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Jill watched out the window as her brother returned from another date with that incredible bitch Brenda. Sure enough, she could see it all the way from her bedroom window, the quick adjustment, the slight limp in his walk and yes, even the bulge in his pants. Sure enough Brenda proved to be a complete tease once again. Jill knew the cunt’s style, let the guys touch you a bit, maybe even let them get a finger in your pussy, but in the end you leave them just hot and bothered as you kiss them good night and head back into your dorm room. Jill had heard that Brenda carries it even a bit further, letting the guys finger fuck her until she comes, but then when it’s time to reciprocate, she suddenly remembers she has to get home early.

Jill hated the bitch and she especially felt sorry for her little brother Danny. Yeah he wasn’t the hottest guy around and he still lived at home while he attended college, but he was a nice guy and sure didn’t deserve to be teased so unmercifully. She listened to him open the door to the house and walk slowly up the stairs, careful not to wake up their parents. Jill knew he’d head straight to his room, pull off his clothes and stroke his cock until he came. Her room was next to his gaziantep ofise gelen escort and after every date of his, she could hear the bed squeak rhythmically as he fucked his hand.

She listened for him to head past her room and close his door, she then planned to quickly head to his door and slip in before he started jacking off. It may not do any good, but she’d at least tell him what Brenda was doing to him and that she’d done it plenty of times before with other guys. It might hurt him some, but he was going to have to find out sooner or later, at least he won’t be quite as embarrassed with her.

When she heard the door latch she stepped out of her room heading for his door, but she had to pause a moment when she noticed her dad had wandered out of his bedroom. Leaning back against her door hoping he didn’t see her, she watched as her dad glanced toward Danny’s room, apparently noticed the light shining out from under his door and then headed back into his bedroom. Jill quickly moved down the hall, lightly knocked on Danny’s door and then slipped in his room.

He sat on the bed, his face crimson red and held a big gaziantep öğrenci escort pillow over his lap. Simply staring at her in complete silence, he had a look of complete confusion, probably wondering what Jill was doing barging in like that. “What are you doing?” he asked her.

“Danny, look, something has been bothering me. About you and Brenda,” she said, not entirely sure how to say what she needed to say. “Danny, she’s playing you, she does this will all the guys. She’s a cock-teaser Danny and she has been teasing you all along.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, she lets you do things to her right?”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling. “Fun things.”

“But does she do anything for you? I mean she just gets you worked up and then leaves you hanging.”


“It’s just not right Danny.”

“All girls aren’t like that?” he asked.

“No Danny, the ones who treat you right will either not do all those things to get you worked up, or if they do, eventually they will reciprocate. Brenda doesn’t do that does she?”

“No, but I still have fun.”

“The only reason she’s doing it with you is to play with you, oğuzeli escort get you worked up and then watch you squirm as she goes back into her dorm. Don’t you get it?”

“But I enjoy it, she’s all woman and lets me take a peek at it all.”

“No Danny, if she was all woman, she’d do this,” she said, grabbing his pillow and yanking it out of the way. He quickly moved his hands to cover up what was left of his erection.

Jill climbed onto the bed and forcefully pulled his hands away and slipped her mouth down over his cock, feeling it immediately harden. As Danny remained in shocked silence, she began sucking him hard, bobbing her head up and down while moving her hand to his shaft and stroking it. He leaned back, resting his hands on the bed and lifting his hips up to push his cock deeper into her mouth.

He must have had himself close to coming when she originally walked in, because in almost no time, she heard him begin to moan and his shaft suddenly thickened in her hand. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth and then felt the warm gush of cum as it spurted from her brother’s cock again and again. Pulling her head back a bit, the swallowed several times and then sucked on his head a bit to draw out the last droplets of his cum.

Jill then stood up and glared into his eyes and said, “If Brenda was a real woman, she would have done that to you a long time ago.” She then backed off the bed, stood up and stared at him. Her mind whirled as she tried to comprehend the fact that she had just given her brother a blow job, from the looks of his face, perhaps his first blow job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32