Random Relations Ch. 02

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Joe froze as his father announced he was home. Frank wiped a blob of spunk from his face and realised the futility of trying to clean himself up as he awaited their inevitable discovery. Their gym teacher, Dave, appeared to be the calmest of all, standing proudly in the middle of the room as though he belonged there. Not a word was spoken, although many suggestions raced through their minds, they realised that the scene spoke for itself and no amount of explanation would hide the truth of what had happened.

“Hi dad.” Joe said weakly as his father appeared in the doorway.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw them, naked and dripping with a combination of sweat and spunk. An eloquent testimony to the evenings events.

“What the fuck?” He blurted in confusion, seeing, but not believing, what was before his very eyes – in his own house too, by God!

“Hi Steve.” Dave grinned, giving Joe’s dad a cheery wave. “How’s it hangin’?”

“Dave! What are you doing here?”

“Id’ve thought that obvious.” He said, his grin growing wider. “I came round to talk to these two about the game on Saturday and found them going at it like rabbits.”

Joe smiled bashfully at his fathers disbelieving stare and nodded. How could he deny it? His face was coated in spunk and his semi-hard cock gleamed with juices.

“You won’t tell my dad will you?” Asked Frank, nervous of his own fathers wrath.

“He won’t.” Dave stated confidently, walking over to Steve.

“Oh won’t I?” He said, defiantly eyeing up the bigger man who approached nonchalantly.

“They were only fooling around – just like you did once upon a time – or is your memory as long as your dick.” Dave said.

“You’re kidding!” Joe exclaimed, looking at his father in a new light.

“Shut up.” Steve warned, threatening Dave with clenched fists.

“He must’ve been about your age Joe.” Dave said, giving him a friendly smile as he sat on the edge of the sofa. “You know he used to be a useful rugby player, right?”

Joe nodded, glancing at his friend who moved to sit more comfortably in the chair. He scooched across the floor to sit between his legs and listened attentively as Dave went on.

“Well, he and I were in the same team and trained twice a week together.”

“Don’t do this Dave.”

“That’s not what you said back then.” Dave grinned, cocking an amused eyebrow at his old school friend.

Steve remembered all too well what he’d said back then, walking home through the woods after practice: “This stays between us, right?” He’d said before taking Steve’s cock in his mouth for the first, but not the last time.

It had started with a challenge; a pissing contest that Steve had won by splashing a tree which he didn’t manage to reach. He’d given him the same cocky grin he was wearing now as he told the two teenagers about their illicit tryst in the woods, when he told him to suck his cock as a forfeit. Damn him! He hadn’t forced him to suck it though, Steve had wanted to. His beefy balls still looked capable of churning out a good load too – not that he’d swallowed any on that first occasion – No way! He’d been impressed, and aroused, at the sight of his juice spurting through the air though, jerking himself off as he watched Steve cum over his shoulder and on his chest, using some to slicken his own cock. Dave had begged him to shoot it in his mouth, kneeling as he stood to oblige, jerking off hard and fast until his spunk flew straight down his throat. He’d been ashamed that his first blow job had come from a guy, but he couldn’t deny he’d enjoyed the sensation of Dave’s lips caressing his spunking cock, or the fact he’d been licked clean with obvious pleasure.

“I’m not gay.” He’d said firmly, putting his cock away quickly.

“I guess I am.” Dave had retorted, eyes glinting with mischief. “You won’t tell anyone will you?”

“Of course not you dipshit. How can I after this!”

“Same time next week?”

Steve had thought it over, decided there would be no harm in their conspiracy and, for nearly a year had met in the same place at the same time to explore the various pleasures of oral sex. Then he’d met his future wife (the bitch!) and he’d forgotten all about it – until now.

Now his son, of all people, had discovered the truth. He looked at Joe and nodded, tears of shame coursed hot trails down his cheeks like Steve’s spunk had done so long ago, reminding him again how it felt.

Joe felt like a Christian who’d been thrown to the lions and discovered they were pussy-cats! He looked up at Frank who gave him a knowing smile and said, “all this talk of sucking cock is getting me horny.”

“Show dad your party-piece.” Urged Joe, twisting round to encourage his friend.

Frank needed little encouragement to do that anyway and leaned forward, spreading his legs over the arms of the chair to pull the tip of his cock into his mouth.

Dave whistled appreciatively. “Now that’s something you don’t see everyday, eh Steve?”

Joe’s father gaziantep vip escort had never seen anything like it and could hardly believe his eyes, especially when his son crawled between Frankie’s legs to help stimulate the enormous cock, licking round the base and sucking on his friends balls.

“It takes you back, don’t it?” Dave said, suggestively stroking his thick cock.

