Ring, Ring, Ring

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“I love to watch you undress mom.” Said 26 yr-old Carl.

“Do you?” Ethel replied. “What can you possibly find appealing about this old lady when you have so many young girls to choose from?”

Ethel was unbuttoning her blouse, removing it, reaching behind her to unclip her bra, slipping it off her shoulders.

“I doubt if my tits are as perky as Patricia’s?” Ethel responded. “What is she — 23, 24?”

“Pat’s tits can’t hold a candle to yours.” Carl replied as he stared intently at his mother’s bare breast. “Yours are mature and a real handful and I love to put my face between them. And your nipples! I love them when they’re hard and firm like they are right now. They’re showing me you are aroused and ready to fuck.”

In reality, Ethel’s nipples had been hard since she had entered her car for the drive home. Hoping to find her son home as he had been gone for many days, she had, and he had followed her into the bedroom. She had not been home five minutes.

“It has been a while sugar!” Ethel said as she began to unbutton her skirt. “You have been gone 10 days. That’s longer than we have ever let go by without getting together.”

“You mean without fucking.” He pressed her.

“Yes. Without fucking! Without you sticking your cock in me!” She said, knowing what he liked to hear. “And without you eating pussy.”

Ethel stepped out of her skirt and pushed her panties down off of her slim, but ample, hips. She stepped out of them and pushed both items of clothing clear. She stood ass hole naked before her son noting his approval.

“Your turn sweetheart.” She coached wagging her right forefinger at him. She reached for the washrag, lightly soaped only on one side, she had taken from the bathroom and squatted slightly to freshen her pussy. “I have thought about you and Patricia fucking every night laying in this damn bed alone. My dildo just doesn’t do it anymore. I stopped using it three days ago. I would have screamed if you had not been home. So, you’re here, tell me about Lake George?”

“We did fuck every night and the morning we left.” He admitted, not intent on making his mother jealous but because he knew she liked to hear the details. “But while I was fucking her all I could think about was you. When I shot off, it was your pussy I was filling in my mind.”

Carl stood naked in front of his mother, his cock rock hard curving slightly upward.

She too looked approvingly at her son’s 6’2″ naked body. He lifted weights and ran and it showed in his muscular shoulders and legs. Ethel was content and happy with their incestuous relationship.

“Baby, you don’t have to fantasize about filling my pussy anymore.” She assured him. “Come to Mama!”

They embraced and kissed passionately for long moments, their tongues fencing. When their kiss broke Carl whispered in his mother’s ear, causing her to smile.

Ethel moved to position herself near the foot of the bed laying her hand lightly on the bedpost. She would have rather been on her back with her son between her legs but she would do as he asked.

“You know, I love you to eat my pussy like this but this is hard on my arthritic body. You’re lucky I love you!” She exclaimed, positioning herself with a moderately wide stance and squatting down, spreading her knees and adjusting herself to be as comfortable as possible. She looked at her son expectantly.

Carl did not keep her waiting. He walked around behind her lowering himself to the carpeted bedroom floor. Positioning himself on his back, he maneuvered up between her legs. He caught a whiff of the soap his mother used and an underlying feminine scent of her pussy. He stared briefly at her thick-lipped labia trimmed with red pubic hair that became a thick lavish bush on her mound. He could have remained passive studying her pussy all day, but he knew her position was strenuous at best. He put his lips, then his tongue, to her pussy. Her moans were instantaneous and continued unabated as he pleasured her orally.

“Don’t tease me!” She moaned after long minutes, her body beginning to tremble. “I don’t know if I can hold this damn position much LONGER! Ohhh fuck!” Yes my clit! Damn you! Yes! Right there! Don’t you fuckin’ move!”

Ethel’s willingness and determination paid off as a mind-blowing orgasm gripped her, causing her body to quake uncontrollably and her moans and animalistic growl to be loud. Fortunately, their apartment was insulated well and no one was the wiser to their incestuous goings-on.

Ethel fell forward as her orgasm subsided. She was exhausted, her leg muscles tight.

Carl quickly maneuvered to his knees and prepared to stick his cock into his mother’s pussy, to doggie fuck her as he usually did after eating her pussy in such fashion.

“No! Not this time Carl!” She exclaimed. “I don’t feel like that this time. I want you between my legs. I need a loving fuck!”

Carl backed off and stood. He watched his 51-year-old mother slowly, and seemingly painfully, stand, teetering as if off-balance pendik escort or intoxicated for a brief moment before entering the bed.

