Richard’s Bay Pt. 04

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The dull ache in Anna’s jaw still lingered, a constant reminder of Roger. She watched Tom approach her as her mind raced for an explanation. Even as she stared Tom in the eyes, Anna could not shake the look on Roger’s face from her mind. There was something primal in his expression and in the way he took pleasure of Anna’s mouth.

“Seriously, Anna… Who the hell is Roger?”

Anna chewed on her lip. “Well… Remember when we met and you were still in the Army? I’ve always fantasized of you in your uniform and ordering me around.”

“Ordering you around?” Tom’s expression immediately relaxed and he laughed. “I would never order you around like that, Love.”

Anna’s face darkened.

She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him onto the bed. Although she was smaller than Tom, Anna still managed to flip him onto his back and straddle his thighs. Her hands undid her fiancé’s pants as he watched, amused.

“What’s gotten into you?” Tom asked between laughs.

Roger did, darling.

Anna suddenly blushed at her thoughts. What has gotten into her? She was not like this before. Maybe Tom had been away too long this time around.

She tugged at Tom’s pants, exposing him and lifted her dress to pull her panties aside.

“Mmm… Anna, I don’t know what’s going on, bu—mmf!”

Anna held one hand clamped over his mouth while she stroked him purposefully with the other. Tom’s eyes widened and he hardened quickly in her hand. She positioned him against her entrance and pushed herself onto him.

Anna was already soaking wet.

She grabbed both his hands and pinned them over his head just as Roger had done to her the night before. Anna pressed her mouth to her fiancé’s and hungrily kissed and bit at his lips. Hands slid down his body to feel the hardness of his chest while her hips rocked back and forth. Every shove onto him caused him to stroke upon just the right spot inside her. She trembled at the sensations and increased her speed.

“Anna… I…”

She immediately pressed a hand to his mouth and kept grinding herself onto him. The lust-crazed woman was getting close and she was not going to let him ruin it for her. Anna grabbed both his hands and pressed them to her breasts, squeezing his fingers firmly around them.

His fingers relaxed the moment she let them go.

Annoyed, she pulled his hands to her rear and tried to get him to spank her, or, at the very least, dig his fingers into her fleshy backside.

Tom was too busy trying to make sense of all of this and keep from exploding too soon to understand what she was trying to get him to do to her. He caressed her rear gently and slid his hands up and down her body like he was trying to give her a sensual massage.

She used to love that.

Before Roger.

Anna ran her hands up her own body and squeezed her breasts as her hips rocked furiously. Getting closer.

Roger. She wanted to scream his name. Anna forced herself to bite on her lips, making her moans sound more like whimpers.

Tom squeezed at her hips suddenly and groaned as he throbbed inside of her. Anna could feel him explode; cum dribbled down his shaft and onto his inner thigh as his hips twitched and bucked beneath her.

Not yet! Anna rode him faster, leaning forward to adjust the angle.

She took a hard bite at his chest as she felt her orgasm building. So close now. Almost…!

Tom screamed and pulled her off him.

“What the hell, Anna?! Why did you bite me?” he roared at her.

Anna layed on the bed, staring at him in shock while catching her breath.

“That really hurt! I think you drew blood…” His voice trailed off as he half-waddled, half-hopped to the mirror to get a closer look. Tom pulled his pants up then lifted his shirt in front of the mirror to inspect the damage.

“It’s already black and purple. Damn it, Anna, didn’t you eat enough at dinner?” He looked back at her, half a smile on his face.

Anna did not appear very amused. She pulled her dress down, adjusted her bra, and went into the bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind her.

“Now what did I do?!” Tom yelled after her. “You’re the one who bit me!”


Anna stared out the window of Tom’s rental as they drove up the bouncy road leading back to the hotel. They had spent the afternoon at Killbear Park, thirty minutes away. It was a nice, scenic hike and picnic, complete with chicken salad sandwiches, mixed fruit, and a bottle of wine. The couple enjoyed each other’s presence, neither one speaking of the night before.

But it was on both their minds throughout the entire day.

Anna watched the trees zoom past while Tom droned on about work. “It turns out the client needs to amend the property contracts to include the new high-rise in Chicago. This deal just became five times bigger and I’m the company’s head rep on the deal. I mean, I’m talking about a six-figure commission once all is said and done.”

