Ravendorf Ch. 02

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The horse’s hooves pounded on the ground as Margaret pushed the mare across the open meadow. She wore her hair loose and it flowed behind her as she urged her mount to go faster. She enjoyed the feeling of the animal’s strong flanks on the inside of her legs and the way the saddle rubbed against her body as she urged the majestic creature through the forest.

She had not slept well at all during the night. Every time she had closed her eyes, she had seen Lila’s wet body. Even in the morning light, she could picture the way the moonlight had glistened over the woman’s dark skin. She could still taste Lila’s sweet lips and feel the tongue that had expertly explored her mouth in the rose garden.

Elaine had chattered about the upcoming nuptials as she had helped Margaret dress. Partly from exhaustion and partly because of her churning mind, Margaret had barely commented. Phillip and Father had talked about the property and things at court all morning. She usually loved to hear about the excitement in the King’s palace, but this morning she couldn’t even enjoy the intrigue. Breakfast had been followed by a visit with the seamstress for a final fitting of her wedding gown. She had been poked and prodded by the seamstress and her assistants for an hour. She finally lost herself in her thoughts, imagining that the assistants’ hands were Lila’s. Those thoughts had left her nipples pushing against the fabric of her gown and the juncture between her legs throbbing again. She knew the seamstress had to notice the nipples pressing through the material. A blush crept into her cheeks and she tried to focus on something else.

When the seamstress had finished, Margaret went to the kitchen and filled a canvas sack with fruit and cheese. She thought about going to sit by the lake to enjoy her lunch, but she was afraid that Lila would be there, so she had decided on a long ride through the mountains would ease her body. The groomsman had helped her prepare the roan mare and Margaret had escaped.

Her mind had stayed with her, though. Lila came back again and again. No matter how hard she had pushed, the dark woman had lingered just outside her conscious thoughts. She had thought the ride would ease her discomfort, but instead the rocking on the saddle had spurred the throbbing between her legs to a new height. When she dismounted near the cool creek, she stood beside the horse for a few minutes, breathing hard and making sure her legs were secure underneath her.

She secured the mare with a long rope and dipped her toes into the creek. The frigid water helped cool the sweat from her forehead and eased the heat that flowed through her blood as well. She spread the blanket on the soft creek bank and sat down to enjoy her cheese and fruit. She usually enjoyed being alone and having the time to think, but today she quickly found herself regretting her decision. Without Elaine or Phillip there to distract her, all she could think about was Lila.

“Perhaps a trip to the priest for confession would have been more productive than this ride,” she grumbled to herself, lying back on the blanket with closed eyes. When she opened them, she cried out in surprise. Lila was standing at the edge of the trees. She wasn’t hiding, but she had come up quietly. Margaret let out a little scream and sat up, turning her body halfway toward the woman as she did.

Lila threw her head back and laughed at Margaret’s shock. It allowed Margaret a moment to take in the gypsy. Her hair was again flowing loosely around her face in a mass of busy curls. The sleeves had been removed from the blouse she wore. Shirt, Margaret corrected. It looked like she was wearing a man’s shirt. Only two of the buttons were fastened. The one directly over her breasts and the next one down hid the globes from view but did not cover her flat brown stomach. Margaret was surprised to see the woman wearing man’s breeches. They fit snugly and did nothing to hide Lila’s curves. She wore boots and her pants were tucked into the tops. She was leading a big black horse.

Silently, Lila led her mount to the creek side. She did not bother tethering the huge animal. She stood beside him, rubbing her hands over his flanks and talking softly in a language Margaret did not understand. “Seems you and I think alike,” Lila said to Margaret as she released the animal and turned to the smaller woman. She put her hands on her hips and stared down at Margaret. From this angle, she seemed to tower over the noblewoman. “It seems you and I must think alike often. We both wanted to swim last night and chose to ride today.” Her voice dropped to the same husky tone that had sent Margaret into turmoil in the clearing the night before. “I just want to know if you are running from the same things that I am.”

“Who said anything about running?” Margaret eryaman escort snapped, not liking the feelings that Lila stirred inside her. She pulled herself to an upright position, trying to keep herself angry. Just being close to Lila was making her insides warm. Her breasts were starting to tighten at the same time the lower part of her body was turning loose.

