Queen Yavara: Chapter 62

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Chapter Sixty-Two


I struggled to sit upright in my throne as the priest before me droned on and on about the Holy Mother bestowing me with my right to rule. The seats before me were filled with hundreds of minor nobles and rich merchants, for there were no representatives of the Noble Court to witness me anymore. Perhaps it had become much less dangerous to be queen of the Highlands, but it also had become much less prestigious. To make up for the lack of nobility, I decided to conduct the ceremony in the merchant gardens instead of the castle. My throne was placed atop the hill, and the two-hundred thousand citizens of Bentius were spread out on the grassy mall below me, stretching to the very edge of the merchant district. The scars of Gorlok’s attack were still very evident in the city, and even more so upon her people. Many of the attendees had missing limbs, and quite a few wore masks to hide their disfigurement. My mages would work tirelessly to heal those affected, but for the thousands of dead, there was nothing I could do.

It’s not your fault. I told myself, and hoped that in some cosmic sense it was true.

I turned my attention to more selfish concerns, and telepathically scanned the crowd for a familiar mind. I didn’t find her. I hadn’t expected Leveria to show up. I’d already dissolved our agreement, and with my crown tightly secured from any nobles or ambitious generals, there was no need for her. From a pragmatic perspective, her absence was likely much better for my image. Though the sight of the Dark Queen bowing before my throne would temporarily raise my standing and my ego, there was the very real possibility that it would be construed as collusion. Right now, I was trying to distance myself as much as I could from Alkandra. But I was not a pragmatist, and so I was disappointed. In truth, I missed her. Not only that, but she’d made several promises of what she’d do to me on my coronation night, and I’d found it very hard in the past week to think of anything else. I needed it. Oh god, I needed it so bad.

“Yavara!” Esmerelda hissed. If there was one thing about the rebel leader I loved (besides her tongue) it was that she never—even in front of dignitaries—called me anything other than my first name. She despised formal titles out of principle.

“What?” I whispered back.

“You were touching yourself!”

I smiled at her. “No one can see what my hands are doing in this massive dress. It has more structure than a cathedral.”

“I can see!”

“Only because you’re looking so hard.” I winked, and enjoyed that she blushed. Esmeralda had the very alluring quirk of being a sexually-reluctant slut. Shame and trauma had done such wonderful things to her sexuality.

“Your Highness, be modest.” Lady Lydia Straltaira scolded softly from the other side of my throne. Elena’s mother had always been a stickler for etiquette, and so she used my title insistently. Unlike Esmerelda, however, there was nothing modest about Lydia Straltaira between the sheets. She was brazenly curious about my body, and would push her fingers into every part of me in some mad scientific effort to find out how I worked. I didn’t mind in the least.

“…and on the twelfth day of creation, the Holy Mother did bestow the holy kingdom of the Highlands upon her most favored children, and the high-elves did forever tend her fields and sculpt her great hillsides. Amen,” the priest finished, then cleared his throat. “Is there anyone present who doth object to the crowning of Yavara Tiadoa, first of her name?”

The gardens were silent.

The priest held up the crown that I’d already worn for the past three months, and placed it ceremoniously upon my head. “Then by the power vested in me as high priest of the Holy Order, I do declare Yavara Tiadoa, first of her name, to be the ruler and protector of the Highland Kingdom.”

The attendees broke into a standing ovation, and the air filled with their adulation. They filed into the aisle, and one by one, they began their ascent up the throne. What a line they formed; god, it was going to be a long day. This was what I got for following Esmerelda’s advice of being more “accessible to the people” or whatever stupid hippy shit she said. Not only was this going to be pointlessly boring, but it was also dangerous. Though I doubted any of my subjects would be foolish enough to try to assassinate me, I still scanned the mind of each person who paid tribute to me.

Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip… thought one dignitary right before he stumbled on the last step, and splayed out before my feet. I bid him to kiss my ring, then I watched him leave in abject humiliation.

Don’t look at her tits, don’t look at her tits, don’t look at her tits… thought a merchant who was doing an admirable job of keeping his gaze fixed on my face. I rewarded his chivalry by raising my ring hand just above my bosom, and allowing him a long linger down my cleavage as he kissed my ring.

God, that dress is so ugly on her. Her sister had such better taste, thought a lesser noblewoman of the Feractianas province as she kissed my ring.

I need to piss so fucking bad! thought a stablemaster of the Feltian province.

Do I bow, or do I kneel? Half the people are bowing, and half of them are kneeling! Is there a rule? How come nobody told me about this?! thought a panicky young maiden as she made my way to me.

“Nobles and dignitaries bow; merchants and craftsmen kneel.” I told her with a smile.

She gaped at me in shock, then fumbled with her dress, and got onto one knee. Then I guess this fulfills my end of the bargain. Leveria chuckled sardonically in my mind as the maiden glanced up at me to reveal a pair of blazing orange eyes. By the way, that dress is fucking hideous.

I did an admirable job of keeping my face impassive, I think. The royal mages that surrounded me didn’t notice a thing, and Esmerelda and Lydia were too busy conversing with the guests to look down at the lowly made prostrating before the queen. Leveria’s eyes had already turned back to their high-elf blue in the time it took me to blink. She smiled wickedly at me, took my hand in hers, and kissed our family ring. Only she didn’t just give it a peck; she sucked it sensually into her mouth, then tongued the space between my knuckles. When she was done, she stood up, and walked away. Before I even had a chance to process what had happened, she had already disappeared into the crowd. I was so stunned that I didn’t notice the great hush that had come over everyone. I looked up.

Elena Straltaira was standing before me and Bentius in all of her bronze glory. She’d discarded the robe she’d used to conceal herself, and now revealed herself to all in one of Leveria’s form-fitting dresses that left almost nothing to the imagination. Headmaster Lucian fumbled to cast a perception spell, but it was no use. I felt all the eyeballs of the kingdom fixed on the woman who had been their queen. Surely many of them had heard the rumors of what she was, but those rumors had faded over the course of Elena’s brief reign. Now, every rumor they’d ever heard about her was validated, and the worst part of it all was that most of them were true.

I hissed under my breath to her, “What the fuck are you doing?!”

“Showing them,” she said, “they’ll need to get used to people like me in the coming years. I won’t have a war started because an angry mob crucified one of Leveria’s daughters!”

“Why would one of her daughters be here?!”

“Do you want to trade with the outside world, Your Highness?” Elena hissed, “Because if you do, you’ll have to go through Alkandra.”

“She’s lifting her sanctions?”

“Yes. We’ll talk later. Right now, you need to handle this situation with grace. The people are waiting on your reaction.”

I cleared my throat, and gestured magnanimously toward Elena. “The people of Bentius welcome Ambassador Elena Straltaira, ranger of Castle Thorum, noblewoman of the court, and queen regent of the Highlands.” I said.

I was answered with more deafening silence. For a moment, the very air seemed to be muted, then someone dared break the suppressing void with a clap of their hands. A smattering of applause followed, and a few unsure cheers came after, and then the tension broke with some laughter. There wasn’t a great upswelling of adulation from the people for the woman who had sacrificed everything for them, but there wasn’t a great uproar of anger either. There was simply a subdued appreciation, and a quiet fear of what invisible line in history had just been crossed.