She glanced up at the sky, hoping it would rain like it did that first night. ataşehir escort bayan Anna couldn’t stop thinking about Roger.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

“So, what I’m saying is I’m going to have to go back into town tonight. Just for a couple of hours so Jerry can fax me the updated contracts and I can have them approved for the client’s signature. There are about fifty pages worth of stuff I need to go over and sign before faxing it to the client, but it won’t be more than two hours. Three, tops.”

Anna sat up in her seat and turned to Tom.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes, Love… I’m sorry, but please understand the scope of this deal. I promise I’ll be back later tonight, as soon as I’m all done. I mean… If you’re really bothered by it, you can go with me.”

Anna’s heart pulsed faster.

“Oh. No, that’s okay. I will wait in our room.”

Two to three hours alone. If the past taught her anything, it’s that two or three of Tom’s work hours could very easily turn into five or six or more.

“Call the room when you’re leaving town so I know when to expect you. I worry about you on these dirt roads.”

Tom smiled at her concern and pulled the vehicle to a stop in front of the hotel. He put the car in park and leaned over for a tender kiss. Anna seemed distracted, though Tom only assumed she was bothered by him leaving again. Sacrifices had to be made. That was the price of having such a well-paying job, he frequently told himself.

“Sure thing, Love. I’ll call you just before I hit the road. It’s about forty-five minutes from the hotel so I’ll be back in less than an hour after my call. I promise you will have my undivided attention for the rest of the week after tonight.”

Anna gave Tom the largest smile he saw on her all day.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll order a good movie or two on the hotel’s pay-per-view and turn in early. I’ll be waiting for your call.” She stepped out of the vehicle and waved as her fiancé drove off.

Hours. That was all the time in the world she had remaining with Roger.

Anna watched the car drive away until it was entirely out of sight. Then, without wasting any more time, she hurried up to her room.

She had to get ready.


Anna turned the shower on and left it to warm up while she ran out to the bedroom and pulled her clothes off. She looked at the outfits in her suitcase, trying to decide which one to wear. She had cute and sexy dresses, lingerie she’d packed to wear for Tom, and a handful of short skirts that would draw attention to her legs. Anna chewed on her lip, trying to decide, when a loud knock interrupted her decision-making process.

Did Tom return?

Anna grabbed her bathrobe and pulled it around her before going to the door.

“Who is it?” she asked cautiously without opening it.


Anna’s heart started it’s hammering in her chest. He’s too early. I’m not ready!

“You’re not supposed to be coming here,” she replied as she unlocked and opened the door.

Roger smiled but did not comment on the contradiction between her words and her actions. He glanced at her bathrobe briefly before entering and closing the door behind him.

“How did you know Tom wouldn’t be here?”

“I didn’t.” The look in Anna’s eyes amused Roger. “But it’s rather fortunate for us both that he is not.”

Anna wrinkled her nose in annoyance at his carelessness, yet the way she looked at him gave away any pretense of not wanting him around.

“I need to shower.”

“Yes, you do.”

She glared at Roger and at that ridiculous smart-ass smile he always wore on his adorable face.

“Are you trying to say I’m dirty or something?” There was a genuine note of hurt feelings in her tone. “Because the way you made that sound..”

“Go take your shower.”

Anna stopped mid-sentence and she glared at Roger.

He glared back. There was something about the way he was looking at her that kept her from finishing her sentence. There was a silent intensity to his stare. His eyes did not wander or silently undress her as other men’s eyes often did, yet there was undoubtedly something primal and sexual about the way he looked at her. Even with her robe wrapped tightly around her figure, Anna felt naked under that gaze, as though he could see into her soul and know her every thought – and fantasy. The very idea that he might know the thoughts lurking in the darkest recesses of her mind made her tremble with guilty pleasure.

Without speaking another word, Anna walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She showered quickly, taking care to rinse the day’s sweat, dust, and grime from her afternoon hike.

Roger is outside the door, waiting for me.

The thought made Anna shiver in delight and she shut the water off before pulling the curtain back.

And screaming.

“You scared me!” Anna yelled at Roger as she grabbed her towel to cover herself.

