Rectal Examination

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I’m curious: would you read a story about medically induced rectal prolapse?

The church featured in this story is a fictional organisation from my novel (and ensuing anthology)

Rise of the Church: Zadie’s Journey.

I condone only safe, consensual sex in real life.

The characters are over 18.

Please enjoy!

Rectal Examination

‘Have you had much anal sex since I last saw you?’ said Doctor Wright.

Becky paused for a moment. ‘Only once.’

‘Ah. Have you engaged in more frequent anal masturbation?’

‘Not really, to be honest.’

‘You should make more of an effort to work out those anal muscles – it’ll do them some good!’

Becky shifted in her chair. ‘I’ll get myself a sex toy or—’

‘Oh, you don’t already have an anal dildo or butt plug?’

Becky shook her head.

‘Didn’t your university issue you a set?’

‘I missed freshers’ week, so I didn’t get that stuff.’

‘That’s alright – I can issue you with something.’

Becky smiled. ‘That’d be great, thank you!’

‘Well,’ said Doctor Wright, rising from behind his desk, ‘it’s unlikely much has changed, but let’s have a look at you anyway.’

Becky knew the drill, and the doctor didn’t need to prompt her to follow him to the medical chair. This was her sixth monthly rectal examination, and she knew exactly what to expect. It was the first year that the examination had been a mandatory requirement for all girls in her university, and it was supposed to monitor and encourage healthy anal development during a vital period of their young adult lives. All of Becky’s friends had joined the uni knowing that they would be obliged to attend the appointments, but she had heard of some older girls kicking up a fuss. There was little they could do to protest, though, as it was not a policy unique to their college; since the Secular Church of Acceptance – or the SCoA – had taken over the education system, it had been pressuring establishments to implement it, and this college was one of the last to do so.

‘I’ll apply some oil to your chest as usual,’ said Doctor Wright, fetching a small bottle as his patient climbed onto the big, faux-leather chair.

Becky nodded and let him unzip the cropped, satin hoodie of her clinic uniform. He had previously told her that the aroma from the oil would help her relax and ease the passage of the things that he would insert into her anus. The best place to apply it was on her chest, as it was close to her nose.

‘I’m sure these are a bit bigger every time I see you,’ he said with an appreciative smile as he pushed the silky material to the sides and exposed her breasts. He gently pinched her dark pink nipples. ‘You cold?’

‘It’s not very warm,’ she said, watching his fingers tweak and roll her swollen nubs. She suspected that he kept the room cool for this purpose – it was the same every time.

‘I’ll have to get the heating fixed,’ he said, dripping some oil onto her chest.

Becky waited patiently while he massaged the oil into her breasts – they glinted in the harsh medical lighting, and his slick fingers glided over the silky-smooth skin, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh for some time longer than necessary. She thought he spent longer doing this with each successive appointment, and she could tell that he was enjoying it, but she stayed quiet and left him to it.

Her hospital uniform was similar to that worn by the novices of the SCoA; the little zip-up hoodie was made of a delicately soft fabric that gave a lustrous sheen, and the flared skirt was barely long enough to cover her bottom. Underwear was forbidden, but high heels were mandatory, and the face and hair were expected to be presented to a high standard. Becky had given herself extra time that morning to perfect her makeup and style her hair into a masterpiece of curls and plaits. She had sat in class earlier in the day knowing that everyone knew at a glance that she was soon going to have a doctor poking around her anus. To eliminate any possibility of doubt, the words ‘Rectal Examination Clinic’ were emblazoned in a large font on her back.

‘Feeling relaxed?’ said the doctor, his eyes fixed on her chest as he moulded it into an endless variety of pleasing shapes.

‘Yes, thank you.’

He planted his hand between her shimmering breasts and gently pushed her back into the chair. ‘Let’s have a look at your rectum, then!’

Reclining in the padded seat, Becky lifted and spread her legs, letting her skirt fall back and expose her bald vulva as she placed her dainty calves in the stirrups. She watched passively as the doctor secured her wrists and ankles with sturdy straps, and she tried to control her breathing while he smothered his hand in a thick gel. She braced herself for what was to come – no matter how many times she underwent the procedure, she was always quite anxious at this point.

Doctor Wright gave her a warm smile as he began marmaris escort to tickle her puckered sphincter. ‘Do you look forward to this?’

