Releasing Stress

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I looked around the dark room. The massage table looked different than others I’d seen. It looked more like an enlarged exam table, complete with stirrups. There were hooks all over the walls and each held a different item. It was hard to make out what they were in the dark, but I could have sworn I’d seen a 10 inch black dildo.

I sighed, “get it together Jenny.” My fingers nervously twisted my long, auburn hair as I twisted it into a tight bun as I’d been instructed. I’d already shed my clothing and was standing there in a bright pink silky thong and matching bra. Wren, the thin, perky blonde that had escorted me back had given clear instructions, remove ALL of your clothing. But, the lack of a sheet or anything to cover my naked body with was causing hesitation.

My friends, Betsy and Sasha, had gifted me with a weekend at the spa. I’d arrived at the CRF Spa and Wellness Center only an hour ago. My two hour massage was the first item on my agenda for the weekend.

Work had been intense the past year and my friends were well intentioned in their gift of what promised to be the ultimate relaxation, but all I could think about was the reports and spreadsheets that needed to get done. My body tensed at the mere thought of work. My boss, Greg, was a hard ass and he was particularly hard on me. He was older and far more educated, but I had the admiration of the CEO. Likely because he wanted to “bend me over his desk and ride my pussy until he filled my dirty cunt with his seed.” He’d actually said that to me last week.

I’d been tempted to ask him what he was waiting for. After my divorce, it had been two year’s since my pussy had been touched. I couldn’t even bring myself to relieve the aching in my clit. I needed a good fucking, and a cock was the only thing that would relieve that.

“Miss?” Wren pushed the door open. She shook her head at the undergarments I was still wearing. “Oh, dear. This will not do.”

She quickly rushed over to me and instructed that I turn around. When I did, she unsnapped my bra and pulled it off my shoulders. Her hands were warm as the moved slowly over my shoulders. As they gingerly moved over my breasts, she paused and slowly made tiny circles around my nipples. I exhaled slowly as an ancient familiar feeling teased my pussy. Her hands expertly moved down my body and her fingers hooked onto my thong. Her body brushed against mine as she pulled my thong down. I stepped out of it as she reached the floor. She turned me back to face her.

She had her hands on each of my legs and her face was so close to my mound that I could feel her breathing. My own breathing increased rapidly. I hadn’t been touched like this is years, and boy was my body reacting. The wetness between my legs was starting to leak. She placed her lips on my pussy and slowly let her tongue drift out of her mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her just as the door opened again.

“Wren, we’ve discussed this,” a deep voice said softly as he walked into the room. Wren gave my slit one last lick and stood up, she just shrugged. She took my hand and guided me back to the bed.

“Jenny,” he said. “My name is Javier and I’ll be your clit release specialist today.”

Javier was dark, his skin, hair and eyes. His accent indicated he was European. He wore only white boxer briefs and I could see the outline of his massive cock through them. His chest, completely waxed, was ripped. I wanted to touch his abs to see if they were real.

“My what?” I asked. Had I heard him right? Clit release specialist? My mind raced and I debated running. The tingling in my cunt held me in place. I wasn’t sure what he meant, güvenilir bahis but I was willing to find out.

Wren took my arms and pulled them over my head. I heard what sounded like a chain moving towards me. I jerked my head to the right as I felt the cool metal on my waist. Without my contacts, I could see exactly what she’d put on me. My arms stretched in a wide v over my head.

“At the Clit Release Foundation Spa and Wellness Center, we are here to ensure your pussy, tits and clit all receive the attention and release you deserve,” Wren explained as she placed my feet in the stirrups and extended them. Once they were secure, Javier gently pushed my legs open and stepped between them. He massaged my inner thighs as they stretched wider and wider. Finally, the leg braces clicked into place. “I can tell you’re very Type A, Jenny. We know how to work with uptight women like you.”

“Wren, it does not appear we will need lubrication today,” he said as he inserted a finger into my gaping, hot hole. I gasped.

My body tensed again. What had my friends signed me up for. Moreover, did they know?

