Reunion Magic

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Karen took one last look in the mirror before deciding she was ready to go. Wearing her black wraparound skirt and red silk blouse, she felt as confident about her looks as she could be. It felt good to dress a little bit more daring than she could at work. She chuckled to herself imaging her co-workers’ opinions if they could see her look this way. Glancing down as she went through the hotel room towards the front door, it seemed the silk molded itself to her tits. It was quite easy to see how big and hard her nipples were. With every step the shirt bounced and swayed noticeably. The fact that she had a pretty large set of tits would not be left up for debate. Karen felt a sense of wickedness in how the silk kept rubbing her nipples. It was a bit softer than the feeling of her skirt parting and brushing against her legs when she moved.

Stopping before the door, Karen took a minute to cup her breasts through the silk. Her hands massaged her nipples until they stood straight out. Moving her hands down further, she easily slid her skirt apart and caressed her right thigh. As she moved her hand upward toward her pussy, she imagined the hand to be that of a dancing partner feeling her up on the dark dance floor. As she straightened up to put on her coat, Karen couldn’t help wondering which of her high school friends that would be. Fifteen years of separation was a long time to keep an interest. Biting her lower lip, Karen brushed away her anxiousness. Taking a deep breath, she reminded herself that she looked pretty damn good at 33. It was time to let loose for a change. She was older, but she was also better.

Arriving at the restaurant, Karen found her way to the table holding the name badges and seating assignments. While waiting to move to the front of the tables, she couldn’t resist checking the names that were on the table in front of her. So many names she could remember. There were a number of names she’d like to skip seeing tonight. Once in a while, Karen would read a name and remember the times of sex and stolen moments she’d shared with them. Glancing around, she wondered if anyone could read her thoughts. It seemed the heat was rushing through her. Surely someone would sense it.

Shrugging away her silliness, Karen picked up her nametag and pinned it on the waistband of her skirt. Just as she was about to look for her table, she was stopped by a loud wolf whistle directly behind her. Turning around slowly, Karen stood in what she hoped was a sexy pose.

“Oh my. The view from the front is definitely better than the view from behind. I don’t suppose you’d want to run down the hallway after me these days, would you?”

“Not in these heels. Maybe if I took them off you’d have a chance.” Karen said with an amused smile on her face. “In case you’ve forgotten Martin, I never could catch you.”

“Karen, it’s been a lot of years. I’ve had a long time to wish I’d have run slower.”

Martin stepped up and gave Karen the type of bear hug she’d forgotten about. She laughed as he easily picked her up off the floor. He was still 6’2″ and easily managed her 5’3″ frame. Karen quit thinking and simply enjoyed the feeling of his arms around her. It was wonderful to smell his cologne and bury her cheek against his chest.

“I’ve missed you, Karen. Where have you been?” Martin said softly into her hair.

“Where have I been? I’m not the one that moved from coast to coast. I’ve only been looking for you for the last seven years Martin. Who else do I have to pick on?”

Martin laughed at her teasing voice. Putting her back down on the floor, he took her arm and moved them both a bit further away from the crowd. He couldn’t believe they were together again.

“I’m glad you actually made it to the reunion. I really thought you wouldn’t find out about it.”

“I almost didn’t make it. You have a guardian angel on your side Karen. Any bets on who that would be?” Martin looked a little sheepish while he glanced over at Frank walking their direction.

“Did somebody already start talking about me? Isn’t it just like the old days? Anything that happens automatically gets blamed on me.”

Karen turned and looked at Frank who stood there looking not so very innocent.

“Come here you two.” Karen moved to embrace both of them. “It’s damn good to have the three musketeers back together again.”

“I don’t know why you’re so surprised Karen. All I’ve heard you complain about for the last seven years was not knowing where Martin was. I give you what you ask for and all I get is a hug. Sheesh, at least when I get you excited you hit me.”

All three of them laughed as Karen reached over and hit Frank in the arm.

“That’s more like it. At least you didn’t use your purse that time.” Frank rubbed his arm.

“So Karen, who do you want to go pick on first?”

“Martin, I’d really like to take the two of you and go get a drink.”

“The bar’s over there Karen. I’ve already been there.”

