Revenge (Parallel Universe) Day 03

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Day 3 — Sunday

Los Angeles, California 2012 — But not our universe

Fortunately for Ray, Tommy Malone had been too surprised to protest much when he’d walked in on Ray fucking his wife in the butt. The huge linebacker had been a little pissed off with Ray of course, but she’d been alone at the time so technically Ray had done nothing wrong and Tommy had no cause for complaint.

Jill, Tommy’s wife had also gone to school with Ray, Nick, Tommy and Christine and had in fact been on the cheerleading team with Christine. That was probably why Ray had recognised her and assumed she was Christine. He was actually a little annoyed that Jill hadn’t recognised him, as she’d once given him a handjob during maths class back in their senior year of high school. But then again, Ray had thought she was Christine so he could hardly hold a grudge.

Ray was pretty sure that Tommy and Jill wouldn’t think there was anything strange about his arrival and tip off Nick about the incident. He’d even managed to get Nick and Christine’s correct address from Tommy under the guise of wanting to catch up with old friends. All in all, it wasn’t a complete disaster after all.

After fucking both Alice, his eighteen year old neighbour, and Jill, Ray had decided he might be pushing his stamina too far if he confronted Christine as well, so instead he’d gone straight home after leaving Tommy’s house.

That evening, his wife Melissa had even offered him anal sex, to make up for her soreness on Friday night. He tried to take her up on the offer, but just hadn’t been able to get it up. He was completely spent.


On Sunday morning, following his mistaken identity run in with Jill, Ray woke up to the delightful sensation of his wife Melissa’s talented mouth on his cock.

It seemed that his fatigue from the previous day was gone, as he was hard as a rock, and responding rather excitedly to Melissa’s warm lips sliding up and down his morning wood.

“Good morning baby,” he breathed with a grin as Melissa’s tongue swirled over the underside of his trembling erection.

“Morffphnig hohfey,” came Melissa’s muffled reply around her mouthful of cock.

Ray sighed in contentment and stared up at the ceiling as his dutiful wife sucked on his penis. He briefly wondered if he should give up on his quest for revenge and spend the day in bed screwing the gorgeous creature that was currently orally worshipping his manhood.

Then he remembered the way Melissa had been walking when she’d got back from Nick using her, and the apparent admiration she’d had for the asshole’s supposedly big cock. No, he was determined to have sex with Nick’s wife Christine. He had the right address this time and there was no stopping him!

Ray reached out and gently took hold of Melissa’s head, lifting her up off his prick. He pulled her up slightly so that he could look her in the eyes, his dick, slick with her saliva, slipping between her heavy breasts and sliding snugly into her cleavage. That didn’t help his resolve.

“Sorry sweetie, but I’ve got to head away early this morning,” he told her. He wanted to save his load for Christine today, he was determined not to get sidetracked like yesterday, no matter what was on offer. His cock did feel pretty nice lodged between Melissa’s ample jugs however.

Melissa pouted. “But it’s Sunday honey.”

“I know,” he replied apologetically. “The auditor needs to see me urgently at work.”

“We can’t leave you all hard and unattended,” sincan escort replied Melissa with a smile, she slid her smooth body against him, pressing her ample tits up against his erection. “You now how your balls get all sore when they’re not properly milked.”

Ray winced, he wished he could just fuck her right then and there, but he had to stay focussed on his mission.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll find someone on the bus to give me a blowjob or something.”

Melissa pouted again. “Aw, that’s not fair, I get you all worked up and someone else gets to drink the cream.”

Ray grinned. He really was lucky to have such a loving wife. “I promise I’ll save you some for tonight.”

“You’d better!” Melissa relented, rolling off him and letting him get up.


According to the address that Tommy Malone had given him, Nick and Christine Cooper’s house was about an hours drive away from where Ray lived, in the much more expensive and upmarket area of the city.

Ray had just pulled to a stop for a red light when there was a loud crunching noise and his car was shunted violently forwards. Ray’s head snapped forward and smacked against the steering wheel.

“What the fuck..” he murmured as he rubbed his forehead where it had struck the wheel. Feeling slightly dazed he opened the door and clambered out of the car.

