Ren – Shades of Grey Ch. 13 Extended

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While I appreciate ALL of the feed back I decided to post this version as I also felt the chapter lacked something. Many thanks to the loyal readers who have followed this story for their comments.

I am currently working on a story line for Brad but it will be his story and I must warn that any appearances of Janey and Ren will be GUEST appearances only.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

James watched as Janey carefully scraped the last of her ice cream from around the plate. She had really enjoyed the ice cream he thought with a smile. He felt his mobile vibrate in his hip pocket but with a glance at his watch ignored it. They still had another quarter of an hour before they had to head back to the courthouse.

“Had enough ice cream?” James asked as Janey lowered one hand to her stomach.

“It’ll do for now. Maybe I can have more later?” She asked hopefully as she rubbed her hand over her stomach.

“Everything okay?” James asked with a nod at her hand where it still soothed her stomach.

“What? Oh! Yes, it just felt as if there was an ant crawling on my skin or something.” Janey said with a shrug. She glanced around the shop with interest.

* * * * *

Hawk moved between the cars in the car park as he made his way along the river bank, he realised he needed somewhere he could stop and get his bearings.

The brief encounter with the police officer as he had stepped outside the brick building that housed the police cells had shaken him for a few moments. The feel of the recoil from the gun was still a shock, he couldn’t remember firing at the officer. But he had heard the shot and felt the recoil against his wrist as he saw the man fall.

He had planned on going after Sky but now all he wanted was to get clear.

The thought of Jake still sitting in the cell ate at his stomach like acid and a sick feeling rose in his throat.

“None of this was Jake’s fault,” Hawk muttered to himself, “I’m the one who wanted a woman.” It had taken Hawk two days to talk him into helping him in the first place.

The sounds of a siren drew his attention and he quickly moved to one of the trees that provided shade on the outer edges of the car park. He stood beside the tree where he hoped he would blend into the shadows and not stick out like a bump on a log.

He watched in relief as the police vehicle sped along the street adjacent to the car park without turning in. Soon it was out of sight and Hawk looked around the surrounding area uneasily.

If Ren had kept a proper eye on Sky she would never have gotten away to go to the cops. His friends in the gang would never have turned against him and Jake wouldn’t be sitting in jail.

“It had been Ren who started the trouble,” Hawk thought with a frown, “he had gotten soft when he taken a liking to Sky. The bitch was to blame for everything!”

For a few moments he looked across the park beside the car park and at the shops beyond. Was she over there in one of those shops strutting around with her new boyfriend?

Were the police still looking for him?

They’d expect him to run and hide wouldn’t they? Not walk around shops in broad daylight … Maybe hiding in plain sight was the smartest thing Hawk thought as he made sure the gun was hidden in his waistband.

* * * * *

James frowned in annoyance as he felt his phone begin to vibrate once again and reached for it. He snapped it open and held it up to his ear, “Yeah, what do you want?” he demanded gruffly.

“Where are you?” Robby demanded on the other end of the phone.

“We’re at the ice cream shop, just finished two large sundaes,” James answered his brother’s’ abrupt tone.

“Get away from any windows and the door, anywhere you might be seen from the street,” Robby started.

“What the hell are you talking about?” James asked sternly.

“I just got word that Hawkings, one of the ones who abducted Janey, has escaped custody, got his hands on a gun and is planning on hunting Janey. He shot an officer on his way out of the holding cells at the police station. Get Janey to the back of the shop where she’s not easily visible from the street,” Robby warned.

“Will do, we’ll be waiting for you.” James said as he got to his feet hurriedly as he looked out the window scanning the street.

“What’s going on?” Janey asked at the intense look on her brother’s face.

“Come on, you need to come with me.” James said firmly as he took hold of her by the upper arm.

Janey froze; she had an uneasy feeling rising in her stomach at the tone of his voice. “James?”

“Janey, you need to move,” James said levelly trying not to alarm her.

“What’s going on?” Janey asked suspiciously.

Realising it was best to be honest with Janey and let her know what they may be facing he took a deep breath, “Hawkings has escaped custody. He has a gun, has shot a policeman and is looking for you.” James said as gently as possible.

He watched as every vestige of colour left his sister’s face. She got to her feet woodenly bahis şirketleri and allowed him to lead her to the back of the shop away from the windows.