Elena bowed, then elected to kneel instead, and kissed my ring. When she stood up, it was on shaky legs that she did so. Her mother was at her side a second later to hastily guide her into the royal tent. If she had waited a fraction of a second longer for the tent flap to close, I would’ve missed the firm smack on the ass Lydia gave her daughter. If she hadn’t been so hasty, then perhaps she would’ve remembered to secure the flap instead of letting a gust of wind reveal the violent blowjob she was giving Elena a second later. I made a quick motion toward Headmaster Lucian, and he cast a spell on the tent flap, securing the rope. Then I donned my royal smile, and addressed my next subject.

After ten hours of people kneeling, bowing and kissing my ring, the watchmen closed the park, and the crowd dispersed. I declined the palanquin that would take hours to get back to the castle, and instead just flew over the city, keeping close to the rooftops lest I lose my energy. I had to land two times between my journey, one time causing a young boy to nearly piss himself when I dropped onto his bedroom balcony. I got a little too ambitious when I tried to fly from the noble district wall to the top of the castle tower, and for thirty terrifying seconds, I struggled to reach my window. After collapsing in a fit of wheezes and cold-sweats on my office floor, I decided to never again try something that fucking stupid again. I wasn’t that woman anymore.

I filled up the bathtub, indulged in a long hot soak, and then with my skin freshly cleaned and the day’s grime washed away, I toweled myself off, and put on my robe. I opened my office door, and looked down the hallway. Lydia’s door was closed, as was Esmerelda’s. The ambassador’s room door was also shut, and the ‘do not disturb’ sign hung from the doorknob. I sighed. Looked like it was just going to be me, a glass of wine, and my entire treasure chest of dildos tonight. I gave Elena’s door one final woeful glance, then walked back into my office. If she kept this up, I was going to have to buy a discrete consort from Ardeni to fulfill my needs. It had been over a hundred days since I’d last had a man inside of me, and not since Brock and Alkandi had double-teamed me almost a year ago had I felt a cock inside this high-elf body of mine.

I opened my bedroom door, and was disappointed to see no one waiting for me in my bed. I didn’t know what I expected. I grabbed a bottle of wine, opened my closet, hauled out my heavy chest of goodies, and opened it to reveal all the loneliness inside. Half of these were from Prestira Rasloraca’s private collection. What a lonely life she had led; opining for a man who would never love her like he should. Would that be my fate after all this time? I shook away the thought, and ***********ed the biggest piece of silicon in the box. I paused, frowned, then ***********ed another one. Violent anal masturbation without proper pretreatment could be risky, but I had gone to the bathroom and bathed already; it should be fine. It sometimes galled me that God had decided I should gain more pleasure from my asshole than my pussy. Yes, I could orgasm easily from vaginal stimulation just like every other girl, but what made me so much fun was that there was a second, even more sensitive g-spot stuck in that naughty little hole back there. That cute little bleached hole that I always kept fresh with a scented enema; that fun little fudge factory that sometimes violently expelled great fountains of stinking diuretic shit. I grabbed an extra towel just in case, then ***********ed a bottle of lube, and stood upright to see a pair of burning orange eyes staring at me from the darkness.

“Ooo, someone’s having a fun Friday night.” Leveria giggled from my closet.

“FUCK!” I screamed, and dropped my dildos in fright. They bounced off the floor, and rolled into the black. A booted foot stopped one, and a magical flame was ignited to burn the end of a cigarette, revealing Leveria’s dangerous face in the darkness. She blew out the smoke, savored the atmosphere she cultivated, then lit the lamp oil in the lantern above, and illuminated the whole of the closet.

“I see you kept most of my outfits,” she mused, and pawed through my (her) stuff, “I’ll be taking my favorite ones with me back to Alkandra. You can keep the rest; you certainly need them.”

“How the fuck did you sneak up on me?!” I gasped, clutching at my pounding heart, “I scan every room I walk into!”

“Let’s just say you were the greatest telepath in the world.” Leveria sneered around her cigarette, “Maybe you’re naturally more gifted than I am, but you were always naturally gifted at everything. It’s the athlete’s curse. You were so used to being good that you got lazy. I bet you don’t even know more than the four core spells you were born with.”

“They’re enough.”

“And incredibly limiting. I’ve learned perception, transformation, disintegration and fusion since I’ve gained my abilities.” Leveria strolled down the rows of clothes until she got to the lingerie section. “Oh wow,” she muttered, “you’ve expanded my collection considerably. And so much bondage stuff!” She gave me an impish glare, “We are going to have so much fun tonight.”

“We… we are?” I asked, still reeling from the shock.

Leveria gave me her trademarked smirk. “I held up my end of the bargain, now you’re going to hold up yours.”

“You were supposed to legitimize me by coming as yourself. That was the whole point!”

“But circumstances changed. You and I both know it would’ve been very rude of me to crash your party. Elena’s big reveal was enough to begin easing the tension between our nations.” Leveria pulled out a gimp bodysuit, and sized it against herself, “That being said, I’m afraid another war is inevitable between us. The Highlands will hold onto its pride until the bitter end. But that’ll be years and years down the road from now, nothing to worry about just yet.” She put the gimp suit back, and pulled out a dominatrix corset, “Hmm, bust size is too big for me. God, your tits are great. I’ll have to resize this one.”

“Hey, that’s mine!”

“A dominatrix corset doesn’t suit you, Yavara, not anymore. Maybe you get a cheap little thrill when you wear it for inexperienced sluts like Esmerelda Giana, but for Alkandrans, it’s laughable.”

“Good thing I’m not Alkandran then.”

“You’re just the masochistic little piggy that orgasmed from having an orc rape her virgin asshole.” Leveria tapped her temple, “I got that fun little flashback when I merged with Alkandi. Yavara, you’re the OG Alkandran, and nothing is going to change that. That’s why you’ll come crawling back to me one day, but like I said before, let’s not worry about the future just yet. Here, try this on.”


Leveria pouted her lips. “Yavara, I thought you wanted this night to be special?”

“Then let it be her night, Leveria.” Elena’s voice said from behind me.

I wheeled around with a yelp. “How did you sneak up on me?!”

“If a ranger doesn’t want you to see her, you won’t.” Elena chuckled, and held me at arm’s length by the shoulders, “A bottle of lube and a bottle of wine, eh? Nothing like some quality time with yourself.”

“Thanks for interrupting it!” I growled.

“If you want me to leave, I’ll—”

“No-no-no-no-no!” I exclaimed, then blushed as she smirked at me.

She gently guided me into her embrace, then brushed my hair behind my ear. “You didn’t used to be ashamed of what you wanted.”

“I’m not, I’m just…”

“Just what?” Leveria whispered in my ear, her body pressing against my back, her bulge pushing the cotton of my robe into my crack. Elena pressed her crotch into my groin, and grinned when I shuddered.

“I’m just out of practice.” I whispered into her beautiful blue eyes.

“What do you want, Yavara?” She asked softly.

“What do you need, little sister?” Leveria hissed, her fingers sliding into my robe, caressing my breasts.

“We’re here for you.”

“We’ll follow your every desire.”

“It’s your night.”

“And we’re your entertainment.” Leveria planted a delicate, yet menacing kiss on my throat, “I’ll do whatever you want tonight, Yavara. Just for tonight.”

