Reformation Ch. 20

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Chapter 20

Go West Young Man

Taryn woke up the next morning snuggled up to Veronica with Owen and Karen snuggled up to each other right next to her. Rosina had made it to her own bed and managed to set her alarm before she passed out. That next morning she was the one to make sure that everyone got up to get the day started. As was tradition and the rule within the family nothing was said about Veronica dominating Taryn for a portion of the previous evening. Veronica did not brag, nor did Taryn complain, and the next morning, all went back to “normal” with Taryn as Mistress and Veronica as Slave. That rest of the weekend progressed like any other but with a few key differences.

For one, a real estate agent was called to list the business, which included the building, for sale and the whole experience, was a little scary and real for Karen. While Karen liked her Spa, she didn’t love it. It was a hobby which she had started years ago and because of the divorce it became something she couldn’t stop. Despite the fact that she neither loved, nor hated it, it was still something which had been in her life for a very long time. While it was not grand one, it was indeed a comfortable and known existence, and selling it made the whole move real to Karen. The most surprising thing to Karen was seeing the six-digit figure the real estate agent and Veronica came up as a price for the Spa.

For another Owen focussed on doing all the little jobs which needed to be done around the Spa yet never quite got done. Owen switched from Lawyer to handyman as he scraped, painted, repaired and touched-up almost every area of the Spa and apartment. The physical work seemed to do Owen good both in mind and body. He enjoyed the chance to give back to Karen and take care of her in a real way and also was a good workout. This handyman work continued on into the next workweek for Owen.

On Monday morning, the ladies all submitted their change of name forms together, changing their last names to “Stronge.” Rosina then convinced the other women to add a middle name of their respective Slave-Names. Taryn was the most reluctant but agreed to it as long as she didn’t have to change her middle name, which was her grandmother’s name.

Veronica and Rebecca took a longer lunch than usual and went to a nice restaurant around the corner from their work. They had not seen each other since work on Friday, and so there was a lot to talk about. Usually they snuck away for some private time over lunch but today was different. You see it was during this lunch that Veronica planned to break the news to Rebecca about the move and that is exactly what she did. By the end of it Rebecca was in shock, her mind filled with a mix of emotions as she sat there sipping on her coffee trying to process what she had just heard.

“Moving? Across the country?” Rebecca said in a quiet voice of shock as she looked deeply into Veronica’s eyes.

“It’s a great opportunity not just for Master, but for all of us,” Veronica said as she said in a comforting manner as she looked back into Rebecca’s eyes. “A chance to start over, and let everyone see us as the one family we now are . . . isn’t that wonderful?” she added with a happy tone to her voice as she squeezed Rebecca’s hand.

“I know, and I agree, starting over somewhere far, far, away is a nice thought, but . . . my children, what about them?” Rebecca said with a mixture of happiness and fear as she looked to Veronica for support.

“Do you get to visit them now? When did you see them last?” Veronica asked in an empathetic manner while she showed her genuine care and concern for Rebecca.

“Harold won’t let me near them and thanks to that stupid divorce papers I signed, he doesn’t have to. The last time I saw them was when we took them to the pool,” Rebecca said with a sad look in her eye.

“I remember, wasn’t that fun?” Veronica said in a warm tone of voice with a smile to match.

“Yeah, it was,” Rebecca replied and the two women smiled warmly for a moment before the mood turned cold.

“I’m sure Master can do something about that, he wanted to do so before . . .” Veronica added in a chipper and eager tone of voice before her words trailed off, both women knew the rest of the sentence.

“Before I ran away again, again” Rebecca added as she hung her head in shame.

“That was then, this is now. I don’t see you running away this time,” Veronica added as she put her hand on Rebecca’s shoulder and squeezed.

“Am I ready? Am I ready to meet Sir?” Rebecca lifted her head and asked with hope in her eyes.

“Yes . . . but I was going to introduce you on Reformation Day . . . remember?” Veronica replied in a nervous and uncomfortable manner.

“Yes, Mistress,” Rebecca said submissively and paused for a moment before she added, “But, what if you move before then?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind,” Veronica said with a warm and comforting smile before their lips were drawn together for their first semi-public kiss Onwin . . . ever.