“I don’t do that stuff anymore.” Steve said tentatively.

“Oh yes, i forgot. You’re married now.” Dave said, sliding to his knees before him. “How’s the wife?”

“In a word – bitchy.” Steve replied.

“It’s been a while since you got your rocks off.” Dave said, pulling his zipper down. “Come on – let me help an old friend in need.”

Steve looked down as Dave opened the front of his jeans and took out his semi-hard cock. “I’ve had lots of practice since then you know.” He added, proving it by working Steve’s cock into full erection with knowing swipes of his tongue, lathering it from root to tip before leaning back to admire his handiwork. “Damn! You’ve still got a hot cock.” He admired the thick, veined muscle, throbbing in his hand as he stroked the spit-slick shaft, popping it in and out of his mouth to relish the musky taste again.

“We really shouldn’t…ooooooohhhh FUCK!” Steve groaned, as his protest was swamped by Dave’s warm, wet mouth. Smothering his full length until he felt his breath tickling the shock of thick, black hair around his crotch then sliding it out to gasp; “Come on – Fuck my mouth.”

Steve couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a blow job and besides, his missus had never sucked him as good as this guy could. He cast a quick glance at his son and, seeing he was busy gobbling on Franks nob, began to stuff his cock down Dave’s throat. “Go on then – suck it!” He demanded, thrusting his hips at Dave’s face, holding his head tight to hold him steady. “How long you two been knockin’ cock’s together?”

“For a few months now.” Frank replied, guiding Joe’s head around his nob end.

“Just suckin’, right?”

Frank caught a nuanced warning in the question and was relieved to honestly reply they hadn’t. “Did you two ever…”

“NO!” Steve said, sharply interrupting him before the question could be spoken aloud.

Frank glanced over at Dave’s hairy arse wiggling provocatively in the air and winked at Joe who followed his gaze, looked back, and grinned knowingly around a mouthful of his chunky balls. “Well I’m going to fuck him.” Frank said, giving Joe’s father a brazen look as he stood up.

“Jeeezus – he’ll never take that!” Steve eyed the big, black one-eyed monster waving threateningly at Dave’s arse.

“We’ll see.” He winked, kneeling down to take his hairy haunches in a firm grip. “Let’s get him good an’ ready first though.” He said to Joe who knelt beside him to begin running his tongue alongside Frank’s between the muscular cheeks.

Dave moaned around the mouthful of hot meat and wiggled his arse, happily parting his legs to allow them both room to manoeuvre. He’d been unable to contradict Steve’s blatant lie about their further sexual escapades and decided, for now, to keep quiet about the time he’d had his virginity plundered by the hard tool plugging his mouth. The exquisite sensation of getting rimmed by two lithe tongues whetted his appetite for Franks huge cock which he couldn’t wait to feel reaming inside him. A particularly adventurous tongue (Franks?) darted right inside his ring and he spluttered in anticipation. Steve thought he was choking him and pulled back to let him breathe awhile, watching Frank thrust a finger, then another between Dave’s arse while Joe stroked his cock. “You’re not going to fuck him too – are you?” He asked.

“If it’s ok with you.” Joe asked, concerned that his father was going to freak out.

“It’s ok with me.” Dave piped up. “It’d ease the way for that horse cock of Franks”

“Hey! I wanted you to take your cherry from my arse.” Frank complained, pausing with two fingers embedded in Dave’s arse to give him a reproachful look.

“He’ll do no such thing!” Steve blurted out.

Dave silenced his outburst with a knowing look and gave Frank the go ahead by pushing his arse back onto his cock saying, “Just do it!”

Frank chuckled. That was the coach’s favourite quip in training to his players. “1-2-3-Lock!” He cried, giving the call for the scrimmage in a game. All of them laughed and the tension was broken for good.

“Go easy.” Dave begged, bracing himself against Steve’s thighs and nuzzling his balls as he felt Franks fat cock-head push into his arsehole.

“Spit on it.” Frank said to Joe who obliged with a long stream of spittle that eased the way in.

“Fuckin’ queers.” Steve smiled, the irony not lost on him as Dave sucked hard on his cock.

“If ya can’t beat ’em – eat ’em!” Frank quipped, grunting as he felt Dave’s hole grip tight on his nob.

Joe giggled and watched the long gaziantep yabancı escort piece of thick meat jutting from Dave’s hairy arse in awe. ‘How the fuck is he gonna take all that!’ He wondered, stroking his cock hard.

The thought crossed Dave’s mind as he grunted apprehensively at the initial penetration, stretching his ring wider with stiff persistence. His mouth gobbled up Steve’s cock with consummate ease as his arse struggled to accommodate the girth of Frank’s thick cock until, with a determined push, he felt the head surge through the resistant muscle.