Lila laughed again, the sound musical. “Okay, so you aren’t running away from anything, which only leads me to wonder why you are as far from the castle as you could get this close to your wedding day.” Margaret sighed and lowered her shoulders, staring at the soft quilt. Lila sat down next to her, taking Margaret’s face in her rough fingers. “Sometimes, it is easier to talk to a stranger,” she said softly, caressing Margaret’s cheek.

Margaret remained very still, not wanting to enjoy Lila’s touch but feeling sparks of pleasure rush through her body nonetheless. She did not pull away and found herself not wanting the gentle caress to end. Margaret’s lips were parted slightly, and she unconsciously extended her tongue to wet her lips. Lila’s dark eyes dropped to Margaret’s shiny lips, focusing on them. Lila leaned forward, touching her mouth to Margaret’s. Margaret did not attempt to move away as Lila’s tongue teased her lips farther apart. The gypsy’s tongue slipped into Margaret’s mouth and explored the dark cave.

She teased Margaret’s tongue, urging the young girl to explore as well. Tentatively, Margaret pushed her tongue into the hot trap of Lila’s lips and attempted to mimic Lila’s movements. Lila tasted of bread and strawberries. She enjoyed the taste and the feel of the woman’s mouth.

Margaret was so involved in the kiss that she was surprised when she felt a hand on her breast. Lila’s fingers had left her face and were now caressing her breast through the material of her dress. Her nipple was hard and pushing against the material. Lila’s hands were brushing over the outline. A moan caught in the back of her throat and spilled into Lila’s mouth. She could feel the area between her legs throbbing again. The sensation seemed even more concentrated today than it had the previous night.

Margaret pulled away from Lila, her breathing ragged. Lila’s hand fell away from the small breast, lightly caressing Margaret’s arm. Her fingertips tickled up and down the inside of Margaret’s arm. Even though Margaret was turned away, she could still hear the woman struggle for breath. “It’s all right, Milady.”

Margaret’s shoulders were shaking, a sign to Lila that the noblewoman was crying. She slid closer, wanting to comfort the small woman. She kissed her neck and shoulder, sliding her arm around Margaret’s waist. “Phillip wants to stay at Ravendorf,” Margaret whispered. “He holds a position at court. I want to go to Vienna. I want to see the world.” She turned suddenly, blinking her shining eyes at Lila. Her voice had a new eagerness to it. “Tell me about your life, Lila. Tell me about the places you have been.”

Lila smiled indulgently and shrugged. “I don’t think of my life as being anything special. It’s all I have ever known. My father is a musician. My mother followed him everywhere, and so have my brothers and I. We have been all across Eastern Europe, but it isn’t necessarily a glamorous life.”

“It is,” Margaret insisted. “Life in a castle isn’t great. It’s stuffy and confined and you have to know all the rules of being a proper lady. I have been to Vienna once, but never any place else. I want to see more of the world than Bavaria.”

Lila smiled, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She held her breath for a moment, and then exhaled softly. “Bavaria is my favorite part of the world, Milady. I think the air is sweeter here, the grass is softer, and the water is cooler.” Margaret turned her attention to Lila as she spoke. “There is something about rising into the mountains that makes one feel closer to God.”

Lila’s eyes were closed and her face upturned in an offering to God. Margaret leaned across the short distance and pressed her lips to Lila’s again, unable to resist the temptation of the inviting lips. Lila froze for a moment, and then returned the kiss, allowing the inexperienced woman to take the lead. Margaret’s tongue prodded and parted Lila’s lips, tasting and exploring the warm cave.

Lila’s hand moved to the flimsy bodice of Margaret’s gown and covered the young girl’s small breast. Margaret pressed into Lila’s hand as she tilted her head and changed the kiss. She felt her nipple tighten at the warm touch.

Lila unlaced the bodice, pulling it apart, keeping Margaret’s attention with her mouth. She pulled away the undergarment and her hand brushed the soft skin, and then touched the hard nipple. Margaret shuddered and moaned. “It’s all right,” Lila eryaman escort bayan whispered.