Late one night that week when the house was quiet and still Veronica was still up. She was deep in thought over what to do about Rebecca; when was the best time to tell the family about her. Veronica was in the living room cleaning and tidying up what was already clean and tidy, simply needing something constructive to do with her hands, since she was not able to sleep. Taryn came in and took one look at the busy Veronica and knew something was up, with a sigh she walked towards her.

“Dee-Dee, what is it?” Taryn asked as she walked into the living room.

“Nothing,” Veronica said as she dusted a clean bookshelf.

“C’mon,” Taryn said as she grasped Veronica by the shoulders and directed her to sit down on the couch.

Veronica wasn’t sure about what to say, how much to tell Taryn. Should she tell her friend, family member and Mistress about Rebecca? Or should she try to probe Taryn and find out how she felt about Rebecca? Could Veronica find out more information than she gave up?

“It’s silly,” Veronica said in an embarrassed manner, looking down and away.

“No, it’s not!” Taryn said as she wrapped her arms around Veronica and pulled the woman into a cuddle on the couch. That cuddle left both women lying beside each other and Veronica’s head on Taryn’s shoulder. “What is it?” she asked as she began to stroke Veronica’s hair while Veronica sighed contently, loving the embrace.

“I . . . I was just wondering about Rebecca,” Veronica said in a worried tone. “Where is she? What is she up to? What about . . .” she added but her words drifted off before she finished the sentence.

“Master’s child? I know, I’ve been thinking about her too,” Taryn said in an equally worried tone of voice as she squeezed Veronica tighter.

“I’ve been thinking of finding her? Don’t you think we should contact her before we move?” Veronica asked as she tried her best to hide the eagerness in her voice.

“I would love to, but when she left she made it clear that she needed space to sort things out. I miss her and I wonder about Master’s child, but she has to come back on her own. Pushing her will only make her run away again and that will hurt everyone, all over again,” Taryn said as she kissed the top of Veronica’s head. “Besides I don’t know where to look for her, do you?”

“I could try to find her . . . you know, so we could at least see Master’s child,” Veronica said as she lifted her head and looked into Taryn’s eyes with eager hope.

“I know, Master does have a responsibility to his child,” Taryn said with a subdued manner. “And I do miss her,” she added after seeing the disappointment in Veronica’s eyes.

“Me too,” Veronica said as she smiled at Taryn.

“C’mon, I think I know what to do with all that extra energy you seem to have,” Taryn said in a mischievous tone of voice which dripped with innuendo.

“Really?” Veronica replied in an equally mischievous tone of voice full of innuendo.

“It’s Karen’s night with Master, and you owe me a round with Fred,” Taryn said with a naughty yet superior tone of voice with a smirk. “Your ass is mine tonight, Bitch!” she added sternly before both she and Veronica burst into laughter.

“Yes, Mistress Red,” Veronica replied with a giggle and a smile.

Taryn got up, grabbed Veronica by the collar and pulled her to the floor so she was on her hands and knees. While still holding her onto the D-Ring of Veronica’s collar Taryn led Veronica on her hands and knees to her bedroom, Veronica’s pussy was wet and ready for action by the time they entered the bedroom.

While people came by to look at the Spa and considered buying it, nobody seemed too serious, and always left with an ambiguous and noncommittal statement. This continued on into the next week, but all that changed on Wednesday of the following week.

Samantha, a woman in her late twenties came in with a small child and toured the Spa and apartment; the more she saw, the more she liked. It was clear from the questions she was asking that she was indeed starting to picture the Spa as her own and by the time Samantha left with her child. Even though she never said it, the vibe she gave off that only her husband, price of financing would stop her from buying the Spa.

Samantha was the perfect person to purchase the Spa, she already knew the Spa industry, as she worked in a Spa across town and loved the downstairs apartment, as she and her husband were renting a small apartment. Karen was happy to think of Samantha taking over her Spa and felt she could rest assured that the Spa would be in good hands.

Veronica told Rebecca the next day at work about the possible sale of the spa. It was agreed that Veronica needed to introduce Rebecca to the family sooner rather than later. So on Friday night Rebecca was excited and terrified to be going to the Spa and finally see Sir once more. As they pulled into the back stall Rebecca was quite shaky and nervous when she exited the car and had her son in his bassinette in her hand and followed Veronica into the Spa.