The minutes ticked by with agonising slowness as they waited quietly in the dim interior of the shop. James could feel slight tremors quaking through Janey as he kept his hand on her back between her shoulder blades in silent support.

* * * * *

Hawk hurried along the sidewalk ignoring the people who brushed past him as he kept a look out for Sky or any of the others who had been with her in the courtroom that morning.

He kept hoping he would find her with the new boyfriend, rumour had it he was a cop. He’d teach the little bitch to crawl into bed with some other guy.

It was bad enough she had let Ren fuck her while he had owned her. But that bastard would claim he had given him permission to fuck his slut.

The wail of a police siren had Hawk turning to a shop window and hunching his shoulders as they sped past. He watched the reflection of the vehicle until it was out of sight before he turned and hurried across the street. Maybe he would be smarter to get out of sight for the moment.

“Damn I wish Jake was with me! Jake would know what to do!” Hawk though worriedly as he headed down towards the road sign that said “Riverside Carpark”.

* * * * *

After what seemed like an immeasurable length of time both Robby and Adam came hurrying into the shop. Robby had his mobile phone to his ear and was listening intently.

Adam hurried over to where James and Janey stood in a back corner of the shop. He went to embrace Janey but she flinched away from him with a haunted look in her eyes.

“You okay Janey Darling?” Adam asked quietly.

Janey didn’t utter a word as she moved closer to James who put an arm around her shoulders.

“What do we do now?” James asked.

Robby raised one hand for silence as he listened intently to who ever was speaking to him on the mobile, “…okay, keep me updated.” Robby said before hanging up the phone. He turned his attention to James and Janey; it wrenched his heart to see how pale she was. The only colour in her face was the blue of her eyes but there was not much of that visible as her pupils were overly dilated.

“Hey sis, how you doing?” Robby asked gently.

Janey turned her face towards him blankly but did not respond any further. Robby realised Janey was trembling and in all probability needed James support to stay on her feet.

“They think they have Hawkings cornered down near the bridge in the park. He headed the wrong way looking,” Robby said quietly as he looked around for a chair for his sister to sit on.

Grabbing an empty chair from one of the tables he sat it beside Janey and patted the seat. “Would you like to sit down Janey?” he asked quietly.

A visible tremor went through Janey and she clung to James. James gently steered her to sit on the chair and then stayed close so she could keep a hold of his arm.

Janey was aware of her heartbeat loud in her ears as she sat in the chair. All other noise seemed to be filtering through deep water barely reaching her as she sat alone in her terror. An overwhelming sense of hopelessness enveloped her sending her spiralling ever down wards. Time lost all meaning as she became lost in the surreal world of mind numbing terror.

She was dimly aware of Robby squatting in front of her and talking to her but the sounds that managed to filter through the rush of blood in her ears made no sense. When she was urged to her feet and guided towards the door of the shop a sense of impending doom had her breath catching in her throat.

As Janey stepped out onto the street a weight seemed to settle on her chest making breathing impossible. Her throat hurt and felt dry as dust as she struggled to get air to her starving lungs. She was dimly aware of her legs buckling beneath her as her vision darkened and bright specks of light floated before her eyes. The distant tangle of voices tried to filter into her brain but Janey’s mind had endured all it could handle.

The knowledge that she was where death could find her was too much; she had so much to live for… the baby… Adam … their future… Ren? Stressed beyond her ability to cope Janey’s mind took control and she slipped into unconsciousness.

* * * * *

Hawk cursed his luck as he pressed his back against the concrete bridge pillar while he tried to get out of sight of the police car that was driving along the dirt road of the riverbank park. Fearing he had been seen he pulled the handgun from his waistband and checked where the car was.

Glass shattered as the first shot hit the driver’s side rear window and the car fishtailed as it accelerated rapidly on the gravel road.

“Damn!” Hawk swore as he pressed his back against the concrete pillar once more. Hurriedly he checked where the car was, seeing it was out of sight he sprinted for the tall reeds that grew along the riverbank.

It was hot and humid in the bahis firmaları reeds as he walked through them trying to remain out of sight. There was no breeze as he crouched motionless as he heard the faint sounds of vehicles pulling to hurried stops.

