Rape of the Lock Ch. 1

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I was depressed and lonely. After the acrimonious divorce I was to stay with Mum. The divorce proceedings had taken a year and my Dad had made allegations, which were difficult for me to reconcile with. In the court I was numb with fear when he claimed that he had seen Mum being fucked by three men. He made a graphic description in Court and even one of the men testified against Mum. I thought Mum was glad to get rid of Dad but I was depressed.

My work at college was affected and then one day I was raped. It all happened when I returned home early. I heard noises in the hall way and I stopped in fright. As I peered through the door I saw Mum laughing and there were 4-5 men in various stages of undress.

She had a big smile on her face. Craig our burly neighbor returned her smile and stood in front of her wearing only his underwear, which revealed a healthy sized growing bulge. She was in a white sleeveless nightie her bushy underarms visible though her arms were down. We were both very hairy and I too have extremely hairy underarms and a very full pubic bush. She reached over and squeezed his crotch through his briefs before slowing pulling them down. As his hardening cock was revealed, I couldn’t help but gasp as I saw its massive size. I am no virgin and I have had some moderate sexual experience but Craig’s massive cock was really frightening She traced her fingers over Trevor’s uncircumcised cock before asking him to step closer.

He stepped forward as Mum’s wet mouth met his cock. She slowly began to suck his rod, moaning loudly as she took more and more of his big dick into her mouth. She took her mouth off his erect cock and asked him to lie on the bed. As he did this, she reached over and placed her arm on Peter’s shoulder. He too was naked. Peter was my friend and I was shocked he was in the bedroom with Mum. He used to regularly porno come home with Matt his brother.

Mum crawled between his legs and began sucking his cock slowly, yet very deeply. I could tell she was trying to get as much of his meat into her mouth as possible. Peter moaned and caressed her hair with both his hands. She began to quicken the pace on his cock as she reached between her legs and began to rub her bushy pussy.

I was mad with Mum for sucking off two men in the presence of others but I was transfixed by the size of the cocks and instead I couldn’t bear to take my eyes off this big cock sliding in and out of my beautiful mum’s mouth.

As she quickened the pace, she started jacking Craig off with one hand while she continued to suck on Peter’s massive tool .I could actually see her smiling around Peter’s big dick as it continued to penetrate her mouth. He started grinding his hips and his moaning had become heavy sighs as Mum stopped sucking his cock and started slowly stroking him with a tight grip using her right hand. I sat there for a moment, staring at this big uncircumcised cock being jacked off as my heart started beating what seemed like a hundred miles per hour. Continuing to stare at Peter’s big dick, I saw Matt get between her hairy pussy. Huge shrubs of bushy hair grew in her mound and Matt parted the bushy growth in her pubic triangle sticking his tongue out as far as it would go. Mum continued the pace, stroking Peter’s fat cock as she shagged Craig’s throbbing member.

Suddenly her friend Annie’s husband John came into view stroking his huge member. He pushed his cock into the hard heavy hair in her right underarm. “Sweetie I love the thick bushy hair in your underarms. I am going to fuck your armpits. I love the feel of your bristling hair on my swollen cock” he said as he shoved his shaft into the gleaming anime porno jet-black hair in her bushy armpits.

Not to be outdone a tall stranger who looked like an ape with hair all over his body took his prick and shoved it into her other equally hairy armpits. Mum’s face was glazed with joy as she now had a cock in her mouth, which was fucking her face two in her bushy armpits while she stroked one. The young handsome Matt was reaming her pussy.

Peter’s cockhead was entering her mouth as fast and furiously as he could. The foreskin of Craig that bunched up around her fist as she stroked him was incredibly smooth Mum with her only free hand then grabbed a handful of Matt’s hair and began moving his mouth on her hairy pussy. After about a minute or two of this, a strong hot blast hit the back of her throat, gagging her instantly. Mum quickly pulled Peter’s leaking cock from her mouth A white jet shot up into the air from the stranger’s cock which had been fucking her sweaty hairy underarms which she quickly crammed as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, milking it for everything it was worth

Mum now put Craig’s penis into her mouth and placed a lingering kiss on the tip of his engorged head and took his cock between her luscious lips and began to twirl her tongue around the head. She began to bob furiously on his cock, while stroking the exposed shaft with her left hand. She brought her right hand up in between Matt’s legs and began fondling his balls. She moved her head down and began to lick his scrotum while continuing to stroke his dick. Before long she began to shudder and spasm with her own orgasm.

She pulled Matt’s now hardening cock out and immediately engulfed it with her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my head, occasionally removing his cock from her mouth and licking up arap porno and down the shaft. I could barely pay attention as she engulfed his member and slowly sucked, applying more suction with her tongue.

She took out Matt’s stiff wet cock and started to work on the massive dong of Andrew. He was our gardener and his tool was amazing. It must have been a full foot long as she slowly inched his large cock into her throat. It looked as if she ended up choking as he stuffed his massive pole into her mouth. She began to bob faster and he grabbed the back of her head with his hands and she moaned her pleasure. He began to move his hips in rhythm with her bobbing, jamming his cock down the back of my Mum’s throat. She grabbed both of his ass cheeks as he pushed her head farther over his cock. He really began to fuck her throat, and she seemed to be enjoying it even more. I listened to the sounds of her breathing, gasping for breath even as she jammed his cock farther back into her throat. He pumped his cock one last time into her throat as he held tightly onto the back of her head as the first stream of cum flew into Mum’s face as it emptied from his balls into the back of her throat.

She was moaning and gasping as she reached up and grabbed his hands, pulling them from the back of her head, as she struggled to remove his cock from her throat. Her head came shooting up off of him, gasping for breath, mouth wide open, as gobs of saliva mixed with cum drooled out of her mouth.

Suddenly I saw Frank as he knelt on top of Mum’s head and tried to feed his erect cock into her mouth. She turned her head but Frank grabbed hold of her face and pushed harder. Mum opened her mouth and started to suck Frank’s cock. Craig positioned his cock at her bushy pussy. His cock was not really long, but it was as fat as his forearm. Mum was now moving up and down on Frank cock as Craig pushed his cock slowly inside her.

I was all wet and though the sight repulsed me I wanted more as I watched my pretty Mum being gangbanged. That’s when I saw him. He looked like an ape and as I turned around he was ……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32