Reunion Ch. 02

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Chris’ bulging cock twitched as he watched Selena’s sensuous naked form disappear around the corner at the end of the hall, her eyes beckoning, promising that more fun was in store.

Fumbling to get his socks off—they’d forgotten them in their haste—and tossing his sporty IWC to the side, he walked deeper into her apartment, his thick hard-on swaying about obscenely. Licking his lips to taste the juices from her pussy again, he heard the shower go on somewhere around the corner and groaned as thoughts of shoving his cock into her warm folds flooded his senses.

He couldn’t believe this was finally happening, so unexpectedly, after all these years. It felt like it was meant to be, except for the inconvenient fact that Selena had a boyfriend.

It’s not like I planned this,he thought. When he asked to meet her for dinner he really just wanted to see how she turned out, out of curiosity. He’d forgotten how much this girl—now a grown, sexy woman—attracted him.

Though he wasn’t the type to move in on someone else’s girlfriend, it eased his mind somewhat that he never met this chump, whoever he was.Whoever the guy is, He wouldn’t have any idea how long I’ve wanted Selena,Chris thought. Selena’s boyfriend couldn’t know the months he spent in their high school days agonizing over his lost opportunity to be with arguably the hottest girl in their school.

“Chris, baby, you coming? Or you finishing without me?” Selena’s voice echoed from the bathroom.

Chris peered through the steam and made out the back of Selena’s naked form as she raised her arms to shaker her straight black hair out, arching her back and sticking her perfect, round ass toward him. Her skin was so smooth, the dimples above her ass cheeks so inviting.

Chris walked into the room, which was now getting steamy and smelling faintly of lavender from the candles she’d lit. Then, suddenly, she was down on her knees, sincan escort propped by a soft pink bath mat as she started kissing up his thigh and gently licking the bottom of his balls.

“Mmmm … Oh Selena you’re so fucking hot,” he kept mumbling over and over. She just looked up at him, doe-eyed and innocent looking with a hint of mischief in her hazel brown eyes, and hair cascading over her shoulders. Between each glossy lock of hair he could make out the shape of her plump breasts, and the stiff brown tips of her nipples.

Selena’s tongue flicked the skin around his balls lightly and then she sucked them into her mouth, massaging them expertly with her tongue, which he had no idea could be so muscular and controlled.

“Mmmm …” it was Selena’s turn to moan. She loved slowly working a guy up with her tongue. She couldn’t wait to get the rest of his dick in her mouth. She loved giving blowjobs because it was like having a man completely at her mercy.

Selena started up his hard shaft, moving her talented tongue in a circular motion as she went. The sensation was driving Chris to the brink of insanity; by the time she made it to his tip, turning practically purple with desire, and opened her mouth, he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, pumping,needingto cum.

Selena grabbed Chris’ muscular ass, guiding his dick into the back of her throat as she sucked and swirled her tongue. It was too big to take in all at once without gagging—she first enveloped it with her lips halfway, then adjusting herself to accommodate the rest, she slowly let him push it all the way in. She heard a groan as she looked up, watching Chris’ eyes roll to the back of his head in ecstasy, with the shower water still beating down in the bathtub behind her, waiting for them to get in.

Watching him lose control and feeling his cock pump insistently into her mouth, Selena ankara escort couldn’t help but move a hand to her engorged clit; was getting so hot and her pussy was dripping with juices, anticipating the same attack from that his beautiful cock was giving her mouth at the moment.

Stopping suddenly, she pulled away, letting Chris’ dick leave her lips with a “pop,” as the throbbing member stood to attention, wet with saliva and precum and aching for release. She moved upward slowly, still facing Chris as he watched, pressing her C-cup breasts into him as she rose to stand.

Now at her full height—still much shorter than he—she looked up into his eyes and said, simply: “Fuck me.”

Chris snapped out of his trance—he grabbed Selena under her soft, tone thighs and lifted all 115 pounds of her up over his thick cock, pausing only a moment to let her feel the sensation of the tip pushing against her soaking-wet lips before impaling her, shoving it in to the hilt.

“Aaahh—” Chris cut off Selena’s shriek with a heavy kiss, his tongue diving into her mouth, exploring, as she grabbed him tightly around the neck and he fucked her senseless, like they both had only one day left to live and enjoy each other. With each stroke, he was amazed that he was finally fucking this amazing woman; it felt like she belonged to him, and the tight walls of her pussy were clenching around his cock as if they were made for it. He didn’t care in that moment if she was attached or not—it was his name she was chanting now.

“Oh Chris … oh god, oh Chris…” she alternated, until her speech became a senseless chant: “Oh god, oh god ohgodohgodoh…my….GOOOOD…”

“What’d you say? You callin my name, baby?” Chris grunted in her ear as he pounded her faster and faster.

“Yes! Yeeeeees!” Selena screamed, her whole body starting to convulse while still in his arms. Her perfectly manicured nails dug into etimegut escort his back as her legs spasmed in his strong grip.

Chris held on tightly as enjoying the sensation of her orgasm and suddenly felt a rush of hot liquid over his cock that felt AMAZING. Bewildered, he looked down as she was still cumming and realized she was ejaculating—something he’d only seen in porn movies.

“Holy shit, are squirting?” he asked in amazement. But he got no answer—Selena was in another world, still riding her orgasm with her head now thrown back. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

Chris couldn’t hold it any longer. He carried Selena into the shower, put her down on her feet, turned her around and pressed her hands against the tiles on the wall as the water from the shower ran down his muscular back.

Grapping a fist full of her hair in one hand, he reached around and grabbed a handful of tit in the other, squeezing as hard as he could as he took her from behind. He started out with long, deep hard strokes, then worked into a rhythm, pounding her relentlessly.

“I’m…going…to…cum…again….” Selena said, but before she finished it started again, and this time Chris was ready, too. Feeling the beginning of her orgasm, he let it go, releasing a huge load of cum that had been building up now for close to an hour as she teased and sucked and fucked him. He felt her muscles relax as her orgasm finished but, amazingly he kept shooting rope after rope of cum into her pussy, already slick with her own juices. With one final thrust, Chris felt more relief than he ever had before, as if he’d just emptied a gallon into Selena’s womb. Pulling out, some of it dripped down her thigh.

Turning his exhausted lover around and kissing her gently on the lips, he felt strangely unsatisfied … he wanted her again, he realized, his dick starting to harden again.And I’m going to have you again, tonight,he thought as he looked into her beautiful eyes.It’s been ten years, but I have you now … and I’m not going to let you out of my sight or stop giving you the greatest fucks of your life until you’re mine and only mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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