Right or Left? Ch. 06

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Big Tits

It has been awhile since my last chapter, and I want to thank everyone once again for your support and encouragement to continue writing this evolving incest saga.

The story continues with Jeff and Wendy (brother and sister) and his new girlfriend Kylah as they prepare the weekend before their upcoming spring break vacation.

In this chapter:

Four Fucking Days (Thursday).


Kylah’s mom, Jasmine, tried to seduce her daughter’s boyfriend, Jeff; but instead, he took control, and she spent the afternoon having the best sex of her life. After realizing there was more to life than being a pastors wife, she decided she no longer wanted to be with her domineering husband.

That evening Jasmine told her husband she was leaving him and fearing for her safety her and her daughter took refuge at Jeff and Wendy’s house.

As chance would have it, Jeff and Wendy’s parents are in another city looking for a new home to coincide with their dad’s promotion and transfer. Their trip left Jeff and Wendy alone in the house for four days to fuck, suck and get nasty.

This story may contain peanuts so if you’re allergic to incest, brother/sister, and mother/daughter, anal, oral, multiple partners, ass to mouth, fisting, or sex, in general, please do not go any further.


Thursday Night

Jeff stood naked in his bathroom, the reflection in the mirror stared back at him, piercing blue eyes taking account of what they saw. Tall, dark-haired, slim with a muscular build, an above average cock. A rugged face, handsome, but not in a pretty-boy fashion. Jeff rubbed a hand over his well-defined abdomen down to his floppy cock; he was a ‘shower.’ His soft cock was substantially larger than most men’s full erections and much thicker. Jeff knew he was well endowed but never bragged about the size of his cock or thought he was better than any other man; it just was what it was. He liked the hefty weight of his cock, it felt good in his hand as he lifted it up, his fingers not quite touching his thumb because of the thickness. Jeff wasn’t narcissistic in his evaluation of himself he just felt Karma had blessed him.

Filling a glass of water, Jeff took one of the ‘blue pills’ his friend Dr. Low had given him earlier today. The pills were to supplement his prowess when he joined Wendy and Kylah on their spring vacation next weekend. Jeff decided some chemical enhancement might be needed to keep up with them. Right now both of them were waiting for him to return to the bedroom and fuck them. The biggest surprize was Jasmine, Kylah’s mom, had joined in as well.

Jeff entered his bedroom and the soft light from one of the night table lamps cast shadows over the three naked women. They were all lying on their bellies on the edge of his bed their feet on the floor, and their bare asses pointed at the bathroom door. The girls were talking and giggling among themselves as they held hands and waited for Jeff to return and fuck them.

Wendy, Jeff’s sister, was on the left, his girlfriend Kylah was in the middle and Kylah’s mom, Jasmine, was on the right. The moment was too precious not to record, so unnoticed he picked up his phone and captured a few pictures. As Jeff admired the three women he thought they blended perfectly, Wendy with her white skin, Kylah with her mocha skin and Jasmine with her black coffee skin. Wendy and Kylah shared similar ass shapes with Kylah’s just a little wider; Jasmine, on the other hand, had a full ass, not fat but extra wide and what most referred to as a ‘bubble ass.’ Jeff stood quietly enjoying their bonding, not wanting to break their intimate moment,

Kylah saw him first. “Hey boyfriend!” she said as she admired his semi-hard cock, “we’re ready for action!”

“I can see that!” laughed Jeff as he admired the view, “Three perfect asses and pussies. Now, where do I start?”

Each girl shouted ‘me’ as they tried to entice him by twerking their bum’s at him. Jeff casually walked up to them and ran his hand over one ass then onto the next and back again. He would stop at each woman and lightly rub their rosebud before sliding a finger down to explore how wet her pussy was. Jeff wasn’t surprised to find each woman aroused.

