Revenge Sex

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Kaylee stood frozen in the bedroom door. Her arms were rigid at her side; her fists were clenched as she watched her sister dive off of Kaylee’s fiancé’s rapidly deflating cock. He laid there, too shocked to move, while her sister tried to hide beneath the sheets.

“Kaylee…” Emily stuttered.

“Don’t say a word…not a fucking word! Just get your whore butt out of my bedroom. And you, mister ‘let’s save ourselves for the honeymoon’, can get your sorry butt the hell out of my house and out of my life!”

Emily, draped in the sheet, tried to race out of the room. Kaylee grabbed the sheet and jerked it off of her body. Emily ran for the door, her hands trying to cover her naked body. Jeff finally broke out of his stupor and slunk out of the bed. He made a grab for his pants, laying on the floor, but Kaylee grabbed her high school cheer squad trophy from her dresser and swung it at him.

“I said get the hell out of my house you bastard!”

He ran out of the room, his hands covering his crotch.

“You crazy fucking bitch, you’re fucking fired!” he shouted.

Kaylee chased him down the hall and out the front door, He ran to his car as the neighbors hooted and pointed at him. He was only in the relative safety of his car for a moment before he realized that his keys were in his pants pocket. He stepped back out of the car, trying to stay hidden behind the door.

“Kaylee, I need my keys!” he implored in a panicked and humiliated voice.

“Get the hell out of my sight!”

Kaylee threw the keys at him, making sure that they landed away from the car. Jeff scurried out and grabbed the keys to the accompaniment of cat calls from the quickly growing crowd. With the keys finally in his hand, he dove back into the car and he and Emily drove off, followed by boos from the assembled neighbors laughing, shouting and flashing Kaylee a thumbs up.

She watched them speed off, the life that she had been trying to build falling to pieces in front of her. She turned and walked slowly back into her house, knowing that her life had changed forever. She let the trophy drop from her fingers, oblivious to the sound as it shattered on the floor. The rage turned to sobs as she collapsed onto the sofa. Waves of pain racked her body as she thought back over the past years.

She and Jeff had been high school sweet hearts. He had been the star running back on the football team and she was the captain of the cheer squad. They had been the homecoming king and queen. Everyone had expected that they would get married, but Kaylee hadn’t been ready. She wanted something more than her life in this backwater southern town. She was thrilled when she was accepted at Alabama, eager to see what lay beyond the city limits. Jeff had tried to discourage her and finally broke up with her when she chose to go away to college.

Kaylee had loved her time at college. The open flow of people and ideas excited her. She became intrigued by scope of the world that lay outside of her home town. There had been a few different guys in those years. Kaylee had enjoyed the passion and pleasure that each affair had brought her. It was only on her vacations at home when she felt the guilt of her strict upbringing. After graduation she had planned to find a job in the city, but had to move home when first her father and then her mother became ill. In less than a year they both died, leaving Kaylee with an ache in her heart and a house that anchored her to the community. At nights she still dreamed of traveling the world, meeting exotic people, but each morning she woke up to reality. As much as she longed for adventure, the community demanded conformity. She resigned herself to her life and had convinced herself that she would be happy with it. She had gotten back together with Jeff a few months after she came home. They were engaged in less than a year. Jeff had worked his way up to assistant manager at the local Winn Dixie and she was a cashier. Their wedding was only five weeks away. Everyone in town thought that they were the fairy tale couple.

She lay sobbing for over an hour until the phone intruded on her sorrow.

“Kaylee its Helen, what’s going on?”

Helen was going on her fourth husband and was Kaylee’s best friend.

Oh Helen, I can’t believe it, my life is over.”

“What’s going on honey? Jeff just called and said that you’d been fired.”

“Jeff’s been cheating on me. I don’t know how long it’s been going on, but I found out today and we’re finished.”

“Are you sure Honey? You know how rumors are in this town.”

“I’m dead sure. I just walked in and caught him and Emily together in my bed doing the nasty. Gawd Helen, I’m so confused. What should I do?”

“You didn’t shoot them?”

“No. I just chased them out of the house… naked. I really didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Oow I wish I’d been there…with my camera! Did the neighbors see anything?”