“Oh yeah!” Frank sighed as he plunged on into the tight, hot depths of Dave’s arsehole.

“Oh wow!” Joe breathed in wonder as he watched it slowly slide inside. “Yeah do it, fuck his arse!” He urged, aiming another stream of spittle along the hairy crack.

“Come on!” Frank cried, smacking his hands down hard onto each cheek, pulling them apart to ease his cock in deeper. “Take it!”

“Give it to him!” Urged Joe, spitting on his palm and slapping it onto Franks firm arse, teasing his puckered hole with a moist finger.

“Fuck me.” Frank moaned with approval and leant towards his friend, kissing him passionately as he slid deeper into Dave’s arsehole.

Steve felt his inhibitions crumble as he watched them kiss. He drove his cock into Dave’s mouth with increasing abandon, getting hotter with the moaning vibrations rippling along his shaft, into his churning balls which slapped on Dave’s chin. ‘I must be pissed.’ He thought. ‘I’d never be doing this in front of Joe otherwise.’ Then again – Hadn’t a frisson of excitement hardened his cock when he’d inadvertently walked in on his son masturbating in the bathroom last year? He’d backed out the door unobserved and said nothing about it to prevent any embarrassment, but as he thought about it again his cock began to drip with precum which Dave swallowed with a long moan. “You like that, huh?” He said, taking it out to slap it across his face.

Dave was in a pink heaven of desire. His arse was getting stuffed with the biggest cock he’d ever had the pleasure of taking and his old friend was fucking his mouth – just like old times – ‘It doesn’t get any better than this’ He thought, licking his lips and Steve’s cock as it smeared across them.

“Suck my balls.” Steve demanded.

Dave complied, taking each one into a loving hug around his moist lips while wriggling his arse to enable Frank to plug it harder, deeper.

Joe slid another finger between Franks cheeks and sucked on his tongue, gathering a mouthful of saliva before parting breathlessly to kneel behind him, pull his crack open with the other hand and spit the lot onto his hole, working it into his fundament by twisting his fingers round and round.

“Fuck yeah, finger my arse.” Frank groaned, pumping his hips, looking down to see how far he’d got. About halfway. He doubled his efforts, grinding his meat into the steamy heat and urging Dave to take it all by smacking his cheeks.

“Fuck me.” Dave pleaded, running his tongue up the flagpole of Steve’s erection until he sucked another spume of juicy precum from the swollen head.

“Come on take it!” Frank urged, planting his hands in the small of Dave’s back, levering himself another couple of inches before encountering further resistance. Try as he might he couldn’t push the remaining 3 or 4 inches in. A reflex thrust of his hips helped him slide an inch forward as Joe’s tongue slithered along his crack. “Oh fuck, fuck yes. Lick me.” He cried, feeling it snake into his arsehole.

Joe pushed him forward to get at the soft, hot meat and sucked on his hole, tongue-fucking it eagerly. Frank writhed helplessly on Dave’s back, sliding on the sweat-slick skin and succeeded in getting another inch up his arse.

“Almost there.” He panted in his ear.

Dave moaned and nodded, bobbing his head onto Steve’s cock as it spat a stream of juice down his throat.

“Stick out your tongue.” Urged Steve, pulling himself free with a juicy pop. He smiled as Dave and Frank did so. ‘Why the hell not.’ He thought, slapping it on both, sharing his precum equally between them. His balls always gave up a lot of that stuff before he squirted a much thicker load of spunk and he began to fuck both mouths. ‘Double the fun!’

“Tasty.” Frank smiled, thrusting harder inside Dave. ‘Oh fuck. This is wild’ He thought. ‘Joe’s about to fuck my arse and I’m sucking his dad’s cock!”

His ardent thrusts had thrown Joe off his stride and he’d knelt up behind Frank, aiming his rigid cock with the wildly bouncing crack of his arse.

“Hold still!” He demanded, leaning in to split his cheeks with a single thrust that took him into ecstasy.

All four of them let out a mighty groan – for varying reasons. Joe had never imagined it felt so tight and hot inside Frank’s arse; Frank couldn’t believe so much pain could be followed by even more pleasure as it penetrated him; Dave gaziantep yaşlı escort reached his personal nirvana as Frank’s cock forced itself all the way up his arse with Joe’s weight behind him and Steve had never imagined witnessing his son indulging in so lewd an act.

Joe looked up, his eyes boggling to see Frank’s mouth bulging around his dad’s cock as he fucked him with jerky inexperience.

