Rachael’s Awakening Ch. 02

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Dedication: Thank you Sir for the invaluable help in making the Dom believable; and to My Muse for finding the key to the lock. I owe You both.


Rodger was about to enter the kitchen silently, but decided instead, to stand in the doorway, watching Rachael move about the room. Her movements were efficient and smooth, and designed to make the most of the time she had been allotted for her tasks.

His eyes skimmed the set-to-perfection table; with everything in its rightful place. The aforementioned corkscrew had been placed at the top of his plate; the bucket and stand had been placed to the right of his chair; and his eyes took in the linen napkin covered wine bottle.

‘Where on earth did she find those?’ His thought continued, ‘I was certain I didn’t have any.’

Rodger felt his manhood stir as he realized that Rachael had opened the door to the oven and was bent over, her plug-filled, bare ass facing him, as she brought out the Chicken Parmesan and the crisp French bread.

He chose this moment to make his presence known and waited, quietly, until Rachael had stood up and placed the casserole dish and the bread pan atop the burners so she could bend back down and bring the door up to close the oven.

He reached his hand out to caress the bare ass cheek in front of him. He knew this action would startle Rachael, that it would embarrass her, once again, but he hadn’t wanted her to drop dinner on the floor. That was the main reason why he’d waited those few extra seconds before he touched her.

“Quite the lovely picture your ass presented as you were bent over, Pet.”

Rodger spoke in low, sultry tones from behind Rachael and noted the soft jump of her body, the barely caught gasp of surprise, and let a grin spread across his face. He had succeeded, once again, in catching her off guard.

His manhood stirred again as Rodger caressed the smooth, pale skin under his palm. He took a few steps closer as his hand continued caressing first one cheek, then the other; until his chest was just inches from Rachael’s straight, but beginning-to-yield and soften, back.

He continued making those slow, nerve-ending awakening circles, with his hands. This action brought his fingers ever closer, ever more close, to the center of Rachael’s plug-filled ass. Letting his robe fall open, Rodger leaned his body close against the now softly bent back and let his hardening cock press itself between the cheeks of Rachael’s ass.

Her reaction was exactly what he knew it would be. She stiffened and tensed beneath his weight, and clenched the cheeks of her ass against the impending intrusion.

The slow circles had felt nice and soothing, yet had made her all too aware that she still had this foreign object — when she clenched her cheeks tightly, and that she was slowly getting used to — in her ass.

As ‘Sir’, or ‘Master’, as Mr. Black had wanted her to call Him, continued to rub softly, or gently squeeze, Rachael was beginning to become aware of an aching sensation in the center of her ass. She was very unfamiliar with this feeling and it seemed to become more intense the closer Sir brought His fingers to her crack.

She quickly grabbed the top of the stove in front of her as she felt Sir’s finger run down her crack, stopping when it came in contact with the plug.

‘Please remove it Sir,’ her mind cried out. ‘It’s uncomfortable and it hurts.’ Her thought concluded.

She jumped slightly when she felt Sir grab the base and instead of pulling it out, He pressed against it, pushing more of it into her tight hole. The groan was uttered before she could catch it and she felt her ass tense for the smack she knew would follow. None came. She did not feel Sir’s hand lash down on her. Instead, she felt herself caught between His body and the stove as He leaned against her.

“What does that make you want, my little Pet? Do you want to feel free of this intrusion I’ve placed in your ass? Or do you want something else to fill it? Tell me… quickly.”

His breath was warm, almost hot, as she felt it close against her ear, a slight hissing sound to the low-spoken words. Her reply was non-verbal and not at all what she felt her body should do. As her reply, she jutted her hips back and stopped when she felt Sir’s rising erection against the skin of her ass.

Rachael startled again when she felt Sir’s hand push between her legs and then a finger was slipped into her sex. She felt Sir begin to wiggle it and then felt Him insert a second finger into her. Her eyelids drifted closed as she lost herself in the sensations Sir was creating in her body.

She felt alive… she felt on fire… she wanted… God help her… she wanted more. More what, she didn’t know. This was all so new to her.