“But I’ll be your slut forever.” Elena winked; her lips so close to mine. Their hands moved down my body, framing and caressing me, but not touching me intimately. They teased what they could do with their dexterous fingers, advertised the fluidity of their curvaceous bodies molding to my own, and boasted their potency with their bulges pressing into my heat. I melted like butter between their bodies, moving with unconscious lechery, my instincts taking over. We danced to no music, simply swaying through the rhythms of lust, learning the shapes of each other. My robe was sopping between my thighs, and my breath was hot in my mouth, exhaling raptly between Elena’s lips. Already my eyes were intoxicated with lust, and hers were possessed of me, so full of love that I wanted to drown in those sapphire pools. I turned my head to look into Leveria’s eyes, those blazing orbs that narrowed into depthless pupils, seeming to express all the depravity of hell with just one look. Elena’s expressive gaze stirred something loving in me, and Leveria’s stirred something dangerous. Together, they created a dichotomy of my needs, and from that, came a singular desire.

“You’ll do anything I want?” I mumbled drunkenly to Leveria, then to Elena.

“Anything,” they answered in unison.

“Then follow me,” I whispered, “I know just what I want you to wear.”

Twenty minutes later, I was lying alone in my bed. My blonde hair was tied in a tight ponytail with a bunny-ear band atop it, my lush lips were painted crimson, and my cheeks were flushed with rouge. My throat was clasped with a collar and leash, my breasts were bound so that they bulged and pillowed about the rope that encircled them, and my legs were held apart by a spreader-bar that strapped me just above the ankles. A fluffy tail protruded from between my plump cheeks, ending in the cold metal of an anal plug that was nestled comfortably inside my favorite hole. My nipples were decorated with a golden chain that pierced and bridged them, and that bridge was bisected by a second chain which ran down my belly, and to my crotch. There, my clit quivered around the golden little clamp that bit pleasantly into it and pulled it from its hood. Careful to keep myself upright in my kneeling position, I reached back behind myself, and closed the shackles that bound my wrists. They clicked metallically, completing my bondage. I was terrified. I was ready.

Remember, Leveria whispered in my mind, the safe-word is ‘broomstick.’ Don’t forget it, Yavara. Here we come.

My ears pricked upon the clicking of heels. There were two distinct sets, and I could tell who was who by the cadence of their steps. I took two deep breaths through my mouth, then eased them out slowly through my nose. My heart pounded in my chest, and my flesh was alight with nerves, but I was not panicked. I savored the fear, feeling myself becoming more excited, more in the moment as the footsteps grew louder and louder. They stopped. The closet door creaked open.

An angel walked into the room. Elena’s lips were painted snow-white, her cheeks were lightly blushed, and glitter surrounded her dramatically-lined sapphire eyes. Her body was wrapped in a white gauze dress that revealed everything beneath the mesh, and contrasted her bronze flesh. She wore a pair of white stiletto heels that became leather straps which crisscrossed her legs about the shins and thighs, and encircled her legs below the crease of her buttocks. Feathery angel wings adorned her back, and a magical halo floated above her white hair. The hem of the dress ended just below her crotch, which meant her pretty little cock protruded vulgarly out. She’d decorated it with miniature angel wings and a little floating halo, which made me giggle delightedly.

“And what do I have here?” Elena asked, assessing me as her cock rose with engorgement, “A little mortal girl all tied up and helpless? Who did this to you?”

“I did.” I said, grinning impishly and wiggling my ass.

“And why would you do such a thing?” Elena queried with the most innocent expression she could muster on her devious face.

“To attract an angel. Someone obviously needs to set me on the righteous path.”

“Oh, dearest me,” Elena pouted her lips, “you poor, poor thing. You’re a sinner, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I hissed.

“I’m afraid there’s only one way to purify a sinner.”


Elena produced the paddle she’d been hiding behind her back. “Through pain.”

Her heels clicked as she walked purposefully to the bed. Though her face was cast in a stoic angelic expression, she struggled to keep her lips from tugging with a smile. I breathed evenly through my nose, following her only with my eyes as she rounded me. I felt the depression of the mattress when she climbed upon the bed, and then I felt her delicate fingers upon the nape of my neck. She tugged gently but firmly on my ponytail, forcing my face upward, my back to arch, and my breasts to jut forth, stretching the chain that linked my nipples to my clit. I hummed through an excited smile, my flesh teeming with readiness. Oh, it had been so long since I’d been with a lover worthy of me!

“Confess your sins.” Elena commanded with the harsh stoicism of a nun.

“I’m a whore!” I cried.

“Now repent!” Elena said sharply, and brought the paddle hard against my left cheek. The board flattened against my flesh, rippled through my fat, and sent a vein of wonderful stings right into my crotch. I yelped at the pain, then purred at the pleasure, savoring both, enjoying their comingling within my twisted neurons. Elena pulled back on my ponytail once more, accentuating the bow of my back, stretching my chain, presenting my ass, one cheek now rosy.

“Confess your sins,” she commanded again.

“I like getting fucked in the ass!” I whimpered.

“Now repent!” This time the paddle came down on my right cheek, harder and faster than before, the wood slapping against my cheek so hard that it was lifted and separated from its twin, opening my crack, displaying my moist pussy and plugged anus before jiggling back down. I mewled in delight, my entire body teeming with the prickles of sensation that coursed up my arched spine.

“Confess your sins,” she commanded a third time, and rested the paddle against my left cheek.

“I’ve lain with my older sister.”

“Now repent!” Another slap, even harder than last time, and my body bowed backward with the exaggerated arch of my spine. My lips peeled in a grimace, tears threatened my eyes, and a moan of pure lechery crawled huskily from my throat.

“Confess your sins!”

“I’m a rapist!”

“Now repent!” My right cheek flattened in deformation, the delectable flesh molding around the paddle before springing back into a rippling dome of porcelain fat. The sting reached deep into me, seeming to electrify my nethers more with greater pain.


“I’m a torturer!”

“Repent!” She laid the wood hard against my left cheek, and I lurched forward with a scream, my entire body bending around the axis of such exquisite pain.

Elena was at my side a second later. “Oh my god, Yavara, are you OK?”

“DID I SAY THE FUCKING SAFEWORD?!” I bellowed, wrathful for having my moment interrupted. I was almost there!

Elena blinked, then recomposed herself. It took her a moment to reestablish her persona, which gave me precious seconds to recover. I didn’t want to recover. I wanted to be brought to the beautiful edge of mania and sent toppling over the edge! Elena repositioned the paddle against my ass, the flesh now raised and rosy, receptive to any touch.

“Confess,” she whispered.

“I’m a murderer.”

“Repent,” she said with a voice so dead it made my hair stand up. She was going to make up for her blunder. The paddle came down across both cheeks, squishing the fat of my ass against my lower back, sending the pain deep into my crack. Before I had a chance to scream, the paddle came down again, even harder this time, creating a ripple that shot down my thighs. I bent backwards with the beautiful pain, my spine compelled to curve, stretching the chain between my breasts and crotch until my nipples and clit were throbbing. The paddle slapped me hard against the flank, harder than ever, blasting the sensations into my center, energizing my pulsating erogeneity. Feminine nectar saturated me between my legs, drooled droplets down my taint, and pooled around my plugged anus, which clenched like a fist about my plug. Elena beat me again, and again, and again. The slaps sounded faster and faster until they were a drumroll, and I could no longer feel the flesh that was beaten, only the deep sensory assault moving beneath the surface, churning in my sex, lancing sweet lines of ecstasy outward. I was sobbing and weeping, tears and snot disheveling my portrait, but my lips were peeled in a terrible smile, and my screams were punctuated by squeals of delight.