“Fuck him.” Steve urged. “Fuck ’em both!” He slid his dripping tool from Frank’s wet mouth and stroked it before thrusting it into Dave’s gasping throat.

The sight of his dad’s hot, dripping meat sliding into their mouths sent a guilty thrill rushing through Joe’s cock. He pumped harder and faster until his balls slapped on Franks tightly clenched arse cheeks. ‘That’s fuckin’ hot!’ He thought, staring at the shiny, bulbous head atop a thick, gnarled shaft that Frank gobbled greedily before it went back into Dave’s mouth.

The room was now a scene of utter debauchery, filled with loud groans and gasps of pleasure. A thick, heady brew of sweat and male musk in full rut added to their lust. Dave’s body rocked under the combined weight of Frank and Joe. His juice dripped in a thick rope to create a puddle under his swaying balls.

“Fuck me. Come on…fuck me. Harder…harder…ram it, damn it!” He begged between getting a mouthful of hot cock-meat.

Frank doubled his efforts, feeling Joe’s cock slide back and forth in him as he humped harder into Dave’s tight arse, sucking on Steve’s hot cock as he raised up on his haunches to watch the sandwiched bodies writhing together. Frank’s dark skin glistening like beef between two slices of white bread. He grinned at the idea of shooting his hot, white spunk like fresh mayo all over him.

“I’m gonna cum all over you!” He promised, winking at Frank as he fisted his cock hard.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Frank opened his mouth and rubbed his balls on Dave’s as Joe steamed into his arse with jackhammer strokes.

Thicker drops of precum sprayed from his cock as he jerked off faster, his hand a blur of motion.

“Here it cums!” He grunted, crouching like a runner on the blocks.

Joe leaned over Franks body to get a closer look as a colossal spume of thick spunk burst from his dad’s cock, spraying his fuck buddy’s face so hard it splashed back onto Steve’s body. Another spurt flew over Frank’s shoulder and hit Joe full on the mouth. He impulsively licked them and felt his cum burst into Frank’s arse, inducing him to cream the depths of Dave’s bowels with more hot juice. The ripe smell of fresh spunk took him over the edge and with a deep groan he sprayed the floor like an animal in heat as he sucked the rest of Steve’s cum from his nob. Frank emptied his balls with a gut-wrenching moan as Joe pulled out of his arse to shoot the rest of his load over him.

“In – fucking- credible.” He breathed, watching his spunk slither along Frank’s crack, drip off his balls and land on Dave’s arse with a soft plop.

“You said it.” His dad smiled, standing over Dave’s cum-smeared face. The pair of them resembling erotic book-ends on either side of the other two who seemed to be glued together in a sticky mixture of spunk and sweat.

“Awesome!” Frank groaned as an aftershock rippled through his body, sending tremors of post-orgasmic bliss through Dave.

‘You never forget your first time’. Joe thought, and he knew he’d never forget the sight of Frank’s arse, dripping with his cum as he lay atop Dave.

Steve joined his son and together they watched Frank’s cock uncoiling itself from Dave’s arse with a syrupy squelch of combined juices. They both groaned, in regret as much as satiated relief as they uncoupled until Frank stood unsteadily to help Dave to his feet.

“Oh shit look at the time.” Frank observed. “My dad’s gonna kill me!”

“That’s ok.” Steve smiled. “You go take a shower. I’ll tell him you can stay here tonight. There’s no way you can go home like that anyway.”

“Really? Thanks a lot.” He smiled at Joe who grinned back.

Dave smiled ruefully and said he’d better be going. He’d been about to offer Frank a lift home – his home! – but it was probably better this way. He’d have another time to get better acquainted with that gorgeous horse-cock! His arse still felt stretched with the girth and he knew he’d have to masturbate tonight or he’d never get any sleep.

“I’ll get dressed and see myself out.” He said, gathering his clothes from the floor as the two youths went upstairs, giggling with the joy of newly discovered sexual pleasures.

“It was fun to get together again Steve.” He added, shaking his hand. “If things don’t work out with the wife..” He let the suggestion hang and Steve smiled. “We’ll see.” was his only comment before wandering into the kitchen to grab a nightcap. He needed time to think on the unlikely events since his return and didn’t want to commit himself any further. He’d ignored Dave’s come-hither looks for many years and felt this wasn’t the time to encourage him. Dave sighed, blew a kiss at Steve’s wiggling buttocks as he walked away before casting a look up the stairs. “I’ll see you sometime soon.” He promised, thinking of Frank’s tasty cock before blowing another kiss and turning to open the door to walk gingerly back to his car.

“He’s fuckin’ hung ain’t he?” Said Frank, soaping down Joe’s chest under the steamy spray.

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