She felt Sir slowly remove his fingers and she became aware of how empty she suddenly felt. She discovered, from the first time Sir had touched her, that she liked His touch. She didn’t care for this thing He’d put in görükle escort her ass, but she knew He had a reason for its being there. She just didn’t know what that reason was yet.

Rodger patted Rachael’s ass as he stepped back, wrapping his silk robe around him, tying it loosely about his waist. He walked around to his place at the head of the table, pulled out his chair and sat down.

“Let’s sit and enjoy your delicious dinner Pet. The aromas of it filled the house when I walked in earlier and have left me hungry. There will be time for the other, and more, later… when we’re done here.”

Rachael looked at Sir, her eyes as big as saucers, in slight alarm.

“You want me… You expect me to…”

Her mind wouldn’t let her mouth finish her sentences. She looked at Sir, sitting in His chair, at His place at the table and He was smiling and nodding as He began to fill His plate.

“Yes Pet. I expect you to sit in your chair, with the plug still in your ass. No, you may not sit on a pillow; you may not sit on a cushion. You will sit on the chair as you feel the fullness inside you increase. Now sit Pet. Your training will continue after dinner.”

Rodger watched Rachael lower herself to her chair seat, and watched her try to sit in a comfortable position during the meal. He had a hard time not smiling as he saw how she tried to sit in some way that would take the pressure off her filled ass… but there was none.

“You may get up and clear the table now Pet. I will sit here and enjoy the last of my wine and then, once the dishwasher is loaded and started, I want you to follow me upstairs. We’ll continue your training up there.”

“Yes Sir.”

Rachael quickly stood, finding some small comfort in it, and made short work of clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. As she removed the last dish from the table, she found that she was curious as to what Sir meant by her training would continue once upstairs. Sir stood and brought over His now empty wine glass for her to rinse and place in the top tray.

She didn’t jump this time when she felt His hand begin to caress her bare bottom as she moved to put the soap into the receptacle, bend to close the door, flip the lock and start the washer. She was getting used to His frequent touches and the occasional patting He would do whenever the mood struck Him.

“Alright Rachael. Leave your apron on and follow me upstairs. There is one more task you need to do before I allow you to dress and leave for the evening. Come into my bedroom please.”

Sir was standing in the doorframe of His room and ushered Rachael into it. She stood and waited for Sir to tell her what He wanted. The sudden clearing of His throat got the reaction that His hand hadn’t. She jumped.

“Rachael… if you look on the other side of my bed, you will see the trail of clothes that I left as I headed in to take my shower earlier. I want you to pick up the dropped clothes, adding your apron as the last piece; then put them into the hamper in my bathroom. Then I want you to come to the side of my bed and turn down my bed covers.

“This will be the last thing you do every evening, before you leave. When you have completed the turning down of my bed, I will remove the plug and you may dress and leave. I want you to get a good night’s sleep; plenty of rest. Now… pick up my clothes. I will be right behind you… within inches of you.”

“Yes Sir.”

That was all Rachael had time to say as Sir turned her around and gave her a gentle push in the direction of the other side of His room. She had felt His cock brush against her bare ass as she had stood next to Him… and knew that each time she bent over to pick up the dropped articles that He would move nearer to her until His cock touched her ass. Ever the constant reminder that she still wore the plug.

Soon, all His discarded clothes were picked up and she went into the bathroom to place them in the hamper and to remove her apron. She had gotten used to the apron covering her nakedness from His intent gaze from the time Sir came home until now. She suddenly felt quite awkward as she walked out from the bathroom, wearing nothing; her nakedness displayed for His perusal.

She watched His eyes as she stood at the foot of His bed and debated whether she should attempt to cover herself or not. She could feel the heat of her embarrassment beneath her skin, but made no move to cover herself. She watched Sir’s eyes move from her face downward, then slowly move back up to meet her eyes.

Sir beckoned her to come around to the side of the bed and begin to turn down His covers. She moved slowly as her eyes caught sight of His manhood sticking out from between the loose folds of His robe. She knew there was no way to avoid the soft contact with the smooth skin as she bent to move the covers down.

Rodger stepped back, just a little, so that Rachael could stand in front of him as she bent and began to turn down his bursa escort bayan bed. She bent low in front of him and this movement brought her ass in contact with the head of his cock as it stuck out from between the open front of his robe.