The bed was fully made and she positioned herself in the middle of the queen-sized bed, her head on the pillows and on top of the solid white, puffy quilt.

Had they looked at the clock it would have told them it was nearing 6: 30.

As the apartment windows faced west, the sun was nearing the horizon and had repainted the antique white walls to a soft orange glow.

Ethel spread her legs invitingly and waited expectantly.

Carl kneed himself onto the bottom of the bed and sat back on his haunches studying his mother’s pussy, the red hair between her legs a deep contrast to the whiteness of the quilt, her pale milky-white thighs and a perfect natural match to her shoulder length bobbed hair style. The small, soft, cosmetically smooth features of her face gave her a most seductive appeal.

“You like it a lot don’t you?” She queried. “My pussy?”

“I love it.” He acknowledged. “Can I kiss it some more before we fuck?”

“I would like that.” She replied with a smile.

Carl lowered himself to his chest sliding his left hand up under his mother’s buttocks and with the other manipulated her labia as he studied her pussy a long minute before once more putting his tongue to her treasure.

Ethel, for a good while lifted her head and studied her son lovingly exploring her pussy. As she became aroused once more, she dropped her head to the pillows and let the oral pleasure flow through her. After a bit, she felt her legs being pushed up and back and happily anticipated what was coming. Her son’s tongue pushed deep into her hole as her breath caught and the passion surged, as did her ass, humping his face.

“I love it when you tongue fuck me!” She exclaimed. “Push it deep! Ahhh yeah! Lordy you make me weak!”

Carl alternated his tongue to her clit, then, back to her hole numerous times. Ethel began to toss her head back and forth as incestuous, lustful delirium engulfed her. Long, long minutes passed.

“I’m coming baby! I’m coming! Mother fucker I’m cominggggggggg!”

Again, Ethel’s body quaked and shook with an orgasm nearly as strong as the first. It surged through her peaking and jolting several times before fading away.

Carl moved over his mother’s body without actually touching it as her chest rose and fell with breathlessness. He kissed her full on the mouth and she returned his kiss with passion, unconcerned with the presence of her pussy juice.

Breaking the kiss, he moved over her head offering his cock to her. She did not hesitate to accept it and took a good 3 inches of it into her mouth. Cupping his balls with her right hand, she gripped his buttocks with the left. She sucked it firmly for a few long minutes.

“Now give me what I want!” She exclaimed spitting his cock out.

As her son maneuvered downwards between her legs, stopping an instant as she acquired his cock, she placed it to her. He pushed slowly into her.

“Ahhhhhh! Yes! Yes! Yessss!” She sighed as he pushed deep, she, lifting her legs, placing her knees against his sides.

We will leave mother and son to enjoy a slow lustful fuck and find out how all this incestuous behavior began.

A ringing phone, 3 months early! Really?

The apartment phone hung on the wall directly across from the bathroom door and 2 feet to the right of the entrance door. Anyone entering the apartment and heading straight to the bathroom would have to zigzag left just a bit, then, right. If this is still unclear, a person answering the phone would have their back towards the bathroom door.

Ethel was taking her Saturday morning shower when she heard the phone ring. The night prior, she and Carl had partied until 3am at his 26th surprise birthday party given by his girlfriend, Patricia. Anxious to get to the phone before the ringing woke her son, she quickly shut the water off, grabbed a towel off the rack and partially dried herself. The phone rang again.

When the phone rang the second time fully awaking Carl, he quickly rolled out of his bed. He was not one to let a phone go unanswered as he raced across the living room. He reached the phone midway through the third ring and snatched it off the hook.

Ethel snatched open the bathroom door midway of the third ring hearing her son say, “I think you have the wrong number”, and instantly realized he was naked. Having wrapped a towel around her haphazardly, it slipped off of her hips and dropped to the floor as her son was turning towards the noise and light behind him.

Mother and son stood mesmerized by the nakedness of the other. Their eyes did not meet but appraised each other’s nakedness.

In a few long moments, Ethel saw her son’s cock grow from a limp appendage hanging between his legs to a rock-hard erection. Unconsciously, she appraised its thickness at the base, thinning considerably along its 6 ½-inch length until the shaft ended and was topped by a significant escort pendik domed head. The domed head had a lengthy dimple that divided the upper part and there were visible veins that ran the length of the shaft.

