Reggie and Muffy’s Anal Role Play

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Reggie finally gets down and dirty with Muffy’s ass.


It was hot, the kind of hot summer weather in Jackson, Mississippi that you don’t want to do anything but sip a cold drink. Even farting takes up more energy than you’d want to expend.

“Willie! Did yous just fart?”

“Sorry baby, Ids trieds to holds it in, but it was one of those silent but deadly farts.”

“Phew! That was nasty, Willie. That the last time Ids feeds you beans,” said Kenisha holding her nose, while waving a newspaper in front of her face. “It figures that the hottest day of the year that our air conditionin’ breaks. At least, we hads the fan,” said Kenisha. “It ain’t much relief pushin’ all that hot air around, but it’s better than nothin’.”

Kenisha checked the temperature on the thermostat and it was a suffocating 88 degrees in their bedroom, not much cooler inside than it was outside. She remembered dozing, before the foul odor of Willie’s smelly fart permeated the air and hung down low over her head, as if a cloud of noxious fumes from a nuclear power plant. The smell disturbed her enough for her to awaken, open her eyes, and gasp.

“Dang, it’s hot in here, baby gurl. Ids can hardly breathes.”

“It’s soos hot, toos hots, Willie,” she said hoping by not moving that she’d stay cooler.

She closed her eyes and was just falling asleep again, when she felt something crawling up her backside and it startled her. At first she thought it was a big bug. They have some monster bugs in Mississippi in the summertime. Yet, just before she thought to move her hand to swat it away, it felt more like a slimy snake, and that’s when she recognized what it was.

“How’s that, baby? Do you like that, Kenisha? Does that feels gooood?”

“Say what? What you doin’ to my ass, back there, fool. Get that dang thang outta there. Get off me, niggar. What are yous crazy? It’s toos damn hot for that shit.”

Too hot and too tired to move, Willie was trying to stick his big, black cock up her Kenisha’s big, beautiful, black ass. Good luck to him. Kenisha had made it known to him before and in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t do anal and that tunnel is permanently closed to any incoming foreign objects, namely his cock. Her last boyfriend, Tyrone, had tried to coerce her, bribe her, and force her to have anal sex with him, before she ended up socking him one and dumping his black ass for Willie.

Then, when Willie started doing what she loves her man to do, treating her like the Nubian Princess and the black diva, that she likes to think she is, he was getting her in the mood. He started kissing her neck, while rubbing her back, massaging her shoulders, and running his hot hands down along her arms. Even though his hands were hot and clammy, even though his body was hot and sweaty, and even though he was making her feel hotter and sweatier, it felt so good to passively lay there, while he did all the work feeling her big, beautiful, black body.

After a while, her knees hurt from all the blowjobs that she enjoys giving her man. Just as she did for Tyrone, she does for Willie. No man who’s ever been with Kenisha can’t say that she never satisfy them in the way they needed to be satisfied. Then, when Willie reached around and started playing with her big titties is when she moved her arm out of the way, so that he could twist and pull her nipples, in the way that this big mama likes her man to do.

“Ids likes it when yous plays with my titties, Willie,” she said adjusting and positioning her body, so that he had free access to her big tits.

“Ids knows yous gaziantep rus escort dos, which is whys I’ms doin’ it, baby gurl. Yous just relax and lets Willie takes good cares of you.”

“Damn, ma fucka,” she said annoyed that he was trying to fuck her up the ass again.

There he goes again trying to do something she doesn’t want to do. She could feel the head of his cock pocking at her ass. If nothing else, he was determined to stick his big cock up her ass. Dreading the feel of that monster up her ass, he’s got too big of a prick for her to even think about having anal sex with him. Instead, she reached around behind him to fondle his big dick. Already way ahead of her, he was already so very hard.

“Gees, Willie, yous really gots a hard one going with that thang,” she said knowing that her man was good an’ horny. “Dos you wants me to suck on it some to get yous off?”

“No baby, it’s toos hots for that. This feels good what I’m doing right heres right now. Just stays still and lets me pokes your ass some, while Ids plays with your big titties.”

“You can pokes all you wants, baby. Only, Ids don’t dos ass play. That road is permanently closed, sugar. Nothing comes in, but plenty goes out, if you knows what Ids means. Mama doesn’t dos anal.”

Just as she said that, she could feel his cock trying to part her ass cheeks. Too hot and too lazy to move to stop him, she was curious just how far and how deep this home boy would try and go. Then, she felt it. She felt something cold and slimy.