“Last night,” Margaret muttered with a voice that was breathless and heated. Lila could hear the urgency. “When you were in the lake, you were touching yourself.”

“Yes,” Lila replied, surprised at the passion she heard in her own voice.

“Show me how,” Margaret pleaded. Her body was straining toward Lila. The gypsy sat back to study the young girl. There was no shyness in her face. She looked eager and ready. Her lips were moist and parted. Her breath was shallow. The soft globes of her breasts were spilling from the parted bodice. “Please, Lila,” Margaret pressed, leaning even closer. The bodice fell away more and Lila caught a glimpse of the pink areola.

The sight made her breath catch. Lila tenderly caressed Margaret’s cheek, knowing the girl did not know what she was asking. She tried to list in her head all the reasons why granting Margaret’s request was a bad idea. Margaret was a child in more ways than her age. She had been sheltered by her father behind the thick walls of the castle, unexposed to the world and unable to make her own decisions. She hadn’t even kissed her fiancé.

Margaret’s lack of maturity was not the only reason that Lila knew she should get up and run away. She had told Quinn last night that if Lord Ravendorf’s daughter was injured in anyway, their family would lose his protection. The threat had served to sooth Quinn, but today the knowledge did little to persuade her to release the girl.

Instead, the reasons why it would be good filled her head. When she had come upon Quinn and the girl last night, she had been struck by Margaret’s beauty. Her naked body was without imperfections. Her breasts were small and pert. In her excitement, Margaret’s nipples had been hard. She had interfered less because she feared for Quinn’s safety as she had felt a streak of green jealousy flush through her body. She didn’t want anybody touching that beautiful body.

She had noticed Margaret watching her during the performance. The girl’s green eyes had stayed with Lila as she had journeyed to the secluded spot for her bath. In fact, those penetrating green eyes had been floating in her mind when she had started touching herself in the shallow water. For some reason, she hadn’t been surprised when she had discovered that it was Margaret who had been watching her from the edge of the lake.

The vision of the woman had stayed with her all night. She had tossed and turned in her small bed, unable to find rest. She had gone riding in an effort to wear herself to exhaustion. Her hope was to be so tired that she couldn’t think when she laid down. She hoped to forget the pretty heiress.

However, she wasn’t disappointed to have found Margaret sunning herself beside the creek, and she wasn’t disappointed with Margaret’s request. She wanted to fill it more than anything. Her thumb traced Margaret’s parted lips, followed by the tip of her tongue. She sealed her lips over Margaret’s, slipping her tongue into the warm entrance. She teased Margaret’s tongue into her mouth, showing her how to explore and taste.

While their mouths dueled, Lila slid her hand down the slim column of the girl’s neck. Her fingertips traced the material of the bodice, brushing lightly against the full breasts. Her mouth followed her fingers. Margaret tilted her head back and released a soft moan. Lila finished unlacing the bodice, pushing the sleeves off Margaret’s shoulders. The top of the gown now hung around Margaret’s trim waist. Her upper body was bare. Lila pulled back to look. A flush crept into Margaret and her first impulse was to cover herself, but she saw the admiration in Lila’s face and restrained her arms.

Lila used her body to push Margaret into the blanket. She lay with part of her body at the side of the girl and part of her body over Margaret. Lila’s mouth was moving on Margaret’s neck, bathing the small hollow at the base of her throat. Margaret stayed perfectly still, her arms above her head, unsure what to do as Lila continued her investigation. Her mouth continued downward, into the valley between Margaret’s small breasts. She started up the right breast, her kisses small and quick as she reached the puckered areola. Margaret moaned again as Lila’s tongue reached out and flicked the edge of the hard nipple. Her body lifted, offering more of her breast to the gypsy. Lila’s mouth opened and she sucked the nipple, and then the breast into her mouth. Her tongue moved rapidly in long strokes against the bud as her lips suckled softly.

Margaret writhed under the attentions of Lila’s mouth, her body twitching and rocking in time to the gentle pulls of Lila’s lips. Lila switched her attention to the other breast, treating it to the same escort eryaman sweet ecstasy. Margaret’s body was so attuned to Lila’s mouth that she was unaware of Lila’s hand sliding up her leg. Lila’s hand caressed softly the calf, the back of the knee, and the inside of her thigh. When her fingertips touched the forest of curls, Margaret’s body stiffened. She gasped.

