Red Ch. 03

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Position 3

Salvation was a sparkling gem tucked far away from mankind. Deep in the woods, the two-story Victorian stood majestic by a quiet lake. Blocked off by a thick iron gate, the brilliant white of its exterior came to view as the trees began to dissipate. Lawn lights guided Mina’s car up a long driveway and looped around a gazebo. There were people relaxing on the bench. A naked woman sat on her partner’s lap, eyes closed, his hand between her legs.

Mina smiled at the valet when she offered her keys, then turned to appreciate the grounds. The lawn was a stunning contrast to the wild of the woods, though the landscaping was simple. Huge shrubbery and white and red flowerbeds framed the building, while a stone path continued around the side. She could hear music inside and laughing from the gazebo.

She squatted in front of the stairs, felt the cool air on her newly bare flesh, and snapped a picture of the entrance. Empty iron chairs and sofas were piled with white cushions, and two glass tables were equipped with ashtrays and baskets of condoms, lube, dental dams, and hand sanitizer. Mina knocked on the crimson door and it sounded heavy as it split down the middle.

The woman before her was a head taller, no doubt a result from incredible genes and her thigh-high red boots. The material looked suede. She was an Amazon, strong and a sculptor’s dream, wrapped in a black slink of a dress, her hair a thick raven waterfall. Caramel eyes took Mina in, then widened in recognition.

“Wilhelmina, yes?” The woman’s smile sparkled, a thick accent on her bright full lips. Mina nodded and held out her hand. The woman clasped it with both of hers, and squeezed.

“My Goddess,” Mina said in respect, nearly curtseying with her head bowed.

“How sweet! But you may call me Deidre. Come in, come in,” she urged, rushing Mina inside. The interior was breathtaking.

Mina was greeted by soothing light and deep red wood. With accents of brass, the foyer was decorated with lantern light fixtures, a broad wooden desk, and a massive wall of mirrors. Behind the desk stood a short man with a cheery disposition, wearing a white three piece with a skinny red tie. Racks of purses and coats were arranged behind him.

To her left, there was a huge parlor filled with patrons at a white marble bar, circular glass tables, and a group of plush loveseats by a blazing fireplace. A woman in an electric blue corset kneeled on the floor at her lover’s feet, engaged in a lively conversation with a man in a red mesh tank. A couple was lost in themselves, their tongues at war. His hands firmly gripped her buttcheeks as she eagerly grinded against him. Near the back, a large set of doors akin to the front was guarded by two roaring tigers. Mina raised her eyebrow in curiosity.

To her right, there was a miniature ballroom. The music was loud, yet noninvasive. A black laminate dance floor was lit up by the chandelier and surrounded by more white furniture and glass tables. There was another pair of doors, this one stalked by two sultry panthers. People were swaying, jumping, rubbing, gyrating, dancing. A man’s ass was a vibration against his partner’s groin. She only got a glimpse of what was down the main hall, for Deidre was pulling her up the stairs. The wood creaked under their feet.

“We’re so excited to have you here!” Deidre smiled over her shoulder. Mina had to look away from the swinging ass in her face, but she caught the vague shape of a tattoo. The second floor of Salvation was dimly lit, and boasted a spectacle of a main room. Brass candelabras matched the final chandelier. People were gathered around a large black stage in the middle of the room. Mina heard someone scream, and the crowd rustled.

Straddling the bar were statues of naked women, arms tied and raised above their heads. The furniture was sparse, with stools at the bar and two sofas against each wall. The cushions changed from white to maroon, the bar to obsidian, and a pair of grander doors from crimson to a blinding white. Multiple shelves of toys on either sides of these doors, from what she could see, supplied floggers, ball gags, and riding crops, among many other goodies. A first-aid kit was secured under a lit up sign.

In a corner, there was a smaller crowd. A tall blond was tied to a St. Andrew’s cross, blindfolded and naked, thin pink lines marking his chest. A Domme in a metallic red bodysuit, fishnets, and red high heels, whispered something that made him smile and nod. She pinched his nipple playfully, producing a yelp, then went to retrieve a toy, her steps swaying and slow. Mina could feel his anticipation while the people talked amongst themselves. She took a shaky breath in.

“I’m excited to be here! This place is amazing,” she marveled.

“Wait til you see the basement,” the Goddess winked and laughed, patting Mina’s hand gently. “But that is another day! Tonight, we talk business.”

