Remote Control

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We have a lunch out planned, and meet at your place before we go. The weather is still warm enough that you’ve worn a nice, short black skirt for me, with a soft silk top. I pause at the door to admire you as you smile and slowly turn on your heels; complimenting you on your choice. But I mention that I have one addition to your outfit, if you trust me enough to wear it. You look at me questioningly, but answer “Of course”, as I pull a small box from behind my back.

“What is it?” you ask, turning the box in your hands? “Jewelry?”

“No honey, it’s something special. Go into the restroom and you’ll see. I want you to wear it while we eat.”

Still curious, you go into the bathroom and open the box, surprised at what you find. Nestled in soft velvet lies what appears to be a vibrator. You pull it out to look closer at it; sure enough, it has that slim, smooth shape to slide inside, but there are some strange, molded ridges in the rubber about three-quarters of the way up. A small finger-like projection at the base must be there to tease your clit. But where does that short wire go? And how do you turn it on? You turn back to the box, seeing a brief note in the top. It simply says to insert it normally, but make sure the wire runs outside of your panties. Wondering just what I have in mind, you decide to trust me; it’s not the first time one of us has teased the other at lunch.

Taking a small bit of lotion to moisten it, you ease your thong to one side and slowly slide it into your pussy; already wondering how you’re going to walk with this. But it glides in smoothly, surprising you as the soft finger rests against your clit just right. It rides inside you like it was custom-made, and you notice the wire runs smoothly just inside the thigh as you move your thong back to hold it in, and barely hanging down an inch. Grinning to yourself, you walk back out; your own movements causing it to shift slightly to and fro, and causing your to already moisten. I grin myself as I see you; there’s an enticing new wiggle to your walk as you try to hold it in place, and I can see the outline of your nipples rising through the blouse.

“Well?”, I ask, “Does it fit?”

You laugh as you answer, “Of course! But how do you turn it on baby?”

I only smile again, and say “All in time, my dear. kurtköy escort You’ll see…” With these words, I take your hand and lead you towards the door; telling you I’d like to walk the few blocks to a new restaurant on the beach, seeing that it’s such a lovely day.

The sun is shining brightly as we walk, and the sidewalks are crowded as everyone enjoys the nice weather. But you barely notice, constantly distracted by the feeling as you try to walk with this toy inside; your nipples are hard enough to be obvious to anyone passing by, and you know your juices are starting to seep already. Thank god you wore a thong and black skirt, because you’ll be soaked if this keeps up you think. That little finger has the most incredible way of tickling your clit as well..

You look over at me, wondering at my thoughts, but I only smile back. After a block, you’re almost able to control the feelings when suddenly you yelp slightly and jump. Did that thing just vibrate inside you? You look at me again, to see me smiling more. You gasp in surprise again; this time it DEFINITELY vibrated! You meet my eyes as you grab my arm, asking “How? How is it doing that?” You don’t even care about the strange looks we’re getting now as people pass, you’re so distracted by this… thing… deep in your pussy.

“Right here,” I answer as I pull my hand from my pocket, along with a small box. “The wire is an antenna and this is the remote. I control the speed… the time… all of it. See?” as my finger slides a switch in front of your eyes; at the same time not only does the shaft vibrate faster inside you, but that little finger starts making soft, fast circles on your clit. You moan, trying to hold it under your breath, as your hand squeezes my arm tighter; this thing is hitting you just right and getting you so hot, and you don’t even care that we’re here in front of everyone.

“God honey, please. Give me the control, let’s go home and play with this!” you manage to gasp, wanting to enjoy this new toy.

“Oh no. We’re going to lunch. You’ll just have to control yourself.” At this, I slide the switch off and start to walk again. You pause, trying to catch your breath and recover; finally turning to follow me as you wonder how much I’m going to tease you.

It’s beşiktaş escort only ten more minutes to the restaurant, but it seems like ten hours as I continue to torture you. At these odd intervals, you get the sensations…. the “finger” teasing your stiff clit… the body vibrating inside you… or both together… each one tormenting you. You can feel the juices from your pussy oozing out and down your thigh as you walk, and you keep pleading with me to stop teasing you. But I just smile and keep going; turning it off and on at random intervals. Your breathing gets harder and faster, and it’s all you can do to keep from moaning out loud as your passion builds. I know you’re going to get me back for this, but I’m loving every moment!

Finally we reach the restaurant, and are led right to a table looking over the boardwalk. You take your seat with relief, feeling like you’ve just run all the way here. I laugh softly at you, and you give me a fierce glare back, promising revenge… At just that moment the waitress comes up and asks if we want anything to drink. I order water, and just as you open your mouth, you’re surprised by the strongest throbbing yet from this thing; the waitress looking at your face in surprise as you barely ask for your own… she walks away and all you can do is sink back in your chair, not even caring that your legs are spread slightly for the people to see, your nipples poking through the silk; all you care about are the feelings as this thing throbs and pulses deep inside you, the little nub rubbing your clit in faster and faster circles… your juices are flowing freely now, soaking your thong through, and oozing down to the chair below, and I can smell that faint hint of arousal from your sweet pussy. More… more… you’re gasping slightly, trying to keep it in as you get hotter and hotter… and then… No! It stops!

You look at me in anger again, but this time for a different reason. “Why? Why stop?”, you moan, “Please quit teasing and let me cum!”

“In a moment baby. Relax and enjoy the day, look at the beach and the waves.”

Realizing you have no choice as long as I hold the controls, you try to do as I say. But it’s almost impossible, even when it isn’t running you can feel the thickness şişli escort inside you. And I continue to make it worse, every few minutes running it again… sometimes fast… sometimes slow… but each time driving you wild. You’ve completely given in to the feelings now, not even realizing where you are as you nibble absently at your food, staring into the distance… your legs are spread in your seat as you push back and forth slightly, hips moving involuntarily as the toy throbs, fingers absently teasing a nipple, or being sucked slightly into your mouth as I get you hotter and hotter. Your moans and gasps are even a little louder each time now – you don’t realize it, but you’ve gathered a small audience. A few guys, and even some of the girls on the beach have realized something is going on, and are watching closely as your arousal grows.

Finally, you think you’re about to die; you look at me pleading, begging, “Please, anything. Anything you want! Just let me cum!” Not caring who hears. Not caring that your legs are open, the skirt riding up. Not caring that your juices have soaked your thong, skirt, and the seat below. Only caring about the climax you need.

“Alright… I’ve teased enough. Are you ready baby?” I say, as I place the remote on the table in your view.

“YES! Please!”

“Then get ready.” At this my hand reaches out, and the thing goes mad within you. Not only are the vibrations pulsing and whirring within you, but there’s something new… the tip has started pistoning deep inside your tight pussy, barely moving an inch each time, but giving you the most incredible sensations. The little tickler has gone wild on your clit, feeling just like a perfect tongue as it moves faster and faster. “Yes, yes, yes!” you gasp, moaning loudly as it seems everyone stops to watch. The crowd on the beach has no illusions now, your fingers pinching and squeezing your nipples, hips pumping to meet the wonderful toy deep inside you. It finally happens – you CUM! Over and over, feeling the orgasm sweep throughout your body, shaking you to the core. Your scream of pleasure could probably be heard for miles. It seems like the thrill is never going to end, but you slowly… slowly… start to come down; the vibrations slowing seemingly in time with your own body.

You suddenly realize what’s happened, and start to blush furiously as I take your hand and bring you to your feet. But the bystanders only clap their hands furiously as I walk you out, having witnessed the most erotic show most will probably ever see.

On the walk home I hand you the remote, and see you smile as you imagine the possibilities…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32