‘Err… I don’t know.’

He gave her sparkling breasts an affectionate rub. ‘It’s okay to enjoy it – I won’t hold it against you!’

Becky didn’t know what to say. She had never thought of it as something she was even permitted to take pleasure in – people would surely think she was weird if she admitted to enjoying a medical appointment that way. On deeper reflection, she knew that she had actually been quite turned on during previous examinations, but she had buried those memories in a dark pit of shame to be kept secret even from herself.

A couple of digits slipped inside her, and she felt them contracting and writhing as they explored her innards. A third finger crept in, and a fourth stretched her open with some ease – they all curled together in a ‘come hither’ motion, emitting little squelching noises and sinking deeper and deeper until half the hand was enveloped by her beleaguered anus.

‘Do you remember your first appointment?’ said the doctor, plunging his hand all the way to the point that the crook of his thumb made contact with her bottom.

Becky heard a sucking sound as a gap formed between the palm of his hand and her straining anal muscles. ‘Of course! It was only six months ago.’

‘You could barely even manage two fingers. Now look at you!’

‘I have you to thank,’ she said with a pretty smile, remembering the seven-day intensive course of appointments he had prescribed her. She had been required to miss every afternoon of lectures that week to let him train her untouched anus, but by the end of it, she was as ready as any respectable woman to receive anal visitors.

He smiled and used his free hand to spread her flushed labia. ‘It’s nice to see that this makes you so wet.’

‘Do other girls get wet when you do this?’ she said as he slid a fingertip up and down her slit.

‘Most do,’ he said, swirling the finger around her little opening before holding it up for her to see its shimmering tip. ‘That’s not the lube!’

Becky smiled anxiously. ‘Please don’t tell anyone I get wet. They’ll—oh!’

Doctor Wright caressed her moist vulva reassuringly as he inserted his thumb into the already overly stretched anus. ‘Your secret is safe with me – we have a little thing called doctor-patient confidentiality!’

Becky was unable to reply as the doctor drove all five digits inside, pushing inward, withdrawing and diving in again, insistently goading the besieged orifice into submission. She stopped herself from crying out multiple times, but she knew that the biggest challenge was still to come, and she prayed that she would be able to hold it together this time and make the doctor proud.

He grabbed a gleaming breast. ‘Ready?’

She nodded and gasped as his knuckles finally bullied their way inside, his entire hand plunging into her bowel.

‘That’s the first time you didn’t scream,’ he said, gently stroking her soft rectal walls once she had recovered from the shock.

She gave a tired smile, looking forward to the pain of her obscenely dilated anus receding. Wrapped around his comparatively thin wrist, her sphincter was enjoying a much-needed break, and despite the lingering discomfort, she was able to focus on the strange but pleasant sensations as his hand tenderly caressed her internal organs.

‘Your intestines and stomach feel healthy,’ he said twisting and turning his hand as he felt her insides.

Just as her breathing returned to normal, the doctor pulled out past the knuckles and began to fist her in earnest, adjusting the stirrups and pushing her knees right back against her shoulders so that her bottom stuck out more severely, as though in offering to him. She whimpered piteously, writhing and squirming as the man repeatedly reached into her little belly and relentlessly harried her helpless rectum. His free hand danced excitedly from breast to breast, roughly fondling them as the intensity of his onslaught peaked.

Becky felt herself nearing orgasm, her pussy flooding with moisture and radiating pleasure throughout her little body despite not being the direct receiver of the vigorous stimulation. She found herself moaning unashamedly over the sloppy noises emanating from her jostled bowels; she was almost begging for blessed relief, and she was just on the verge—

‘Your rectum should be sufficiently loosened up now,’ said Doctor Wright, withdrawing his glittering hand and releasing her aching breasts.

‘No! Don’t stop!’ she cried, her battered orifice remaining hopelessly agape while the doctor fetched his tools.

He laughed as he pressed a transparent plastic cup against her lethargically closing anus. ‘I’m afraid I have a schedule to stick to!’

Becky groaned with frustration as he began to squeeze a rubber bulb pump which connected to the cup by a short hose, creating a seal around her still recovering orifice. She immediately marmaris escort bayan regretted her little outburst, and she made a valiant effort to compose herself again.

‘I have a feeling you’ll prolapse nice and quickly today,’ he said, slipping a couple of fingers into her slick pussy.