Jeff chose his sister first, grabbing her by her hips and slowly pushing the swollen head of his cock into her, “hmm nice and tight,” he said. Wendy tried to push back on his cock, and Jeff quickly pulled out. “Not so fast little sister!” he laughed. Wendy moaned out her frustration, “Oh god Jeff, you’re such a fucking tease!”

“Are you ready Kylah?” asked Jeff as he moved behind her and tickled her bum hole with his thumb.

“Yes Jeff,” she said. Kylah was a little worried that he was going to push into her virgin ass and sighed with relief when she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate him.

Jeff did the same thing to Kylah only inserting the thick head into her pussy as he waited for her reaction. “Ah, another tight pussy!” said Jeff. As soon as Kylah started to push back, Jeff pulled out. “Not yet!” he laughed as he moved Pendik Escort on to Jasmine. “Oh fuck Jeff!” begged Kylah, “Wendy’s right you are a tease! Please fuck my cunt!” Jeff gave Kylah’s butt a playful slap, “soon Kylah,” he said as he stepped behind Jasmine.

He had resolved that Jasmine would be the first to receive his full attention. “Are you ready Jasmine?” asked Jeff. “Do you want my cock?”

Jasmine basked in the attention to her body from Jeff. “Yes Jeff,” she said, as she wiggled her black ass, “fuck my pussy with your beautiful cock.”

“Spread yourself for me,” said Jeff as he stroked his cock to make it harder.

Jasmine released her daughter’s hand and reached back spreading her ass cheeks for Jeff. Her body was on edge waiting for his massive cock to enter her once again. “Do it, Jeff,” said Jasmine in a husky voice, “fuck me.”

Jeff looked at her perfect shaved pussy; the pink inner lips contrasted to her black, black body as they glistened with anticipation. Jeff lifted his cock and rested it on Jasmine’s ass slapping it down hard on her “other” hole. Jeff loved anal sex, and right now there was a very strong desire to fuck her cute puckered ass. “Hmm, maybe I should take your ass first?” said Jeff to Jasmine as he rubbed his cock on her rosebud, “would you like that?”

Jasmine had enjoyed Jeff’s fingers in her ass earlier today, and even though the thought of his monster cock in her ass scared her, she wouldn’t refuse him. “If that’s what you want Jeff,” said Jasmine hesitantly, “Wendy said you do that to her a lot and she likes it. Go slow please, this will be my first time.” Jasmine’s body tensed, and she squeezed her daughter’s hand tightly as Jeff pushed his cock against her star. She could feel herself tightening up with anxiety, wondering how bad it would hurt.

The fact Jasmine would let him be the first to take her virgin ass excited him, but he would leave that for later this weekend. “Maybe tomorrow,” said Jeff pulling back and lining his cock up with her pussy. “We have four days to fuck ourselves silly,” he smirked as he felt Jasmine’s body relax, “but I will fuck your ass this weekend,” he said with authority, “Wendy will show both of you how to clean themselves before having anal sex.”

“Okay Jeff,” Jasmine groaned in relief and pleasure as his huge cock pushed in. “Oh god, you’re so fucking big! I love how you stretch me!”

Looking at Jasmine Kylah no longer thought of her as just mom, after everything that happened today she was now an equal sex partner. She felt no jealousy in ‘sharing’ Jeff with her mom or for that matter with his sister as well. She loved Jeff, and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him, to him or with him. “I love his big fat cock too,” whispered Kylah into her mom’s ear as she squeezed her hand. Kylah’s lightly kissed her mom; a lovers kiss as their lips met, tongues touched, each taking turns sucking, back and forth while she felt Jeff fuck her mom.

The muscles on Jeff’s hard abdomen tightened as he fucked Jasmine slowly, the blood-gorged-head of his cock disappearing into her tight pussy. He watched his cock force her pussy to open wider and wider as he pushed his tapered cock into her until the thickest part at the bottom of his shaft had expanded her fully. He held it there, not moving, enjoying the pulses, steady like a heartbeat, coming from her pussy as she grasped him internally.