In the same time span, Carl saw his mother’s nipples mushroom from mere buttons to quarter inch high berries.

It is interesting to note that mother and son made no attempt to hide or scramble away from the situation. A quickly closed bathroom door should have been in order and would have gone down in history as an embarrassing moment. So, could history be construed to color her like Eve? Read into it what you like. Could there have been an underlying sexual tension between mother and son that now surfaced and held them in a trance?

The time was closing on a minute and still they had not made eye contact. It seemed to be a mutual agreement, as making eye contact would remind them whom the other was and probably cause a mutual intervention.

Ethel’s firm nipples and Carl’s stiff erection related to each what was on the other’s mind.

Carl made the advance, boldly moving towards his mother, taking her left hand, turning her as he passed her. He sat down on the toilet, taking both her hands and pulling her close to him, causing her to straddle his legs. He tugged downward lightly to transmit his desire for her to lower herself onto his lap.

Ethel knew what awaited her. It had been many, many long months since Ethel and had a man and like a hungry zombie she bent her legs as her son’s right hand held his cock vertical. She probed once, found her hole the second time and slowly lowered herself slowly onto her son’s cock. She moaned a deep moan of pleasure and relief at having a real-life, warm cock inside of her once more and sat for long moments just enjoying the feeling of being filled.

Then, she reached and, for whatever reason, switched off the bright over-head light, leaving them in near darkness until their eyes adjusted. The sunny morning light outside filtered though the partially shut shades of the two tall bedroom windows, through the bedroom, across the living room, into the short hall and provided a dim lit romantic atmosphere in the bathroom reflecting off the white floor and wall tile.

As her torso twisted back to face him, Carl began partaking of his mother’s breasts and nipples. He soon could see them causing his desire to deepen.

Ethel began a reciprocating back-and-forth motion on his lap. The toilet was rather high which allowed her to lift herself a bit as she rode her son’s cock. Soon she was literally jumping up and down on it, causing Carl to cease his attack on her breasts. He sat back and watched her ample tits flap up and down. He placed his hands on her hips and assisted her rise making no effort to slow her drop.

Ethel was exhausted after long minutes, slowing to a stop on her son’s cock, placing the left side of her face on his left shoulder. She was breathing heavily.

“We are so bad!” She said with labored breath. “I never thought for a moment that I wanted this, but I feel so content sitting on your cock. We should have done this much sooner.”

“I’ve wanted to for three years. Remember asking me to shut my eyes as you ran to the living room nude. I peeked!” Carl replied. “And I had a good view of your breasts as you dressed at the foot of the bed. I just didn’t know how to go about it. You never gave me any indication of how you might respond.”

Ethel sat upright and began to move slowly on her son’s cock again.

“I don’t know how I would have responded!” She said. “But I’m so glad this has happened. Can we go to the bed and fuck properly, you on top of me between my legs? “


Ethel lifted slowly off of her son. Carl watched this cock slip out of his mother’s pussy. A glistening thread of pre-come or feminine lubricant stretched and snapped as their genitals parted.

Ethel proceeded to her bedroom.

Carl followed her far enough behind to study her ass as it swayed. He watched her knee herself onto the bed catching a glimpse of her furred treasure. He followed closely now slipping between her legs as she rolled to her back spreading them to accept him. As she pulled her knees back, she reached for his cock.

Ethel placed her son’s cock and moaned a deep sigh of renewed pleasure as he pushed deep into her.

Mother and son began a most frantic fuck!

Ethel’s knees moved like a locomotive’s wheel arms at high-speed as her ass matched his fast paced rhythm.

“Yes baby! Fuck mama! Fuck your mother’s pussy good!” Ethel cried between lustful sounds of huffs, puffs, gasps and high-pitched shrieks.

Carl was spurred on by his mother’s vocalizations of lust and passion. He broke rhythm numerous times to shove his cock deep into her pussy causing her to yelp loudly, “you mother-fucker”, in delirious rebuke. The words only spurred him on to torment her more.

“Slow down Carl! Lord, you’re killing me!” She cried. “I love it Carl! But let pendik escort bayan me rest a minute!”

Carl slowed his rhythm almost to a stop and began to kiss his mother over her face and eyes, neck and shoulders.

“Your cock is wonderful!” She praised.

“Your pussy is tight, wet and marvelous mom.” He returned praise. “You’re so warm in my arms and I love your ass.”

