Rebellious Princess Ch. 05

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Beth walked quickly down the street as she dialled Troy’s number, “Troy! I’m on my way to see Badger and I need you to cover for me okay? Tell your parent’s you’re going out with me so my parents don’t get suspicious.”

With her alibi set, she pulled the rear door of the escalade open and climbed in, “Hi Coal.”

Coal looked at her with disdain, “Do I look like your muthafuckin driver bitch?”

“What? Badger said to meet you here.” Beth was confused.

Coal leaned over and opened the passenger door, “Get your stupid white ass up here.”

As he drove he spoke out loud to himself for Beth’s benefit, “Damn white slut, making the boss man wait; making me wait. I’ll remember this, mmhmm, I will. When I get my turn, I’m gonna break your stupid little white ass.”

Beth sat silently and feared his choice of the words “when he gets his turn,” like it was a foregone conclusion.

Coal opened the door to the apartment and let Beth inside. As quickly as possible she made her way to Badger who stood by the couch with an angry face, “I’m sorry Daddy.”


Beth fell to the floor at Badger’s feet. Her face burned from the backhand she received.

“You never, ever make me wait again snowflake. Now get up!” Badger reached down to take her hand and lifted her back to her feet.

“I’m sorry daddy! It won’t happen again.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Badger tilted her face up, “There better not be a next time. Who owns you snowflake?”

“You do daddy.” Beth looked at her feet. What kind of mess had she gotten herself in to?

Badger pushed her on to the couch and pulled his track pants down allowing his cock to pop free, “Suck it.”

Beth could smell bahis siteleri and taste her pussy on his cock from last night. Licking his shaft, she cleaned herself from him leaving a glistening trail of her saliva over his entire shaft. Stroking him, she lowered her face and licked each one of his huge balls in turn before sucking his swollen head to the back of her mouth.

Badger stood still with his arms at his side watching the petite prize he had claimed. She was stunning. Smooth pale flesh, so innocent looking he couldn’t help but want to corrupt her, “Look at me.” Starring down he smiled as her watery green eyes flashed at him, “Get up on the couch.” He put her in position over the back of it.

Pressing her face in to the soft leather of the couch, she tried to relax. Badgers warm mouth kissed at her ass cheeks as he slowly slid her pants and panties halfway down her thighs. When his tongue pressed at her backdoor she gasped. His focus on her ass made it very clear what was coming.

Her tight asshole squeezed at his tongue as he pushed it inside her. His cock flexed as he remembered how this tight ass squeezed and milked his big cock. Today though, he needed to punish her. Once he felt her ass was sufficiently wet, he stood and rubbed the head of his cock at her entrance.

“Please be gentle!” Beth begged him, “Go slow!”

Badger pushed the head of his cock right in and held it there. The sight of her tiny ass stretched to the max around his big cock was beautiful. Her scream echoing across the apartment was music to his ears.

Tears flowed due to the burning pain of her ass trying to accommodate his thick cock, “Please Daddy, it hurts!”

Badger began slowly, canlı bahis siteleri shallow strokes in and out of her being careful not to let his head pop out, “You need to be punished snowflake. Daddy knows you’re sorry, but there are consequences.”

Beth gasped and yipped as Badger sped up and began pushing himself deeper. In an effort to reduce the depth she pulled herself away from him by pushing herself deeper into the couch. When Badger readjusted himself she was pinned and at the mercy of his big cock again.

Holding her hips, Badger watched as his big cock disappeared deep inside her. He began to fuck her harder until his balls slapped at her pussy. His entire cock impaled inside this tiny girl, he smiled before pulling himself out of her. Her ass gaped in the absence of his cock. He could see the pulse of her racing heartbeat in her ass.

Trying to catch her breath and compose herself, Beth gasped over the back of the couch with a tremendous feeling of emptiness, “No more please Daddy!”

“Almost snowflake, your punishment is almost over.” Badger lined his cock up and buried it all inside her causing her to scream out at the top of her lungs. Over and over he plunged himself in her until his balls began the familiar boil.

Coal shook his head; from the hallway of the apartment it sounded like she was being murdered. He had seen Badger punish a girl before and knew exactly what was happening. His cock stiffened at the sound of her screams and he wondered how long it would be before Badger shared the little white whore with him. He was hopeful it would be today; usually Badger let him help punish a girl when he was insulted. He must really like this one. Coal was confident canlı bahis that he would tire of her at some point and he could introduce her to a really big black cock; if she thinks she’s in pain now, just wait until I fuck her ass.

Badger buried himself deep in her and held himself there as his seed flooded her ass, “Take all that cum.”

Exhausted, Beth lay spent and panting; his cum was hot and she could feel him pulsing and twitching behind her belly button. His cock was so deep inside her; she thought she was going to split in two.

Sated, Badger pulled himself from her and stared into her gaping ass. Faint hints of his seed appeared as he massaged her tiny ass cheeks, “Now we are good snowflake. Daddy wants you to enjoy yourself too, but when you are bad, you don’t get to cum.”

Beth slipped down on her bum; it was sore and she could barely sit, “I’m sorry Daddy.”

Badger kissed her reddened cheek gently before taking her lips. Her delicate lips gave themselves to him and he kissed her tenderly before slowly probing her mouth with his tongue.

He is such an amazing kisser, Beth’s mind raced. When he’s gentle, he’s such a good lover. Pulling her mouth from his she panted in his mouth, “Please don’t ever give me to Coal or anyone else.” Her eyes pleaded as she stared into his.

“You just be a good girl from now on okay?” Badger kissed her as she nodded. “Look after yourself and don’t let me get bored of you.”

Beth knew that would be next to impossible; at some point he would tire of her or find another girl to take her place, “I want you to love me.”

Badger smiled, “Do you love me?”

“I could. If I knew I was yours.” Beth smiled.

“You want to be mine?”

Having weighed the alternative, Beth responded quickly, “Yes!” He owned her whether she liked it of not; it could be worse, he had a terrific cock and she loved the feeling of being so desired by him.

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