Rachael felt the heat radiating off Sir’s skin, and the wetness leaking from the tip of His cock as she bent to pull down the covers and then fold them open so He could climb in between the cool sheets. She was not prepared for what He did next.

Rodger chose this precise moment, when her ass came in direct contact with his now hard and leaking cock, to reach out and push her upper body against his mattress. The suddenness of his action caused Rachael to almost scream. He brought his hand down quickly… making a loud smack against the cheek of her ass.

“Say nothing Pet. Don’t scream, don’t cry, and don’t whimper. Just… be… still… and very quiet. Stay as you are.”

She heard Sir open a drawer in the nightstand and begin to rummage in it. She had no idea what He could be searching for but she didn’t want another smack like He’d just given her, so she remained still.

No words passed between them, but she felt a sudden coldness invade her filled asshole. She felt the skin quiver as He pulled her cheeks wide and her face felt flame hot as her embarrassment rose once again. She wasn’t sure she liked being so exposed and open to Sir in this manner… but she also knew it was something she was going to have to get used to. She had no option.

She felt the cold liquid seep into her filled tightness and then she felt Sir’s fingers begin to turn the base of the plug and realized that He’d put some liquid into her ass so He could remove this thing filling her. She felt the nerve endings begin to tingle as He moved the plug in small circular motions — making certain her ass, and her hole, was wet enough for the plug to be pulled out without doing damage to her.

Sir had placed a hand square between her shoulder blades to hold her in this position — with her ass in the air, bent over the side of His bed, her face pressed against His sheets. She was unable to still the movements of her hips as she felt His fingers caress the inner cheeks as they grasped hold of the base of the plug and began to extract it.

She felt more liquid, slightly warmer now, spill into her tight hole and she felt Sir slowly pull more out of her. She moved her head slightly so she was facing the bathroom door and ran her tongue over her lips, wetting them before she spoke.

“Please, Sir… please. Pull it out.” She felt all movement stop. The next thing she felt was the stinging heat on her right ass cheek.

“Silence Pet! Not another word. Did I say you could speak?”

Rodger’s voice boomed in the silence of the bedroom, seeming to bounce off the walls as it echoed in Rachael’s head.

“Because you spoke, without my permission, or without asking permission to speak, I want you to get on all fours, knees and elbows. Now! No, you may not stand up… you are to bend your knees and place them behind your elbows. I want your ass high in the air… and I want it in the air… Now!”

Rachael knew she’d made a mistake by begging Sir to remove it faster… and her right ass cheek was still stinging from His slap. She quickly pulled her knees up, one at a time, until they were almost touching her elbows. She couldn’t stand and kneel first as Sir still had His hand between her shoulder blades, holding her body at a slanted angle. She stayed still and waited… barely breathing… for Sir’s next move.

She felt the coldness before it registered on her mind what it was. The cold stung as it dripped down into her stretched anal cavity, and she could feel the skin begin to constrict around the firm fat plug. She knew she couldn’t move and she knew that when Sir began to extract the plug again… this time it was going to hurt.

Rodger replaced the melting ice cube into the dish on top of the nightstand satisfied that Rachael was aware of what he was doing… and why. He replaced his now cold fingers against the base and began turning the plug as he extracted it ever so slowly. This would heighten her embarrassment while letting her know that she would not speak, in future, without his expressed permission.

He pulled the plug free of her ass and reached over to take the small cubes of ice and drop them into her now stretched-wide opening. He knew also, that when the time came to claim her ass and make it his… Rachael would be able to take all of him… completely.

Rachael very nearly cried out loud as she felt the ice cubes enter her sore, stretched-wide rectum. She felt the tears fill her eyes and spill out from beneath her lashes… but she also knew that she would not risk Sir’s anger by making any more movements. She just had to let the tears flow… unchecked.

She felt Sir’s breath against her the orb of her ass and felt the wetness of His lips. Then she felt His bursa escort fingertips gently pat that same cheek as He told her she could put her legs down and stand up now.

Rachael stood before Sir… silent; but she could feel the heat infusing her face. She did not look directly at Sir, she focused her eyes on the windows in the wall opposite His bed as the tears continued to fall.