Wren stepped behind me and cradled my head in her hand. She began massaging my neck with the other. Her touch was soft and firm at the same time. I closed my green eyes and tried to force myself to relax. I needed this release, I decided. Plus, maybe a little clit tease would bring me to my senses with the CEO. I’d actually been considering fucking him.

“Jenny, we will turn on the music in a moment. When we do, this will signal the beginning of your two hour session. There are no safe words here. My one job is to make you cum hard and cum often. You will likely need to be carried to your room when we are done,” he paused.

My chest rose and fell rapidly as I took his words in. Wren was massaging my neck and shoulders still. I felt the tension slowly melting away.

“Your entrance papers marked that you’d experimented with women in college, so Wren is here to complete your experience.”

Fucking Betsy. She’d promised those secrets would stay secrets.

As if on queue, Wren’s hands moved to my breasts.

“Now, if you prefer, we can limit your first massage to one masseuse, and work Wren into your afternoon, evening and overnight sessions.”

I thought for a moment and then nodded. If I were going to be fucked senseless, I needed to ease into this. After two years of not being touched. I feared the extra stimulation might be too much.

“Such a shame,” Wren sighed and leaned in. She placed her lips on mine and gave me a deep, urgent kiss. She turned to go and asked, “Any questions before I leave?”

I turned to Javier and said, “Do his boxers stay on too?”

He smiled and shook his head. Wren stepped over to help him out of his shorts. I blinked to clear my eyes so I could see his cock. Wren freed it from the confines of his boxers and I gasped. He was thick and massive. My anger at my friends subsided as I imagined him fucking me. This isn’t so bad. Wren took his cock into her hands and squeezed it before leaving the room.

Once we were alone, he turned the music on and started massaging my neck. For the next hour he expertly worked his hands over my body, which was held securely into place. Not being able to move was terrifying in a sense, but as his fingers worked me over, I finally started to relax. I focused all my attention on his hands and forced all thoughts of work out of my head. So far, aside from his cock randomly brushing against me, this massage seemed like any other massage. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep while he dug into my muscles.

“Jenny,” he whispered as he gently güvenilir bahis siteleri jiggled my breasts, waking me. “It’s time.”

My eyes slowly opened. His hands were cupping my breasts and his touch had intensified. He kneaded them expertly in his hands for a moment before working his way down my stomach. He found my soft mound, supple and soaked. Slowly, his fingers spread my lips open.

I moaned softly. “Oh my God.” I suddenly became aware of just how hungry my pussy was. I could feel the moisture between my legs.

He’d dropped to his knees and had me in his mouth. His tongue teased my hole as he worked towards my throbbing clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked so gently my body shook in anticipation. His fingers pressed into my hole and he worked them in and out, slightly twisting them with every benign thrust. I wanted to grab his hair and pull him into my lust as I lifted my hips into his face, but the straps and chains held me firmly in place.

I needed him to go faster. Harder. He just kept the same measured pace as he sucked my clit and fingered me. My heart was racing and my clit was throbbing. He worked another finger into my wetness and stroked deeper and longer with every thrust of his hand. The familiar rise and fall of my climax washed over me in waves and I came in his mouth. My body shook under the tight restraints. My clit pulsed as it released.

“Very good,” he said. “Your forms stated you are on birth control and your STD screening was clear,” he announced as he pulled his hand free.

I nodded, annoyed he’d broken the sound of my body’s thundering climax to offer this information.

“You also indicated you’d prefer if I came inside you,” he said. The clinical way in which he said this annoyed me further. Also, my friends had made a lot of assumptions. Not inaccurate, but assumptions nonetheless.

I sighed as my pussy relaxed and the waves of pleasure subsided.

“I’m going to fuck you naked and raw,” he growled into my ear as he released my hands from the restraints. He came around the side of the bed and released my legs. As he climbed on top of the bed, he placed his mouth over my breasts. He took my nipple into his mouth and bit down hard. My hips bucked up towards him and slammed into his cock. He bit down again as I started grinding.

“Please,” I begged.

He kept his mouth on my breast as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He sucked, bit and tugged my tit with his mouth. I found if I lifted just right, his dick teased my cunt in just the right spot.

