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I hadn’t heard from Susan for almost twenty years on that Friday morning she called me at my office. We met back in the seventies while we were roommates at a drug rehabilition facility. While there we shared a brief affair. There was an immediate sexual tension between us from the time we met. Susan was a beautiful young woman, with short dark hair, brown eyes and smooth dark skin. She was twenty six and single. I was twenty nine, married to a college professor, the only man I had ever slept with. We had two children, a ten year old son and a seven year old daughter. I was an account executive with a large advertising firm, working under a lot of pressure and stress and that had led to my being hooked on tranquilizers. This was my first and only experience with another woman and it was incredible. We had entered rehab on the same day and were assigned to the same room. We began to get to know each other as the days went by. Susan told me she had never been married and really didn’t have marriage in her future plans. She had been through a pretty tough life. Susan had been abused by her stepfather starting when she was fourteen.

“I took it for two years and then when I was sixteen I ran away from home,” Susan told me. “After that I lied about my age and got a job as a dancer in a pretty grungy topless bar. That’s how I got started in the business and on drugs.”

I asked how she got here and she told me she was dealing and was also hooked on a variety of pills.

“I got busted for dealing and it was either this or go to jail.”

Everyone had a job to do besides all of the counseling we went through. Susan and I were given the task of keeping the small library in order and that’s where it all started. We had been in rehab for about two weeks when late one afternoon we were both on our knees putting books back on the bottom shelves. I reached to place a book back at the same time that she did and our hands touched. Susan grasped my hand and didn’t let go. Her eyes gazed into mine. She then took my face into her hands.

“I’ve wanted to do this from the day we met.”

Pulling my lips to hers she kissed me gently at first. Her lips felt so soft on mine as she parted my lips and pushed her tongue in touching mine.

“Have you ever made love to another woman?”

“No have you?”

“Yes, many times.”

“Are you a lesbian?”

“No, I don’t like to label myself. I like men and women, I consider myself just sexual and I want you very badly.”

We started kissing very deeply again. Susan moved her hand to my breast and squeezed gently. We kept on kissing as Susan explored by body, her hands moving from my breasts to my ass and finally massaging between my legs. It was a feeling I had never experienced before.

“Someone’s coming,” I said pulling away from her, and just as I did the door opened and Dr. Bremmer walked in.

“You ladies better get a move on or you’ll be late for dinner. “We quickly jumped up and headed for the dining hall.

Our hospital was heavily monitored so after that we stole kisses and caress whenever we could, mostly on the grounds or the library since that was the only room we knew of that wasn’t watched closely.

“I’ve got to have you soon”, Susan whispered to me one night as we talked in our beds in the darkness.

“I know”, I said.

“There’s a small pond I’ve heard about a half mile from here”, Susan told me. “We can Büyükçavuşlu Escort walk down there after dinner tomorrow night and make love, but we won’t have a lot of time.”

“Works for me,” I said.

The next night we hurriedly ate dinner and set out for the woods to the pond. There was a nice trail leading to the water and after we were out of sight of prying eyes Susan took my hand

Scared?” she asked me

“Yeah, a little.”

The area around the pond was lovely, with pine trees surrounding it, and a soft carpet of pine straw cushioning our feet. We had worn only tee shirts with no bras or panties and with the night being a little cool you could see our nipples hardening.

“I hate this but this will have to be a quickie, so lets get out of these clothes.”

I agreed and we stripped.

Susan laid me down on a blanket of pine needles and gave me a penetrating kiss. She then moved to my breasts, giving each one little licks and bites. It felt so good. And then for the first time I felt a woman’s hand on my bare pussy. I was already wet and slippery. All of a sudden her head was between my legs working her magic with her talented tongue. I came almost at once.

“Oh god that felt so good Susan.”

“You like huh?’

“Oh yes, now its my turn.”

I pulled her to my lips and kissed her, tasting my own juices on her. I started in on her breasts, circling her nipples with my tongue, trying to emulate her technique.

“My god are you sure you haven’t done this to another woman before?”

“Haven’t even come close.”

I slipped down to her cunt and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to perform oral sex with another woman, I loved it. She tasted and smelled so delicious. It was over for her very quickly for her too.

We got dressed and headed back to our room. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, except good and wanting more.

That was our only chance to go all the way as they say during our stay at rehab. I was released and headed home to my family. Susan said she was moving to Wisconsin as soon as she got out. We promised to write, which Susan did a couple of times but I never answered her letters.

All these scenes played in my head as my administrative assistant put the call through.

“Janet, this is Susan, surprised to hear from me?”

I didn’t respond for a couple of seconds.

“Good grief yes, where in the world are you?”

“I’m right here in town and I want to see you.”

Again I was quiet, feeling a little uneasy.

“Jeez Susan, I don’t know if we should.”

“Come on. Just for old times sake.”

“I’m not sure what you want, but I have a pretty good idea and I don’t think I should.”

“Come on, I just want to see you and talk, that’s all.”

Somehow I doubted this.

“Okay, but just for an hour or so, where are you staying?”

“At the Gateway Inn, room 316, can you be here about nine in the morning?”

“I’ll be there.”

“Can’t wait, see you then.” She sounded jubilant as she hung up.

My husband knew about my affair with Susan and has begged me to have a threesome with another woman, but I just haven’t had the desire to do that. I enjoy looking at beautiful women, and even like to watch two women make love on adult tapes or in the movies and find that it tends to make me wet.

I didn’t arrive home until Büyükçavuşlu Escort Bayan about seven that night. My husband Tim had already eaten and was working in his study. I looked in and asked, “Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll be grading papers in my office most of the day. Why?’