He wiped his forehead on his upper arm as he gripped the gun nervously in both hands.

“Where the hell are you Jake? And why did you have to take her side over me?” Hawk muttered almost incoherently.

Jake was gone, he’d turned against him. Damn he loved him! His life had been hell until he’d met Jake and learnt to love another human being.

He only dimly remembered his father, the drunken rages and iron fists. He had disappeared from his life when he was about five. His mother had been around longer; a small fragile creature whose only pleasure in life had been her son, the image of his father.

Hawk grimaced with distaste as he pushed her from his mind.

He didn’t want to remember how needy she had been, or how she had started climbing into his bed when he had been nearly eleven. Her tears, her begging, the feelings of shame and self disgust as he grew older. He had known what had happened between them hadn’t been natural but he had been unable to stop her.

“Hawkings! We know you’re in there! Come out with your hands in the air where we can see them!” The voice was loud and tinny; it startled Hawk who fell onto his haunches on the muddy ground.

“Get fucked you bastards!” Hawk yelled back.

He could feel his heart racing and almost taste the bitter taste of fear in his mouth.

“The officer you shot will live! It’s not too late for you to give yourself up!”

“Go to hell!” Hawk yelled then began to try to back away from where the voice was coming from.

There was no way he intended to let them catch him until he had dealt with Sky. She was no better then his bitch of a mother!

“There is no escape, we have you surrounded,”

Hawk paused as he caught a glimpse of movement through the reeds. He held still and watched the same spot for several moments.

A feeling of hopelessness washed over him as he realised what he was seeing. A cop was almost hidden behind a concrete park bench.

A feeling of outrage washed over him, why were they persecuting him? That little blonde bitch had started all the trouble!

Hawk crawled backwards until there was a thick screen of reeds between him and the open ground. He tried to swallow but his throat so too dry and he laughed a nervous laugh instead.

“Where’s Sky? I want to talk to her!” Hawk yelled.

“Give yourself up and we’ll see what we can do!”

“Get her here now! Or I start shooting!” Hawk yelled angrily.

“Okay, okay! I’ll see if we can locate her!”

Out of sight at four police cars several officers were huddled in a group.

“Our officers on the bridge can see a shadow of him in the reeds, I say try for a non fatal shot so we can capture the bastard!” A Sargent wearing a bulletproof vest said.

“We need to end this without gunfire if we can,” The senior Sargent said quietly.

Static came over a hand held radio and then the buzz of voices as two different officers called in.

“He’s moving again!” The senior Sargent said tightly.

“If he gets to the river bank there’s a small boat shed he can hide in. He’d give us a hard time getting him out of there.” A constable said.

“We need to get him out,” the Sargent muttered.

“Use non lethal force if necessary, we can’t allow him to get away.” The senior Sargent said reluctantly.

“Where’s Sky? I want to talk to her!” Hawk yelled once again. There was no immediate answer from the police and Hawk jumped when he heard a slight rustle in the reeds not far from him. He felt the gun buck in his grasp and realised he had fired it once again.

Fearing he had given away his position he jumped to his feet and ran towards the riverbank.

Maybe if he jumped in the water the current would be strong enough to carry him out of sight.

Someone hit Hawk hard in the back of the shoulder and he tumbled headlong into the clearing by a small shed. He rolled onto his back bringing the gun around looking for whoever had tackled him. Something hit him solidly in his chest smashing him back against the ground.

Hawk gasped and struggled to breath, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t seem to get air into his lungs. He felt his chest with both hands and stared dumbly at the blood that covered them as he lifted them from his chest.

He heard the distant thud of footsteps and looked around dazedly, where was he?

A dark garbed form came into view, Hawk couldn’t make out the features but he knew Jake would come help him find his way out of where ever he was.

Someone was leaning heavily on his chest and Hawk coughed. People were all around and someone was yelling but it made no sense to Hawk as the sunlight started to fade and he was unable to make out who was there in the gloom.

“Jake?” Hawk murmured as darkness descended.

* kaçak bahis siteleri * * * *

Ren turned his head momentarily distracted by the scream of an ambulance siren as the vehicle sped past the small sandwich bar. He felt tense and uneasy; the un ending waiting was getting to him.

Earlier there had been the wail of police sirens and then not much later an ambulance. Was there always so much going on in this town?