Looking around the restaurant masturbasyon porno and the bar, Karen took note of all the people crowded in together. She looked over at the mostly empty dance floor. She felt out of place looking at all of these ghosts from the past. It occurred to her that most of her yearning to attend a reunion and catch up with old friends really only centered around a handful of people. Two of them were standing right next to her.

“That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Let’s go someplace else. It won’t be any different than when we left field trips in school.” Karen took Martin’s hand in hers as she moved up to press her tits against his arm. “I have a few things I’d like to catch up on.”

“Better watch it Martin. Karen likes to get men into bed with her. No telling what she’ll do with you once you’re there.” Frank ducked out of arm’s range chuckling and very proud of his self.

“Actually Frank, I was thinking about getting into bed with both of you.”

“Is that why you stopped me all those times Karen? One of us not enough?”

“You know me so well.” Karen said as she glanced over at Martin. “You aren’t saying anything. Don’t want to or don’t know what to say?”

“Karen, don’t you want to find Patty or Tammy? Don’t you want to eat the dinner we paid for?”

“I can see them at tomorrow’s picnic. Can you look at me and at Frank and honestly tell me that what you really want to do is eat? Martin, don’t you want to cut loose? Don’t you want to see what kind of trouble we can find?”

“Queef” Martin shouted at the top of his lungs grinning at everyone who turned to look at him. “How’s that for an answer Karen?”

“I’d say it’s time for you to get some detention young man!!” Karen laughed doing her best impersonation of Mrs. Colleta. “Let’s go get some beer and head back to my room. My radio is just as good as a DJ.”

“You heard the lady, Martin. Let’s see who can make her squirm more.”

“You’re on Frank. I think between the two of us she’s in for one hell of a night.”

Coming back from the small grocery store, Karen unlocked the door and led the way into her hotel room. She quickly turned on only the smallest light and used her lighter to light the candles she’d brought with her. Shedding her coat, Karen closed her eyes and started moving to the CD Frank put on. She just smiled as she listened to Martin and Frank arguing over what to put on next. The only feelings she had were of joy and a sense of something wrong being put right. The three musketeers were finally reunited.

“Hey pretty lady, wanna dance?” Martin held his hand out to her.

As Karen placed her hand in his, Martin pulled her close for a slow dance. The music was hard rock, but Karen didn’t care. She snuggled up to Martin and pressed herself close to him. As she felt his hand brush the back of her hair, her nipples became instantly hard. She could feel her pussy start to get wet. She wondered how long it would take before they could smell her musky scent. It wouldn’t take long since she knew how strong it could be when she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Karen moved her hands to rake her nails across Martin’s back and arms.

“You never used to do that in high school Karen. I thought after the night I saw you while I was home on leave I’d never be this close to you again. Do you remember that?”

“I’ve remembered Martin. I’ve had a long time to realize I shouldn’t have put limits on that. Anything goes tonight.”

“Anything, Karen?” Martin said, leaning back to look into her eyes.

“Anything and everything Martin.” Frank said moving up behind Karen placing his hands on her hips. “That goes for you and me. Tonight is our night.”

Karen didn’t say anything as she placed her hands on Martin’s shoulders. She could feel her blouse stretched tight against her tits. It seemed like a dream as she felt Martin’s hands move her head closer so he could kiss her. She moaned into his mouth when she felt Frank press up against her back and ass. She could feel his cock move against her as he swayed behind her.

Karen stopped thinking and lost herself to the pleasure she wanted. Her hand stayed on Martin’s chest as he kissed her and started grinding against her. Her other hand moved on top of Frank’s as he began stroking the curve of her ass. She was giddy as she felt her skirt being parted and pulled up.

“My, my. Karen, you never cease to surprise me.” Frank said more to himself than anyone else. He realized that by now he shouldn’t be surprised by anything she’d do. He loved the fact that she was still a free spirit. He loved the feeling of her bare ass in his hands. He totally enjoyed watching Martin kiss her. The thought of how they’d end up was making his cock throb against his pants.

Martin broke off the kiss as he reached down and pulled Karen’s shirt off over her head before letting it fall to the floor. He groaned as he squeezed both of her tits together mature porno with his hands. Her head fell back against Frank when she felt Martin’s thumbs tease her nipples.