Roger was leaning against the open bathroom doorframe, still watching escort kadıköy her with that intense look and his impish smile. He stepped up to the bathtub and took one of her hands in his, then the other. He tugged them gently outward, causing her towel to drop in a puddle at her feet. Anna’s cheeks grew rosier, but she made no move to pull away or cover herself.

“You have no need to cover yourself up around me. Clothes are only an impediment to your true purpose.”

“My true purpose?” Anna wasn’t sure how to take that.

Roger reached into a pocket and fished out a small box with a hinge. He set it on the counter behind him and opened it. He spun around to face her, displaying in both outstretched hands an ornately-knotted silver pendant on a thin silver chain.

“Once upon a time, in certain past cultures, chains around the neck represented ownership. While I don’t lay any true claim to you through life in general, we do have an arrangement of sorts. While we are together, in person, you are mine. For every intent and purpose, you do belong to me. You will do as I ask, when I ask. I don’t know how much more time we will have together in the future, but I would rather take pleasure in the present than waste the time we have worrying about tomorrow.”

Roger lifted the silver pendant to show a tiny indentation in its base shaped like a keyhole. The pendant was a tiny lock pendant disguised as a uniquely knotted-silver design.

“The lock and chain represent our agreement and roles. My gift of this necklace implies I am the one to whom you belong. While we are together, I will be certain not to cause you any true pain, emotionally or otherwise, and instead guide you and care for your needs as readily as my own. By accepting and wearing this necklace, you agree to be bound to subservience, to allow yourself to be guided by my gentle touch and disciplined, as needed or required, by the same hand. The key to the lock and your subservience to me, of course, is always in your hands. Say the word and this all ends. Say ‘strawberries’ at any time and I will leave you alone for good.”

He held up the necklace as though waiting for her response.

Anna was hoping for more casual-sexy-fun-times with this man, not to be bound to him in any other sense. This necklace business seemed far more serious than she had expected. If she refused, did that mean their “fun-times” were over? She chewed on her lip, afraid to commit in any sense of the word, yet also unable to pass up the chance of spending more time in bed with him. She probably wasn’t going to have another chance all week.

“Okay. I accept.”

She turned as Roger attached the thin chain around her neck.

“Very well. You’re dry enough, come with me.”

Anna stepped out of the bathroom naked and followed behind Roger. She smiled when he turned to face her and she began to undo his pants. She cried out when he smacked her hands away.

“I didn’t ask you to do that.” Roger stepped out of the way and pointed at the bed. “Go lie down.”

Anna never knew a guy to turn down an offer to undo his pants. Her confusion soon turned into deeper confusion and more than a little fear. Attached to the four bedposts were leather straps with padded wrist and ankle cuffs. What made Anna’s heart race, however, were the various items Roger had placed in a neat and orderly line across the dresser top: a riding crop, flogger, various types of restraints, gags, a blindfold, a few phallic-shaped objects of various lengths and girths, and two vibrators.

“What…?” Her eyes betrayed her fear as she looked up at Roger.

“I said, lie down.” Roger’s eyes bore into her. She shrunk away under his intense gaze and walked to the bed, lying down as instructed.

That’s what our safe word is for. If things get out of hand, just say ‘strawberries.’

Roger proceeded to attach all four cuffs to her wrists and ankles, making certain each one was secure. Anna’s heart was pounding so much it felt as though it might tear through her chest at any moment.

The first toy Roger fetched was the blindfold. He fit this over Anna’s eyes, blinding her. Her breathing hastened. She could hear him walking around the room, gathering more items. It was hard to tell what he was doing by sound alone.

“Open your mouth.” Anna obeyed, expecting to find Roger’s cock stuffed into her throat again. Instead, a rubber ball was forced between her teeth and held in place by a strap around her face. Anna found this very exciting and more than a little erotic, reminding herself to use the safe word if it all became too much for her.

The safe word.

She was gagged. How was she supposed to say it if she needed to? Anna tried asking, but her words came out as an unintelligible moan.

Roger ignored her.

She tried again, being extra careful to sound out each word. Anna could not even understand herself. She tugged on the restraints in frustration. A panicky sensation started to fall over her. Her hands twisted and tugged and she tried to make herself understood. Her grunts bostancı escort and groans fell on deaf ears. Anna writhed about and pulled at her legs, rocked her hips about, anything to try and squirm free.