After the thirtieth strike, Elena was done with her beatings. She laid the paddle before my knees, then stood up on the bed, and walked around until she was towering above me.

“Are you enjoying this, sinner?”

“Yes!” I blubbered, teetering on the very brink of orgasm. My tortured clit was pulsing against the clamp that bit into it, my nipples were throbbing, my insides were turning over with sensation, beating with the cadence of my heart.

“I see that I am not being severe enough,” Elena sighed, “I’m afraid you must endure more of God’s punishment.”

“God’s punishment?” a sardonic voice giggled from the darkness. A wonderful kind of fear suffused my limbs. Elena looked over her shoulder as the closet door creeped open, and the devil herself strutted into the room. Leveria’s black hair was braided into pigtails that girlishly framed her wicked portrait. She wore a band across her head with two devil’s horns protruding from the top. Her lips were sheened black, matching the dark liner around her eyes, and her brow and nose were dusted with red glitter. Her bulging breasts were held high by red crisscrossing leather straps which came around her back to crisscross her sculpted abdomen, then again to cross before her pelvis before the straps looped her bronze thighs just below the crease of her ass, causing her delectable bronze cheeks to flow over them. The straps recontinued into makeshift garters, then crisscrossed each thigh and each calve before becoming Ankara Escort her stiletto boots. A devil’s pointed tail wagged teasingly behind her, a spell compelling it to twist the plug in her ass. Though she was being sodomized, she hardly reacted at all to it; there was only a pleasant flush to her cheeks. The same crisscrossing leather that bound her bronze body also bound her massive cock, with three small intersections that preceded a wrap around the crease of the head, which was pointing directly at me. I was drooling from every hole.

“My, my, my,” Leveria whispered, her blazing eyes alight in the darkness, possessed of such avarice that I felt like I was melting in them, “What do we have here?” She walked purposefully toward me, her hips swinging, her footfalls clicking. She tightened her elbow-length red leather gloves one finger at a time, and grinned with her evil black-sheened lips. “Oh, what a sight this is,” she said covetously, “I’ve waited so long to see you like this.” She stopped at the foot of the bed, and patted the mattress. “Come here, Yavara,” she commanded with a soft voice, a silken voice, a sonorous little whisper that beckoned gently, but carried dangerous undertones I wouldn’t dare defy. I struggled in my bondage, and found that the spreader bar made it impossible to do anything but kneel with my legs splayed wide, and the pain of my stretching nipples and clit made traveling impossible.

“I can’t!” I whimpered frustratedly.

Leveria cocked her head, and smiled. “You will address me as ‘Master’ from now on, Yavara, and I will address you as ‘Bunny.’ If you call me by any other title, you will be punished, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” I whined, my thighs rubbing together with arousal, “but I still can’t move!”

Elena made to help me, but Leveria shot her a dark look that froze her in place. “Let her do this herself, please, Angel.” Leveria said tightly, her jaw twitching slightly. The anger in her face softened immediately when it rested on me, and all her expression bore was a twisted kind of affection. “Come, Bunny,” she encouraged, “I know you can do it!”

With a mewl of distress, I reached back with my cuffed hands, grabbed the spreader bar to anchor myself, shifted my weight against one pivot knee, flexed my abdominal muscles, and twisted my hips. I successfully lifted my other knee off the mattress and took a kneeling step, but the stretching of my pierced nipples and clamped clitoris send sharp tendrils of pain deep into my chest and nethers. I cried out and doubled over, yet my nethers pulsed with pleasure.

“Come on, Bunny,” Leveria cooed, beckoning me with her finger, “you’re only a few feet away.”

I caught my breath, and stared up at my master from beneath a few disheveled strands of hair. “I can’t!” I lamented.

“You can, Yavara.” Elena said, and took me by the leash, “I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

I set my face into a grim mask of determination, then pivoted my knee, twisted, and traversed another span. I yelped when my clit and nipples were pulled taut, drawing a sharp line of pain between them right through my core, but I gritted my teeth, and planted my other knee to pivot. Each kneeling step brought me closer to Leveria, and each kneeling step brought me even more pain and pleasure. There were times when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but Leveria’s bright smile and Elena’s encouraging tugs on my leash propelled me forward. Tears streaked down my cheeks, sweat shimmered from my flesh, and strenuous whines emitted from my gritted teeth. When I was three feet away from Leveria, I simply lurched forward, and fell onto the mattress before her, wrenched the leash from Elena’s hands, and buried my face in the darkness of the cushions. I sobbed in depthless despair, every inch of me teeming with a duality of sensations. Then I felt a pair of heavenly hands clasp me around the head. I was lifted by some invisible force, brought upright, and set down into a kneeling position before my master. Her expression was seeped in such affection, her orange eyes twinkled with pride, and her smile was radiant and doting, melting away all the anguish within me.

“You made it,” Leveria beamed, “I’m so proud of you.”

“You are?” I blubbered, “b-b-b-but I failed!”

“No, no, no…” Leveria crooned, brushing my hair behind my ears, framing my face with her palms, “you gave me everything you had; that’s all I wanted. I wanted to see you test the very limits of your pain.”

“It hurt so much.” I sniffled around a relived smile. She was such a good master. How benevolent she was!

Leveria crinkled her nose dotingly. “I bet it did. It was so beautiful to watch.”

Her hands ran down my shoulders, rounded my breasts, then slid down my ribs. I shuddered under her gentle touch, my nerves standing on such an edge that the barest graze from her was heaven. And oh, she was so delicate, so careful with the way she touched me. Her hands had the steadiness and exactness of a surgeon, and with the twisted mind of a sadist, who knew what wonderful horrors she could give me? I purred like the bunny I was when her hands ran down my abdomen, and groaned when they rounded the supple curve of my buttocks. She trailed the pads of her fingers over the flesh Elena had abused, and made a disapproving tsk-tsk.

“She was so brutal with you,” Master sighed, “she played you like a drum when you are a much more refined instrument. What blasphemy.” Leveria squeezed each buttock, and I moaned in pure delight. She pressed herself to me, but barely. Her nipples grazed mine, and her stiff cock prodded my clit gently, but she didn’t squish and mold our flesh; she simply hinted at it, and the points of our contact became hypnotic centers of pleasure as she oscillated subtly, rubbing our throbbing erogenous nodes. “No, no, no…” Leveria cooed in my ear, “a creature like you requires the utmost precision and care.” She kneaded her fingers into my posterior fat, massaging away all the tension there. I was butter in her hands when she whispered, “You’ve been neglected for so long, Bunny, but don’t worry, I’m here for you now. I know just how to treat you.”

“Treat me right, Master.” I whimpered.

Leveria chuckled lowly, and spread my cheeks wide open with her gripping hands. The cool air caressed my sweltering nethers as the smell of my hot sex created an intoxicating miasma around us. Leveria sniffed, and creased my ear with a smile. “Oh, you’ve been waiting so patiently, Bunny,” she purred, “it must’ve been such torture for you not to be touched.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you think you deserve to be rewarded for your patience?” She asked, almost challengingly.

“Y-y-y-yes?” I stuttered.

She chuckled huskily. “Don’t try to guess my mind, Bunny; just tell me what you want, and ask nicely.”

“Please… please touch me, Master.”

