Red Dress Sales Woman

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One Friday afternoon, I went to deposit a check at my local SunTrust branch. If he wasn’t busy, I usually sat with my buddy the Assistant Bank Manager and we would talk about our sports, girlfriends, and any sluts we may have fucked since our last meeting. Both of us were out for as much pussy as we could get. Neither of us was in any hurry to get married and settle down either. There was too much easily available sex to be had to limit our selves to one woman.

This particular afternoon, Josh wasn’t very busy, but he was expecting some saleswoman to stop by and try to sell him some new office equipment that the bank didn’t need. We talked for about forty minutes before the woman arrived.

I was glad that I stuck around long enough to see what she looked like. Josh didn’t know. He had only talked with her a couple times on the phone and wasn’t really interested in having her stop by. But it was something to kill time before closing time.

When this woman walked in, Josh and I both knew she was hot. Her name was Amy Carter (no relation to the former President’s daughter!) and she was wearing a short red skirt that highlighted her long legs. She was wearing a pink blouse and Amy was definitely showing off some nice cleavage. She had a great rack on her.

Both Josh and I couldn’t take our eyes off this gorgeous chick as she strolled in and came over to where Josh and I were sitting. Amy introduced herself. I looked her over and she really was a knock-out. Beautiful in every day and a figure that most women would die for.

I made an excuse to leave so that Josh could talk business with Amy and I knew from the look on his face, that he didn’t want to talk business — just sex business with the stunning saleswoman. I knew with Josh’s charm he would have her in bed in a matter of days.

Despite the fact that my good friend Josh was seriously dating a woman that was very good to him, I knew he was interested in bedding Amy if nothing else. As long as Amy wasn’t married or involved. Josh and I never bothered with women who were. We had learned some valuable lessons regarding married women in the past.

Screwing them generally led to too many problems down-the-road no matter how great the sex was. Of course, we both did make exceptions to our rule from time-to-time.

I didn’t notice a wedding or engagement ring when I shook Amy’s hand. That was usually the third or fourth thing that Josh and I checked out on women. I need not mention what we check out first!

Just before I departed, Amy took a chair in front of Josh’s desk. The way that she crossed her legs was a great view. I knew that Josh was going to have fun talking and eying Amy after I left.

I returned home and did some work. In the back of my mind the whole time, I was wondering how Josh was doing with Amy. Did she agree to go out for a drink with him after work? Did they make a date for Saturday night?

I knew Josh was a fast worker and with the way Amy was dressed, it was obvious she was looking for more than a simple sales. Or perhaps that was her way to entice male purchasing agents into more sales. Thinking the might get a chance to get in Amy’s pants and fuck her.

I was hoping that Josh would send me a brief email or something to tell me how it was going or had gone with Amy. Five o’clock came and I figured he had taken her out for a drink for sure. Otherwise, I would have received a message before Josh left the bank.

I didn’t hear from Josh until mid-afternoon on Saturday. He called me to tell me how things went. As I had predicted, he and Amy went out to one of the nearby bars for some drinks. In the end, she went with Josh to his apartment and he reported that the sex had been as great as I had imagined.

Josh said that Amy had a great body and her tits were perfectly shaped. She was a good fuck too. Josh had fucked her a long time after they got to his place. Amy spent the night and they had fucked again for several hours on Saturday morning. Amy had just left.

Over the next several weeks, Josh was banging Amy as often as he could. I got the full reports later that night if she left after their sex or the next day at the bank if Amy spent the night. They were having a good time.

It wasn’t until several weeks went by, that Amy started to indicated she would like to have a threesome with Josh and I. I was more than willing. So was Josh. We had done a number of threesomes in the past. Sharing pussy with him was always a good time and made for some intense fucking.

Josh then made the arrangements. The next Friday, the two of us met Amy at a bar that Josh and I had used for hooking up with sluts before. The three of us had several drinks and talked. It was obvious to both of us that Amy was horny and looking for a good fuck from the two of us that night.

After an hour, Josh and I took Amy back to his apartment. Once inside, he and I were sitting with Amy on his sofa and making out. Josh and I were alternating between kissing her and feeling bursa escort bayan her up.

As I mentioned earlier, Amy had a nice set of tits on her and even through her blouse and bra, I could tell her boobs were nice and firm. As I concentrated on Amy’s ample tits, Josh was busy with his hand up her skirt and checking out how wet her pussy was already.