Just before the entry were two hallways. Deidre led her down the left. It was lined with candelabras, oblong tables, and square Betturkey mirrors. There were more baskets like the ones on the porch. They passed by elegantly detailed wood doors with glittering knobs. Mina wondered what laid beyond.

They reached the end of the hall and were welcomed by a massive photograph. A naked woman hung in profile about a foot from the ground, cradled in red Shibari rope. Her arms were bound tight to her back, hands gripping her elbows. One leg curved upwards behind her and the other pointed down. Brown hair flowed free. Every part of her, except above her neck, was adorned with red diamonds. She seemed at peace, her face serene, her gaze towards the floor. It was if she were sleeping.

Mina’s body was on fire, her mind the same. She felt her cheeks grow hot. A little past the picture was a pair of doors that were smaller than the others, but had no less of a presence. They were the original doors of the house, the weathered wood a shade duller than the exterior white paint. She stood by two roaring lions while Deidre muttered at the keypad.

The doors opened and Mina was stunned by the huge windows that pronounced each wall. The billowing red curtains were drawn, and the view of the night made her artistic heart yearn. The furniture was sleek and black, different from the updated plush of outside. The floor was in the same condition as the door, but was protected by thick black and white Persian rugs. To the other side, there was a small kitchen, with cupboards and a sink matching the era of the house. There was a modern fridge and a long black table with regular dining chairs. In the corner, there was another door and keypad. A shining vintage liquor cart was nestled by a lazy fire. A loud moan came from behind the couch.

“Dylan, honestly!” Deidre scolded as they rounded the corner. A woman, nude except for a pink garter belt, was laying back on the cushions, a man’s eager head and quick hand between her legs. Mina’s lips parted at the sight and she looked away. Neon green hair hung over the edge of the seat and along small, perky breasts. Dylan started grinding her pussy against the man’s face, his groans muffled by her flesh. Her breath was hitched, her chest heaving, and Mina couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sound. Dylan screamed, her body growing red. She was in complete concentration, her hips spazzing before she arched her back and came, hard. She writhed and gripped his hair, moaning and cumming and shaking, all the while his tongue kept flicking her clit. Deidre took Mina’s hand and quietly left the room, shutting the door on Dylan’s wild release.

Outside, a trio rounded the corner. A bearded man, tattooed and thin with a buzz-cut, was dressed in a leather vest and pants. He had multiple facial piercings, big hoop earrings, and his lips were dark green. A V-neck clung to the other man’s muscular frame, opened deep to reveal a wide, smooth chest. He wore dark red loafers, black slacks, various gold rings, and his hair naturally lush. The woman was in a bright red dress, short and snug on an ass bigger than Deidre’s toned cheeks. Dirty blonde hair ran from down her shoulder in a long, thick braid. Mina’s portfolio was in her purple manicured hands.

“What luck! Wilhemina, this is Mistress Nadine, and Masters Jonathan and Xo.”

“Mina, please,” they shook hands politely.

“Dylan’s with Seb,” Deidre informed. They stood awkward for a moment until Nadine broke the silence.

“So Mina, how long have you been in the scene?” She asked, a dimple in her cheek.

“About eight years. I took a break for school but came back when I realized I-,” she was going to say ‘needed it’ but thought again, “-missed it.”

Nadine raised her eyebrows, surprised those words came so bluntly, “Your honesty is refreshing.”

The door opened and Dylan stood in a black robe, her hair a mess. A man the Army must’ve built kissed her shoulder before leaving. They all sat at the table and Mina placed her camera on her lap.

“It tells a story, no?” Xo looked at her past a thick curl, unzipping her portfolio.

“Yes. The journey of a submissive,” Mina took a breath, preparing her words. “The first picture, as you can see, she’s fully clothed, turned slightly away. She’s shy, yet willing. Pliable,” Mina’s eyes swept over the Masters and Mistresses of Salvation as they thumbed through the pages. “The photographs follow her as she grows, and they’re evidence of her choice to submit. They record her limits, they capture her serenity, her tears, the pain, the pleasure. I wanted to show her devotion through these pictures, but it was hard, not having that experience firsthand…”

They murmured. “Or something like that,” Mina said, uncertain.

“Do keep that confidence, dear. You’ll need it!” Jonathan advised. Nadine poked his bicep. “What! It’s true… Only the truly wicked can survive here.” He wiggled his eyebrows and laughed, his hoops jingling.

“I hope I live up to your expectations,” Mina rebutted. He seemed taken aback, but then laughed even louder, Betturkey Giriş causing Dylan to roll her eyes.