“Where do you want me to touch you?”

“In… in my ass.”

Leveria giggled, and slid one of her hands down my crack, dividing my pillowing cheeks. Her gloved fingers wrapped around the tailed plug in my anus, and slowly pulled backward, letting my anal ring stretch into a pink membrane of sensation before it birthed the metallic plug. She trailed its filthy tip up the small of my back, along my spine, and around my throat before she brought it to my lips. Before I could taste the decadent filth of my asshole, she pulled it away, and placed it into her own mouth.

“Mmmm…” she hummed as she sucked. Her lips pursed plushy around the exiting chrome cone as she lathered it clean. “It tastes so good. Do you want me to play with your delicious little asshole?” She asked softly.

“Yes, Master!” I pleaded.

Her grin turned wicked. “Much better.”

She reached between my legs, and grabbed the spreader bar. With her other hand, she guided me to put my weight on my cuffed hands as she pulled my legs out from underneath me. I was then seated on the bed with my legs splayed out before me, causing the chain that bridged my nipples and clit to go very slack and drape along my belly. Leveria then beckoned me to lie on my back with my hands still bound beneath me. As I eased into a prone position, she used a padlock to secure my handcuffs to my spreader bar, causing the chain to become taut once more until the tension was enough to pluck a note from, which she did. Her exacting finger looped the chain just above my navel, and pulled until I whined in distress.

“There,” she whispered with a smile, and wound the excess chain around her finger until it formed a slipknot, keeping the tension just at the point of pain, “that’s perfect. Isn’t it comfortable, Bunny?”

“Yes, Master!” I groaned, “Thank you, Master!”

“She’s enjoying this too much.” Elena frowned at Leveria, “I didn’t bring you up from the depths of hell to titillate her!”

“You’re a barbarian, Angel.” Leveria sneered imperiously, “You don’t understand the finer points of torture.”

“You’re missing the point, Devil.” Elena growled, “How can she know divine retribution if she’s orgasming from her punishment?!”

“She’ll never know God’s retribution.” Leveria said, “Her soul is completely corrupted with sin, Angel. She’s just a masochistic little bunny now, purring for me to fuck her ass!”

“I don’t believe it.” Elena said, and knelt beside me, “There is still something salvageable in her, I know it!” She took my chain from Leveria’s hand, and twisted it between her fingers. I squealed in delight, feeling my nipples and clitoris stretch until they were throbbing points.

“Repent, Yavara,” Elena commanded softly, “purify yourself with pain; don’t sully yourself with it.”

“You’re only helping me, Angel,” Leveria chuckled as her gloved hand caressed me through my petals, lubricating her fingers with my nectar, “your punishment will push Bunny further into my arms.”

“It won’t,” Elena knitted her brow stoically, “I believe in you, Yavara.”

“Believe whatever you want, you self-righteous fool.” Leveria cooed, and tickled me down the taint with a single treacherous finger. She circled my rim with it, wetting my winking aperture, teasing me. Her eyes danced with amusement as I moaned and groaned, wiggled and twisted to feel her inside me, but she wouldn’t give me what I wanted until I blubbered out a wordless plea. Only then did she penetrate me. Her finger pushed easily into my asshole, each knuckle forming a tantalizing gradient as they popped into my gripping aperture. Enema fluid bubbled from the point of penetration and spilled out, filling the air with the debauched smell of comingled scented water and my anal juices. I hissed and whined as she twisted her single finger, then cooed in satisfaction as she added another, and began to stir my insides open.

“Such pleasure you garner from such a filthy hole.” Leveria chuckled as I writhed in my captivity, “What a depraved little girl you are, Bunny. You’re not supposed to like it here; only sluts like it here.”

“I’m a depraved little slut, Master!” I moaned, “I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry?” Leveria giggled, “I love depraved little sluts. It’s Angel you should be apologizing to.”

I looked into Elena’s eyes. She did such a good job of conveying profound disappointment even though her cock was so rigid it was curved backward. “I’m sorry.” I mouthed to her.

“As am I, Yavara,” Elena sighed softly, “for your pleasured confessional is not repentance. You must repent.”

Elena twisted the chain around her fingers, winding the tension tighter, stretching my nipples and clit further. As she did this, Leveria pushed another finger into my favorite hole, and stirred with a slow rotation of her wrist, deforming my insides and gripping rim in a tortuous circle. I squirmed in my helpless position, barely keeping my equanimity as the sensations of pain and pleasure formed a terrible duet inside my body.

“Repent.” Elena whispered.

“Come for me.” Leveria countered.

“Please!” I cried to both, and they both intensified. The chain became tighter, and Leveria added a third finger. I thrashed in the throes of agony and ecstasy, my hips grinding to my sister’s stirring hand, my belly clenching to the spasms of pain shooting between my tortured nodes. My cuffed hands became fists that grasped the spreader bar with white-knuckled intensity, pulling back until only the balls of my feet were pressing into the mattress.



“Oh god!” I blubbered. My nipples were pulled until the piercings were stretched to ovoid cutouts in my flesh, my clit extended like a little cock from its hood, my anus was filled with a fourth finger, and she was rotating and twisting inside me, reaming me until my anal ring was sucking her leather-gloved knuckles in pure delight!



“Please, please, please!” I whined, tears streaking down my cheeks. A line of pain was drawn between my clit and nipples, and it comingled with the perverse pleasure ballooning from my anus when Leveria pushed her thumb into me, and slowly burrowed her hand inside until my tight entrance engulfed her around the wrist in a membranous embrace.



“Say it, Yavara,” Elena hissed above me, twisting her hand so that the chain wrapped her fingers a fourth time, “just say the magic word, and this can all be over. Broomstick, broomstick, broomstick.”

“She’ll never say it.” Leveria whispered as she sank her fist deeper into me, slowly pushing through my inner sphincters, opening me to my vile core until her forearm was halfway inside me. She curled the tips of her fingers inside me, and rubbed my most intimate spots, violating places that should never have known the touch of another.

Elena twisted her hand a fifth time, and I burst into tears.

“Just repent,” she muttered so softly, “say it, say it, say it.”

I opened my quivering lips, and croaked. “Angel?”

“Yes?” She whispered with a benevolent smile, caressing my face affectionately as her other hand did such terrible things to me.

“You’re…” I swallowed, “you’re…”

“What, Yavara?”

I took a deep breath. It was tremulous and tense, an intake that veered on the very edge of sanity. My quivering lips managed to form the hushed words, “You’re making me come!” And I came. Convulsions of pure ecstasy stormed from my colon, singing their abhorrent duet with the beautiful lines of pain that stretched between my clit and nipples. My pussy saturated with release as its back wall was stimulated from the wrong side, and from the tortuous stretching of my clit, which now distended grotesquely from my crotch, looking more like a little cock than a female sex organ. I blubbered and cried, thrashing in my bondage, relishing the dichotomy of sensations that ratcheted the intensity high and higher and higher! I let out a screech of finality as the last wave crested within me, and then I wilted into the mattress, wholly defeated, entirely spent, but still wanting more.

Elena glared down at me with a self-righteous glare. “You’re hopeless,” she snarled, “God will never have you in her house!”

“No one’s going to God, Angel,” Leveria grinned up at Elena, “you should never have come here.”