From the moans coming from Amy it was obvious to me that she was very wet. Just as Josh and I knew she would be. I fixed the three of us some more drinks. Then returned to the sofa and kissing Amy. Her mouth was hot and she was ready for some hot sex.

Josh was busy unbuttoning Amy’s blouse and taking off her bra. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipping it off Amy’s shoulders. That was easy enough. Then he reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. It came off easily in his hands.

I had my hand up her skirt just as Josh had done. Amy’s panties were soaked. Josh and I then team up on her, kissing Amy’s her neck simultaneously. Then her ears.

Josh and I alternated kissing her hot lips while he and I were fondling her breasts. For her part, Amy was feeling how hard our dicks were inside our pants.

I was kissing Amy’s warm lips as I teased one of her nipples and got it nice and hard. Amy pressed her lips tightly against mine and moaned. Soon our mouths parted and our tongues were reaching out to the other. She was moaning as my tongue explored her wet mouth.

Meanwhile, Josh was slowly taking off Amy’s skirt. As intended, my kissing was distracting her while he did so. I could tell that Josh was anxious to do so, but took his time. We both wanted her horny and in the mood to fuck us both at the same time.

I noticed how Amy’s body was becoming warmer by the minute. Her tongue playing with mine. My hand went to caress her soft, silky brunette hair and then to her lovely neck.

I was slowly caressing the smooth skin of her boobs as Amy’s tongue was intertwined with mine. Our breathing becoming more deep.

Soon enough, Josh had Amy’s panties off. Her naked body was very appealing. She had looked good at the bar in her blouse and tight skirt highlighting Amy’s nice ass. But now her naked body looked even better.

I kissed her and groped Amy’s firm boobs. Josh was admiring her naked body on the sofa as well. He was busy taking off his clothes.

I felt the smoothness of her skin as my fingers touched the exposed flesh of her tits. I enjoyed every inch of her 36C boobs. They were perfectly shaped. Her nice nipples were hard.

I cupped both of Amy’s boobs with my firm hands. I was feeling how soft they were. I squeezed and groped them. Then caressed each at the same time.

I loved how full and firm they were. As I continued kissing Amy, I was massaging her tits for a long time. I enjoyed hear how my touch was making Amy moan softly.

I looked at Josh and he had parted Amy’s legs lying on the sofa. He got between them and was going down on her shaved pussy. Josh was enjoying the taste of Amy’s juices.

He was eating her pussy and from the moans coming from both, it was obvious Amy loved the attention and Josh was enjoying himself.

With Amy’s eyes closed and her enjoying Josh’s talented tongue teasing her pussy lips, I took the opportunity to quickly take off my shirt and pants. I didn’t need my underwear on any more either. I stripped nude.

I returned to Amy’s mouth and kissed her deeply and with a lot of passion. She responded by grasping my hard cock and stroking it. I took both of her boobs in my hands and started kissing and licking them.

Josh was continuing to play with Amy’s pussy lips. He was flicking them back and forth. Playing and teasing Amy more with his tongue.

I sucked on both nipples which were now very hard. My hands were squeezing each simultaneously. My tongue roamed over each nipple.

Amy was having problems concentrating on slowly jacking my cock. Between Josh and my attention to her pussy and tits, she was rapidly approaching an advanced state of lust.

I was teasing her nipples with my teeth very gently. I alternated from licking and sucking. Amy was moaning more now. Her hands placed gently on the back of my head. Pulling my face closer to her boobs. Amy’s fingers running through my hair.

It wasn’t long before Amy told me she wanted to suck my cock. I moved around so that she had easy access to my stiff cock. Her soft fingers ran up and down the length of my shaft. Amy cupped my balls and began rolling each one with her tongue.

Josh had to move around too. He continued to lick Amy’s pussy lips and then moved on to her clit. Josh licked and played with it. Teasing Amy as she squirmed around on the sofa with my big cock in her mouth and not long after that, with two of Josh’s finger moving in and out of her wet vagina.

Amy’s wet tongue was working its way from the base of my cock to the top. She was exploring every inch of my ever hard cock. The feel of her hot tongue on gorukle escort my dick was great! I loved it and Amy was good at it too.

Meanwhile, Josh’s wet tongue was rubbing Amy’s clit. She loved the attention. He made circles all around it and Amy moaned more.