“Willie! Whats the fuck is that? What are you doin’ back thar, ma fucka?”

“How’s that feel, gurl?”

“What’s you doin’ back thar, Willie? Alls a sudden, your thang feels cold and slimy. Ids don’t like this one bit, no sur, not one bit. Ids done tolds you that Ids don’t dos anal.”

“Ids just puts somethin’ that Tyrone gaves me tos try.”

“Tyrone? What’s you doin’ takin’ anything from Tyrone? That ma fucka never had my best interest in minds. What’s you doin’ talkin’ to my ex-man?”

“Just tryin’ to help a brother out, he knows how yous feels about ass play.”

“What dids Tyrone give yous to try?”


“Jelly? That’s nasty. Do Ids look like a big, black jelly donut to yous? Ids that what my asshole reminds you of? Ids donts wants no jelly up my ass, Willie. Yous best better scrap that shit outta there, right now, before Ids hauls off and hits you likes Ids dids with Tyrone. Ain’t no brotha gonna fill my ass with jelly.”

“It’s not that kinds of jelly. It’s a differen’ kinds of jelly for lubricatin’ thangs. Give me a minute, Kenisha. Ids justs wants to see if this here stuff really works, okay, baby gurl? Don’t worry, I’lls be gentle.”

Suddenly, Muffy panicked and thought better of what they were doing. They had gone far enough with their imagined poor, black ghetto experience. What sounded like fun before, she now realized was just a ruse for Reggie to have anal sex with her.

“Okay, that’s enough role playing, Reggie. You’re making me quite uncomfortable, I dare say.”


“I don’t like this one bit. Role playing that we’re a poor, black couple from the south is one thing, Reggie, but if I knew you were doing this just to impale my backside with your penis, I never would have agreed to this abhorrent, uncivilized, and barbaric behavior of having anal sex with you. I find the whole thing reprehensible, appalling really. How dare you, Reginald? How dare you?”

“Muffy, really, you’re making a big deal out of nothing, honeydew.”

“It disgusts me to think about your cock in my ass. I’d rather be flogged than have anal sex with any man. This is Mumsy’s summer mansion in the Hamptons, after all, and not some tenement slum in Mississippi.”

“C’mon Muffy, don’t ruin it now. I never had anal sex, but always wanted to try it. You have a sweet, round, firm behind and I’ve always wanted to fuck you up the ass.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me in that foul way. Why, you talk to me, as if I’m a common whore. How dare you? Please don’t talk to me like that ever again, Reggie. I’m your fiancé, not some tart you found in a back alley.”

“Tart in a back alley? What do you mean? What do you know about Vivian?”

“Vivian? Pardon? Who’s Vivian?”

“Sorry. Just kidding. Never mind. Forget that I said anything at all about her. She’s nothing.”

“I can’t believe you talked me into this Reginald Royal Ashcroft. I don’t do anal. You know I don’t do anal. We’ve had this discussion several times before and I specifically told you absolutely not, absolutely not. What don’t you understand about absolutely not? Why, if Mumsy ever knew that her muffin was taking it up the ass, she’d die. She’d absolutely die.”

“Unless you tell your mother about what we do in bed behind closed doors, Muffy, she’ll never know anything at all, kitten.”

“If Mumsy was to find out that we had anal sex, if anyone was to discover that her muffin was being brutalized and fucked up the ass and taking a big hairy cock up the poop shoot, right up Hershey Highway, a shit stuffer, she’d be the laughing stock of the social register. Now, you have me talking with such vulgarity.”

“You’re making too big a deal out of nothing, Muffy. I’m sure there are plenty of debutants and socialites who have anal sex. Why I know for a fact that Todd and Elizabeth Amesbury have anal sex all the time. When I was at Yale, the guys talked about how woman so enjoyed, preferred, actually, anal sex to regular intercourse.”

“Really, Reggie? Is that true?” She turned her head to look at his face. “You’re not just saying that, so that you can have your way with my ass, are you?”

“No, of course, not Muffy. I’d never lie to you or try to deceive you, just for the sake of anal sex. Yes, it’s all true, muffin, I swear. Scouts honor, Muffy.”

“I don’t know about this, Reggie. I’m afraid it will hurt terribly.”

“C’mon, muffin, just give me another minute. I’m sure it will all be swell. Have another sip of Cristal. Yeah, that’s right, take a big sip. The bubbles in the champagne will relax you,” he said watching Muffy take a big sip of champagne.

