Replacement Maya Ch. 07

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Even after a sex-filled week with my wife Julie, our unicorn/cuckcake Amber, and Mia, I still felt my heart race as I waited for Maya’s arrival. Looking like a younger version of my ex-lover, the original Maya, she resurrected feelings in both myself and my wife. For me, it was the passion and eroticism we shared. For my wife, it was the inferiority feelings she experienced as the love of her life rejected her for a better sexual mate.

These cuckquean feelings she had are what lead us to our current situation. When Julie found out my secretary looked like the original Maya and had a serious crush on me, she encouraged me to pursue a sexual relationship. Getting a sexual thrill from hearing of our exploits, Julie worked to mold the new Maya into the perfect replacement of my old lover, getting her hair styled to match the original and changing her wardrobe from drab to sexy. Julie recreated my obsession and fostered a relationship based on sexual attraction and gratification.

Her efforts were so successful that even after a week of hedonism, the excitement of being reunited with my courtesan had my cock aching. I love my wife, but she went to great efforts to make sure I was more sexually responsive to Maya, toning down her own sexuality while cultivating Maya’s. Julie made it a rule to only have sex with me after I was sexually drained by Maya. With my wife’s pent-up arousal, she would climax before I could even start. By the time she introduced Amber into the scene, Maya had become my primary sexual outlet, and my wife and Amber were relegated to just a side fling. I had been conditioned to become sexually aroused by the thought of Maya. Just like any other infatuation, I felt that same sense of excitement as I stood in the terminal scanning the arriving passengers for her.

Even in the sea of people, I was able to easily spot Maya. Julie, as always, made sure Maya looked her best for your reunion. Scheduling an appointment at the salon, her hair and makeup looked perfect and the Hawaiian-themed dress, no doubt purchased as a gift under my name, was a blend of casual and sexy. The scooped neckline displayed her ample cleavage while the bodice hugged her waist and the hemline fell to mid-thigh. With every step, the dress danced around her hips highlighting her legs and giving glimpses of her thighs.

Maya scanned the room with the excitement of a young woman looking for her lover, I wasn’t the only one my wife conditioned. Julie spent countless hours texting Maya bolstering her confidence, and discussing her sexual performance. She planned our dates and directed my behavior to ensure Maya’s infatuation. Turning the shy inexperienced introvert into a sexy young woman dedicated to our unique relationship.

As our eyes met her face broke into a wide smile and she hurried toward me. Without a word, we embraced and shared a passionate kiss. Like a caffeine addict getting that first whiff in the morning, my heart started to race and I became lost in the feeling of her body pressing against mine. Through the thin dress, I could feel the hardness of her nipples, she was just as aroused by our reunion as I was. As our tongues probed each other’s mouths and I had to fight my carnal instincts and focus on keeping my hands from groping her ass.

“I missed you,” breathed Maya, her voice dripping with need as we broke the kiss.

“I missed you too,” I replied.

“I’ve been horny all week,” hissed Maya before kissing me again.

“So have I,” I smiled as I caressed the side of her face.

“Your wife didn’t keep you satisfied,” shot Maya as she broke free from my arms.

“We haven’t had sex since the day we arrived,” I stated. This was the truth, after my threesome with my wife and Amber on the first day, I hadn’t had intercourse with Julie. Of course, I left out the part of me fucking Amber and Mia throughout the week.

“She had you the whole week in Hawaii and had sex only once,” gasped Maya in confusion.

“She wasn’t interested,” I shrugged,” besides I had my mind on someone else,” not mentioning Mia.

“Well then we both have a lot of catching up on,” teased Maya as she took my hand.

Arriving at the rental car I opened the passenger door for Maya and was rewarded by the sight of her naked thighs as the hem of her dress slid up as she maneuvered into the seat. Closing the door I placed our bags into the trunk and retrieved Maya’s next surprise.

Maya was gitty from the excitement. She had taken a few trips with her parents as well as several family visits but this was her first adult trip.

“I have something for you,” I announced, turning to face her.

“Another gift,” smiled Maya.

“Not so much a gift,” I said, ” more like something I need you to hold onto.”

Maya gasped as I revealed my wife’s engagement ring and wedding band. “Julie doesn’t like wearing jewelry when going through airport security so she puts them in her carry-on,” I explained. “While she was in the shower I took them. After she went to the airport gaziosmanpaşa escort I told her she forgot them and I would keep them close to my heart.”