Amy slowly stroked my shaft while licking my cockhead. She jerked my cock good and then began making circles around my cockhead, just the way Josh was doing to her clit.

After a while, Amy went down on my throbbing cock and took it deep in her mouth. She did a good job trying to get all the way to the bottom. I was now moaning with pleasure.

From the movement of his hand, I could see that Josh was busy finger fucking Amy’s pussy while he continued to tease her clit. He would blow his breathe on her clit so that it would give Amy a tingling sensation.

Then he teased her clit more by gently biting it between his teeth. This always made girls moan more. Josh particularly liked finger fucking girls. It got them ready for when he would soon be fucking them with his big stiff cock.

The three of us were rapidly losing control and lust was taking over. My hand moved to grope Amy’s tits. I admired their shape and wanted to enjoy each one.

I told Josh to change places with me. I knew he was anxious to have Amy suck his pulsating cock deep in her mouth. She loved it and I was sure Josh would love the feeling of her wet lips, which was incredible.

I quickly began licking up Amy’s juices at it poured from her soaked vagina. I loved it. Amy shivered as my tongue pushed deeper inside of her to get more of her juice. It was a sweet taste.

It made me hungry for more. My tongue continued to explore inside her. Then, I withdrew my tongue and moved to lick Amy’s clit.

By this time, Josh was gripping her boobs as Amy worked her mouth all over his throbbing cock. She was moaning more loudly. Josh’s hands squeezing her boobs. Then playing with her erect nipples.

I continued to tongue Amy’s clit good. My wet tongue circled her clit. Teasing it. Passing over and rubbing against it. I sucked it into my mouth which made Amy quiver.

For a while, she stopped sucking Josh’s cock and moved her hands to the back of my head. Amy pulled my head forward. She wanted me concentrating solely on clit now.

Josh was licking and sucking Amy’s stiff nipples, as I continued to lick and suck her clit. We both knew how to give Amy the greatest pleasure possible. We both knew her concentration was on her clit and getting ready to climax.

I licked her clit with more intensity and then inserted two of my fingers inside her vagina. My fingers moved around to feel how wet she was. Josh was concentrating his efforts on kissing and squeezing her ample tits.

I finger fucked Amy move. Moving my fingers slowly in and out of her pussy. My tongue played with her clit as I did so. Her hands were keeping my head in place directly over her clit. Her body was getting hotter with every passing second.

Then my fingers were moving faster. I finger fucked Amy harder as she spread her legs and grasped them around my head. She was squeezing tightly.

My fingers fucked Amy faster. Making her moan out more loudly. Amy’s legs tightening even more around my head.

Josh stopped kissing and playing with Amy’s boobs. He let her concentrate on the pleasure I was giving her and knowing that Amy would be cumming soon.

It wasn’t long after that, that her pussy started to pulsate and get hotter. Amy’s breathing became harder. Her vagina contracted.

There were more contractions and her skin flushed. Amy was squeezing her boobs almost as hard as her legs were around my head. Josh and I both knew that Amy was going to orgasm.

Soon enough, she climaxed. Amy’s pussy flooded my mouth and face with her warm juices. I was soaked and so was the sofa.

Josh and I gave Amy a brief pause to recover. He was kissing her passionately. She was going wild with desire. Amy was all over his mouth and face with kisses. We both knew she wanted a good fuck.

But I returned to lick her clit and fingering her vagina some more. Her pussy was so wet my fingers were sliding in and out of her too easily. I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Trying to get my fingers into her hot pussy deeper.

Josh was grasping Amy’s boobs in both hands and pulling on her hard nipples between his fingers. Amy was lost in the pleasure of the moment. He was trying to keep up with her multitude of kisses at the same time. She had her hand on his hard cock and was jacking it rapidly.

That’s when Amy went into a second orgasm. It was great to see how out of control she was.

We knew when to stop too. Josh and I knew as soon as she recovered, it would be time for our stiff cocks to be inside her. Amy wanted them bad. It was also time for Josh and I to take Amy to his bed. The sofa was now too small for what we intended to do.

Josh stood up on the floor away from the bed. He directed bursa merkez escort bayan me to lie in the middle of the bed, but towards the end of the bed. Josh then told Amy to put my hard cock into her pussy and for her to lay down on top of me.

Josh was going to slide his own hard cock into her pussy on top of my throbbing cock. It worked out well and his cock was soon rubbing against mine and we started fucking Amy in unison.

