Rio, Ex-Pornstar Pt. 11

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Britney was long gone by the time Rio and Jay woke up on Sunday morning. She’d found a stray piece of paper and a pencil, and she’d left a handwritten note for them on the kitchen counter: ‘Hey guys. Thank you so much for looking after me last night. I don’t know what I would’ve done last night if not for you. Jay, I really like you. I know I’ve only known you for a short while, and I hid it at work, but I wanted you so bad. There’s no point hiding it anymore, now that I know you’re taken. I’m so happy to know that you’re in an awesome relationship. And Rio, if your enormous dick ever takes a wrong turn, just know that I’m gonna be waiting to pounce on Jay. Just kidding! I love that you two are together. Anyway, hope to see you both again next time I lose my keys! See you at work tomorrow, Jay… xxx Britney’

Jay slowly drifted out of sleep. Rio was still hugging him. He slowly extricated himself from Rio’s warm, sleepy embrace to check on Britney. She wasn’t in the spare room; he assumed she’d woken early and left. He found her note in the kitchen and knew she’d gone to meet a locksmith so she could get back inside her apartment. After reading it, he took a quick piss, then went back to bed. Rio was still sleeping. He lay down beside him, and within a minute or two, Rio’s heavy arms had embraced him as before.

Jay sighed. Rio snored.

Jay felt Rio’s safe embrace as he thought about Britney. It had been a long time since Jay and his previous girlfriend broke up, and apart from a couple of one-night stands he regretted, he hadn’t hooked up with a woman since then. Sex with Rio was awesome, and he loved watching football with him, but was Rio giving him everything he needed in life? Jay had a deep love of books that Rio didn’t share, and he’d always wondered what it’d be like to be in a relationship with someone who loved literature as much as himself. He imagined Britney and himself sitting at opposite ends of their shared couch, touching feet, each absorbed in their own book; he knew that’d probably never happen with Rio unless he was reading that fucking thesaurus! He thought sex with Britney would be fulfilling, but on the other hand, nothing could ever compare to the feeling of being filled up by Rio’s gigantic penis. And while Britney was exactly the kind of chubby, feisty chick that Jay lusted after, Rio’s body was godlike in just about every sense.

The last thought that pulsed through his mind before he closed his eyes and went back to sleep was ‘I don’t know what to do.’


They woke up late in the morning. Jay was relatively sombre, and not really interested in conversation. Rio made a light breakfast for them both, and they sat at the kitchen bench, silently munching food and sipping coffee. Rio could tell there was something weighing heavily on Jay’s mind. He caught Jay staring aimlessly out the window once or twice. “You OK, dude?”

Jay snapped back to reality. “Huh? What? Umm… yeah, I’m fine.” He looked down at his plate. “Breakfast is really good, thanks man.” He sipped his coffee and went back to looking out the window.

Rio wasn’t convinced. He suspected Jay’s heart was affected by last night. He was true to what he’d said last night — if Jay wanted to fuck Britney, he had absolutely no problem with that. But did Jay want something else? Was there something missing from Jay’s life? Perhaps there was something that Rio wasn’t giving him?

Rio thought back to his previous relationship which he’d described to Jay at length. His relationship with his former partner disintegrated because his work became all-consuming, his mental health deteriorated as a result, and his partner felt frozen out of his life. But as far as Rio understood, the current situation wasn’t anything like that. Rio’s wasn’t overloaded with work right now, mentally he felt quite well-balanced, and he couldn’t think of anything he’d done lately to push Jay away. And he knew they both loved football.

He didn’t have the psychological tools for this. He didn’t quite know what to do or say. He worried that Jay was falling for someone else, and that his big dick might not be enough to keep him. Would Rio’s world fall apart if Jay walked away? He didn’t know. All he could do right now was to be patient.

Jay was still staring out the window. Rio watched him. ‘I don’t know what to do,’ Rio thought to himself.


Jay spent his Sunday afternoon sprawled out on the couch with his nose buried in a thick book. Rio went to the gym and pounded some heavy weights to distract himself. His tattooed, beautiful pecs heaved and glistened in the mirror. After burning off some stress and anxiety, he showered and changed. After leaving the gym, he purchased some takeout food home for Jay and himself on the way home.

Rio opened the front door and placed the takeout on the kitchen bench. He sat on the edge of the couch. Jay hadn’t moved all afternoon; he was still reading. “Hey, man. Brought some food home for dinner,” Rio said.

Jay found his bookmark and Bodrum Escort closed his book. He looked at Rio and smiled. “Thanks, dude. Food smells good.” He leaned in towards Rio. “You smell good too.”