“As you know, this is an exclusive club, so first and foremost, discretion is the utmost priority. As these pictures will be your creative property, we can’t stop you from using them in your portfolio. But we require that you do not share names or location, and the models must sign a release form. Also, you may not use these pictures for any other ventures,” Deidre presented her with a few pages stapled together, and a pen. “Second-“

“Deidre, let us have some of the fun,” Nadine’s voice was taunting. She leaned forward in her chair, emerald eyes playful. “Mina, we’re a family here. We can’t just let a stranger roam these halls, you understand. Rules are rules, but you don’t work with a contract, you work with a person, with emotions, and a past, and dreams. We need to trust you, and you us, and you can’t just sign away your trust, right? So, tell us. Who is Wilhemina?”

Mina thought of what to share, “I’m a black belt in TaeKwonDo, my favorite painting is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. I have three tattoos and two siblings. I’m a Leo, an optimist, and I love snakes. My art moved me to a studio apartment downtown from the Great Lakes in hopes of fame. And as you can see, I’m doing pretty well,” she splayed her hands out. Dylan began tapping her nails on the table, bored.

“You like to joke,” Xo looked up, his brow deeply creased. For a moment, Mina thought he disliked that fact, but suddenly his dark eyes lit up, “We all need humor.”

She let out a rush of breath. Jonathan noticed and patted Xo’s shoulder. “I think you scared her.”

“She has no idea,” Xo threw his head back and laughed, a sinister yet joyous sound.

“Second!” Deidre cleared her throat. Jonathan scrunched his nose. “Safewords are mandatory and to be discussed between consensual parties before any scene. This is important, in order to acknowledge and respect everyone’s limits. Anyone who disregards a safeword will be reported to the police, as that is sexual assault!”

“Third,” Jonathan said, “A, absolutely no drugs. B, no drinking if you’re going to play in the rooms. To be safe, you need to be level-headed. A lot of shit can go wrong, and people can get seriously messed up. Best be sober and aware.” Mina listened attentively, her back straight, her body language and vibe responsive. They observed her and though her hands got clammy, she stayed confident in herself. She signed the contract with a fluid hand and it was passed down the line of five. They all stood up in understanding. Their handshakes were different this time; something had changed between them.

“Could I actually take some pictures tonight?” Mina asked as Xo gave back her portfolio.

“Very eager. Curious. That is a quality that can lead down some dangerous roads, Mina. Are you ready for that?” He jokingly flirted.

“To interrupt a scene for a picture would be a great first impression,” Dylan mused and Jonathan coughed up his drink.

“Yes, I agree, first impressions are important,” Mina addressed her for the first time that night, a teasing whip in her tone, “And I will always cherish ours, Mistress Dylan.”

Deidre gasped and erupted in laughter. Dylan scoffed and resigned herself to her drink. The trio exchanged looks and Jonathan shrugged over his glass.

“Don’t feed into it, Mina! Dylan’s always a little crabby…” Xo pinched Dylan’s cheek playfully. “But you’re welcome to watch.” He offered, causing Mina to pause before the door and turn around.

“Really?” She didn’t try to hide her excitement, her smile already so wide.

“Of course! Come, I think a performance is just about to begin,” Deidre looped her arm in Mina’s. “Probably where Connor’s hiding.”

Before she could ask about this Connor, Mina was being dragged down the hall. In the main room, the people had now dispersed from the stage. The platform looked newly cleaned, with a wooden horse on display. Steps were on either side, no doubt to make the transition easier. Mina’s eyes widened; she knew what they were, but had never experienced the splitting sensation of one. People were relaxing by the bar or talking on a couch, and the smell of sweat and alcohol lingered in the air. The tall blond in the corner was now turned opposite, his backside beet red. His Domme was busy untying him from the cross. Xo came to help, the sub nearly collapsing in his arms. The woman wrapped a blanket around the sub’s soldiers, kissed him on the cheek and with Xo’s help, walked him out of the room.

The lights dimmed, and conversations turned to whispers. Mina looked around the room, at the heated faces of strangers who all shared one thing in common. Their voices died down. The white doors opened and a man, dressed in a simple black shirt and jeans, led a naked woman by a pink leash. She crawled a few paces behind. Mina couldn’t quite see his face, but his presence… Well, she could feel that completely. The room was quiet except for their steps.

