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“Earthday,” Alex muttered as he forcefully jammed dirt around the tree he was planting. “What’s the point anymore?”

He felt saddened and frustrated, as this was the first year that he was doing the spring planting on his own. In high school he’d been part of a an energized group of friends that went out every spring and planted trees in honor of earth day. They’d done other things to help try and “green” their community, such as starting a recycling program and encouraging people to turn of their lights and not use as much electricity. Even something as simple as their “Turn Off Your Water” campaign, encouraging residents to not run water while brushing their teeth and doing the dishes, except for when necessary, had made a marked difference in the community.

When they’d left for college, obviously they’d gotten spread out and hadn’t been able to do as much… still they’d left a lasting impact on the community. Even his Dad, who used to run the water the entire time he brushed his teeth, was finally turning off the water in between wetting his brush and spitting. Those little things added up the more people did them. But he and his friends had returned home every Earth Day to plant trees, hoping that maybe that little touch on the world would help make the air cleaner and make up a little for the acres of trees that were cut down every year.

Now, at the age of 29, he was the only one who had come back this year. Everyone else had moved on, to marriage and families or busy careers… he was the only one who still cared. Who still looked to the future of the whole human race instead of just his own individual future. Maybe it was because he hadn’t found a woman to settle down with, and couldn’t even begin to think of what his dream career would be… but even if one day he found his dream career AND the woman of his dreams, he hoped that he wouldn’t forget the earth. He hoped that he would raise his children to look hundreds of years into the future, instead of the measly two or four that politicians do.

His tan hands packed the dirt around the base, and then he moved on to the next hole that he’d dug and the next slim sapling sitting with its roots wrapped beside it. Sighing he glanced up at the sky. It was going to be getting dark soon.

“Would you like some help with that?”

Alex looked up into mossy green eyes, framed by thick dark lashes, and nearly gasped. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Tall, with lush curves that somehow reminded him of rolling hills, with valleys that he immediately wanted to burrow into. Her face was a perfect oval, with naturally red lips, and those fantastic, intense eyes. Long mahogany hair curled in graceful waves about her face, and waterfalled down her back. Even though she was wearing a conservative beige “Save the Earth” hemp t-shirt and blue cotton shorts, there was almost something wild looking about her, although Alex couldn’t define it. It was almost as though the air pulsed around her. For escort sincan a moment, he was put in the mind of the Grecian goddesses’ statues that he had seen while on vacation.

“Uh, sure,” he stammered, realizing that he was staring and still hadn’t answered her question. Her lips curved up into a dazzling smile. “Thanks.”

The beauty knelt beside him, helping him pack in the dirt around the sapling once he’d placed it in its hole. He watched her from the corner of his eye, and realized that he couldn’t figure out her age. It might have been near his, but the gentle way she patted the earth around the tree’s roots was almost motherly… and sometimes she looked like she might be even younger, possibly in her early twenties.

“So, ah, I’m Alex,” he said, trying to strike up a conversation.

She smiled at him, and he felt his heart leap in his chest, which was surely an overreaction. “You may call me Rhea,” she murmured.

“Do you do this often?”


Alex was a little taken aback by her terse answer, but he felt strange working next to this gorgeous stranger in silence, so he just started babbling.

“I come out here every year. I’ve been doing it since high school. My friends and I did all sorts of things, trying to save the earth for the future, look ahead to when our children’s children’s children will be walking around, trying to make things good for them. We came out here every year. Course, funny thing, now that some of them actually have kids it’s like they’re forgetting everything that we wanted to do for them. Well, not everything, but I would’ve thought more of them would have wanted to come out with me. It just starts to feel kind of useless though, when you believe in what you’re doing, but you’re the only person doing it and everyone else has abandoned you.”

“But you still came.” Her voice was thoughtful, yet encouraging. Alex nodded, blushing, realizing that he was venting his problem to a complete stranger. He gave the soil one last pat, and looked up, ready to move on to the next tree — he still had 8 to go — when she put her hand on his.

The touch was electric, it sizzled up his arm and through his nerves, and he suddenly felt as invigorated as if he’d just woken up from the most refreshing night of sleep in his life. Energy pulsed through him, and his lips parted with shock as he practically panted for breath, the difference in his body was so stunning. His head snapped towards her, and suddenly her red pouty lips were on his, her tongue pressing into his mouth.

With any other girl, at any other time, Alex would’ve been repulsed. He had a sex drive of course, what guy didn’t, but he liked his liaisons to have emotional meaning. There was very little enjoyment for him in sex with a stranger. But he wasn’t repulsed. He didn’t stop to wonder how many other guys she’d been with, whether or not she’d been tested — he didn’t even stop to consider whether or not he needed protection.

The sweetness ankara escort of her kiss overwhelmed him; she tasted like complex wine, like cherries and blackberries, earth and smoke, cedar and chocolate. He found himself gathering her slender body into his arms and pulling her onto his lap, her arms and legs wrapping around his body and pulling him close to her. Fingers traced tingling circles on his back, making him shudder with desire as all her softest parts pressed against him.