It was a tight fit since we are both Josh and my cock are over seven inches in length, but it felt so good to. Amy was so wet that Josh and I were easily able to fuck her at the same time. We simply slid right inside her depths.

Once deeply inside her, Amy started to move here body up and down riding our stiff cocks. She was riding us good. Both Josh and I were pumping our cocks into her with the same rhythm. We were all moaning with great pleasure. It made for a good fuck!

Amy was really getting into it. So were Josh and I as we now did most of the work. With Amy over me, I soon cupped her breasts which were bouncing rhythmically as she moved up and down on Josh’s cock and my own cock.

Her tits felt great. I gripped them tighter and squeezed both as Amy fucked our cocks. She was taking both wonderfully. Amy had her head tilted back. A look of pleasure and lust on her face.

Amy’s moans were getting louder by the minute. She just wanted our cocks in her hungry pussy and to be fucked hard and fast.

Josh and I were fucking faster. Pushing our hard cocks into her deeper. Josh had his hands on her hips. Holding on to Amy and also pulling her vagina down harder onto our throbbing hot cocks.

Amy moaned with each of our mutual thrusts. Josh and I continued to pump into her.

Then I knew she was going to cum for a third time. Amy’s nails were digging deeper into my shoulders as she held on and was fucking our cocks harder. She was almost desperately working our cocks in and out of her to climax.

I could feel her pussy tightening and she climaxed. Amy flooded my cock and Josh’s with her love juices. It freely flowed all over both of our stiff dicks.

Amy’s breathing was become more rapid. Her body hot. Amy’s moaning louder.

Within a few seconds, my cock began shooting hot sticky cum deep inside her wanting pussy. Josh could feel all of my cream blasting out of my cock and engulfing his. My cum made good lube as he fucked her deeper.

Amy loved the feeling of my cum spraying into her. I certainly enjoyed cumming in her too. It was great and I gave her a huge load. I felt like I was filling her up with my creamy load. My cock was still hard and I continued to pump it into her.

Josh pumped his cock into her pussy faster. I knew he was going to cum too. I felt his cream spraying into her and covering my cock as well. He was moaning and uncontrollably fucking her deeper with his hips thrusting harder. He sprayed his hot cream into Amy. Sperming her good every drop of his cum.

With that, Amy collapsed on top of me. She was exhausted from riding our cocks for a long time. The three of us rested for a while.

Amy was now in between Josh and me as we lay on the bed. We talked about how great the fucking had been.

Soon enough, I could feel Amy’s fingers begin to explore my naked body. Her actions mirror what she did to the two of us. My hands began massaging her smooth back and then feeling her nice ass.

Amy’s cheeks were nice and smooth and round. Just right and the way I like them. Josh and she were kissing. Their tongues were meeting each other’s and moaning all over again.

Amy moved to suck Josh’s now hard cock. She deep throated it. Her mouth and wet tongue were gliding around his shaft. Josh had his fingers in her long brunette hair. He was playing with it as she worked his cock with both her mouth and hands.

I pulled Amy into getting on all fours. I then moved behind her nice butt. I spread her pussy lips and pushed my hard cock into her from behind. Then, I slowly pushed it in as deep as I was able to get. I pumped my stiff cock in and out of her vagina.

Josh continued to have his stiff cock moving in and out of Amy’s mouth. His hands moved so that he could grope Amy’s large boobs. He was squeezing both while Amy began moaning more and more. I fucked her harder.

Josh went to work kissing and sucking on her nipples. His hands were all over her tits. I pumped my cock into her pussy faster. I was getting ready to cum inside her.

After a long hard fuck, I gave her hungry pussy another of my loads. My sticky cream shot into her depths. I loved it. Amy moaned with pleasure.

After I pulled out of Amy’s vagina, Josh told her to lie on her back. His hard cock then penetrated her wet pussy. Josh fucked her missionary for a long time.

I enjoyed watching the way he was pumping his cock in and out of her and the way Amy’s large breasts bounced around with every plunge of his long cock!

Josh got his cock into her deep and pounded Amy good. She was moaning like crazy once again. He kept that up a long time. Then after some time, he moaned that he was going to cum in her too.

But Amy had other ideas. She sat up and started sucking Josh’s throbbing cock. Amy told him she wanted his cream in her mouth. She wanted to taste it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32