He led the woman to the stage and pointed to the floor. With knees spread wide, back straight, and palms up on her thighs, she stayed still while he made sure the wooden horse was stable. He motioned for her to stand up, and fixed her black cat ears. He massaged her arms and whispered calmly to her. She nodded, smiling, her body relaxed. He smacked her ass, hard, and the audience laughed. The kitty stepped up to the horse, and took a moment to before gripping and straddling the wooden triangle. Her breathing was trained, long and calm, as gravity began to push her body down. Her buttcheeks tightened then released, her feet flexed then relaxed. Her hands supported the majority of her weight, though her clit had already began to swell from the pressure.

The man walked to the shelves, his fingers running over the handles of various toys. He decided on a simple soft flogger. Mina tried to distinguish his face when he turned around, but the room was too dark. He seemed to glide to the stage. He regarded the submissive and she nodded again. He started on her back. His motions were swift, calculated, and to a beat similar to her heart’s. The sub closed her eyes. The hits landed harder with each round, and Mina was fascinated with how controlled she was. Her back grew pink, and her body twitched slightly after every strike. The rhythm began to crescendo, and so did she, if her gasps and whimpers were any sign.

“May I please cum, Sir?” was wrenched from the woman’s lips. He started to hit her even harder, the sounds making Mina squirm. “Please, Sir, pleasee…?”

“Yes.” Mina would remember that sound. The woman screamed to the ceiling as he hit her again, and again, up and down her entire back, while she gripped hard to the wood. She gasped for air as she continued to cum, the flicks of his wrist pushing her further and further away from reality.

“Thank you, Sirrr…!” Her throat vibrated on a growl, and the audience clapped. The Dom let up on her skin when her body slumped forward, slowing the rhythm down to every other second, and eventually stopped.

“Hands,” he said after her breathing resumed normal. She arched her back, presenting her breasts, and gripped the wood behind her. Her nipples looked hard as stone. Mina felt that stir deep in her core. He began his rhythm again, a slow tease starting at her midriff. The kitty’s breasts were hit the most and the hardest, and they were a deep pink before long. She cried out with every blow, but she kept the position as best as she could. The flogger hit her right above her clit and she screamed, almost losing her balance. He stepped forward quickly but she shook her head and regained composure. Mina looked around the room again, and some couples were kissing, hands wandering, while others watched on. The Dom began again, and the sound of the flogger on wet flesh had Mina breathing heavily. Time passed by so slow, even when his rapid wrist flicks

“Sir, may I please cum again?” The woman gritted her teeth, her body vibrating with his rhythm. He was silent first, intent on her face. He kept hitting her breasts, her pink nipples erect. She was nearly drooling when he said yes. She screamed her thanks, again and again, to the ceiling, to the crowd, to the blinding pleasure she was losing herself in. The Dom reached her limit and dropped the flogger, scooping her up in his arms. The applause was a thunderstorm.

When it quieted and people began to leave down the stairs, Nadine turned to her, “What a show, right?”

“Who was that?” She asked, still dazed.

“That was Michelle and our Master Connor. They always work so well together, they rarely play with anyone else. Can’t you tell?”

“Oh. Yes, they definitely do,” Mina pushed away her disappointment. “When should I be here on Saturday?”

Deidre tilted her head and looked her over. Of course she would notice, Mina thought. “Five, my dear,” the Goddess replied.”Bring some friends!” Jonathan proposed, emerging from the doorway. “Preferably of the tall and burly kind.”

“So.. A bear?” Mina winked at her pun. Damn, did she love puns.

“You get me,” he laughed and sat down next to her. Dylan groaned, but her face lit up as soon as Seb stepped into the room. She nearly ran to him and they walked out, holding hands. Mina smiled, a tug at her heart. Xo bid them good night as he walked to the bar.

“He makes her better. Not so mean,” he explained as he uncorked a bottle of red. He set out five glasses and poured a good amount into each.

“None for me, thanks. I’m calling it a night,” Mina gathered her camera and portfolio, holding it to her chest. Suddenly, she felt very small. Someone had walked in, but kept at the doorway, watching them. Jonathan looked past her and smirked, then looked back to his wine.

“I wouldn’t be so sure…” He whispered to Nadine, and she giggled. Deidre glared at them.

“I guess I’m late for the party,” a thick accent made her jump. She turned to face him, wishing she had left a minute sooner. He looked like Michelangelo’s David. Dark brown hair framed the sharp angles of his face. His mouth looked soft. His eyes were oceans in a thunderstorm, swirling grays and dark blues casually scanning over her. She didn’t like that.

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