“Oh yeah! There was less to see than I had expected there adana escort to be, but it was all hanging out for the world to see. The neighbors were all yelling and pointing. Old Mister Richardson, from across the road, heard the screaming and ran out with his shotgun. He was standing there laughing his butt off. He pointed at the shotgun and then at Jeff like he’d shoot him if I wanted him to. I just stood there waving my hands and yelling no! Geez Helen, I can’t stand the thought of everybody in town knowing what happened. What am I going to do?”

“Well don’t worry Honey; I’ll make sure that all the girls know what really happened. Nobody is going to think bad of you. By the end of the weekend Mr. Murphy will have to rehire you or he won’t have a cashier in the store. In the meanwhile, if it were me, I’d head on down to the beach. Think of it as a paid vacation, they’ll have to pay you for the days you miss after Jeff fired you or you’ll be able to sue their asses. When Mr. Murphy finds out what happened, he’ll settle real fast. In the mean time, throw your bikini and a sexy sundress in your bag and head for Florida. Go get some sun, have some drinks and find some stud for a round of revenge sex. Trust me it’s great. That’s how I met number three.”

“Oh Helen you know I don’t have the nerve to do something like that. Sometimes I wish that I was less inhibited like you, but the beach does sound nice. Really, any place where nobody knows me would be nice right now. Thanks Helen, you always know how to cheer me up.”

Kaylee grabbed a cloth beach bag and began packing. A couple bras and some panties went in first. She grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top, and then reached for her bathing suit. She looked at the flower-print one piece that she normally wore under her cut-offs when they swam down at the river. Shaking her head she put it back in the drawer. Instead she picked up the tiny black bikini from the back of the drawer. She had bought it last year. She had tried it on a few times and loved the sexy feeling she got looking at herself in it, but Jeff would have thought it was much too revealing. Feeling a bit guilty she had told herself that she would wear it on their honeymoon and had kept it hidden in the back of her drawer. Steeling her resolve Kaylee tossed the bikini into her bag. She followed it with a mesh cover-up and a short, powder blue tube top sun dress. Convinced that she had all that she needed for the weekend, she quickly showered. She didn’t want to give herself time to back out of the weekend, so she dressed with the same sense of urgency. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear. It was a short sleeveless dress. Almost a reddish pink with small white flowers, it hugged her waist and was low cut enough to show off her firm large breasts. She had worn it to a party last year and Jeff had complained that it made her look like a tramp. Well if Jeff didn’t like it, that made it all the more enjoyable to wear. She strapped on a pair of high heeled sandals and raced for her car. A few hours later she was sipping a rum and coke and watching the waves break on the white sand beach.

“What the hell am I doing here?” she thought.

The scenery was great. The weather was perfect and her drink tasted fantastic. The problem was that she didn’t know anyone. She just sat there alone, drinking and thinking about the bastard and her sister.

“Here you go miss, compliments of those guys at the table.”

“Oh…ah, thanks.” She pushed her empty glass to the bartender and looked half heartedly at the new one. She looked over at the table that the bartender had pointed at. There were three guys sitting there, all wearing shorts and matching frat tee shirts. They smiled and lifted their glasses. They were a bit young, but not bad looking. Kaylee thought about Helen’s idea of revenge sex. She had enjoyed the sex she had at college. Once she came home and she and Jeff were back together it had stopped. Jeff thought she was still a virgin and had told her they would wait. She felt frustrated, but had kept her mouth shut and spent her nights letting her vibrator satisfy her needs. Maybe a night in bed with one of these guys would get the image of Jeff and Emily out of her head. She looked at the small chip of diamond in the ring on her finger. “Screw the bastard!” She thought, pulled the ring off and threw it into her purse.

“Kaylee this is really stupid, but what the heck.” She thought to herself, not really convinced. She smiled sheepishly back at them and drained half of her drink.

“Oooh my head.”

Kaylee could barely think. Her head was throbbing and colors swirled in front of her closed eyes. Her mouth tasted like it was full of cotton, very dirty cotton. She started to groan but quickly stopped; the noise hurt her head too much.

“Where am I? What did I do last night?”

She remembered the three guys. They had invited her over to their table and bought her drinks, lots of drinks. Now she was in a strange bed in a strange room.

“Oh adıyaman escort crap! What did I do?”

She cracked an eye open. The room was dark and the bed was empty except for her. She was wearing a large tee shirt and panties. On the side table sat a large glass of water and a bottle of aspirin. She moaned again as she crawled out from under the covers and reached for the glass. A couple of aspirins and the glass of water later she sat on the edge of the bed. She could see the bathroom just a few feet away, but wasn’t sure that she could stop the spinning long enough to walk that far.