Karen was the first person to see Rebecca and had to do a double take when she saw her walking into the Spa. Karen was with a customer at the time and continued to walk up towards the front of the Spa. Rebecca froze still, not sure what to say or do, her eyes getting wetter by the second and her apprehension growing. Veronica pushed a reluctant Rebecca up towards the front of the Spa. Owen was doing some minor repairs in one of the rooms and saw Rebecca walk by out of the corner of his eye. He followed just to make sure that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. By the time Veronica and Rebecca got to the front of the Spa the customer had paid and left. Taryn and Karen were watching wide-eyed as Rebecca came into view with little Chris. Owen took up the rear, preventing Rebecca’s exit even if she wanted to run. There was a brief moment of tense pause as Taryn and Karen looked at Rebecca with shock before little Chris broke the tension with a gurgled cry.

Maternal instinct took over and both Taryn and Karen looked then began to fawn over the baby and his mother, respectively. Taryn was the first to hold Chris and Karen was the first to hug Rebecca. While Rebecca was hugging Karen, she saw Owen and her eyes got wetter when she saw him and by the time his arms were wrapped around her, she burst into tears. Those tears were not of pain, sorrow or regret, but simply of joy at being one with him, once again.

“Surprise!” Veronica said with a warm and happy smile as Owen held Rebecca

“Thank you, Dee-Dee, how ever did you find her? Where’ve you been? Why did you run away? Why didn’t you call?” Owen started to ask the thousand questions in his mind until he was interrupted.

“All your questions will be answered right here,” Taryn said as she placed Chris into his father’s arms.

Owen stared in wonder at the little bundle of joy in his arms and every eye in the room joined him in gazing at the wondrous child. Rosina walked into the room, and saw the crowd gathered around Master and looked to see what they were looking at. When her eyes fell on Rebecca her ire rose and before she could stop herself the prevalent thought leapt out of her mouth.

“So the ‘Prodigal Slave’ returns, does she,” Rebecca scoffed before she added, “Dinner’s ready. I guess I’ll set another place, thanks for the warning,” she added hastily before she left the room and rushed downstairs, still angry at Rebecca for all she had heard in the church bathroom.

Somehow Veronica and Rebecca managed to get through dinner with their relationship a secret. Instead Rebecca simply talked about the time after she left and before Veronica contacted her. It wasn’t until the family were seated around the living room with coffee that Veronica decided that the time had come to come clean and confess. Veronica got off her seat and knelt in front of Owen before she glanced at Rebecca, who then joined Veronica in kneeling before Owen.

“I must confess something, Master,” Veronica said as she hung her head in shame.

“What is it, Dee-Dee,” Owen said with a displeased tone of voice as he glanced back and forth between the two women kneeling and cowering before him.

“I found Rebecca two weeks ago, I have been testing and training her ever since, I wanted . . .” Veronica said but she was cut off by an angry Owen.

“WHAT? Why? On who’s authority?” Owen shouted in anger as he glared at Taryn.

“I didn’t know anything about it, Master!” Taryn replied defensively and shrugged her shoulders.

“I wanted to make sure that she was worthy to enter your service, Master!” Veronica said in an urging tone of voice a she looked up at Owen with pleading eyes.

“Are you the judge of that?” Owen snapped.

“No, Master! I only wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t run away again! I didn’t want to see you hurt by her again!” Veronica said in the most desperate sounding tone of voice, her speech broken up by tears.

“That is not for you to decide? How dare you take on someone . . . anyone, without my permission! Especially, MY MOUSE!” Owen roared and at that point Veronica broke down into tears and sobbed at Owen’s feet bending over completely.

“Please, Sir! Don’t be angry with her, it is all my fault!” Rebecca pleaded with tears in her eyes as she put her arm around Veronica’s waist and started to comfort the sobbing woman beside her.

“She knew better! You can’t excuse this!” Owen roared as he glared into Rebecca’s eyes and her lower lip quivered for a moment.

“She came over two weeks ago and only wanted to arrange visitation with me. She said she just wanted to see if I would run or agree to letting you see Chris or not. She did it as a present to you, for . . . Reformation Day,” Rebecca said, looked down to Veronica before looking back up at Owen. “I told her that I had made up my mind and wanted to come back to you,” she added.

“Did you now?” Owen scowled at Veronica who had only just looked up at Owen.