“Fuck, I love your pussy!” shouted Jeff to the room. Jasmine glowed inside knowing she was pleasing Jeff and even though she didn’t need to she tried to tighten her pussy for him.

Wendy admired her brother as she watched him fuck Jasmine, in her eyes, Jeff was the perfect man in every way. That silly app he installed on her phone said it all; she would swipe right all day long for him. She rose from the bed and hugged him from behind, wrapping her arms around him, kissing his broad back. Her perky breasts rubbed against him as she snaked one hand down the front of his body searching for his cock. Her fingers touched Jasmine’s ass, and she decided to play with Jasmine’s barren hole and slowly forced her thumb in, together they fucked both of Jasmine’s holes.

“Fuck her Jeff!” said Wendy as she pushed her thumb deeper up Jasmine’s ass, “stick your big cock deep in her cunt!”

Jeff felt Wendy sync her body movement to his as he fucked Jasmine’s pussy. He let Wendy take over and start using his body and cock as a surrogate host, her hips pushed him forward, and her hand drew him back as she picked up the pace.

“Let me use you,” said Wendy, “I want to fuck Jasmine with your cock.”

Jeff relaxed and let himself be controlled by his sister as she turned him into a human dildo. Jeff crossed his arms over his chest. Every time his cock bounced off the bottom he could feel Jasmine’s pussy clamping down on his cock not willing to let go.

Kylah watched their synchronized bodies as Wendy and Jeff fucked her mom. Jeff had his eyes closed, his head leaned back, and his arms crossed over his chest. She could see Wendy was now the puppet Kurtköy Escort master as her body controlled Jeff’s.

“Fuck my mom Wendy,” said Kylah, “use your brother’s cock to fuck her good!”

Wendy’s hips rushed back and forth with increasing force as Jasmine was slammed against the bed eliciting moans of pleasure. Kylah felt empathy contractions in her pussy with each hard thrust. She wanted to be a part of the ‘group’ and debated fingering Wendy from behind but decided instead to get on the bed and offer her pussy to her mom.

Kylah released her mom’s hand and crawled up on the bed. Jasmine watched her daughter spread her legs wide open and shimmy towards her face; her beautiful wet pussy looked so inviting, she couldn’t wait to taste it.

“Smell my cunt Jasmine,” said Kylah, “beg for it.”

“Please Kylah,” said Jasmine to her beautiful daughter, “let me suck you!”

Jeff watched as Kylah’s pussy got closer and closer to her mom’s face. Kylah was teasing her mom staying just beyond the range of Jasmine’s mouth and tongue. The combination of being fucked by Jeff’s cock, Wendy’s thumb up her ass, and the smell of her daughter’s pussy was too much for Jasmine as she threw her arms over Kylah’s legs and pulled her the last few inches.

“Eat her Jasmine,” said Jeff as Kylah locked eyes with him, “eat your daughter’s pretty cunt.”

Jasmine went crazy eating Kylah’s pussy, her head bobbing and weaving side to side, backward and forwards. If a stranger witnessed this, they wouldn’t believe they were mother and daughter or that this was the first time for both of them to be so intimate.

“Oh FUCK!” shouted Kylah as she pulled her mom’s head deeper into her, “suck my cunt mom!”

Wendy could feel her pussy juices running down her legs and in her mind ‘she’ was fucking Jasmine with ‘her’ cock. It felt good to be a ‘man,’ especially one with a massive cock. Every thrust represented power over Jasmine, and she could see why Jeff was addicted to this emotional and physical control over another person. When Jasmine screamed at Jeff, she was close and to fuck her harder Wendy went into overdrive.

“Yes, yes,” shouted Wendy, “take it like a good slut! Come all over ‘my’ cock.”

Jeff felt his body being manipulated by his sister as she repeatedly slammed him into Jasmine’s black ass. He was close to coming as well and was struggling to hold out to make sure Jasmine was satisfied first.