“Go get dressed and go home now Pet. As I said, get a good night of sleep and be here at your usual time tomorrow morning. When you come to me in the morning, I want you to wear a skirt and a comfortable blouse. You may wear underclothes, but I want you to bring a pair of heels.

“Why you might ask. Simple. We’re going on a shopping trip tomorrow and I don’t want you to wear jeans or loose-fitting clothes like you normally do when you come to clean. We will be doing some more training tomorrow.”

“Good night Pet. Do as you’re told in the morning. I’ll see you then.”

She was dismissed… just like that.

Rachael turned and went into the spare bedroom across the hall to dress. She silently went down the stairs, turned off the living room lights from the switch by the door, and then stepping out… closed it behind her.

Morning came, bright and early. Rachael had arisen earlier than usual today. She had showered and washed her hair and was at the breakfast table in her cozy kitchen enjoying her English muffins and coffee before she got dressed to return to Sir’s.

Memories of last night in His bedroom made her face flame red again. She couldn’t recall a time when she’d been so embarrassed or humiliated. She had half a thought to tell Sir she would not be staying today… nor would she be returning any time in the near future… but the remembered feel of His hand in the middle of her back, holding her still, released a plethora of butterflies in her stomach at the thought of Him touching her in other intimate ways.

She wanted what the touch of His hands promised. All night long she’d felt His touch on her and in her again and again. Visions of Him played in her mind… she imagined what He would feel like as His hardness pressed deep inside her. She woke more than once to find that her inner thighs were wet and she had an aching need centered in the middle of her womanhood. That ache had to be appeased. She had to know what Sir felt like inside her.

Shaking her head and clearing it of her daydreams, she rose to put her dishes in the sink… she’d do them tonight when she got back home… then casting a glance at the clock on the microwave… she ran down the hall to dress. If she didn’t get a move on quickly and hurry, she’d be late arriving at Sir’s. And a late arrival would mean another spanking.

‘Almost worth being late for… Almost.’ She absently rubbed the cheek of her ass in memory of His touch.

This thought made her grin as she went into her bedroom to put on the clothes she had carefully laid out after she’d made her bed just a short while ago.

She slid her feet into the satin ballet shoes she wore as house slippers, grabbed her black heels and hurried into the living room to grab her keys and purse. She had less than fifty minutes to be at Sir’s — on time — and he was up in the foothills of town… thirty miles away.

Crossing town at this hour usually was bumper-to-bumper… but today, thankfully, Rachael lucked out. As she pulled between the front gates at the base of the drive of Sir’s house, she glanced down at her watch and saw that she’d just manage to be on time when she got out of the car and walked to the base of the front steps.

The front door swung open just as Rachael reached the top stair and was reaching out to knock. Startled, she quickly pulled her hand back and moved instead to tuck in the back of her blouse, which had come out from the waistband of her skirt.

“Good Morning Pet. Right on time, as usual, I see.” Rodger looked at her empty hands, his question written clearly upon his features.

“Where are your heels, girl? I don’t see them in your hand.” The intensity of his gaze drilled into Rachael’s eyes.

“They’re in the car Sir. Not wanting to be even a minute late… I was going to knock on the door to let You know I was here and then grab the shoes before we left. Is that alright?” Her eyes darted over Rodger’s features taking in everything, missing nothing.

“Yes Pet, that’s fine.” A smile lit Sir’s face and Rachael relaxed… a little. She still didn’t know what was in store, or what Sir had in mind for the day.

“I was just finishing my coffee while I was waiting for you Pet. Will you join me? We can make a list of things We need, then we’ll go.”

Rodger didn’t wait for Rachael’s answer but turned instead back toward the kitchen expecting her to follow in his wake. She quickly fell in step behind Him, got a mug from the cupboard, filled it and added sugar, then sat down at her place at the table.

She noted that paper and pen was already on the table when she sat down. So, picking up the pen in her right hand, she picked up her coffee with her left and waited for Sir to begin speaking.

“Ready when You are Sir. Where are we going today?” Her eagerness was showing she knew. But, she couldn’t help it.

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