“Well if you’re going to be busy, I’m going shopping with Gwen,” hating myself for lying.

“No, no that’s fine, no problem, just bring her home with you for a threesome.” He never stopped trying.

I curled up in bed and tried to do some work on one of my accounts but couldn’t concentrate, so I put it away and tried to sleep. I had trouble falling asleep thinking about the time Susan and I had together twenty years earlier. I finally fell into a troubled sleep and had erotic dreams all night.

Saturday morning. The time was here. I got out of bed and showered and with each passing minute I began to feel more and more excited.

I went downstairs and found Tim in the kitchen.

“How about I fix you a big breakfast?” God, I never fixed a big breakfast.

“Nah, don’t bother, I’ll pick up something at Mickey D’s and eat at work.””

“Okay, I’m going to get dressed and go on. “I put on just a blouse and jeans with tennis shoes and headed out.

Driving to the hotel I felt a little tingle between my legs. “My god what am I doing” I thought to myself. I reached over and tuned to my favorite oldies station. Do that to me one more time by the Captain and Tenille was playing and I remembered that was the way I felt after the first time with Susan.

I drove in the hotel parking garage and turned off the ignition. I sat there for a little while debating whether to turn around and go back home and just forget it. “No, I do want to see her”, I told myself. I got out of the car and headed for her room.

As I approached the room once again there was that tingling in my pussy. After a slight hesitation I knocked. Susan opened the door and she was as beautiful as ever. There was one change. Her hair was no longer short, now it was much longer, coming down over her shoulders. She was still very slender. She pulled me in the door and hugged me tightly.

“I’m so glad to see you, you can’t imagine how glad”.

We entered the small room and I settled myself into a chair at the table next to the window. Susan propped herself on the bed. She was wearing a tight, very short leather skirt with a mans white dress shirt, and she made it obivious that she was not wearing panties.

We talked for a while catching up on our lives. Susan was still single, still a topless dancer and most important, free of drugs. While we talked I felt my eyes darting for a look between her legs more than once. I felt my pussy juicing up, and my breathing getting heavier.

“You know I don’t have any panties on don’t you,” Susan said.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“You’re looking at my pussy aren’t you.”


“Come get on the bed with me”.

I did as she said and slid beside her on the king size bed. She began kissing me softly. I didn’t respond at first, not until she slipped her tongue into my mouth and was circling her tongue with mine. She slowly undid my blouse and removed my bra. She was sucking, licking and biting my hardened nipples. She easily slipped out of her shirt and was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were not Escort Büyükçavuşlu big by any means, but they were beautiful with huge nipples. She pulled my lips to her chest and it was my turn to bite, chew and lick her boobs. Between Susans moaning and the sounds of my sucking, I was getting wetter.

“Take your jeans off”, she said as she pulled away from me and wriggled out of her skirt. I slid my jeans off and she lay on top of me, kissing me again. Her lips were so soft, so different from a mans. She slid her hands into my panties as she moved her mouth from one nipple to the other.

“Oh baby, your pussy is so hot and wet”.

She continued fingering my cunt with first one finger, then two and then she slipped a third one in. My hips were writhing with desire. She started kissing her way down my stomach like a cat. When she reached the waistband of my panties, she grabbed them on each side and pulled them down over my legs. She then kissed her way back up my legs, licking the insides of my thighs.

“Susan please lick my pussy now”.

“Yes baby, I’m going to take care of your sweet pussy like I’ve wanted to for the last twenty years”.

She then ran her tongue all the way down my slit, then back up. Her tongue circled around my clit. I could feel my juices flowing down my thighs.

“It’s so good, it’s so good”, Susan moaned.

“And your tongue feels so good”, I whimpered back.

She ran her tongue deep inside me. My hips were moving up and down so hard she could hardly keep her mouth on me. She then started back on my clit with her mouth and was finger fucking me with two fingers.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh god it feels so good”. I came so hard, clinching my legs around Susan’s head. It seemed like I came for hours. She sexily raised her body back up mine and kissed me, letting me taste my pussy on her mouth, face and tongue.

“You taste so good”, she said laying on top of me showering me with light kisses. I was squeezing her ass cheeks and kissing her deeply in return, our tongues rapidly intermingling.

“I want to taste your cunt now”, I whispered.

I turned Susan on her back, kissing and licking her luscious tits. I did this for a very long time and had her begging me to go on down. I did, but still taking a lot of time kissing my way to her bush.

“Please, please, fuck me now”, Susan begged, her hips humping my face. Still I didn’t rush. I lightly teased her cunt with my fingers and mouth until she was mad with desire. Finally I slipped my tongue inside her and started running it in and out of her cunt like a cock. Susan’s ass was moving like a jackhammer. Her pussy was so wet that every move my mouth made caused a wicked sounding slurpy sound. I had forgotten how special the taste and smell of a woman was. It felt, tasted and smelled wonderful.

“Put all of your fingers inside me”, Susan said in a demanding voice. I did as she wanted, letting my mouth concentrate on her clit. Her pussy was so wet that my face was sticky and covered with her love juices.

Susan kept screaming for me to do it harder and harder.

“Fuck my cunt, lick my pussy, fuck my cunt, lick my pussy

“UMMMM Susan its so sweet.

“OH baby, you’re going to make me come, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, OHHHHH.

Susan’s moans and screams almost made me come again. I lay between her legs licking her dry, and fondling her breasts for a few minutes before embracing her.

We spent the rest of the day pleasuring each other until we were both spent.

I left Susan’s room late that afternoon, promising to keep in touch. As I drove home I thought to myself that maybe a threesome with my hubby might not be such a bad idea after all.

Please give me feedback. First story by chopper.

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