“Now!” screamed Jasmine as her orgasm hit and she bit down on her daughter’s pussy lips, her body went rigid as she arched her back and raised her ass up.

Jeff was right on edge, and as soon as Jasmine screamed, he did too. “YES, right now!” he shouted as he rammed his cock in hard and exploded shooting his cum deep inside her. “OH FUCK, it feels so good!”

Wendy could feel Jeff’s balls contract and release as he shot load after load into Jasmine’s pussy. As soon as Jeff finished, she roughly pulled her brother back and dropped to her knees attacking his cock, taking him as far into her mouth as she could as her hand rushed to her pussy. She moaned as she sucked his cock and her fingers flew in and out of her soaking slit. The taste of Jasmine and Jeff was like the sweetest nectar on earth.

The ‘blue pill’ was working as Jeff’s cock stayed rock hard. “Suck me, Wendy,” said Jeff as he wrapped his fingers in her blonde hair and took control to fuck her face. “Hmm, I love your sexy dirty mouth!”

Not to be outdone Kylah had her hands in her mom’s black hair and was humping Jasmine’s face. “Suck it, lick my cunt,” she shouted as her ass bounced on the bed, “oh fuck, I’m close!”

Wendy’s need was growing, and she needed both of her hands to satisfy it. The fingers, on the one hand, were in her pussy and she reached behind to finger her ass as well. She loved the feeling of surrendering to her brother as he fucked her mouth while she self-abused her other two holes.

Kylah came first with a series of gasps. Jeff watched as Kylah held her mom’s head in her wide open legs. “OH, OH!” Kylah moaned, “thank you mom, thank you!”

Jeff pulled out of his sister’s mouth and shoved her face into his balls. “Lick me,” he said, “suck my balls.”

Wendy licked her brother’s balls like he wanted and tried to reach his ass with her tongue but it was too far away. She was so close to coming and yet so far away. She needed his cock.

“FUCK!” shouted Wendy, “I can’t cum! Fuck me, Jeff, fuck my ass or cunt, I don’t care which hole you use, just fuck me!”

Jeff lifted Wendy up and threw her on the bed rolling her over on to her stomach, exposing her love holes. His cock was slippery with Jasmine’s juices, his cum and Wendy’s saliva. He chose his sister’s ass, pushed hard, and the large head of his cock finally popped in. He held it there to let Wendy catch her breath and adjust to his size.

“Do it, Jeff!” Wendy begged as she pushed back against him, “Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!”

Jeff saw Kylah and Jasmine wide-eyed and open-mouthed as they watched.

“Oh my god,” said Jasmine Maltepe Escort in awe, “his cock is in Wendy’s ass!” Kylah and Jasmine couldn’t believe Wendy’s small ass opening could take such a big cock. Wendy grunted as she tried to take more of her brother’s cock up her ass. Slowly she inched back until she had about half of his shaft in her.

“Fuck!” shouted Wendy, “I’m still too tight!”

Jeff pulled back until just the mushroom head stayed inside her tiny ass. He looked at Kylah and Jasmine and pushed their heads towards his cock. Both girls could smell Wendy’s ass on Jeff’s cock as they got closer and closer to his giant cock. “You know what to do,” he said. Kylah was the first to start licking, and when Jasmine’s nose rubbed against his cock she tried to back off, but Jeff held her in place. Finally, she relented and started licking his cock as well.

“Good girls,” said Jeff, “Jasmine, I think we are going to need to practice this a bit until you can do it without hesitation like Kylah.”

“Sorry Jeff,” Jasmine mumbled, “I’ll try harder.” To make up for it, Jasmine was licking faster now, trying to cover as much area as possible. When Jeff felt his cock was wet enough, he pulled Kylah and Jasmine apart and pushed his cock back into Wendy’s ass, with much less resistance now.