Becky felt the vacuum pull at her damaged anus, and as he continued to pump, the outward force increased, and her innards inched further and further into her exterior sphincter. The fingers inside her creamy twat prodded and pressed insistently against her delicate vaginal walls, helping to coax the neighbouring organ toward the exit. Her sphincter was wide open, but instead of a cavernous gape, a wrinkled and glistening mass of rectal tissue could be seen desperately clinging to the safety of the interior.

She gasped for breath when something abruptly gave way and her rectum burst out of her body, filling the suction cup with glinting red flesh. She shuddered and spasmed in her restraints, and the doctor jerked his hand away just as the crystal-clear juices squirted from her gaping pussy and cascaded over the plastic cup. She had been deeply embarrassed when she had climaxed the first time her rectum had been extracted, but Doctor Wright had reassured her that it was a perfectly normal response.

‘That was a powerful one!’ said the doctor, sliding his fingers among her engorged inner labia and spreading her sparkling juices around her smooth mons.

Becky’s breathing slowly calmed as she entered a dreamlike state, her mind drifting from the doctor’s surgery even while the man continued to pump and goad her displaced organ deeper into the cup.

‘I’ll leave you like that for a while,’ he said, leaving the suction device hanging from her bottom as he moved around the medical chair. ‘Should let your rectum get used to being outside your body.’

Becky smiled absently at him as he began to massage her glossy breasts, but she started to feel a little awkward when it became apparent that he was acting only for his own enjoyment rather than any medical benefit. She heard the groans and yelps of girls in neighbouring rooms and wondered how she had not registered them earlier.

‘Your chest is always a pleasure to play with,’ said Doctor Wright, squashing her breasts together quite forcefully before pulling them apart and repeating the movement. ‘There’s definitely more to play with than when you started coming to me, though!’

Becky gave him a polite smile and waited patiently for him to content himself.

‘I could play with them all day. If only I didn’t have a schedule to maintain!’ he said, giving her a final squeeze before grabbing the cup containing her prolapsed rectum. ‘Let’s have a look down here.’

Cool air enveloped her exposed rectal tissue as soon as the doctor popped the cup off her bottom, and he quickly wrapped a constricting band around the base of the protruding organ to hold it outside her body.

The doctor laughed, noticing the globules of white liquid on the bulging rosebud. ‘Is that Professor Anderson’s semen again?’

‘He wanted to come inside me before my appointment again,’ she said, rolling her eyes.

Doctor Wright chuckled to himself and gently squeezed the prolapsed organ, his fingers sliding in the creamy seminal fluids which coated the delicate folds of glistening red tissue. ‘Mind if I take a little video for him?’


He cupped her rectum and palpated it softly as he brandished his camera phone and spoke at it. ‘You’re quite the joker, aren’t you, Ted?’ He pointed the camera at his patient’s transformed genitals. ‘You’ll run out of semen to put in them at this rate!’

Becky smiled as the doctor pointed the camera at her face, but she winced slightly when he grabbed her breast a little too forcefully before returning his hand to her fleshy protuberance.

The doctor grinned and absently caressed his patient as he sent the short video to his friend. He pointed the phone at her once more and casually took a couple of photos before finally putting down the device.

‘Your rectum looks and feels healthy,’ he said, inserting a fingertip into the little opening at the centre of the mass of glistening tissue. ‘The nurse did a good job cleaning you as usual.’

Becky had received a thorough enema in the preparation room before her appointment; the clinic was busy, so she had been crammed in, shoulder to shoulder, with several other girls on all fours, long hoses delivering a cleansing solution from transparent bags dangling from metal frames.

‘You don’t feel any pain while I squeeze it like this?’

‘No,’ she said with a smile, though it always felt weird and surreal when he touched her rectum outside her body.

He smiled as he groped and fondled the displaced organ. ‘It’s nice not to have to use that horrible old speculum, isn’t it?’

She smiled and nodded as he removed the constricting band.

He pushed her rectum back inside, his entire hand plunging in marmaris eskort after it, making her jolt and writhe in her bonds, arching her back and clenching her fists. He chuckled when the glinting organ popped back out after he withdrew his lubricious appendage, along with a fresh pulse of moisture from her open pussy.