“Do you need a little help?”

There was a lady standing, outlined by the sunlight coming through the open bedroom door. Kaylee mumbled incoherently and put her hand up to block the painful light. The lady hurriedly closed the door. She helped Kaylee up and supported her as she stumbled to the bathroom.

“That’s a girl. You’ll feel better with your teeth brushed and a nice hot shower. Here have another glass of water.”

She helped Kaylee pull off her clothes and steered her into the shower. The water felt heavenly. Kaylee finally decided that she might not die. The throbbing in her head was down to a dull ache and she could stand without leaning against the wall. She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

“Here you go love.”

The lady wrapped a huge, soft towel around Kaylee and began rubbing her dry. Kaylee moaned, this time with pleasure as the lady’s rubbing hands drew the ache out of her muscles.

“By the way, my name is Lauren. My husband Max and I decided that you needed a little help last night. You’re in our condo. Max should have breakfast almost ready.”

“Oh Gawd, I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Well I’d say that five or six rum and cokes, a few beers and four shots of tequila might have had a bit to do with it.”

Kaylee suddenly realized that she was standing there naked, talking to a woman that she hadn’t really even met. She hugged the towel protectively around her.

“Where are my clothes?”

“They’re being washed. Those boys were having fun splashing beer on you so your dress got transparent. You were pretty wet by the time we got you out of there.”

Kaylee looked at Lauren. She was definitely middle aged, but certainly didn’t look old. She was beautiful. Long, tan, athletic legs, accentuated by her high heeled sandals. Lusciously curved hips that tapered in to a trim waist and then flared again into a pair of large firm breasts. Her soft full lips were curled up in a constant smile that matched the twinkle in her warm hazel eyes. Sun-like blonde curls and a very short, ivory colored three quarter sleeved satin kimono left Kaylee imagining that she was a goddess.

“Normally Max and I don’t wear clothes in the house, but if you’d be more comfortable, I’ll get you a robe.”

“Thank you. That would be nice.”

Kaylee blushed at the thought. She would never walk from her bedroom to the bath, even if she were the only person in the house, without her robe on. The idea of being naked in front of other people shocked her, mainly because she found herself getting excited by the idea. Lauren helped her slip into a robe like the one she was wearing only red. She handed Kaylee her shoes and led her out into the dining room.

“Max honey, we’ve got company. Go put a robe on.”

Max finished pouring a cup of coffee and set the pot on the table. If Kaylee thought that Lauren was a goddess, Max was her natural mate. About six feet tall, he had a strong athletic body, sleek and panther-like with a mane of blonde hair just beginning to silver at the temples. His eyes were steel blue and full of mirth. He was dressed only in a small apron. Kaylee started to regret her decision while she watched his cute, tight buns disappear into the bedroom. She wondered if the part that the apron was hiding was as delicious looking as the rest of him.

“Now that would be some sweet revenge.” She thought. “Okay Kaylee, get your dirty mind off of him. He’s married, even if they do run around naked.”

Kaylee tried to mentally scold herself, thinking what the ladies at the church would say if they could read her mind, but a second thought, warm and sexy rose up from between her legs to counter it. She and Lauren sat at the table and sipped their coffee until Max returned. He dished up eggs, bacon and hash-browns that Kaylee eagerly dug into. Her mind ran over and over the disjointed snippets that she half remembered from the night before.

“Oh Gawd!” she blushed. “Did I…uh, did you carry me here?”

“Don’t worry, you’re quite light, it wasn’t a problem at all. I enjoyed it.”

“But did I bite your neck…and grab your…ahh…your pants?”

“You grabbed more that his pants dear, but don’t worry. Like he said, he enjoyed it.”

Kaylee turned as red as her robe.

“Did I do anything else?”

“Not really. You just grabbed his balls afyon escort and yelled that you wanted him to fuck the hell out of you. After that you threw up and then passed out. All and all not too bad a night. I’m guessing there’s a story behind this? Maybe something with an Ex in it?”

Kaylee told them her tale. The food and coffee slowly washed the poisons from her. Max and Lauren were supportive and easy to get to know. By the end of breakfast she felt like she had grown up with them.

“Why don’t you girls get some sun while I finish cleaning up here?”