The touch of her skin against his was like smoothest silk, and he realized with shock that they were both naked, although he was sure that neither of them had removed their clothing. Rhea pushed his shoulders down, before he had time to think, and she was straddling him, her hair creating a mahogany curtain around their faces, enclosing them into their own tiny world.

Her kisses burned a path from his neck to his nipples, and he felt his dick rising up and pulsing against the satiny expanse of her thigh. Bucking his hips, he tried to reach the apex of her legs with his body, to no avail. Soft laughter was his only answer, as her nails raked down the sides of his torso, and he groaned deep in his throat. No woman had ever had this effect on him before.

Looking up at her, it seemed as though her face had aged somehow, there was wisdom there that he hadn’t noticed before, a kind of comforting presence that made him feel safe, even though he knew he was about to have unprotected sex with a complete stranger. She was the most desirable woman in the world at that moment, and yet he felt as at home with her as he would have his own mother.

Alex raised his hands to her heavy breasts, hefting them in his hands and squeezing the soft flesh. Rhea let out a moan and arched her back, pushing them against his hands. Her thighs were splayed over his body, and he moved his hips up and down, rubbing his cock against the wetness of her womanhood. Suddenly she leaned forward, letting her breasts hang down in his face, and he lifted his head a little so that he could take the sweet rosebud of her nipple between his lips, rolling it with his teeth.

Somehow, without moving her hands from either side of her head, Rhea’s body was lined perfectly with his, and as he suckled at her breast, she began to press the head of his cock into her warmth. Alex gasped against her flesh as she began to sheathe him in her wetness; it was like slowly sinking into a bed of molten lava, the inside of her body was almost too hot to bear, and yet it was the most amazing sensation he’d ever felt in his life.

“Oh god,” he groaned, his hands closing hard on her breasts as she bottomed out, taking the whole of his dick into her self. It was almost as if every fiber of his being had focused on his groin, on the intense heat that had wrapped itself around him.

Then Rhea began to raise and lower herself on top of him, and he almost screamed with pleasure. Each thrust, each time she sheathed his dick in her, each etimesgut escort bayan movement was filled with more ecstasy than he’d ever experienced during orgasm, and yet he wasn’t cumming yet. Rhea rocked back onto her heels, bringing him to a 90 degree angle, and she began to bounce and grind on top of him, her breasts and hair moving with her gyrations. Panting, Alex put his hands on her hips, trying desperately to keep up with her. Her red lips parted as she moaned, and he moaned in unison, feeling as though the head of his dick was so far inside her that it was forcing the moans out of her mouth.

His bucking beneath her became more wild as the overwhelming ecstasy began building even higher, spiraling around him as he became a mindless quivering mass of pleasure. Even when his eyes were closed, they burned with the image of her ivory skin, her flowing hair, as though he could see her superimposed on the back of his eyelids. Her breasts bounced enticingly, but he couldn’t move his hands from the hard grip they had on her hips, he didn’t have the mental capacity at the moment to even consider such a move.

“Yes,” her musical voice seethed through her teeth as she ground down on him mercilessly, his hips jerking beneath her as the cum in his balls started to boil. “Cum for me,” she encouraged throatily, the sexiness of her voice caressing his ears, the way her fingers caressed his chest and nipples. “Cum for me.”

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH-” Alex let out a wordless cry, half despairing half triumphant as reached the top of the mountain of pleasure, and fell over the precipice. The wind rushed in his ears as his body spurted, the release of fluid shooting into her womb, relieving his muscles of their sprung tension.

“Ahhhh…” Rhea echoed, a sigh of gratified pleasure, her own climax much quieter than Alex’s. She stroked down the center of his chest with one finger, making his sensitized body jerk, and he whimpered with after shocks of orgasm, the overwhelming pleasure making his body almost too sensitive to touch.

He gasped as she pulled herself off of him, his eyes taking a moment to focus. It was night, he realized, the stars were shining over them and… and the sapling were all planted. They were all planted, and no longer saplings.

Alex sat up, looking amazed at the grove of trees he was now lying in. When he looked back to where Rhea had been standing, she was gone. If it wasn’t for the fully grown trees, and the pile of his clothes folded neatly next to him, he would have sworn he’d been dreaming.

When he to his car and turned on the radio, all of the stations were bubbling with news and callers, about the miraculous growth of plants that was happening. On his way home he saw multitudes of flowers in bloom, trees that he was sure hadn’t been there before towering over roadways, lush grasses hugging buildings. Over the next few months he saw people trying to cut back at the greenery, trying to fight the plants that seemed to be fighting back… it was almost as though Mother Earth was pregnant with life, and was slowly re-covering the surface of the earth with her offspring of forests and beautiful nature. In time, humanity would adjust, and learn to live with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32