“Uhh… thanks, Jay. Showered at the gym.”

“Hot.” Jay lifted his ass off the couch and kissed Rio. “Thanks for bringing dinner home.”

Rio’s tongue buried itself in Jay’s mouth, but he felt subtle resistance. The gym always made Rio horny, and he felt himself getting hard. He was about to increase the tempo, but Jay broke the kiss to remind him about the dinner he’d brought home which was probably going cold.

Rio cooled his boots. He wasn’t sure whether Jay broke the kiss because of the food, or whether the food was an excuse: perhaps he wanted some distance. He brought the food over to the TV table, along with some cutlery and napkins. They dived into spicy Thai takeout. Rio turned the television on, and they watched part of a documentary about bees while they ate. Rio’s cock deflated.

“You have a good time last night?” Rio asked.

Jay swallowed a mouthful of stir-fried noodles. “Guess so.”

Rio had hoped for a more expansive answer than that. “What do you mean?” he probed.

Jay took another mouthful of vegies. He chewed thoughtfully. “I don’t really know.”

Rio looked at Jay. He was clearly absorbed in an internal dialogue, and not yet ready or willing to talk about last night.

They ate side by side, in silence. Rio dropped a heavy hand onto Jay’s knee. He wasn’t sure what else to do. Jay forced himself to smile.

Rio couldn’t understand Jay’s behaviour or response. While Britney was in the shower last night, he told Jay that he loved him. Didn’t that mean anything to him? Did it fall on deaf ears, or was it too late? Was it too long between last night, and the last time he’d said those few words, many months ago? Rio had drifted off to sleep last night confident that Jay knew where he stood with him, but on reflection, he wasn’t sure whether he and Jay were on the same page right now.

Rio’s thought processes stopped at the crucial question. ‘Do I *really* love Jay?’ he thought to himself, ‘or am I just saying that I do?’ It was a deep question, as deep as the deepest ocean, and he couldn’t answer it.

“You can fuck her whenever you want, you know,” Rio blurted. Jay stared at him, anger building up inside. The momentary silence that followed was like fingernails being dragged down a chalkboard. “I mean… you know that already, right? I said it last night.”

Jay tensed up. To him, the words ‘you can fuck her whenever you want’ implied Rio had some kind of control over Jay’s sex life, almost as if he needed Rio’s imprimatur to hook up with Britney (or indeed anyone else), when Rio’s intention was to convey the exact opposite meaning. Jay took a deep breath. “Why’d you say that again just now, Rio?”

Rio sighed. “Because I just get this sense that she’s on your mind right now.” They both knew who Rio was talking about.

“Yeah. She is,” Jay said. “I hope she’s OK. I assume she got her keys replaced and that she’s back in her apartment.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Rio. “Have you heard from her today?”

“No,” replied Jay.

“I don’t mind if you fuck her,” Rio reiterated. “You know that, right?”

“Dude, shut the fuck up. Just shut up, you asshole. Stop saying that,” Jay spat. “You’re seriously making me feel pissed right now. What’s wrong with you? You’ve said that so many times I’m starting to wonder if you’re insecure about something. I don’t need your fucking permission.”

Rio’s words had come out terribly wrong. What he was trying to say was something like ‘I don’t care if you two swap bodily fluids, I don’t even care if you sleep at her place, but please don’t fall for her, because maybe I love you’. He knew his words were wrong, but in this moment, he couldn’t find a way to make them right.

“Fuck you, asshole.” Jay got up and left the room. He left half of his dinner on the TV table.

Something serious and important remained unspoken. Jay wrestled with his truth and his consciousness. All Rio could do was wait.

They showered — individually — and prepared for sleep. Jay was due at the library early tomorrow morning. Jay seriously considered sleeping in the spare room tonight, but he worried that this might inflame the situation in his head even further. They slept in the same bed, side by side, but Rio didn’t hug Jay like he usually did. Jay lay on his side, facing the wall. Rio kept his distance, staring at the ceiling with his huge, flaccid cock drooping heavily on his thigh, waiting for sleep to come. He listened to the sirens wailing in the distance, and he wondered what a true and complete silence sounded like.

Jay heard Rio snoring well before he managed to find his own sleep. It’s not easy to go to sleep when you’re angry.


By the time Rio woke up the next morning, Jay had already left for work. Jay was already tired before the day had Bodrum Escort Bayan even started; he didn’t sleep well last night.