“Carl I don’t want to ruin the moment but I have a hard time having an orgasm during intercourse. You can fuck me until I can’t move but I doubt if I will come. Maybe you could finger me a little bit to make me come.” Ethel confessed.

“Perhaps we could fuck a little bit more first?” He queried.

“Yes. Yes. Of course!” She quickly agreed. “I just wanted you to understand.”

“Don’t you worry I’ll take care of you.” He assured her. “But I love the sounds you make when you get riled up.”

“You’re embarrassing me. I can’t help it.” She chided. “Ohhh Fuck!”

Carl had begun a frantic fuck once more. In short minutes, Ethel was once more extremely boisterous and delirious. Again, Carl began to break his rhythm to shove his cock deep into her pussy. Over and over and over, causing his mother to intake a great amount of air. Her manner was akin to being gripped by a huge orgasm. To her, in reality, it felt like she was being gripped by a huge orgasm only to have falter and shut off instantly. And it felt like torture to be teased in such a manner.

Carl was almost sadistic as he played his mother like a puppet.

Then, without any warning, Carl pulled his cock out of his mother and maneuvered downwards, sliding his hands up under her ass and placing his face to her pussy.

“Carl! What are you…!” She exclaimed. “Oh my! Oh my! Yes! Yesssssssssssss.

Ethel had never experienced oral sex. She had heard about it, had seen it in videos and had wondered what it would be like to experience it. Her body relaxed entirely as her son lapped and explored her pussy with his tongue. She lifted her head and pulled her legs back to watch the action between her legs.

Such a stance only enticed Carl to stick his tongue into his mother’s fuck hole.

The pleasure was indescribable and the incestuous connotations were intoxicating.

First, to ride his cock, then, to be bedded and fucked to exhaustion, then, to have her son pleasing her orally. What more could a mother desire.

AAGgggggggggggg! FFuckkkkkkk!”

Ethel’s orgasm gripped her hard and seemed not to want to release her. Her whole body locked up and trembled.

But it did abate and her son was on her in an instant, poking repeatedly trying to enter her. Her hands slipped between them and placed him to her. Her breath caught as he plunged deep into her.

Uncontrollable vocals, involuntary locomotive knees and she trying as best she could to give her son a good fuck, but she soon tired. But, she was no novelist at the game of sex. As her body slowed then stilled, her words and direction took up the slack.

“Grab my ass baby.” She began her sexual banter. “Grab it with both hands. Yes! Now, show mama how much you like to fuck her. Hard! Shove it deep in my pussy. Shove it deep! I love it. I love your stiff cock. You sweet mother-fucker. Are you going to come in my pussy… my belly?

“Yes!” Carl affirmed with labored breath.

Somewhere within her renewed energy surged and her knees began to move, though slowly.

“Do it baby. I want to feel it. Your hot Cum in my belly. Harder! My pussy is so wet. Carl! Carl! Carlllllllllllll!” Ethel shouted as a soft, almost phantom like, orgasm flowed through her. “I’m cominggggggg!”

Ethel was truly and thoroughly exhausted now, but her mind reeled with the knowledge that she had come during ordinary intercourse.

It made no matter as her son was fucking her with delirious abandonment seeking to fulfill her wishes.

Carl’s mind screamed, “I made her come! I fuckin made her come!”

“Come in me Carl.” She continued almost in a whisper. “Come in mother’s fuck hole. Yessssssssssss!”

Ethel felt her son’s cock jerked once, twice, three times spewing his semen into her still fertile belly.

She was not worried. She had been in such a lustful “to hell with it” compromise before and a few squirts of the anti-semen she had in her dresser would take care of the indiscretion. Well, the most important indiscretion anyway.

“Don’t pull it out quite yet.” She asked.

Carl did as requested and continued to pump into his mother with a slow rhythm, repositioning himself to cuddle her in his arms.

“You never hesitated a second to shoot your cum into me.” She said, her tone not a challenge. “You wouldn’t be able to fuck me so vigorously with a big belly and your baby inside of me.”

“The way I feel this second I would not mind that it all.” He answered.

“When you pull your cock out of me reality is going to sit in.” She continued. “I’ve got something to take care of it but right now I want you to fuck me some more and think about spewing your ejaculate all over my womb.”

Carl’s cock was rock hard once more and he began to fuck his mother with an ever-intensifying rhythm and lustful desire. He quickly reacquired her buttocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32