said slowly and his gaze flickered down to the bulge in his uniform pants. “Ya see, now I’m all hard from watching that tight ass of yours climb down that ladder earlier. I can’t very well go back out on patrol with a raging hard-on.”

Understanding finally dawned in my mind. I smiled slightly and looked up into Rio’s meadow-green eyes. Desire was raging in their depths as I took a small step forward bringing my soft, pliant chest into contact with his hard, unyielding one. I placed hands on Rio’s lean hips, right above his gun belt.

“Lose the belt Rio. I don’t want a bullet in the face when I’m down there,” I whispered softly, letting my lips lightly touch his ear as I spoke into it. I felt his tense body shudder before he quickly took off the belt and hung it on a peg on the wall.

He returned in seconds and his large hands spanned my waist and dragged me to him again. He began kissing me on my neck, throat, jaw, and then finally lips. His kiss was hot and demanding, his tongue immediately entering my mouth and dueling with my own. I felt his hands slide up my sides, over my ribcage. His hands surrounded my breasts, lifting their weight before he ran his thumbs over both of my aching nipples at the same time. My knees went weak from the intense pleasure and I whimpered into his mouth, locking my arms around his neck to support my weight.

Rio continued to flick at my nipples through my shirt, alternately pulling and lightly pinching them. My stomach clenched with desire and I pressed my hips to his, grinding my pulsing womanhood up against his long, throbbing cock. It was Rio’s turn to groan as he broke our heated kiss.

“God Erin, I need to get you out of those clothes like ten minutes ago”, he said between hard breaths. I nodded my büyükçekmece escort agreement and my fingers went to the buttons on my shirt. Rio’s hand shot out and stopped me and I looked up in confusion. “Not here baby, we don’t know for sure all of your friends are gone”. He took my hand and nearly drug me through the barn to the tack room in the back. Luckily, we kept a cot in this room for the times when we spent night after night in the barn with sick or pregnant horses.

Rio closed the door behind us and locked it before flipping on the overhead lights, bringing the room into blinding brightness. I took in Rio’s flushed neck and face and the way his chest was heaving from arousal. His penis was straining against the heavy cotton of his uniform trousers and I could see it flex when my gaze landed on it.

My hands reached up and I slowly undid each button of my shirt, starting at the bottom. His gaze followed my hands, taking in every inch of tanned, toned flesh that I exposed. I saw his gaze snag on my belly button ring that was the shape of a horseshoe. He looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Perfect,” he said softly as he nodded. I undid the last button of my shirt and my breasts spilled free of the confining material. When I wore a bra it was a size 36c. Not huge, but they were big enough, and firm enough to stand on their own a lot of the time, like tonight. Rio’s eyes seemed to burst into flames at the sight of my breasts. He took a step towards me but I stopped him with a palm to his chest.

“You next”, was all I said to him, but he got the message. He made quick work of his button-up work shirt, and it joined mine on the floor. His chest and abs were to die for, I thought to myself. All of the time spent in the gym, and working on his farm had toned his body to perfection. His pecs were well-defined and his abs rippled with every move that he made.

This time when he stepped towards me I let him. His hands were immediately on my tits and mine began to fumble with the button and zipper on his trousers. I trembled in pleasure as he played with my breasts. After what seemed like years, I finally got into his pants and freed his pulsing member from the confinement of his boxer briefs. It jumped in my small hands and a small bead of liquid emerged from the top. I used the pad of my thumb to spread the moisture around the head of his cock before kneeling down and slowly licking the underside of his cock from base to top.

Rio’s hands fisted in my hair at the first contact of my tongue to his cock. A loud, feral sounding groan escaped his lips and his hips bucked towards çekmeköy escort my mouth unintentionally. I smiled to myself and slowly took his length into my mouth. It was a challenge. Rio was not small by anyone’s standards. I finally managed to get his whole length into my mouth and, consequently, my throat. I used my tongue to rub the base of him and his cock jumped in my throat.

After sucking on him for what seemed like only seconds, but must have been five minutes, Rio pulled me away. His eyes were glazed over with passion as he stared at me. “Baby, I need in you, now”, he whispered raggedly.

I grinned and made quick work of my jeans. Rio’s gaze speared the boots I had shed in order to get my jeans off. “Put those back on, honey”, he said. I smiled and obligingly put my boots back on. Rio grabbed my waist and pulled me back to the cot. He lay down first, pulling me on top of him.

“Cowgirl up” he said as he reached up to fondle my breasts again. My pussy was already drenched from the foreplay so as soon as I straddled him, his cock slipped into my tight canal. We both groaned at how tightly he fit into me. It had been a long, long time since I had had intercourse and he was quite large.

I began to move up and down his length, starting out slow and picking up speed as I went. His hands were spanning my tiny waist and his head was thrown back in ecstasy. I watched as his head fell back against the pillow and his eyes closed. I rode him even harder, until my ass was slapping against him and I could feel him all the way up in what felt like my stomach. My pussy started to clench around him, and I felt his cock flex inside of me. His fingers bit into my flesh so hard I thought they might leave marks, but I was so swept up in the pleasure I barely noticed the pain. My fingers were tangled in the light sprinkling of hair on Rio’s chest and I was panting when I felt the beginning of my orgasm. I cried out softly just as Rio let out a bellow and bucked his hips up to meet me. I felt his seed pouring into me, hitting the walls of my canal, and it pushed me over the edge. I was swept away in the intense pleasure, and when I slowly drifted back to Earth, I was cradled on Rio’s heaving chest, his strong arms encircling my shoulders. I looked up into his eyes and smiled. He looked so possessive it made me laugh.

“You know, you are mine now Erin. No one else’s. I don’t intend to share you.” he whispered in my ear. My heart gave a little flop as he spoke the words. I nodded slowly, just as his radio crackled and I heard a voice come across it.

“Yo, Rio. You ever coming back out into the field or you out for the night?” Noah asked. Rio reached over and snagged the radio.

“Handle it for the rest of the shift, Noah, I’m gonna be pretty busy”, he said before laying the radio back down. I heard a chuckle come across the radio and “10-4” before Rio kissed me again and I stopped paying attention to anything other than him.

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