“Martin, I think Karen likes that. Let’s see what else she might like.”

Karen slightly pitched forward against Martin as she felt Frank’s fingers part her lips and find her clit. Her knees began to twitch from the strain of standing as her entire body became focused on what they were doing to her. She was so wet and ready when Frank teased her by running his finger just inside her pussy. She rocked her hips slightly forward trying to get more penetration.

“Ah. Ah. Ah. Martin and I have waited a long time for this. Don’t be in such a rush.”

“I think we should lay her down on the bed before she falls down.”

Karen caught her breath as they moved to step away from her. Taking a minute to steady her legs, she was more than aware of being the center of attention. Deciding to give as good as she got, she moved over closer to the candles and the mirror. At the start of the next song, Karen started dancing with her back towards them. They could see her every movement due to the reflection. Her hair was loose and long on her back as she swayed side to side. The mirror showed her tits bouncing as she mimicked the fast paced dancing from high school with her arms stretched out above her head. Her skirt was swirling loosely over her legs. Karen took hold of her skirt tie and started a strip tease rhythm while undoing the knot that barely still held. She turned to face them as she slowly moved the skirt open and away from her hips. Twirling around coming toward them, Karen threw the skirt at them before she moved to lay down on the bed. She propped herself on her elbows wearing nothing but a smile, her thigh highs, and her shoes as she watched their reactions.

Martin looked at Frank. Frank looked at Martin. At the same time, they broke into wide grins as they undressed and walked over to the foot of the bed. Martin took one of Karen’s feet in his hands and took off her shoe. He forgot everything else as he began kissing the arch of her foot while his hands massaged her heel and her ankle. He remembered how hot this had her the one time they had been sexual. His hands and his mouth worked slowly up her leg trailing heat and making her twitch unconsciously. Karen began to make louder noises of pleasure as Martin’s hands reached the outside of her pussy. She gasped as she felt him tease her briefly with two fingers moving from her clit to her ass before he inserted them completely into her pussy.

Frank quit watching and lied down beside Karen. He started kissing her as he reached down to play with her nipple with his fingers. It was already getting hard, but he felt it reach its peak under his teasing. Karen thread her hands through his hair and moved her body as close to him as she could get without moving away from Martin’s busy mouth and fingers. Frank moaned into Karen’s mouth as he felt her small hand encircle his shaft and start to pump slowly up and down. It took only a couple of strokes before his cock was completely hard and throbbing in her hand. It was easy for Frank to tell when Martin had Karen closer to orgasm since she would completely lose the rhythm she’d had going. It amused him to hear her groan with disappointment when Martin would back off without letting her cum.

“I think we have Karen squirming pretty well. Would do you think Frank?”

“I guess she’s off to a good start, but I believe we can get her to squirm even more.”

“Frank, you know it always worries me whenever you get that gleam in your eyes.” Karen said watching his face as she was beginning to calm down.

“Karen, don’t worry. You know I never make a promise I can’t keep. What’s wrong? Did it just occur to you that there isn’t anyone to come to your rescue?” Frank said with a smile.

“Well….” Karen said without knowing what else to say. She watched with curiosity as Frank got up off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

Martin moved up beside her and started kissing her. He shifted and brought his body down completely covering hers. Karen lost herself in feeling his cock pressing hard against her. She closed her eyes as she thrust her hips up against Martin in invitation. Karen’s head went back as he pressed her body down on the mattress with his hips while his mouth started sucking on one of her nipples.

Martin noticed Frank standing by the bed. It was obvious that Karen was distracted and hadn’t heard Frank come back. Frank signaled to Martin to move Karen’s arms apart and keep her busy. Martin grinned briefly as he renewed his assault on Karen’s tits while stretching her arms out to the side. It took maybe another minute before Frank brought down a robe sash placing it over Karen’s eyes. Karen started to move and protest but Martin held her still.

“Hey, just a sec…”

“Karen, we’ve been your best friends for years. You milf porno know you can trust us. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Martin and I just want to have a little fun with you.”

“Frank, I don’t trust you not to drive me crazy! Oh, now, don’t tie me up this way.” Karen said pleadingly as Frank moved to tie her hands together behind her back.