Her hand was shaking as I slid the rings onto her finger. This was Amber’s idea. As Julie was playing her wife for the next week it was only fitting that Maya got to play mine and instructed Julie to give me her rings.

“So for the next week, you are Ms. McHones,” I stated.

Maya didn’t respond and just pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

As I pulled out my phone to take a picture Maya leaned against the door and crossed her legs exposing most of her thigh. With a flirty smile, she displayed my wife’s rings next to her face. It was very provocative and I couldn’t help running my eyes over the vision of what it might have looked like if I married the original Maya. With the press of a button, the photo was sent to my wife.

I cannot wait until we get to our room,” purred Maya as her hand, now adorned with my wife’s wedding ring toyed with the hem of her dress. My eyes kept straying from the road as Maya slowly pulled the dress up her legs revealing more and more of her thighs. This continued until the dress was bunched across her lap exposing her panties and she started caressing the damp gusset. I spent more time looking at the object of my lust than the road. The finger holding my wife’s wedding ring, the physical symbol of our union, was rubbing the panties of my mistress.

At a stoplight, Maya lifted herself off the seat and making sure she had my full attention, slid her panties over her hips dropping them on the floor. Her clit was swollen and poking out of her hood as her juices flowed from her lips. Maya gave out a giggle as the car behind me honked, alerting me the light had changed.

We wasted no time getting to the honeymoon suite and I marveled at her curves as she removed her dress. Maya had the body of a centerfold, the type that looked best naked. Her large breasts were round and perfectly proportioned with just a hint of sag while her wide hips gave her an alluring figure. A body made for sex.

“Are you ready to see your gift?” purred Maya crawling onto the bed presenting her ass and the square bandage over her right cheek.

“You haven’t looked at it yet,” I inquired.

“No,” responded Maya as she looked over her shoulder. “I got it for you and thought you should be the first to see it.”

In this position, her ass was tight and I caressed her shapely rear before taking a corner of the bandage and peeling it away revealing a small heart tattoo and a banner with my name written across it. I have always had a thing for asses, which is part of the reason my wife had chosen this spot. Several weeks ago Julie got the idea of Maya getting my name tattooed and started laying the foundations during their daily texts. Julie argued it couldn’t be in an obvious place where it could be questioned and Maya agreed to get it as a thank-you for the trip.

“How does it look,” inquired Maya.

“Let me show you,” I replied, taking a photo. After sending the image to my wife I showed the picture to Maya.

“I like it,” smiled Maya. “What do you think?”

“I love it,” I replied before giving her another kiss.

My cock was hard and did the thinking as I removed my clothes. Like a dog on a leash, it was drawn towards its bitch. As I knelt behind her, Maya arched her back in preparation and after positioning the tip of my shaft we both moaned in satisfaction when I pressed the first few inches past her lips. Gripping her hips I pulled our bodies together driving my cock deep into her channel.

“Yesssss,” cried Maya as I started pumping in and out.

“It missed its playmate,” I growled as I felt her squeeze my member. Julie made sure Maya was schooled in the art of sexual pleasure. Mixing compliments with advice to improve her lovemaking skills. Skills the original Maya taught me. Now my replacement Maya was every bit the master as the original.

“It’s back where it belongs,” gasped Maya. It didn’t take long until Maya gave a final squeal as her climax raced through her body and I erupted in her.

“I so needed that,” breathed Maya. I see the little guy is still excited,” continued Maya as she felt my still-hard penis between her thighs. “I’m glad because I want more.”

Crawling back, Maya positioned me so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her face lit up in a wicked smile and her soft thighs brushed against the outside of my legs as she straddled my lap. My cock twitched as she settled down pinning it between our warm bodies. She looked so desirable as the sweat from our first tryst glistened like oil on her skin.

“Ready for round two,” purred Maya as she placed her hands on my shoulders lifting herself and placing her luscious breasts before my face as she positioned my cock at her entrance.

“Yes,” I hissed wrapping my hands around her waist and pulling her down

Maya let gölbaşı escort out a deep moan as the full length of my penis penetrated her body. The enveloping feeling of her tight channel squeezing the sensitive skin of my cock was amazing. Seated once again, my dick now fully embedded within her, her smile broadened from the shared moment of intimacy, her sultry eyes acting as windows to her passion.