“Oh FUCK!” shouted Wendy as she pushed back, “That feels so good! Fuck me, Jeff, stick your big prick up my tight ass!”

Jeff fucked Wendy’s ass as she begged. His cock was almost all the way in now. He grabbed his sister’s hips, and in one hard thrust, the rest of his cock buried itself completely.

“Fuck,” said a wide-eyed Jasmine, amazed Wendy’s little bum took all of Jeff’s cock, “does it hurt Wendy?”

“Oh Jasmine,” Wendy exclaimed, “It hurts but feels fantastic at the same time. I think I need you both to lick Jeff’s cock one more time though before he can fuck me hard.”

Jeff pulled his cock back slowly not wanting to escape her tight tunnel entirely. He waited to see what Kylah and Jasmine would do. This time Jasmine didn’t hesitate, and both girls licked his cock together.

“You’re doing great mom!” said Kylah, “Sorry, I mean Jasmine.”

“Thanks, Kylah,” Jasmine said, “It’s not so bad now.”

“I’m so proud of both of you,” said Jeff as he watched them, “who wants to be the first to suck my cock?” Jeff pulled his cock out, and both girls looked up at him with a shocked expression; their anal innocence was about to be shattered.

Jasmine looked up at Jeff, the thought that it had just been buried deep in Wendy’s ass made her want to gag, but she didn’t want to disappoint Jeff. “I can smell her Jeff,” said a reluctant Jasmine, “it’s on your cock.”

“It’s okay Jasmine if you don’t want to suck me,” said Jeff as he didn’t want to force her. “But it’s only a little smell; it won’t hurt you.”

Wendy had given herself an enema earlier tonight before Jeff got home, so there were not any nasty surprises inside her. She had planned on having her brother fuck her ass but never thought Kylah and Jasmine would join them.

Jasmine leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock as her hand pumped the thick shaft. She kept repeating to herself; it’s only a smell, it’s just a smell, as she finally took him in her mouth. She licked around the head and let Jeff’s hand push her head further down, but she couldn’t help gagging a bit.

“That’s great Jasmine,” Jeff encouraged, “make it nice and wet so I can fuck Wendy’s ass again.”

The need to please Jeff won out over the thought of where his cock had been. The smell wasn’t too bad now, and to spur herself on she imagined Kylah and Wendy doing the same thing for her when Jeff fucked her ass. She was still amazed at how Wendy could take such a big cock up her little ass.

Jeff was very pleased with Jasmine as she focused on sucking his cock. He watched as her facial expressions relaxed and her mouth and tongue serviced him. Jasmine was sucking hard now, drawing him deep into her mouth but not in her throat. Jeff felt her tongue swirl around his shaft as she tried to get his cock as wet as possible.

Kylah couldn’t believe how sexy it was to watch her mom suck Jeff’s cock. With every push in, she could see an outline of his cock in her throat. Next time she knew it would be her turn to do the unappetizing act.

Wendy was more than ready to get her ass fucked again, “Fuck me, Jeff,” his sister said, “stick your cock up my nasty ass.”

Jasmine was having a hard time letting go of Jeff’s cock, but at the same time, she wanted to watch it go into Wendy’s small ass again. With one last deep suck, she reluctantly pulled her mouth off and wiped the drool from her chin with the back of her hand. Jasmine beamed with pride when Jeff complimented her on how well she sucked his cock. “Thank you Jeff!” exclaimed Jasmine, “let me know if you need me to suck you again.”

Jeff loved fucking his sister, as he pushed against her tight star he couldn’t believe how their new sexual relationship had blossomed to include Kylah and her mom. With a slight push, the engorged tip entered Wendy’s relaxed ass with little to no resistance. Jasmine was on one side and Kylah on the other, their faces and eyes trained on watching it happen. Deeper and deeper Jeff pushed until he had the whole length of his thick shaft in his sister’s ass.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32