Rae’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 2

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Rae hurried to her apartment door at the sound of insistent knocking. She laughed with delight as Billy scooped her up into his arms and hugged her tight. He set her back down, letting his eyes travel sensuously down her body which was covered in a little black dress and nothing else.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I invited a little company over tonight.”

“That’s fine…a little threesome action on the menu tonight?”

“Maybe…if you don’t mind the third person being Greg.”

“Actually, that sounds like fun…so he told you, huh?”

“Yes, after we fucked right on that couch.” Rae smiled naughtily and sat down on the very same couch.

Billy followed her into the room to sit beside her.

“Well, I can’t wait much longer for him.” Billy leaned over and greedily captured her lips with his. She moaned and kissed him back. His tongue darted into her mouth and one of his hands came up to grasp her breast. She squirmed under his hand and he felt the nipple grow hard through the thin fabric of the dress. Slowly, he slipped the strap of her dress down, and still kissing her, exposed one beautifully round breast. She gasped as his hand found her unprotected breast and started rubbing and playing with it.

Finally they broke their kiss and Billy moved his lips down her neck, across her bare shoulder and finally down to her breast. His tongue moved slowly over it, licking across it, paying close attention to the rock-hard nipple. His hand slid the strap the rest of the way down her arm and then ran along the side of her body. He could feel his groin throbbing. He wanted nothing more than to fuck that glorious pussy.

There came a knock at the door. Billy lifted his head, but Rae shoved it back down to her breast. “Come in!” she gasped.

Billy’s eyes could see only Rae’s gorgeous breast, but he sensed someone enter the room.

Rae smiled. “Hey, Greg.”

“You guys started without me?” dikmen escort Greg couldn’t tear his eyes from the erotic sight in front of him. His best friend, Billy, was greedily sucking on his hot neighbor’s bare breast right in front of his eyes. He felt his cock start to stir.

“C’mon, let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” Rae announced, getting to her feet. Billy was forced to tear his mouth from her best. He gave a quick nod to Greg, before following Rae to her bedroom, and the king-sized bed that waited for them there.

With a hard swallow, Greg followed. When he got to the room, Rae was already there, lying on her back in the middle of the bed and Billy was in the process of removing the rest of her dress. Greg moved to a good vantage point so that he could see what was going on.

Billy slid the other dress strap down Rae’s shoulder, exposing her other breast. He paused to suck on it for a moment, before continuing to pull her dress down. Over her flat stomach and curvy hips, exposing her dripping wet pussy. Hurriedly, he pulled it completely off and buried his face in her hot cunt.

Rae moaned with pleasure as his tongue started pleasuring her. She looked at Greg and beckoned him to come closer. She grabbed one of his hands and led it to a firm breast. She let him grope and squeeze for a few seconds before she started unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. Greg took his hand back to help her push his pants down before it returned to her breasts, almost as if it had a mind of its own. Grasping his ass cheeks, Rae pulled him forward until she could reach his cock. Greg started thrusting his hips, his cock inching closer and closer to her waiting mouth, before finally moving forward enough to thrust his dick inside of her warm, wet mouth.

She started sucking on it greedily. Billy continued his work between her legs. She knew she wouldn’t be able to emek escort take much more. Billy’s tongue felt so good and she loved being tongue-fucked, while her mouth got fucked by a dick at the same time. She pulled Greg’s hips closer until he was forced to climb onto the bed with them. He knelt over her face, thrusting his hips furiously, letting Rae take all 7 inches into her mouth.

Beneath him, Rae was writhing from the orgasm that was building up inside her. She removed her mouth from his cock long enough to let a scream out as her orgasm broke out. Billy felt her muscles spasming and greedily lapped up her juices, enjoying the taste of them.

“Fuck her, man. I wanna watch you two,” Billy demanded as he rolled off the bed. He grabbed a chair and sat down beside the bed, his cock standing at attention. “There’s no way you get a rest either, darlin’. We’re gonna fuck you dry.”

Rae moaned. Greg shifted down until his penis was at her glistening opening and with one hard thrust he was all the way inside her. Within seconds he was pounding into her as fast as he could go and she was screaming again. Greg slowed his pace after her second orgasm and leisurely pumped his dick in and out of her.

Rae wrapped her long legs around his hips and hooked them together, drawing him farther inside. His cock twitched hard at that and he glanced over at Billy. Billy was watching the hot scene intently and lightly touching his dick. Every so often he would grab it and pump it a couple of times and then go back to stroking. He wanted to save his load for the hot little slut in front of him.

The slut in question was gasping and moaning with pleasure as sweat dripped off her body. Both she and Greg were glistening with sweat. As Billy watched, Greg picked up his pace again until he was savagely fucking her. He started grunting as he labored over her and finally his body eryaman escort stiffened.

“I’m cumming,” he grunted and started pumping hard again. Beneath him, Rae’s moans turned into screams as she felt her own orgasm roar through her. Greg had barely finished cumming before he was pulling out of Rae and climbing off the bed. Billy got up and approached the bed again as Greg took his chair.

Rae watched Billy coming and shook her head in denial. “No more…” she panted.

Billy glanced at Greg and then down at his rock hard dick. “You’re not getting off that easy, slut. I need some fucking too.”

He grabbed her hips and flipped her over, then pulled them up so that her ass was sticking up in the air. He ran his hands over her smooth ass and then quickly slapped one cheek, leaving a red hand-print there.

Rae moaned, but wiggled his ass at him, showing him that she still wanted some more fucking.

He grasped her hips tightly and pulled her back towards him. Her used cunt slowly started enveloping his throbbing member and he groaned with the pleasure. Damn, this felt soooo good. He slid all 8 inches inside of her and then paused for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet, dripping pussy wrapped around his hard cock.

Then, he started thrusting in and out, taking his time, enjoying it, letting her get excited again. She started bucking her hips back towards him, so that his cock slid deeper and deeper. Soon, he was fucking her wildly and she was screaming out with every thrust.

“Ooohhh, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuucccckkkkk me!” she begged and Billy was only too happy to give her what she wanted. He felt his cock start to throb more and knew his orgasm was getting close.

“Get ready for it,” he grunted and slammed into her harder. He could feel his balls slapping against her ass and that was all it took. One final thrust and he was spurting deep inside her. Rae screamed and thrust back, letting a fourth orgasm roar through her before collapsing to the bed, breathing hard.

Greg had enjoyed watching them very much and could feel his excitement building again, but knew that he should let Rae rest for a little while. And really there was no hurry. After all, they had all night.

To Be Continued…

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