Remodeling Day

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Construction Day

My wife and I have been married for sixteen years and have a twelve year old daughter. This spring, we decided to have our kitchen remodeled. Since the season was just starting, our neighbor Jim was between projects as a remodeling contractor after a slow winter, so it was a no-brainer to ask him to remodel our kitchen.

The project took a couple of weeks, (quicker than usual since we didn’t pull permits) and Jim worked with the two assistants he’d had for the previous year. Robbie was a 19 year old bouncer during the off-season, and Roberto was a 20 year old Immigrant of 2 years from Mexico. Both of them were hard workers who had no problem taking a rain-day afternoon off at the local bar drinking bloody Mary’s with Jim. Our project was indoors, so there were no rain-days, but there were lunch breaks.

COVID was just easing up but many people were still working from home, including my wife. She did her best to stay out of the way and work in the basement office, and managed to put up with the loud Bodrum Escort sawing and pounding.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous with my wife alone in the house with three guys all day. Jim was a good looking guy about 10 years younger than us, but I’d never had any reason to believe she’d do anything inappropriate, so put it out of my mind.

The final day of construction was on a Friday, and when I returned home from work about 6PM, everything was completed, cleaned up, and the guys were gone. My wife was very excited to show me the great job they’d done on the kitchen, which looked nothing like the old, outdated, kitchen we’d started with. She seemed unusually excited, and enthusiastic, which I chalked up to having the project completed, but I have to say there was a bit of extra physicality, holding my arm and talking close, that made me wonder what else she was so excited about. We celebrated that night watching porn videos and fucking our brains out. She was exceptionally wet with excitement. Bodrum Escort Bayan I couldn’t get enough of eating her pussy.

The next day was Saturday, and Jim called to say that he was having a party at his house. He and his wife had split up about 6 months before, so his guests were mostly our neighbors, his younger friends from his single days and of course Robbie, Roberto, and their dates.

We mingled with the neighbors and Jim’s friends and later in the evening, I happened to meet up with Robbie and Roberto at the keg while re-filling a beer. Robbie was jovial and seemed really happy to see me, however Roberto seemed friendly but a bit reserved and quiet. We talked for a while and Robbie split off to bring his girlfriend a beer.

This left me and Roberto hanging around the keg without anyone else around. Roberto acted uncomfortable and eventually said that he had something he needed to tell me. He said that the previous day, when they’d been working at our house, Jim told them Escort Bodrum it was time for them to take lunch in our basement, and that he was going to fuck my wife.

Roberto said that after they set up downstairs, they could hear footsteps going to our bedroom on the main floor, the door slamming, and the sound of bedsprings squeaking. Then, as if Jim wanted to prove his point to them, they could hear loud dick and pussy slapping sounds and the headboard banging against the wall.

My mind was reeling. Roberto said he thought that I should know. He said that Jim had bragged that he’d been fucking my wife for a couple of years during his various remodeling projects for us and said that he’d prove it to them during lunch that day.

Well, I guess they were believers after that. Not sure where my head was at, though. It also explained the extra wet pussy the night before, (I soaked my tongue in beer for a while, – as if that would help anything).

The strangest thing is that I’ve since gotten very excited by licking her really wet pussy. Also, hate to admit that I’ve asked her to fuck Jim when she has a chance and come home for a good pussy licking. She says she would never do that but I can tell when she has, – if you know what I mean.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32