“Oh, dear,” she said letting out a bit of gas. “Champagne always gives me gas.”

“It’s okay, Muffy. You have cute little farts. I love your farts,” he said humping her again.

“Wait. Stop. No. I can feel you inside me. How far are you inside my anus?”

“Just the head of my cock is barely past your ass cheek, darling. How does it feel, Muffy?”

“Weird. It hurts, but it feels kind of good at the same time.”

Just then, Reggie gave her a bigger hump, then a thrust, and a push.

“Reggie! How dare you?” With eyes bulging out of her pretty blonde head, she recoiled. “You seriously and totally fucked me up the ass. It’s all the way inside me. I can feel it. Pull it out! Pull it out! Pull it out this instant! How dare you?”

As if taking a hissy fit because she didn’t receive the service that she thought she deserved and expected at the boutiques on Rodeo Drive, laying there in bed, if she could have stomped her foot, crossed her arms, and pouted, she would have.

“Wait…just give me a minute…just one more…oh, God, that feels so fucking good, Muff,” said Reggie continuing to hump her and fuck her ass deeper.

“Okay, wait, don’t hump me so hard. Just do it easy, okay? Slow down. Go slow and maybe we both can enjoy this. I’m not some hooker or stripper that you pickup in a bar.”

“Stripper? What do you mean? Did Chad tell you about Tiffany?”

“Tiffany? Who’s Tiffany?”

“Never mind. Sorry. Forget I even mentioned her name. She’s no body. She’s no one.”

“Actually, this isn’t as terribly bad, as I thought it would be,” said Muffy. “Play with my nipples, sweetie. Pull my nipples, Reggie. Twist them, while you fuck my ass.”

“Reggie reached around his hand and played with Muffy’s tits and pulled and twisted her nipples, while continuing to fuck, pound, and hump her ass deeper and deeper.”

“Okay, seriously, that’s quite enough. Please pull your cock from out of my ass, right now, Reggie. Immediately. I’m not kidding. Pull it out, Reggie. I’m serious. I’m not a farm animal, you know.”

“Farm animal? Listen, Muffy, I can explain about that. I’ll have you know that was just the one time, when I was drunk and lonely and–“

“What are you going on about?”

“Nothing. Sorry. Never mind.”

“Please release me, now, Reginald.”

“Okay, okay,” said Reggie pulling back and pulling it out. “How about that blowjob, now?”

“Blowjob? Eww! You just had your penis up my ass. What makes you think that I’d put that in my mouth? Go wash your cock.”

“If you were Kenisha you would.”

“That’s a racist comment and I’m not Kenisha. I’m sure just because our maid is a black woman, she’d draw the line at sucking on a shit covered cock,” she said looking at his cock and wrinkling her nose, before turning it up, as if the caviar had gone bad or the champagne had gone flat.

“Kenisha? Why? What did Kenisha say to you? I swear, nothing happened between us, Muffy,” said Reggie getting up and going in the bathroom. “She was just bending over to pick up the soap that I had dropped in the shower for me. What happened between Kenisha and I–“

“Picking up the soap? What on Earth do you mean by that comment? Pray tell, tell me, what did Kenisha say to you and what did you do with her? Reggie? I beg your pardon, Reggie? I can’t hear you from back there.”

“Never mind. Sorry. Erase Kenisha from your mind. It’s just employer employee stuff, muffin, don’t even trouble yourself with that. I’m sure nothing will come of the sexual harassment lawsuit when my lawyer–“

“What are you going on about now, Reggie? I can’t hear whatever it is you’re saying in the bathroom.”

“I said,” said Reggie stepping from the bathroom. “How does my cock smell now?”

“Eww. I dare say that your penis smells like my excrement. Go wash it off really good and maybe I’ll think about blowing you,” she said giving her fiancé a curious look. “And, tell me, Reggie, how do you know that Kenisha would suck your shitty cock, after it was up her ass.”

“What did you say, Muffy, dear? I can’t hear you over the running water, pumpkin.”

“Oh, never mind, Reggie. Did you wash it off really well? Did you scrub it with soap and spray it with something. Mumsy has some Chanel. Spray your penis with that. I love the smell of Chanel.”

“Yes, yes, of course, my love,” said Reggie returning back to bed and offering his cock to her for her inspection.

“It still smells a little funny. Go wash it again.”

“Just stick it in your mouth and suck it, Muffy.”

“Well, okay,” she said holding her nose and opening her mouth.

And that was Reggie’s and Muffy’s summertime anal role playing experience.

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