Behind him was a bright red sports car, the front of which was crumpled in slightly. Ray glanced back at his own car as saw there was very little damage, the brunt of the impact had been taken on his tow bar.

“Oh shit, I’m soooo sorry sir,” said a young woman’s voice as she got out of the sports car, a look of horror on her face.

She was blonde and looked to be in her early twenties. She was wearing a tight red mini-dress and matching high heeled shoes. She had a hot looking body, the dress clinging to her generous curves. She was definitely the perfect blonde Californian babe.

Ray swallowed. If he hadn’t been in a rush to get to Christine he would have loved to have asked her for a blowjob.

“Are you okay sir?” asked a second voice as the passenger door opened.

Ray blinked in surprise as an equally attractive busty blonde emerged. This one was wearing a black mini-dress and looked very similar to the first babe.

“Twins?” he breathed in surprise, his throat going dry.

The first girl, the driver in the red dress grinned. “Yeah, I’m Danielle and this is Devon, my sister.”

Ray licked his lips. “Are you alone?” Like any red blooded male, Ray had always wanted to sleep with twins. He’d never, ever imagined he would get a chance, especially with one’s as hot as these two. Even in a world of free sex, this was quite an opportunity.

Danielle smiled in resignation. “I knew you were going to ask that.”

“Well you did crash into his car Danielle,” cut in Devon.

“Sorry,” apologised Danielle. “We were in a hurry to get across town. If we stop for too long anywhere we tend to get sidetracked by someone.”

Devon nodded. “Yesterday we even got flagged down by a cop who wanted us to give him a double blowjob. We were about half an hour late to work as usual.”

Ray nodded, feeling a tingling in his crotch.

“Look, I really am sorry I ran into your car,” said Danielle. “It’s probably only fair we give you a threesome to say sorry.”

Ray’s eyes widened, was he really hearing this. He felt like he should pinch himself to check if he was dreaming. He chewed his lower lip and glanced ankara escort at his watch. He figured he still had plenty of time.

Devon nodded in agreement to Danielle’s suggestion and approached Ray. She put an arm around his shoulder. “We do owe you one, that’s for sure.”

Ray’s hand reached out with almost a mind of it’s own and slid around Devon’s slim waist, pulling her in against his side as Danielle approached from the other side. He felt great having a gorgeous blonde twin on each arm.

But wait! What was he thinking? Yesterday he’d been distracted by his neighbours teenage daughter and look how that had ended up. He had a job to do.

“Look girls, as much as I appreciate the offer…”

Danielle slid her warm hand across his chest as she pressed her soft curves up against his side. “Have you ever been with twins before?” she asked him.

Ray swallowed. “No,” he managed to squeak.

“I bet you’d love to have two mouths on your cock at the same time,” Devon whispered into his ear from the other side.

Ray’s hands slid down to cup and squeeze both twin’s bums simultaneously. They were firm and beautifully rounded.

“We’ll even kiss and eat each other’s pussies,” offered Danielle. “Guys always want to see us do that.”

Ray swallowed again, squeezing their asses in his palms. “I really do need to get going girls…”

“How would you like my mouth on your cock while Danielle licks your ass?” suggested Devon.

Danielle frowned at this. “Why do I get his ass?”

“You’re the one who crashed into him sis,” Devon reminded her.

Danielle shrugged. “Fair enough. So yeah, I’ll even stick my tongue up your ass while she blows you.”

Ray groaned. His mind was about ready to explode. “I can’t,” he moaned.

“Aw, come on,” urged Devon, she cupped his crotch, feeling the bulge of his erection in her palm. “It certainly feels like someone wants to come out and play.”

“You can do anything you want to us,” said Danielle. “Anything.”

“You can even tie us up and spank us,” breathed Devon, massaging Ray’s crotch as he again squeezed both their asses.

Ray shook his head. He had to focus.

“No. Look, sorry girls,” he said pushing them away. “I appreciate the offer and all, but I’ve really got an important… thing I need to do.”

The blonde twins pouted in mock disappointment. “Okay then big boy. Your call,” said Danielle as they headed back to the car, leaving him behind.