‘It looks like you might need an aid to protect against accidental prolapsing,’ he said, slipping his hand briefly back inside her little belly and observing as her insides fell out after it again. ‘Keep this in for the rest of the day.’ He retrieved a substantial butt plug from a nearby drawer. ‘We don’t want you suffering any embarrassment!’

Becky smiled, her juices dribbling from her vacant twat as her innards were pushed back into place once more. Her genitals were given some respite while the doctor lubricated the sex toy, but her defeated anus remained agape as though patiently waiting to receive the bulbous object. When the time came, it swallowed the considerable girth without any resistance, welcoming it into the bowel and closing weakly around the narrow neck.

‘That’s yours to keep,’ said Doctor Wright, his hand splashing softly as he patted her sodden pussy. ‘I think we can move on to your vagina.’ He retrieved the pump and pressed the cup firmly against her glimmering vulva. ‘This is my favourite part.’

Becky had never quite understood why she had to have her pussy pumped, but she never questioned it. The SCoA advocated the aesthetic enhancement of the female form, but she didn’t think the procedure made her vulva more attractive, and it returned to normal soon enough anyway.

She felt her mound yield to the vacuum, slowly bulging and rising into the cup, the outer lips parting and the inner labia blossoming forth. Her clitoris popped out from under its hood, glistening beneath the transparent plastic and aching a little as the pump pulled at it ever more insistently.

‘I’m just going to leave you here for a few minutes while I get a bite to eat,’ said the doctor, rising from his chair and giving her lustrous breasts a playful squeeze. ‘That should be plenty of time for the vacuum to do its work.’

Becky smiled as he left the room. She knew by now that ‘a few minutes’ in Doctor Wright’s surgery meant fifteen or twenty, so she shifted her little body as much as the restraints would allow and made herself as comfortable as she could on the cold, leather padding. She was surprised when the door swung open again after only a couple of minutes.

‘Oh, sorry, I saw the doctor leave,’ said a skinny, white-haired man in the overalls of a maintenance person. ‘Thought the room would be empty!’

Becky was acutely aware of her obscenely displayed genitals, and it seemed he was, too. ‘He just went for some food.’

The bloke stood awkwardly in the doorway for another moment. ‘Do you mind if I just do what I was going to—’

‘Sure, that’s fine,’ she said, forcing a smile.

‘Thanks,’ he said, approaching her with an apologetic look.

‘Oh, what’re you—’

‘It’s actually the chair I need to look at,’ he said, kneeling by her side and opening his toolbox. ‘Doc said there’s an issue.’

‘Uh… okay,’ said Becky as he began to fiddle with some of the chair’s moveable parts beneath her.

She listened to his breathing while he worked – it sounded rather laboured despite his task not appearing particularly arduous. It was more prominent than the creaking and clinking emitted by the chair and his metal implements, and it began to irritate her a little.

‘You’re having your pussy pumped, then?’ he said, grinning at her as he tightened a bolt.

‘Yep, I guess I am.’

‘I love a freshly pumped pussy – it’s like a work of art.’

Becky smiled politely, letting another silence linger and willing the doctor to return.

‘Well, it was nice chatting with you,’ he said, putting away his tools and rising to his feet.

‘That was quick!’ said Doctor Wright, appearing at the door with a beaming smile. ‘Thanks for sorting that, Bill!’

‘My pleasure,’ said the maintenance man, heading to the exit. ‘Let me know if there’s anything else.’

‘Stay for a moment – I think you deserve a treat,’ said the doctor, taking his place between Becky’s legs and pulling at the suction cup. It took a little force but came free with a pop, revealing her flushed and puffy genitalia to the ageing workman. ‘Isn’t that just divine?’

Bill nodded slowly, his eyes glued to the glinting spectacle. ‘It is beautiful.’

‘Would you mind if our hardworking friend here touches your genitals?’ said Doctor Wright, rubbing Becky’s soft tummy.

‘That’s fine,’ she said as his hand made its way to her breasts.

‘That’s very kind of you,’ he said, rubbing her chest appreciatively.

‘Thank you so much,’ said Bill, still in awe as he began to tentatively explore her proffered pussy.

He caressed her bulging vulva, appreciating its sparkling, swollen features. He patted it gently but firmly and grinned as it wobbled like jelly, and he slid his fingers among her obscenely protruding inner labia. A fingertip swirled around her engorged clit before descending to her open entrance and slipping inside. She squirmed and gasped lightly at the unexpected intrusion.

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