“I love the feeling of your dick filling me,” breathed Maya as she wiggled her hips. The contraction of her kegel muscles caused my dick to pulse in response. It was as if our sex organs were conditioned to respond to each other. She looked so desirable as our physical connection pumped our bodies with hormones in anticipation of sex.

“I love the feeling of your cunt wrapped around my dick,” I stated pulling her to me for a passionate kiss.

Unable to hold back any longer Maya started bouncing. Her lubricated pussy slid up and down with mechanical efficiency as she let out a grunt each time her ass slapped my thighs. Maya was acting like a beast in heat. As she approached climax Maya arched her back and threw back her head as we both came and I felt my dick pumping another load of semen into her womb.

Pulling herself forward Maya rested her head on my shoulder and sighed contently. “That was amazing.”

“You’re amazing,” I responded, brushing the hair from her face.

“If I was your wife we would be doing this every day,” stated Maya.

“For this week you are my wife,” I replied standing up with her still impaled on my dick.

Maya gave off an excited giggle as she wrapped her arms and legs around my body.

“Then we will need to do this every day,” proclaimed Maya.

“Why wait until tomorrow,” I growled turning and dropping her on the bed

“You have the stamina of an athlete,” laughed Maya as she lay on her back and released her legs.

“You bring out the champion in me,” I replied.

With the level of endorphins flowing through my body dulling the ache of my balls, my cock became hard again as if attached to an eighteen-year-old. Positioning myself above her I looked down at my lover. She was showing genuine excitement at being fucked for the third time and moaned contently as the tip of my shaft pressed at her opening once again, pushing her lips apart and sliding slowly inside her body. I felt her shiver as her body stretched to accommodate its visitor.

“Yes! Yes!” screamed Maya as I pistoned in and out. Maya’s arms and legs pulling me in with every thrust.

I felt her nails digging into my back marking me as hers, something she didn’t do when I had to return to Julie. My balls tightened and my cock throbbed as they were called to ejaculate for the fifth time today and I felt the last of my sperm being expelled from my body.

This is going to be a very fun week,” breathed Maya as we lay next to each other.

“We may even get out of the room,” I teased in response.

We did get out of the room, climbing Diamond Head and relaxing on the beach. As usual, Julie made sure Maya’s wardrobe was pleasing, purchasing Maya a pair of shorts and a sports bra for the climb, and a bikini for the beach. The yoga shorts were form-fitting, giving me the incentive to remain close behind for the long climb. Maya even posed for a photo, giving a flirty smile over her shoulder. I texted a copy to my wife thanking her for the wonderful view. The black bikini with red flowers had a sports top that both showed off her breasts and supported them. While my wife and Amber could rock a string bikini Maya’s larger breasts needed the support of a full top. Similarly, the high-cut style of the bikini bottoms made her legs look longer and covered her new tattoo. Being her first bikini Julie wanted to make sure Maya felt sexy and comfortable.

Maya even wore the bikini under a Hawaiian shirt, tied in a knot, and a wrap-around skirt when we went to a luau the following night. Unlike the luau I attended with Julie and Amber we sat with three married couples who treated us like newlyweds, much to Maya’s pleasure.

When the MC asked for volunteers for a hula class and competition Maya surprised me by volunteering. An introvert by nature Maya preferred to stay in the background and I could see the nervous excitement in her eyes and knew she had something mischievous planned. After being brought onto the stage I was placed in a seat with the other ‘spouses’ while Maya was positioned in front of me with a female hula dancer as her partner/instructor. Maya didn’t look out of place standing next to the professional dancer in her knee-length green leaf skirt and Hawaiian top.

The lesson started with the dancers showing their students the proper hip movements. As the audience laughed at their attempts, Maya seemed to be almost as good as the dancer and reminded me of my wife hinting that Maya was practicing her dance moves.

After the group practice, they started going down the line keçiören escort with each guest dancing along with their instructor, with more laughs from the audience. When it was Maya’s turn the instructor did a slow sway of her hips which Maya copied perfectly to the cheer of the audience. Their dancing progressed with harder and faster moves. I was mesmerized by the site of the two women dancing for me, their hips moving at a blurring speed, Maya’s breasts giggling as her hips swayed rapidly causing her skirt to flap around as she kept pace with the dancer. It was at that point that the knot holding her wrap slipped open revealing her bikini bottom all to the cheers of the audience.