He slammed his hips down and forced me into the table. As he slid off of me, my body ached for his weight. He swiftly placed my legs back in the stirrups and forced them even wider. He then reattached the chains to my wrists and pulled them tighter. My body was stretched to the max in this x position.

Once again, he started massaging my body, but his touch was rougher and deeper this time. I couldn’t hold back the moans and screams as he teased.

Finally he stepped between my legs. He spread my lips open with his finger. His cock teased the opening for a moment and then he slowly started pushing in. The tip pressed through and he moved so slowly. I almost came at the first touch. It had been years since my pussy had been filled with cock. I wanted this so bad.

Inch by inch, he slid into me until he was fully buried. He held steady for a moment and then began to pump. He rocked his hips up and down with each measured thrust.

The door opened and I heard someone shuffle in. I looked over to find a completely naked Wren standing beside me. She smiled and then turned towards Javier. She iddaa siteleri joined him at my pussy and reached over to touch my clit. She bent in such a way that her tits brushed my skin. I shivered.

“I’m starving,” I whispered, my voice jagged and my mouth dry. The idea had struck me and I couldn’t shake the image from my mind. I’d been imagining eating her pussy since the moment her mouth had teased mine. Wren giggled and nodded. She stepped behind me to release my hands, knowing I’d need them.

Slowly, she climbed on top of me and placed her bare, wet cunt over my face. She smelled amazing, just as Betsy had in college. I felt her press into me as she leaned forward.

Javier had kept pace. Wren’s tongue lapped at my clit while he kept melodically thrusting.

I took Wren into my hands and spread her lips apart. As I tasted her cum, my heart raced. I licked up the length before finding her clit. She was hungry for me. Her little magic nub was pulsing under my tongue. I slipped my fingers into her cunt and used my thumb to add pressure to her clit as I licked. I traced circles and then started sucking. Her tongue matched every movement. My fingers slid in and out of her easily and the warmth of her cunt sent my own pussy surging.

Javier started to match our pace and began fucking harder. His thrusts made Wren’s tongue moved even faster. I was hanging in the edge. I pulled her engorged clit into my mouth and started sucking hard and fast. My mouth slurped as I did. My fingers pumped in and out of her pussy.

Javier’s thrusts matched as he pummeled my cunt. Wren tensed in my mouth and I in hers. His cock pulsed and then exploded. His cum filled me as I came. My pussy tightened and clenched, milking his prick dry. Wren shuddered and then slammed her cunt down on my face. As she came I forced more fingers into her cunt until my whole fist was inside her. I pumped in and out a few times, the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my hand sent me further into my orgasm. Javier’s massive cock remained inside me as Wren slipped down.

She quickly left the room. Javier’s hands started working my thighs. He began thrusting again. This time he skipped the gentleness and went right back to the short, hard, fast thrusts. My already sensitive pussy was throbbing. My arms reached up for him and he laid on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close – my breasts mashed against his hard chest. His fucking didn’t slow. His dick was huge and he rammed my cervix with every thrust.

I released my grip and he propped himself up, one hand on each breast. He squeezed my tits as he thrusted. He changed pace – pulling out slowly, only leaving the tip, and then slamming back into me.

My pussy was raw and I felt every inch of his cock working in and out of me. I tried desperately to lift my hips to meet him, begging my clit to release, but the stirrups held my legs in place and he pinned me down.

His pace quickened and his dick was like a jackhammer pounding into me. I screamed loudly at each thrust, begging him to fuck me even harder. He did and our skin slapped together in a dizzying rhythm.

My cunt tightened around his cock, creating mind numbing friction. As my clit surged again, his cock pulsed. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled, he in turn twisted my nipples in his fingers. My body shuddered and I slipped into a euphoric orgasm. The blood raced through my body and my heart pumped loudly. The sound silenced the room.

Javier grunted as he came, my pussy twitching around him. He slammed down one last time and my clit pulsed and pushed against him.

He stood up, slipped his dick out and released my legs. My body was putty in his hands as he helped me up. His cum ran down my legs as they gave out under me. He slipped his strong arms under me and lifted me up.

Just as promised, he carried me to my room for my afternoon sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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