Rio knew Jay would be spending the day with Britney. They’d both seen the note she left for Jay before she left on Sunday morning, where she wrote about how happy she was to see Jay with Rio. Had she changed her mind since she wrote that note? What would she say to Jay at work this morning? And just as importantly, what would Jay say to her in response?

Rio’s phone pinged. The producer of the scene he recently shot wanted to inform him that it would be published very soon, and that cash would be landing in his account today. He also asked if he was interested in shooting more scenes. Of course he was — fuck yes! He couldn’t reply fast enough.

He was excited. This was the kind of news he’d love to share with Jay, and ordinarily, he knew Jay would share in his excitement. But given Jay’s odd mood yesterday, he wasn’t sure how enthusiastically he’d react to it.

Jay spent the day hard at work. Coffee was the only thing that got him through the day. He was up and down ladders in the stack retrieving dusty, long-forgotten books, while Britney worked on the counter. They didn’t have much time to talk throughout the day and they couldn’t meet up for lunch. Jay managed to catch her briefly around their afternoon break, but their conversation was strange and brief. Britney felt distant and reserved, which Jay didn’t expect — she was the complete opposite on Saturday night. Jay felt like Britney had put up an emotional wall to protect herself, but Jay didn’t know what it was she was protecting. Jay thought it best to keep his distance from her, and to wait until Britney was ready. At the very least, he wanted to still be her friend. And yes, he still wanted to hook up with her, assuming she was still open to it. But she obviously wasn’t open to it today, so there’d be no nookie in the biology section after work.

Jay finished work and came home. Rio heard Jay’s key turn in the door and his backpack fall to the floor. “Hey dude,” he sung out.

“Hey Jay,” Rio replied. His stomach was tied in knots. He had no idea what to expect in terms of Jay’s mood. He’d been to the supermarket earlier and was about to cook dinner for them both. He let Jay unwind while he started cooking in the kitchen.

Half an hour later, dinner was served. “Delicious,” Jay praised. After Jay talked about his day (omitting the strained conversation with Britney), he felt it was the right time to share his news.

“Hey, Jay. Got something to tell you.”

“What’s that?”

“Scene’s about to be released, and there’s more work on the way.”

“Fucking awesome news, bro!”

“I’m so glad you’re happy for me, man,” Rio confided.

“Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

“You were pissed at me last night. I thought you might still be angry.”

“I’m still a little upset, but I can still be happy for you at the same time, can’t I?”

Rio nodded. “I think I get it. And I’m so sorry about last night. The words I said came out all wrong, and I can see why you got pissed. I’m not really sure what I meant to say. I still can’t put the right words to how I feel, but it’s something like this: open relationships are cool.”

That was enough for Jay right now. I mean, it was true what Rio said the other night — a pornstar has no moral authority to expect monogamy from their partner — but Jay appreciated hearing it expressed in these simple words. He took a deep, settling breath. “Thanks, man. I think I understand where you’re coming from now.”

They continued eating. Rio was curious to find out whether Jay and Britney interacted at work today, but he wasn’t sure how to approach the question. If he asked, would Jay think he was prying? But on the other hand, if he didn’t ask, would Jay think he didn’t care? He decided to ask an innocuous question that he hoped would turn the conversation in her direction. “Did your bitch… umm, fuck, sorry… did your friend Britney get her keys back?” he asked.

Jay looked past the first part of Rio’s badly-worded question. “I don’t know for sure, but I assume she did,” Jay replied. “I saw her briefly today, and she was wearing different clothes, so I assume she’s been home. She also lost her credit cards, but they should be ready for her to pick up from the bank tomorrow. I loaned her a hundred bucks on the weekend just in case there was a problem with the bank. I know she’ll repay me. We didn’t have lunch together, though. I wanted to, but we had different shifts and I barely saw her all day. And when I eventually caught up with her, she was a little distant. Like, something had rattled her. Whether it was the loss of her shit, or whether she’s still processing what happened at our apartment, I don’t know.”

Rio nodded. “I hope you’re OK, man. I know she’s your friend.”

“Thanks. Yeah, she is,” said Jay. “But don’t call her a bitch.”


They showered separately and prepared Escort Bodrum for bed. Jay needed to be at the library by 9 o’clock tomorrow.

Unwinding in bed that night, Jay lay on his stomach with his laptop open in front of him. He checked his emails, social media and news. There were no messages from Britney.