Leveria raised her hand, and Elena was magically lifted off her feet, and suspended in the air. Before I could utter an objection, she pulled her fist aggressively out of me, causing my anus to outflow into a glistening pink ball of sensation. I orgasmed so suddenly and so violently that I blasted a dark cone of euphoric urine onto the bed.

“I’m sorry for going a little off-***********, Yavara,” Leveria cooed as she levitated the thrashing angel, “but your story was so… juvenile.” She grinned evilly at me, “I think you’ll like my alterations much more.” Magical rope tethered the angel’s hands behind her back as she was bent over in the air, exposing her feminine organ and bleached anus. Both were stretched open grotesquely by multiple thick dildos, secured haphazardly into her by tape that sealed her shut from the tip of her pussy, to the back of her rim. The tape was so soaked with her arousal that it was peeling off in some places, and conformed snugly to the supple folds and dips of her lewd orifices.

“Stop this right now, you devil!” Elena commanded shrilly. Though she did a passable job of conveying fear and anger, there was no hiding the tremor of excitement that tainted her voice.

Leveria slid her hands under the hem of Elena’s gauze dress, and pulled it up until it was just a tight curtain clinging to the tops of Elena’s full bronze domes. With unfettered access to Elena’s pelvic floor, Leveria looked at me from the corner of her eye, planted her tongue at the peak of Elena’s slit, and licked my beloved along the saturated piece of tape from pussy to asshole with a slow, wet taste. Elena let out a weak little moan, and thrashed with much less conviction.

“Delicious…” Leveria hissed, still watching me with her cruel orange eyes, “I wanted you to see me with her for so long, Yavara. I touched myself imagining the look on your face.” Leveria pinched the edge of the tape, and slowly peeled it off, “I wanted to see your expression when you realized it was more than just sex,” she whispered, “I wanted to see it dawn on you that your beloved Elena wasn’t just fucking me; she was making love to me.”

“Leveria!” Elena gasped, unable to keep the desire from edging her voice, “Stay in character, goddamn it!”

“Shush, love.” Leveria whispered soothingly as she peeled the tape away, revealing the blushing, leaking mess that Elena had tried to hide from me, “Fantasies and dress-up are cute, but we’re all adults here. Reality is so much more… visceral than make-believe.”

“This isn’t your night, Leveria!” Elena growled angrily, but her voice was saturated with a moan as Leveria grazed her fingers along her stretched folds and clenching rim. “We’re…” she interrupted herself to groan when Leveria began extracting the dildos from her ass, “…we’re… oh god… we’re here for Yavara!”

Leveria chuckled lowly, then sunk her gloved hands into Elena’s fat cheeks, and planted her face between them. She sniffed long and indulgently from the gaping hole she’d made of my lover’s rectum, then planted a little kiss on the opening. “Oh, Elena, Elena, Elena…” she sighed as Elena whimpered with desire, her rigid cock and blushing pussy both leaking with need, “…my precious Elena. I’m giving Yavara exactly what she wants.” She turned to me, and grinned that wicked grin of hers, “Am I not, Bunny?”

I just stared at them with my mouth agape, my heart drumming high in my chest, my mind turned to mush with longing. Jealousy, rage and betrayal comingled with desire and lust within me, my own emotions tormenting me without my consent, just another tool in Leveria’s box of torture. I was so turned on that my pussy pulsed with a heartbeat as heavy as the one beneath my breast, every cadence coercing more fluid to run in sticky rivulets between my thighs, and pool around my yawning winking anus.

“Yes.” I mouthed; my voice so thick with hormones that it barely came from me.

“I thought so.” Leveria smiled affectionately, then sardonically with just an inclination of her brow. She turned back to her helpless prey. “Don’t you see, Elena?” Leveria whispered, prying Elena’s bronze cheeks apart, “You always put Yavara on a pedestal. Of the three of us, you were the only angel.” She spit into Elena’s cavernous opening, and pressed her pinched fist to it, “But not anymore, my dearest love,” Leveria whispered huskily, “now, you are going to show Yavara what you’ve become.”

I watched in terrible fascination as Leveria’s lubed leather fist dilated my beloved’s rim into a thin pink membrane, then was sucked in. Elena let out a wail of pure delight, her voice rich with masochism, her gauze dress wrapping tighter around her airborne body as she twisted helplessly. Leveria hummed a sweet soothing lullaby as she pushed deeper and deeper, engulfing her wrist within Elena’s fleshy cuff, then moving to the forearm as she’d done with me. When she was five inches past her wrist, Elena cried out with equal measures of distress and glee, and Leveria stopped.

“There, there, there…” Leveria crooned lovingly, using her other hand to pet Elena along her packed pussy, “the hard part’s almost over, dearest. Just a little bit more.”

“Broomstick!” Elena cried, “Broomstick, broomstick, broomstick goddamn it!”

Leveria pouted her lips disingenuously. “I’m sorry, Elena, but the safe-word only applies to Yavara.”

“Stop!” Elena cried.

“I know you can take more than this.” Leveria whispered, twisting her wrist slowly, making Elena’s hips rotate in turn, “What are you afraid of, Elena? Afraid that you’ll lose your equanimity in front of Yavara? Ah, it’s been so long since you two were intimate, and you’ve grown so much as a lover since then. Did you want to show Yavara what a stud you’d become?” Leveria giggled cruelly, “And you chastised me for being selfish. You are far, far more selfish than I, and now Yavara knows it.”

“S-s-s-stop!” Elena blubbered, spit and tears leaking from her face as she looked back at Leveria, then at me. Oh, there was such shame on her face. Leveria was right; Elena had come with intentions of romantic bravado, to present herself as a juxtaposition to my cruel sister, to become my brave guardian. I knew why. There could only be one reason. She saw the renewed color of my flesh, and she thought my submissiveness and masochism were a reflection of an innocence that I no longer had. She fetishized me as the ideal queen of the Highlands, and so made herself my protector and moral conscience against the Dark Queen’s corrupting influence. But she knew in her heart of hearts that there was no fixing me, that I had stained my soul so thoroughly that I was nearly as dark as Leveria. Then why was there such shame on her face? Why did she try so hard to seem good… oh. In that moment, I realized that the three of us had all been acting out our own personal fantasies.

“Elena?” I whispered, “Have you betrayed me?”

Elena stared at me for a long time, her lip quivering in pleasure and humiliation.

“Uh-oh, the jig’s up, Elena.” Leveria sneered, and twisted her fist until Elena screamed in anguish and ecstasy, “You spent so much time being the buffer between my sister and I that you became comfortable with the position.” Leveria scolded with an evil smile as she did such evil things, “You wanted to be her valiant knight, the hero who fought endlessly against Alkandra until Alkandra inevitably prevailed, and then you would be the one to reluctantly bring her to me when the final nail was driven into the coffin. Ah, such honor, such bravery in the face of such evil! Look, Yavara, upon your brave protector!”

“I’m sorry!” Elena screeched, but she was a dark-elf, and she could not help but fetishize her own abasement. She wriggled and thrashed in delight, and the more acute her shame and pain became, the more pleasure she felt, and the more aroused I became. I couldn’t help myself either.

Leveria giggled girlishly as she wrapped her other hand around Elena’s throbbing shaft, and squeezed gently. “But the truth is, dearest Elena, that you betrayed Yavara in your heart many months ago.” Leveria turned around, and watched me intently. “Elena, tell me you love me.”

“Fuck you!”