Lila’s finger stroked the outside of Margaret’s sex in soft circles, the pads of her fingers parting the curls. Lila pulled her mouth from Margaret’s breast, whispering soft assurances in her ear as her fingers began tickling along the swollen slit. Margaret whimpered, but her body began to relax. Lila was muttering to her in her native tongue instead of German, but the sound of her voice was still assuring. Instinctively, she lifted her knees and parted her thighs more.

Lila slid her fingers between the gentle folds, moving slowly and giving Margaret time to adjust. She moved then back and forth, pleased at the girl’s wetness. She knew the moment that she touched the small nub in Margaret’s depths. Margaret cried out and her whole body shuddered. Lila pulled back quickly, wanting the sensations to last for Margaret.

The girl lifted her hips in a silent plea. Lila smiled and bent her mouth the Margaret’s breast again. Her fingers found the swollen button and began rocking it back and forth in a steady rhythm. Margaret’s hips began moving in the same time, lifting up and meeting Lila’s strokes. Certain Margaret was ready Lila found the entrance to Margaret’s depths with one of her fingers. She began muttering again in her Roma language. Margaret focused on the woman’s voice as she pushed one finger into the cave. It was uncomfortable for the girl at first, but she found herself relaxing. With one finger fully encased, Lila rotated her thumb over the heart of Margaret’s sex. Margaret was soon moaning in pleasure again and lifting her hips to encourage Lila.

Lila smiled and propped herself on her free elbow so she could watch Margaret’s face and body as her finger started pumping in and out of the tight canal. Margaret was gasping and mumbling incoherently. She tossed her head from side to side, making pleas to God. Lila wasn’t sure if the girl was begging for the pleasure to stop or continue. Lila knew it would only continue. She added a second finger and grinned as Margaret’s eyes widened. The bliss was evident on Margaret’s face. Lila began moving quicker, her movement effortless in the damp tunnel.

She could tell the girl was getting close to her finishing point as she was displaying those signs that all passionate lovers exhibited. Her body was arching from the ground, her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She was moaning constantly now, her cries growing louder. Her breasts were erect and pointed to the sky. Her thighs clenched and Lila could feel the muscles gripping her fingers.

Despite the build up, it hit suddenly. Margaret screamed; her body bucked. Lila held on, allowing her finger to move as Margaret’s hips thrashed. She kept her thumb pressed to the button of pleasure, massaging it as she felt it spasm. Nor did Margaret come down quickly. Sweet aftershocks continued to rack her body even after Lila pulled out. Her muscles flinched in little jerks here and there. Lila kissed her stomach, her breasts, her neck, cheeks, jaw, eyes, forehead, and lips. The girl closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

Lila sat up, pulling away slightly. She put her back to Margaret while the girl recovered, pulling open her breeches. She placed her feet flat on the ground, bending her knees and parting her own thighs. She slid her fingers into the opening and pushed them between her own swollen and wet lips, stroking herself until she was panting and moaning. While she continued to push herself, Margaret regained consciousness. She rose up to watch as Lila’s body shuddered. The woman threw her dark hair back and cried out to the sky in her native tongue. Margaret closed her eyes tightly, feeling another shudder race through her body.

Lila sat panting when she finished. Margaret finished sitting up and scooted closer to the gypsy. “That was beautiful,” she whispered, unable to think of any other words. Lila turned her head and pressed her lips to Margaret’s as they enjoyed the quiet moment. “Thank you for giving that to me.”

“I should have warned you that it is a curse,” Lila said, suddenly rising and gathering herself together. “Once you have experienced extreme pleasure, you will crave it. You’ll be unable to wait until your fiancé takes you to the marriage bed.”

She was now standing next to her mount, her back to Margaret. Margaret did not move from her seat on the ground, confused by Lila’s actions. She frowned but could think of nothing to say as Lila swung onto the horse and straddled the animal’s powerful body. Margaret had never seen a woman ride anything but side saddle and she was surprised by her body’s reaction to the powerful image. Lila clicked her tongue and turned the animal. She spurred him into a gallop and soon disappeared.

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