Rendezvous in Chicago

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I sat in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago, waiting for my online lover to arrive. We’d never met in person before, so I was nervous as Hell.

It started in a strange way. She read some of my lesbian stories on Literotica and emailed me to say how much they turned her on.

I’ll call her ‘Jan’ in this story, but that’s not her real name. She’s a married woman, and I don’t want to mess up her marriage.

Jan sent me feedback that she rubbed her pussy when reading my stories and got off that way, quite a compliment to a writer of erotica, or smut, call it what you will.

Our email messages got steamier as time went on. After telling me she was married, Jan said she had a computer upstairs in her home office, from which she searched the Internet while hubby was asleep at night. I told her how her messages got *me* aroused in return, typical conversation of people who send each other sexual email messages on the Internet.

She often sent messages saying she was home for a lunch break, not far from her office, checking for email from me and writing her replies. She’s the loan officer for a bank in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and lives close enough to go home for such activity.

Over time, the female writer of smut in New York (that’s me) and the female banker from Ohio became online lovers. The only problem, of course, is that email messages about kissing nipples, licking pussies, etc. are absolutely not like the real thing! It’s titillating, but no more than that.

One day she startled me by suggesting we meet in person, at a banking conference in Chicago that she was attending. At first I thought it was crazy, but after dreaming about being in bed with her in Chicago, I awoke with a wet cunt.

One pic from her was amazing! It showed her naked, lying on a bed, with her legs spread, and her cunt exposed. When I asked how the Hell she got that one, did anyone help her, she had responded, “Time release, my dear. I set the shot up, focused the camera, and set the timer. Did you like it?”

I liked it so much that I emailed her back that I would be in Chicago and asked about reservations, that sort of thing.

Two days later, Jan replied that she had a suite big enough for both of us, reserved in her name. bursa eskort It was supposed to be for “interviewing job candidates” : to make it seem above board to her management.

I emailed her back.

“I’ll be you’re candidate. Are you looking for someone who can eat pussy, lick your nipples, that sort of thing?”

“Just what I’m looking for,” she replied. “See you in Chicago.”

* * * * * * * * *

Since we’d exchanged pictures previously, it was easy to spot Jan when she entered the Hilton and walked up to the Registration Desk.

I got up from my seat, walked over to her, and simply said, “Welcome to Chicago!”

She turned around, saw me, and met my kiss on her cheek with her own on my lips.

“It’s marvelous to see you, at last,” she said. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Not long. I’ve been waiting here, with my suitcase, for you to check in.”

Jan proceeded to check in to the hotel and then led me to the room. We held hands on the way. I could almost taste her pussy as we approached the room!

After she unlocked the door and opened it, we embraced for the first time. I held her in my arms and she had her arms around me, with her hands right on my ass! Jan is very direct about such things, which is what I wanted.

“How does that feel?”, she asked.

“Great,” I said. “I’m so fucking hot that I want you to take off all your clothes for me!”

Suddenly the phone rang. Jan picked it up talked to someone for a few minutes. She turned to me, saying that she had to take care of business. I craved more sex but said I understood she was there on business.

“I’ll be right back,” she said. “Make yourself at home.”

I took Jan at her word, taking off my dress, bra, and panties. All I had on were shoes, stockings and garter belt. I kicked off the shoes and lay in bed, on my back, and played with my pussy. I was lost in images of sex, with a dripping wet cunt.

Then I heard Jan. She must have come back to the room without my noticing.

“You look marvelous, my dear Lesly,” she said. “Make room for me.”

I watched her put on a strip show for me, until she had on only a black garter belt and stockings . Her curly black cunt hair was framed by black stockings and bursa bayan escort black garter belt straps, an almost obscene show – just for me!

I knelt before her, kissing her soft inner thighs as she lifted one foot, then the other foot. Her lightly furred mound was inches from my face.

Inhaling, I leaned forward and slid my tongue over her mound, tasting her sweetness. She held my head in position as I ate her.

Then she got into bed with me. We embraced and kissed.

“Get on your back for me,” I said.

Rolling down my stockings, she paused to kiss my thighs, knees, and each toe.

I shivered, then kissed her as she explored my ass and tits with her tongue.

After she did that, I got on top of her, with my face on her pussy.

Jan’s mouth was on my cunt. She kissed my cunt lips and I kissed hers.

Some time later, I’m not sure when, we switched positions, and she got on top of me. “Spread wider for me, you slut,” she whispered. After I spread for her, she got her tongue all the way into my cunt and licked between my pussy lips, all the way to my clit, which was out from behind its hood and waiting for her. I couldn’t control myself and drenched her face with my pussy juices as I came!

I fell back exhausted and happy as hell: I’d been dreaming of having her eat me since our first email messages.

Finally, we lay there side-by-side and fell asleep.

In the morning she woke me by nibbling on my nipples.

“Get up,” she said. “Time to grab some breakfast at the meeting. Everybody will be there.”


“People who run the convention and everybody else, like us, have breakfast together every morning at eight thirty. There’s bullshit about how great the convention will be, plus a detailed list of speakers, that sort of thing. After that, people go to hear whatever speaker interests them.”

“What do I say if somebody asks about banking? I don’t know squat about the business.”

She handed me some pages, stapled together, and said, “Here is stuff you should know if anybody asks questions. Remember that you’re interviewing with me for a junior level job in my office. You don’t have to be a big expert.”

The first day bursa ucuz escort was a bore, and I wished we could get back to the room for some hot sex. I slipped a note to Jan, suggesting we go back to the room the room and make out. She smiled, wrote a note, and passed the note to me.

It read, “We have to wait until afternoon. But you can go to the room and masturbate until I get there.”

I wrote a note back to her. It said, “I didn’t come all this way to get myself off. I can do that at home. I’ll wait until you’re ready to go.”

At lunchtime, Jan nodded to me and stood up. We walked to the elevators and up to the room. “Get undressed,” she said.

While I took my clothes off, she did the same. She pushed me down on the bed, then knelt down to my pussy. I spread my legs for her.

It was worth the trip all the way to Chicago to see and feel her tongue on my clit! She’s a marvelous lover.

We dressed afterwards and headed towads the elevators . On the way, a tall blond woman noded to us, as if she knew Jan.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“She’s trouble, a bitch from the Chicago office. Her name is Ingrid. I don’t trust her.”

Ingrid came over to us and said, “I know you two are having a great time in your room, having sex when the rest of us are working!”

“None of your business,” Jan replied. What do you want?”

It was getting to be noisy fight, the last thing I wanted.

“I want in on the action,” Ingrid said.

Jan told her to go to hell, and started yelling at her, not a good idea at the conference, where I was trying to avoid attention.

I said, Jan, “let’s accept her proposition.”

She was surprised and angry, “Why do you want her to join us?”

“I love female action, and a threesome ought to be exciting. Let her come to the room with us. Please say ‘yes’.”

We went back to the room, and Ingrid turned out to be a very hot lady.

She ate my pussy, while I did the same to Jan. There are many ways three women can have sex together, and we explored all of them until the conference ended!

When the conference ended, I kissed Jan and said we ought to get together soon. “How about a weekend two weeks from now?” she asked. “I’ll find an excuse and come to New York, from Ohio. I’ll tell my husband it’s a business trip.”

For a moment I hesitated, then said two weeks was fine with me.

I didn’t tell her that Ingrid was coming to see me for a weekend in three weeks!

Life gets complicated at times, but the sex makes it all worthwhile!

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