“Just say it, baby.” Leveria cooed gently, watching me as she tenderly stroked Elena’s throbbing member. The little angel outfit Elena had put on her shaft swung back and forth by a string of precum, then fluttered to the bed. Leveria subtly redirected her eyes, and a wine glass floated from the cabinet, and settled just below Elena’s pulsating tip. Leveria slowly withdrew her fisting hand, displaying Elena’s prolapsing anal cuff around her retracting palm, the leather now smeared and shining with fluid. She ceased her extraction halfway down her hand, keeping Elena’s rim stretched around the bottom of her thumb knuckle as she began to curl her fingers against Elena’s front wall.

“Oh, god!” Elena sobbed. Her cock throbbed wildly for a second, then oozed out a thick rope of white cum into the wine glass. Her thighs convulsed with violent orgasmic spasms, but her penile expulsion was slow and thick like molasses as Leveria milked her gently from both masculine organs.

“Just tell me you love me, baby,” Leveria whispered lovingly, her knuckles rolling inside Elena’s stretched anus, “do it in front of Yavara. Hurt her. Can’t you see she wants to be hurt?”

Elena looked over her shoulder at me, her face twisted with conflicting emotions. “Yavara,” she croaked, “you know I love you, right?”

I nodded, unable to voice words anymore. My throat was choked with rage, grief, and terrible, wonderful lust.

“Say it!” Leveria hissed, massaging Elena’s cock like a bovine udder, filling the glass with thick orgasmic milk.

Elena’s lips opened, and she whimpered, “I love you, Leveria.”

“I love you too, babe.” Leveria beamed, and milked another thick volume of Elena’s cum into the glass, “Now, confess your sins, my dearest angel, and I’ll fuck your holy holes.”

When Elena next looked back at me, there was a palpable relief on her face. The shame was slowing fading into a strange acceptance, and the pain was gone. Now, there was only pleasure, for Leveria’s anal violation was gentle and loving, and the steady way she pumped Elena’s cock was putting the hybrid hermaphrodite into a drunken trance. Leveria lowered Elena onto the bed, and she spread herself out, her knees separating, her gauze dress hiking to her hips, her back bowing sensually. She moved with such lecherous grace that she seemed to change species before me, becoming the hybrid elf I’d only even seen glimpses of. Her body undulated to the whim of Leveria’s insidious little fingers, reacting instantly and without restraint.

“Yavara…” she groaned, “Oh, Yavara, Yavara, Yavara…” she bit her lip in hedonistic splendor, “I love you so much, but you can’t give me what I need!” Her eyes cast heavily with lust, and she regarded me with imperious avarice, like she was a tigress in all her grace, and I was a trapped bunny rabbit hardly worth her time, “I need a thick, hard cock,” she whispered, “I need someone to treat me like a faggot deserves to be treated,” she rolled her eyes back and growled as an orgasmic gout was pulled down her shaft by Leveria’s sliding grip, “I need someone who can give what the woman in me really wants!” Her back fluttered with little spasms, and the glass beneath her filled even more, “I can’t stay in another lesbian relationship again,” she balled her fists behind her back, “I can’t be the savior of a nation I don’t belong to, Yavara. I did all I could for this kingdom, and now all I can do is guide it peacefully to its end.” Her drool pooled by her gaping lips, “you should never have let me go back to her, Yavara,” she smiled wickedly at me, “you thought I was stronger than you? You thought I could withstand it?” She purred, and arched her back, “Maybe I could resist you, but no one can withstand the true Dark Queen.” Leveria released Elena’s binds, and Elena immediately grabbed the dildos in her cunt and began to alternately fuck herself with them, “You will join Çankaya Escort me, Yavara,” she croaked, “the Highlands will fall, and you will come with me back to Alkandra,” she let out a little cry as she angled the dildos against Leveria’s anally-massaging fingers, “then she will take you, transform you and impregnate you, your own sister, and you and I will love and serve her in endless pleasure! Oh god, I can’t stop fucking coming! Milk my faggot asshole for every drop!”

Leveria ripped her hand out of Elena, gripped her by the shoulder, and spun them both on the bed. Elena landed in Leveria’s lap, facing me with her body splayed out, her gauze dress wrapping her torso tightly, showing the suppleness of her flesh between the lining of the fabric that revealed everything beneath it. She anchored her hands around the dildos in her pussy, bit her lip with an excited smile, and navigated her anus onto Leveria’s raging erection with practiced ease. Her asshole consumed the piece of meat inch by inch, stretching thin around the thick columns of tubular flesh until her rim twitched with tension. When her taint nestled against Leveria’s heavy testicles, she let out a laugh of pure glee, and immediately began to grind enthusiastically.

Leveria moaned lowly, hooked her elbows beneath Elena’s knees, and pulled the beta hermaphrodite’s legs back until Leveria’s fingers were locked behind Elena’s head in a full-nelson hold, forcing Elena to face downward and see the complete ruination of her holes as Leveria began to pump. My jaw dropped open. My big sister fucked like a demoness, each stroke pulling her cock out near to the crease, then plunging back in with perfect suddenness, sliding Elena down the curved shaft until she impacted Leveria’s lap with a smack that sent flesh jiggling through her ass, up her clenching abdomen, and into her bobbing breasts. Again and again she did this, moving faster and faster, and Elena matched her blow for blow, grinding and undulating desperately, her breath labored and intense, filled with strenuous moans that became higher and higher. Her unattended cock wagged pathetically in front of her, still spewing syrupy gouts of nectar in the collecting receptacle beneath her.

Leveria put her chin on Elena’s shoulder, and watched me intently as she ruined the love of my life. Though my mental defenses had been shattered, and I was open—no inviting—my evil sister to invade my mind, she did not. She just stared at me, communicating with every violent thrust of her hips that Elena was hers, but also communicating an offer so tempting the very thought made me sweat with need.

This could be you, Yavara, she whispered into my subconscious, join Elena, become a hybrid like her, and live the life you deserve as my whore, lover and sister. Every night I’ll give you what you need, because what you need is what I need. I need you so bad.

“Oh, god, Leveria!” Elena whined, splaying her legs out wide as she danced fervently on her driving piston.

You think you have power as queen of the Highlands? I’ll give you the power of an empire. Every person on Tenvalia will bow to you, if you will just bow to me.

“Fuck my little faggot asshole!” Elena wailed, “Make me come in front of Yavara!”

Elena doesn’t understand us. She doesn’t know what it means to lust so greatly for power. She doesn’t want it. She may share our love, but only you will share in my rule.

“Keep fucking me, oh god, keep fucking my fucking little asshole!”

My masochistic pet, my wife and partner, my love and sister. Leveria stared intensely at me, Come to me, Yavara. I know you feel it too. This is what you want. This is what you were made for. You were made for me.

Leveria drove and drove, her cock disappearing and reappearing in a blur, her impacts so forceful that her balls slapped the backs of Elena’s hands as she manipulated the dildos inside of her. With a breathless croak between gritted teeth, Elena bucked wildly in her nelson hold, jerking her hips forward and shifting until the cock buried inside of her was pressed firmly against her convulsing prostate. They both came in a wordless hiss, freezing together with every muscle tensed. Then Elena spurted thick volumes into the wine glass, and Leveria filled Elena to the brim. They stayed locked together for a moment, then collapsed together. Leveria unlaced her fingers from behind Elena’s head, and Elena tilted her face to receive Leveria’s kiss. With her cock still inside Elena, they engaged in a loving samba, shifting sensually on the bed and groaning in satisfaction. Their eyes opened above their exchanging of tongues, and they looked at me. Though I had done nothing but lie there for the duration of their lust, my flesh was dewed and rosy, and my breath was high and hot in my chest. Elena never kept her predatory gaze off of me as she slid her ass up Leveria’s shaft, grabbed the wine glass from beneath her, then popped her anal cork, and let the white honey flow into the receptacle. Then, she crawled toward me.