“That’s one for the record books,” he heard Devon remark.

“Maybe he’s gay?” suggested her sister as the twins climbed back into their dented sports car and sped off at high speed.

Ray shook his head in amazement as he watched them leave. “Why do I feel like I’m making the biggest mistake of my life?” he murmured allowed.

“Twins…” he muttered, shaking his head as he climbed back into his car and continued on his way.


Sure enough, Nick Cooper’s house was impressive. In fact it was more like a mansion than a house, set on a large section with several majestic looking trees and an entrance that was framed by two rather grand pillars.

“The bastard is definitely rich,” Ray grumbled as he stepped up to the front door and knocked. He hated the bully more than ever.

Ray was determined not to make the same mistake as yesterday, this time he would be careful to confirm Christine’s identity before fucking her up the ass.

To his surprise it wasn’t Christine or even Nick that answered.

“Good morning sir, etimegut escort can I help you?” asked a well groomed older man dressed in an expensive looking three piece suit.

“Um…” Ray stammered a moment in astonishment. “Is this the Coopers?”

The man briefly looked Ray up and down. “Yes, I’m the Coopers butler.”

“Oh, I see,” replied Ray. He couldn’t believe that Nick Cooper actually had a butler. The rich prick. “Is Christine home?”

“Unfortunately the Cooper’s are currently vacationing in Florida,” explained the butler.

“Shit,” swore Ray in annoyance. He’d missed his chance. “You don’t happen to have an address for them there?”

The butler frowned. “And your name is?”

“Ah.. Lee, Lee Baker,” replied Ray, using the name of another kid from their high school. For some reason he thought it might not be a good idea to use his real name. “I went to school with Nick and Christine.”

The butler nodded. “I see. Unfortunately I am unable to give out that information Mr Baker.”

“Oh, right… of course,” Ray grimaced. “Thanks anyway.”

He turned and headed back to his car in disappointment. Florida? It didn’t seem he’d be banging Christine today.

Ray swore as he started his car’s engine. He realised that he just turned down the chance to have a threesome with those hot blonde twins for no reason. Idiot!

Temporarily forgetting his problems with his revenge victim being on the other side of the country, Ray hurriedly drove off towards the scene of his earlier fender bender. Even though there was little chance that Danielle and Devon were anywhere near there, he’d kick himself if he didn’t at least take a look.

Ray cruised the streets around the area, but unsurprisingly was shit of out luck. His balls were a little sore by now, from Devon rubbing his dick through his pants and also from the build up and anticipation of his failed attempt to fuck Christine. He briefly considered driving around to look for a pretty, unaccompanied female, but decided that his beautiful wife was probably missing his attentions. After all, he’d pushed her head off his dick that very morning, not very polite.


Ray arrived home to an empty house and immediately spotted the note on the kitchen bench. At first he was filled with a sense of dread. The last time he’d arrived home to find Melissa out, she’d returned with the news that she’d had sex with Nick and football mates.

‘Dear Nick. Got a call from mom. Dad’s had a stroke so I’ve flown up to San Francisco to visit him in the hospital. Will be down there for a few days I think. Love Mel.’

“Shit!” swore Ray, rubbing his frustrated cock through his pants. He’d been all day without a blowjob or fuck now and he was starting to get twitchy.

On the plus side, with Melissa out of town he’d be able to go to Florida to get at Christine without having to make up any excuses.

Ray called the airline to book himself on a flight for tomorrow morning, and then gave Tommy Malone a call. It was surprisingly easy to convince the big linebacker to give him the address of Nick Cooper’s beach house in Miami. But Tommy wasn’t exactly the smartest guy in the world.

After making arrangements Ray went next-door and knocked on the front door. His neighbour Bill Yates answered.

“Hi Bill,” said Ray with a smile. “Is Alice home?”

Bill smiled back. “Sorry buddy. She’s gone to fuck Ted from next-door,” he explained, referring to Bill’s other neighbour. “Ted said not to expect her home ’til late.”

Ray sighed in disappointment. Looks like he’d been beaten to his sexy teenage neighbour. Too late was the story of his life these days.

With a disappointed sigh, Ray went back home, stiff and frustrated.

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