“One of the occupational hazards of dancing the hula,” proclaimed the MC to the laughter of the crowd before moving on to the next dancer. Catching her breath Maya had a playful smile as she brushed her hair back in place. After the performance, Maya was chosen as the winner for the female group and was presented with a dashboard-swaying hula dancer as a prize.

“I cannot believe I won,” squealed Maya as we made our way back to our room.

You certainly deserved it,” I replied. “When did you get so good at hula dancing?”

“When you suggested this trip I started practicing,” stated Maya with a sly smile. “I wanted to impress you.”

“You impressed everyone,” I stated. “You were amazing.”

“I was,” breathed Maya looking at the cheap plastic dancer as if it was a valuable artifact. “That was the first time I won at anything and I have you to thank.”

“It was all you Maya,” I said. “Now let’s get back to the room and celebrate.”

“Yes please,” giggled Maya as we hurried to the room.


As I felt Maya stirring I caressed her naked thigh. “Good morning,” I stated. “Sleep well?”

“Waking up next to you is always a good morning,” purred Maya as she stretched, “and after what we did last night you know I slept well.”

Turning to your sides we kissed each other. Maya’s naked breasts pressed into my chest causing my will-used penis to stir.

“Looks like someone is ready for a little morning action,” teased Maya as her hand slid down to stroke my shaft.

“It remembers the fun it had last night,” I smiled.

Well let’s see if I can give it some new memories,” breathed Maya as she dropped her head below the blanket.

I let out a low groan as I felt her hair tickle the sensitive skin around my crotch as she licked the base of my shaft and balls. I had my first blow job in high school and Julie performed oral sex while we dated in college but it was the original Maya who showed me what great oral sex was. What she was able to do with her mouth was truly amazing. When I revealed what I had learned, Julie understood why I had chosen Maya over her. Like Julie, I explained the skills to the new Maya making her every bit as good. Her tongue darted around the tip of her cock and then along my shaft as her soft lips kept a tight seal as she bobbed up and down.

Lying back I closed my eyes letting Maya work her magic, alternating between sucking my shaft and rubbing her tongue along its length. Reading my body language I didn’t need to give her verbal instruction as she worked me to an explosive climax, swallowing every last bit of cum.

“That is the way to start a day,” I stated as she climbed out from under the blankets.

“That’s how you would start every day with me,” breathed Maya as she lay on my chest. “Your wife takes you for granted.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be my wife?” I teased.

“That is fantasy play,” argued Maya. “We’re not really married.”

“Well, that is a flaw I intend to correct today,” I replied.

“What!” shouted Maya as she hopped to a sitting position on the bed. Her lovely breasts hanging before my eyes.

“What I mean is I scheduled a little surprise for you today,” I continued. “I arranged a wedding ceremony on the beach for this evening.”

“But you have a wife,” replied Maya in a confused voice.

“There’s no paperwork to renew vows,” I explained. “I simply told the hotel we wanted a Hawaiian wedding but were unable to pull it off. They were happy to help.”

In reality, it was Amber’s idea. After all, she had a beach ceremony with my wife and thought it was only fair. Since Maya was to play my wife this week Julie took the role of my secretary setting up the ceremony for me and our cuckcake.

“We’re getting married,” squealed Maya.

“In a fantasy way,” I responded.

“Not to me,” smiled Maya as she kissed me. “I don’t have a dress!” added Maya as we broke apart.

All taken care of,” I replied walking to the dresser and collecting the package my wife sent.

Just before sunset, I stood on the beach under the flowered arch dressed in the same Hawaiian shirt and shorts I wore to Julie and Amber’s ceremony watching Maya as she approached in the outfit sent by my wife. As part of the preparation, Julie scheduled a salon appointment for Maya and her hair looked like silk shining in the sun. Her eyes were enhanced with long black lashes. Rose blush covered her cheeks and her lips were a glossy red making them match the flowers clasped in her hands. As Maya stood before me with an excited smile on her face I would not help smiling back. She looked like the perfect picture of a blushing bride. A very sexy bride.

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