“I told her I was serious, that I wouldn’t run again but she wouldn’t believe me! I begged her to let me prove it to her that I was serious, that I wouldn’t run again!” Rebecca said in a tone that was desperate to be understood.

“That doesn’t explain Dee-Dee’s betrayal!” Owen roared as he grasped Veronica’s hair and forced her face to look up into his.

“I couldn’t help myself! When I saw her kneeling there before me, in tears begging me to let her prove herself to me, she . . . she looked so helpless . . . so desperate . . . so s . . . submissive, I couldn’t help myself,” Veronica said in amongst sobs and tears as her eyes searched Owen’s for mercy.

“So you took the mother of my child on as a submissive, behind my back,” Owen said in a hurt and disgusted tone of voice before he pulled Veronica up over his knee, by her hair.

“This stops now, is that understood? As of now, you have no hold over Rebecca, is that understood?” Owen said as he lifted up Veronica’s dress to around her waist.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica said in a shaky, terrified tone of voice.

“Release her! SAY IT!” Owen demanded as he tugged on Veronica’s hair.

“Rebecca, I release you! You’re no longer my Slave!” Veronica said in a sorrowful manner, with tears running down her cheeks as she looked into Rebecca’s eyes.

“Yes, M . . . Dee-Dee,” Rebecca sobbed and lowered her head.

Owen then gave Veronica a merciless spanking, loosing count somewhere over twenty, and both his hand and Veronica’s cheeks were red when it was over. Veronica was sobbing uncontrollably by the time Owen shoved her off of his lap.

“I want you nude and in chains when you’re downstairs! You’ve lost both your sexual privileges to me and to those of your Fellow-Slaves! Is that understood?” Owen said with a commanding and angry tone of voice.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica managed to say before she buried her head in her hands.

Owen looked at Taryn and nodded; she in turn looked at Rosina and nodded; Rosina then she got up to retrieve the chains. Veronica pulled her dress up over her head and placed it down in front of Owen. Rosina returned with the chains and chained Veronica’s wrists to each other with one chain and her ankles to each other with another chain. The chains were not very long so she would not be able to walk at a normal stride nor could she put her hands more than three feet apart.

“Take Rebecca home,” Owen said to Taryn and started to get up.

“Sir, what about me?” Rebecca begged as she placed her hands on Owen’s knees before he stood up.

Rebecca was mortified, and ashamed that things turned out like they did for Veronica. She wanted to show her devotion to Owen and her regret for causing Veronica to betray him.

“What about you?” Owen asked in an agitated tone.

“Aren’t you going to punish me?” Rebecca asked with big eyes of fear and urging.

“You are not my Slave so you are not mine to discipline!” Owen retorted with a snort as he shoved Rebecca’s hand off of his knee.

“But it was I who made Dee-Dee betray you. It was I who begged her to train me and let me prove my dedication and desire to serve you. I am as guilty as she is in this. Please, if you must punish her, you must also punish me,” Rebecca said in a soft and pleading tone of voice that was filled with fervent sincerity.

Rebecca she got up, placed herself across Owen’s lap, lifted her dress and lowering her panties as she awaited her spanking. Owen watched in stunned disbelief at the display of solidarity and unity . . . and of devotion. Owen gave Rebecca a hard spanking and she even counted off and thanked him for each spank. When it was over Owen was in a muddled mind, not sure what to think, still hurt and angry.

“Red, take her home,” Owen said to Taryn before he added, “Dee-Dee, get out of my sight!”

“Yes, Master,” Taryn said as she looked at the departing Veronica with a look that was a mixture of anger and sympathy.

A thick tension hung over the house for the following few days. Owen was still feeling hurt and frustrated by Veronica’s behaviour. Rosina understood the pull of doing something she knew was wrong yet had to do. Rosina was the only bright light for Veronica during that time, yet she too felt hurt and betrayed. Karen was the one who felt the next level of sympathy for Veronica. Taryn felt personally betrayed by what Veronica had done because of the conversation they had when she had caught her cleaning late at night.

Veronica tried to show her devotion to Owen by eagerly following her punishment. Veronica would strip nude and put on her chains before she crossed the door entering into the downstairs apartment. In the mornings she would carry her clothes out of the apartment and get dressed in that same cold concrete area. Once she put her chains on she would never take them off until she changed into her work clothes in the morning. Veronica had taken to even sleeping and somehow showering with her chains on.

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