Rio was lying next to him, keeping his physical and emotional distance. He was trying to read a Halldór Laxness novel because he knew that was Jay’s favourite author, but he couldn’t get into the story. Some guy riding a horse in the middle of an Icelandic nowhere, arguing with himself about whether to throw a stone at something? ‘What the fuck does Jay see in this bullshit?’ he thought to himself. No way was Rio getting past page 17.

Jay opened the website of the porn studio Rio recently shot for. He took out a membership to the site yesterday. Given the amount of free porn he’d consumed over many years, he wanted to support the company that had reached out to Rio. Besides, he thought it was the right thing to do.

He scrolled through a few clips. “Dude.”

“Huh?” said Rio, looking over the top of his reading glasses. He was glad to escape from the novel for a moment, having made it all the way to page 12.

“It’s up. Your scene has been published.”

Rio took his glasses off. “Show me?”

Jay showed Rio his laptop screen. “It’s official, man. You’re back.” They hugged. “I’m gonna watch it again.”

Rio grabbed his phone and checked his bank balance. “Fuck, Jay, take a look at this,” he said, showing Jay the size of the payment.

“That’s rent for the next three months,” said Jay.

“Yep,” Rio nodded.

A few minutes later, Jay’s stiff dick was slowly grinding into the mattress as he watched Rio and five other male performers fucking the shit out of MacKenzie. “Fuck, your dick is so beautiful,” Jay whispered. He looked at the other 5 cocks in the scene. “All the dicks in this clip are big, but yours is the best.”

Rio rolled over onto his stomach to watch with Jay. He wasn’t interested in jerking off to his own work — he’d never done that in his life — but he had an idea that could perhaps heighten Jay’s enjoyment of it. He began lightly stroking Jay’s fat ass.

Jay felt Rio’s light touch, but he continued fucking the mattress, completely fixated on the porn.

Rio wet two of his fingers and thrust them into Jay’s pussy.

“Oh my god, Rio,” whispered Jay. He imagined he was MacKenzie, with Rio’s fat cock inside him, and five other cocks surrounding him. “Fuck me with those fat fingers. Fill me up.” He fucked the mattress more quickly and earnestly, pushing his ass back as far as possible onto Rio’s hand before grinding down hard.

And at the point in the scene where Rio came all over MacKenzie’s cute, freckled face, Rio’s fat fingers pressed lightly on Jay’s prostate.

Pearly white seed shot out from Jay’s balls onto the mattress. He moaned and writhed with the force of his orgasm. “Fuck, Rio,” he cried. “Keep fucking me with your hand.” He felt the mattress become warm and wet beneath him.

The clip ended with a closeup of MacKenzie’s cum-soaked face and faded to black. Rio slowly extracted his fingers from Jay’s ass. Jay was speechless, and it was a few moments before he could glue words together to form coherent sentences.

Rio didn’t get hard from watching his own performance, but giving Jay a huge prostate orgasm while he fucked their mattress surely did. Rio climbed onto Jay’s back and sank his huge fat cock into his wet asshole.

The feeling was so intense that Jay nearly screamed, but he managed to hold it in. Rio’s sculpted body beared down upon Jay’s tight hole. “Fuck, that feels so good,” he whispered.

Rio pulled his dick out. He picked Jay up off the bed and held his bodyweight with his strong arms. He slid his dick back into Jay’s ass while holding him up off the ground. He fucked him like a rag doll, and now, Jay screamed.

Rio bounced Jay up and down on his enormous cock until his arms became too tired to support Jay’s weight anymore. He lifted Jay’s wet pussy off his penis and put his feet back down onto the floor. He bent Jay at the waist over the edge of the mattress and piledrove his sloppy wet ass. The force of Rio’s thrusts pressed Jay’s face down onto the mattress, directly into his wetspot.

Jay licked his own cum off the bedsheet, and without touching himself, he came again. His dick twitched and his second load shot onto the side of their mattress. “Fuck, Rio,” he moaned, “you just made me nut again.”

Rio felt Jay’s asshole spasming around his shaft. “Yeah, I know.” He fucked the shit out of Jay until he felt his own orgasm approaching. “Gonna cum, Jay. Where do you want it?”

“Bust on my face, man. Give me that fucking cum.”

Rio pulled his cock out from between Jay’s fat ass cheeks and jerked himself off over Jay’s face. “I can’t get enough of your sweet nut, dude,” Jay moaned as millions of Rio’s unborn babies rained down upon his face, mouth and neck.

Jay guided Rio’s spent dick into his mouth, making sure to get every last drop.

They kissed, and Rio tasted his own load on Jay’s face and tongue. “Worked up a sweat, bro. I feel like I need another shower after that,” he confessed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32