“Are you going to eat or sit there looking like a thunder cloud?” ‘Tanaya asked for the fourth time.

“Are you going to keep harping at me?” Ren asked tightly.

“Just because you’re in a bad mood don’t mean you can take it out on the rest of us,” Brad warned.

“Well it’s nearly time to get back to the courthouse so he had better eat or go without.” ‘Tanaya said calmly.

Ren glanced at his watch and saw that they really needed to start walking back towards the courthouse.

“Good! There yous are!” Graeme Walsh panted as he rushed to the two tables that had been pushed together.

He took several deep breaths to try to regain his breath. “You need to come with me back to the courthouse right now!” Graeme ordered.

“Why the hurry?” ‘Tanaya asked curiously.

“Hawkings has escaped custody, grabbed a gun, shot an officer and went after the girl. There’s been shots fired and …” Graeme started to explain.

Ren lunged to his feet as his world tilted on its’ axis and threatened to topple. He grabbed Graeme by the shirtfront and slammed him against the wall of the shop. He could hear the blood rushing in his ears and his heart pounding painfully in his chest.

“Where is Sky?” Ren demanded urgently.

“I heard she’s been taken to the hospit………”

Ren released him mid sentence and thrust him from him; he turned to rush out the door.

Brad grabbed Ren around the body pinning his arms to his sides. Brad meant to prevent Ren doing anything stupid and getting himself into trouble. The police would be all over the hospital.

Ren bucked in his grasp and got one arm free to slam an elbow back into Brad’s solar plexus. Brad lost his breath in a gust but hung onto Ren determinedly; he didn’t want his best friend running headlong into trouble.

“Get off me!” Ren roared in anger as he shrugged Brad off like a twig.

“For gods sake stay here!” ‘Brad grunted but Ren was already out the door of the shop.

“Don’t be a fool!” ‘Tanaya shouted after him worriedly as she moved to Brad’s side as he tried to straighten up after the blow to the stomach.

Outside Ren sprinted for his vehicle, he fumbled with the key in the lock in his haste before he got the door open and then he was climbing into the vehicle and starting the engine without bothering with the seatbelt.

Tyres screamed as he gunned the vehicle out of the park, his mind in turmoil. An unfamiliar feeling of terror sat in his stomach and he fought to keep it under control as he sped towards the hospital.

Sky, Janey … his Blondie; whatever she wanted to call herself, she had to be all right … she had to; he couldn’t bear it if she wasn’t. He didn’t want to think the worst but fear kept the thought at the back of his mind; who knew how far the boy would go?

Ren halted the vehicle in the emergency ambulance bay, tyres screaming in protest at the rapid change of pace. He barely paused long enough to turn the engine off before tumbling from the drivers seat and heading into the emergency entrance at a run; keys still in the ignition.

“Where is she? Sky, no Janey Wilkinson…” Ren demanded of the receptionist before turning away frantically, “… I’ll find her myself!”

He raced into the emergency waiting room and glanced around looking for some sign of where Janey was. He spotted her boyfriend talking to one of the nurses and ran across the room.

“Where is she?” Ren demanded as he grabbed Adam by the shoulder and jerked him around to face him.

Adam came around fast; startled by the fact Ren was even there.

“Call hospital security! Get the police here as well! Now…!” Adam could hear Robby shouting, the rest of what he was saying lost as Ren grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him.

“Where is she? Is she alive? For Gods sake is she alive?” Ren’s voice broke on the last question and Adam realised how much the man really cared for Janey by the look of terror in his eyes.

“Call hospital security!” Robby yelled again as he grabbed Ren around the throat and lower ribs from behind, trying to restrain him.

Instinctively Ren reached back over his shoulders and grabbed whoever had a hold on him; he twisted to the side and sent his assailant flying over his head and shoulders with one violent tug.

Robby hit the floor hard on his back, knocking the air out of his lungs. Behind Renford he could see James and their father rushing to help as he tried to suck in a breath. Without thought his hands reached for the new Tazar gun he had been issued with for the duration of the trial.

He had failed Janey once by not making his colleagues take her disappearance seriously when she had first vanished. But there was no way he was going to fail her a second time; this bastard was not going to reach her to do heavens only knew what to his little sister!

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