Icy, wet coldness touched her bare flesh and Anna flinched wildly, screaming into the ball gag. The piece of ice moved cruelly down her chest up to the peak of her left breast to brush against her nipple.

Anna screamed against the gag and tried to pull away. A firm hand pinned her down by her chest as the ice made small, lazy circles around her nipple. Her breathing deepened and came in shorter gasps. The ice switched nipples, teasing them each in turn. The young woman bucked and pulled against the cuffs and the hand holding her down. Her screams were being muffled and she couldn’t do anything about it.

She heard Roger fetch more ice from what sounded like a plastic container. This piece had melted a little and sent tiny rivulets of ice-cold water speeding down the sides of her body. Anna moaned again and jerked at the cold. Her nipples had hardened against the cold.

Blindfolded as she was, it felt as though her sense of touch was heightened. All she knew were the sensations of ice being rubbed across her bare skin and the sounds of her own muffled cries.

Anna screamed into the gag again as droplets of stinging heat fell across her breasts. The melted wax didn’t take long to cool, but it was still hot enough to make her body twitch violently against the restraints. Droplets of wax down her body were traded for ice again. The switch between cold and heat was driving her crazy.

Roger rubbed ice along her neck and down her sides. He ran one small piece against her inner thigh and that one made Anna tense up and tremble at the cold. Droplets of hot wax fell onto her thighs and across her stomach. Her teeth clamped down against the rubber ball.

A loud buzzing began in the background and she felt a vibrating sensation start to crawl up her leg. Her breathing quickened in anticipation. Roger’s free hand rubbed and squeezed at Anna’s breasts while dragging the vibrator’s tip of her inner thigh. She happily parted her thighs the best she could in eager excitement for the toy.

The vibrator probed along her slit and Anna trembled visibly. The tip slid back and forth, growing slick in her wetness. It pressed into her and Anna arched her back with a deep sigh before it was pulled free.

The tip buzzed against her lips, pushing just past them in slow up-and-down motions. Every time the toy brushed across her sensitive clit, her hips would jerk and she would utter a soft moan.

Hot lips wrapped around her nipple and gave it a playful bite as the toy kept working it’s magic. The slow back-and-forth motions were quickly taking their toll. Anna rocked her hips against the vibrator and started to moan louder as she felt her climax being coaxed out of her, one sweeping stroke at a time.

So close… Almost there.

The buzzing stopped and the toy pulled away.

Anna’s sudden disappointment was obvious by her groans, but perhaps he had other plans. Maybe he would use his mouth again! Anna nearly melted on the bed at the thought.

Instead, she felt him massaging her shoulders and breasts, each arm and leg. He massaged her head, especially on her scalp and her temples. Strong hands slid over her body, working their way down. She moaned and smiled against the gag when she felt him start to stroke her between her legs with his entire hand.

Her hips began to rock in rhythm with his hands. A digit or two occasionally caught her by surprise by sliding into her, but for the most part, Roger’s hand remained on the outside, stroking and teasing at her ultra-sensitive clit and the flesh surrounding it.

Once more, Anna’s climax began to build. This time, it felt like a slow throbbing that intensified when his fingertips rubbed and caressed her. It all felt dirty and sensual and Anna’s pussy was throbbing in need.

So close… Almost there.

Roger’s hand pulled away.

Anna’s scream sounded more like a sob. He hips bucked and moved against the bed, trying to give herself some form of stimulation enough to offer release. It was pointless, of course. There was nothing she could use. Anna tried squeezing her thighs together (and discovered just how wet and slick she was growing), but that did little good to alleviate her need. She tugged at the restraints and yelled against the gag.

Roger ignored her.

By now, Anna was panting heavily and testing the strength of her restraints with renewed vigor. She wanted out! She needed it. Desire clouded her thoughts. Her entire body ached for Roger’s touch. His hand began slowly massaging her body – which felt amazing, but it was not giving her the type of stimulation she craved so badly. She could feel the tingling sensation between her legs subside. She had been so close!

Anna was trembling visibly and her pussy was wet and swollen and throbbing.

Please touch me there…

There was no way she could convey that message. Her hands closed into tight fists in frustration even as Roger’s hands fondled and caressed her breasts, squeezing and rubbing gently. Anna pushed her body into his hands, desperate for more, badly needing him to touch her, use a toy on her, climb on and fuck her, anything!

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