Lauren led her out onto the patio. Kaylee saw that they were on the top floor of the building, with a beautiful view of the ocean. Kaylee stared when Lauren slipped off her robe and sat on one of the lounge chairs. She pointed at the chair next to her.

“Come on, you can’t get any sun all covered up like that. Lie down and I’ll put some lotion on you.”

Kaylee felt awkward, but Lauren made it seem so natural. She dropped her robe and stretched out on the lounge. Soon Lauren’s hands were massaging warm lotion into her calves. The warm sun and even warmer hands made her feel like she was glowing. She tried to ignore the growing heat coming from between her legs. She couldn’t believe how excited she was getting. As Lauren reached the top of her thigh the back of her fingers brushed lightly against her pubic hairs. Kaylee caught her breath. Without thinking she had spread her legs and pushed herself further against Lauren’s hand. Lauren seemed not to notice and continued to work her way across her firm, rounded ass and up her back.

“Feeling better?”

“That was heavenly!” Kaylee cooed.

“Okay then, roll over and we’ll get the front.”

Kaylee was soon lying on her back, eyes closed; purring while Lauren’s talented hands worked their way down her shoulders and arms. She felt a dribble of lotion on each of her breasts. Lauren’s hand soon followed, spreading the warm liquid onto her luscious globes. She felt her heart speed up when Lauren’s fingers reached her nipples. Without even opening her eyes she knew that they were erect. She blushed as she realized that she was moaning softly and gently wiggling her hips in time with Lauren’s massage. Kaylee was both relieved and disappointed when Lauren didn’t seem to notice and continued on to her stomach. Soon she had finished Kaylee’s hips and was working her way down her long graceful legs.

“Thank you. That was lovely.” Kaylee heard her snap the lotion bottle closed.

“You’re welcome. I wouldn’t want you to get burned in this hot weather. Now let’s see about taking care of your other heat problem.”

“What other heat…Oooh!”

Kaylee jumped when Lauren’s fingers squeezed her still rock hard nipples. She couldn’t believe how quickly the touch inflamed her. She wanted to act shocked, to tell Lauren to stop, but her body kept screaming for more.

“Gawd Lauren that feels wonderful!”

Lauren’s lips replaced the fingers on her nipple driving up the flames glowing in her core. The unemployed hand glided down her stomach and began to gently stroke her smoldering mound. Kaylee gasped and pushed herself into Lauren’s hand. She couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was. She hadn’t even been this turned on by any of the guys that she had slept with.

“Oh Gawd it can’t get any better than this!” She thought.

Lauren slid her juice slicked fingers into her. Kaylee’s body trembled as Lauren’s fingers pumped into her boiling tunnel.

Oh Gawd Lauren!… Yes!… Yes! …Oh Gawd Yes!”

Lauren knew it would only take a little more to bring Kaylee to a boil. Without breaking the rhythm of her pumping hand, she knelt down and sucked Kaylee’s bud into her lips. Her tongue flicked rapidly around the blood filled head. Kaylee screamed. Her hips arched up while her hands pushed Lauren’s head into her. The first orgasmic wave flowed over her body. Hot swirls of pleasure shot from her throbbing clit, raced up through her sizzling nipples and exploded like multi-colored skyrockets behind her eyes. As each wave hit her, Lauren would push her hand deep into Kaylee’s oozing pussy. When the wave passed, she would start pumping and licking again until a new wave would break. Five times the waves swept though Kaylee’s burning body. Finally she lay, exhausted, gasping for breath. She could smell the musky scent of her cum on Lauren’s fingers as they brushed the sweat soaked hair away from her eyes.

“Oh Lauren that was amazing! I’ve never felt anything like that before. I never knew that I could get that excited, and with a woman!”

“Well you’re pretty exciting too!”

Kaylee looked down and could see the wetness dripping down Lauren’s legs. She followed Lauren’s gaze and was shocked to see Max sitting on the lounge next to them. He was sipping a Bloody Mary and had a huge grin on his face. He also had a pleasantly large erection; nearly twice what she had seen on Jeff. Kaylee’s embarrassment was quickly replaced with lust as she looked at him.

“I certainly enjoyed the show.” He chuckled.

“I can go inside if you two would like to be alone.” Kaylee said hesitantly.

Lauren smiled at the look of lustful excitement on Kaylee’s face. She walked over, took the drink from Max, and started to lead him towards the door.

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