“We’ll take good care of you, Karen, won’t we Frank?”

“Uh huh.” Came the reply as Frank pushed Karen down on her back on the bed.

“I’ll remember this you guys.” Karen said simply since she knew she was beaten.

“Believe me Karen, so will we.” Martin said with a touch of awe in his voice as he looked down at her. He couldn’t help but stroke his cock as he took in the curve of her tits hanging slightly to the side and the swell of her hips as she was slightly turned to leave room for her hands. “You are so beautiful, babe.”

Frank motioned to Martin to be quiet from then on out. Martin shook his head in agreement. Frank moved down between Karen’s parted legs and started immediately licking her clit.

“Oh god. Oh that feels so good.”

As she parted her lips to gasp for air when Frank began sucking on her clit, Martin moved up beside her and guided the head of his cock to touch her lips. When she turned her head slightly his direction, Martin placed his cock into her eager mouth. He stared down at her as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his shaft and thought he’d never seen anything so erotic before. It made him hot to realize she didn’t know who was doing what. His hand brushed her hair before he grabbed the back of her head to guide it further down on his cock. He slowly fucked her mouth as he watched for signs that she had as much of him as she could take and still breathe comfortably. Her mouth was tight and wet as her tongue danced around the head and sides of his cock.

Frank looked up from Karen’s pussy long enough to smile knowing he had them both where he’d wanted them for years. He started to finger-fuck her until her hips were bucking against his hand wildly. Frank felt pleased with himself as she proved she could squirm a lot. He took one finger and slowly but easily slid it into her ass. The moan he heard from around Martin’s cock told him all he needed to know about whether or not she minded. With his free hand, Frank started stroking his cock and getting the precum all around the head. When his hand slid easily, Frank withdrew his fingers from Karen causing her to groan and buck her hips towards where he had been.

Karen was trying to slide her mouth off of Martin’s cock to beg for more just as she felt someone move above her and slide a cock inside her with one stroke. As she tried to lay flat to get full penetration, she felt someone move a pillow under her head and kneel over her chest. Just as she felt the cock go completely into her pussy she started thrusting to meet it.

“Martin? Frank? Ah, don’t stop, please. Untie me so I can stroke my clit! Oh, yeah, that’s it.” Karen trailed off as her cunt was teased and then filled again.

Martin moved slightly to the side and motioned for Frank to lean up a little. While Frank continued to fuck her pacing himself slower then faster, Martin’s fingers found Karen’s clit and began teasing her. Martin and Frank both watched in surprise as Karen started to wildly thrash up and down underneath them. She kept trying to talk but only succeeded in grunts and moans.


Frank looked up and caught Martin’s questioning stare. After seeing Frank nod in encouragement, Martin picked up his pace really fingering Karen’s clit. Frank held back on his own feelings as much as he could while feeling Karen’s cunt clamp down on him with every stroke. It turned him on further to feel Martin’s hand brushing against him with every down stroke.

“Like that Karen? Oh yeah baby, cum for us.” Martin said watching her head rolling from side to side as she kept biting her lip and meeting his fingers.

“Karen, cum for us. Show us how you let go.” Frank said picking up his pace to match her thrusts.

Karen didn’t have any idea whose cock and whose fingers were driving her crazy. All she knew was the driving need to cum. She felt wild abandon at the reality happening now. She didn’t want it to ever end, but her orgasm was going to hit full force.

“Oh, I’m close……Oh god, now, yes, that’s it…..oh fuck. Oh Fuck!” Karen screamed the last as her clit exploded against her filled pussy. She shuddered and bucked as she lost everything to the spasms that were wracking her body. It lasted several minutes leaving she her mindless and trying to breathe.

When she was lying still, Martin moved back over next to her and placed his cock back into her mouth. He had to get off. She was fucking incredible and he was going to explode. She was tired, but she went eagerly to work tonguing his cock and bobbing up and down to bring him off. The suction from her mouth had the pressure building in his balls. He looked back to see Frank start to fuck her again. She moaned around his cock as Frank’s fucking caused her to be sensitive all over again. Martin looked back at Karen’s face. He could feel her body moving under his. Martin started groaning and pumping at her mouth with harder thrusts.

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