“Broomstick.” I whispered.

Elena shook her head.

“Broomstick!” I commanded.

She quirked her lips. “Use your magic if you want to stop me.”

“Don’t make me!”

“I’m not.” Elena giggled, and lied down next to me, snuggling into my shoulder, “You have all the power in the world to stop me, but none to stop yourself. I know you too well, Yavara.” She looked back at Leveria, and smiled fondly, “We both do.”

Leveria crawled to my other side, and lounged alongside me, propped on one arm so that she loomed. She wrapped her fingers with Elena’s about the glass, and brought the milky concoction to my lips. Every carnal fiber in my being demanded that I debase myself and savor every drop that filled my mouth, but I sealed my lips, and turned my head away.

“Oh, Yavara.” Leveria sighed, and stroked my face with the back of her gloved hand, smearing my cheek with Elena’s anal juices, “Why are you so difficult?”

“I think she wants us to force her to drink it.” Elena chuckled, and stroked my breasts.

Leveria crinkled her nose adoringly at me. “Is that true?”

I didn’t answer.

Leveria grabbed my face, and squished open my cheeks. I made vain attempts to wrench my head away, but they were all for naught. Elena clamped her hands around my temples, and fixed my head into position. Their joined hands carried the glass to my lips, but then Leveria halted their advance.

“What?” Elena queried to her partner.

Leveria narrowed her orange eyes at me. “I want to hear you say you want it.”

“No.” I mouthed.

She brought the glass to my lips, then paused. The miasma wafted into my nose, and inundated my primal senses, filling my head with heavy desire, activating my salivary glands, opening my sweltering holes. There was enough succubus and incubus pheromones in that drink to enslave me. Perhaps I wouldn’t fuck like the dark-elf I once was, but I would certainly have the libido and enthusiasm. This was the point of no return. If I drank it, I would taste the full brunt of Alkandran lust with the two most potent lovers the beast realm had to offer, and I would become a hopeless addict, my mind permanently altered. If I abstained now, there was still hope for my kingdom. But it wasn’t my kingdom. Even as I weighed the choices, I could see clearly that there was no choice at all. I could not undo what I had done, nor what had been done to me. Ever since Brock Terdini had forced his cock into my virgin asshole, I’d been an Alkandran at heart. If not the Dark Queen herself, then certainly one of her disciples. Alkandi had forced me, but I had still accepted. There was no going back from that. I didn’t want to go back from that. I wanted to go home.

“Leveria?” I whispered; my voice so tremulous that it barely came from me.

“What, little sister?” Leveria queried softly.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Say what?”

“Say it, Leveria.”

She licked her lips anxiously, and shook her head.

“Say it.” I hissed, almost pleadingly.

She opened her mouth very slowly, and in the quietest voice she could muster, she whispered, “I love you.”

Elena gasped, but I just smiled. “I don’t love you, Leveria. I don’t know if I ever will.” I watched her soul crack a little behind her fractured smile, then I whispered, “but I’m willing to try,” and drank from the glass. The thick concoction melted onto my tongue, filling my palate with their musky flavor and the pungent tang of Elena’s asshole. They tipped back the glass as I slurped, making certain that I didn’t miss a drop. I was licking the inside of the rim when the poison hit my veins. Unbearable lust ran through my limbs, canvasing my flesh with sensitivity, putting every nerve within me on the very edge of climax. I moved with sloth, sensuous motions, every roll of my hips and flexion of my belly compelled by the raging desire that burned in the furnace between my legs. My vision was veiled pink with desire, painting the world in hues of flesh, tinting the two demonesses above me. My pussy salivated and mouthed with torpid hunger; the lips so moist that dew ran down their folds.

Elena dipped low to kiss me, and we exchanged tongues in a sloppy, slithering dance. Oh, it had been so long since we’d last kissed, and I could taste all of the experience she’d gotten since our last embrace. All the experience she’d gotten from Leveria, for her oral dance was so much like my sister’s. We inundated each other’s senses with our love for a long moment, then parted with smiles, sharing in one look, all of the history we had. It almost seemed like everything that had happened between us since Brock had taken me that night was irrelevant. Our future together would look so much like our past, and I was so glad of that. I turned to the other woman, and my smile faded. My future with Leveria would look nothing like my past. Every action we took on the path to love would be an undoing of all the damage we’d caused each other. She would dominate me, yes, as I wanted her to dominate me, but she would have to tread very carefully with me, and I would have to be ever vigilant with her. She leaned down, touched the tips of our noses, then closed the distance between our lips. She drowned me in her kiss, making my eyes roll back with her skillful tongue, making my hair stand up with her sensual lips. I was breathless by the time we were done exchanging breaths.

Elena and Leveria kissed each other over me, watching me from the corners of their eyes, and then they moved in different directions. Elena crawled down my body, and Leveria crawled on top of it. She mounted me across the ribs, and pushed her fat, pulsating cock between my pillowing breasts. Though Leveria was the posterchild of sexual control, I was excited to feel her tremoring atop me like a maiden.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this, Yavara,” she whispered, and grabbed my hair with a shaking hand, “ever since I got my cock, I wanted to see that cute little face looking up at me while I fucked it!”

She pulled my head down, divided my tits with her shaft, and rammed the tip into my awaiting mouth. I savored the decadent anal taste, struggled to wrap my lips around her immense girth, and confidently took her into my throat. I gagged ferociously, expelling her from my mouth.

“I thought that might happen,” Leveria grinned around a moan, “your body isn’t built for this anymore, and it’s not like you’ve been practicing with Lydia and Esmerelda. Don’t worry,” Leveria giggled evilly as she climbed further up my body, and made a cushiony seat of my breasts, squishing each of her succulent bronze cheeks into my flattening domes. She laid her stinking ass-tainted cock flat alongside my nose, and whispered, “I know just how to train a masochistic little bunny like you.”

Leveria angled her pelvis down, pointed her cock against my lips, and slowly entered me. Her underside slid along my tongue, saturating my palate with her tang until her thick pulsating head reached the back of my throat. She didn’t stop. As she stared at me with her imperious, evil eyes, she bit her lip, groaned, and continued down my neck. I gagged and gurgled, thrashed and screamed, but my exclamations were muffled by the meat ravaging my gullet, and though they were genuine cries of panic and pain, they were disingenuous pleas to stop. Leveria slid her cock deeper and deeper, opening my oral sphincters, pushing through my resisting gullet so that I embraced her in a membranous squeeze of spasming pain. She savored every bit of my agony, and so did I, for though tears, snot and drool leaked my facial from orifices, my hips were twisting and winding in an arousal that was only heightened by pain and humiliation.

“Oh fuck!” Leveria groaned as she slid the last inches down my neck. Her pulsating balls rested on my chin, pleasantly soft and warm, a comforting contrast to the raging hard meat trapped in my clenching throat. Leveria planted her fists on either side of my head, and mounted my face. “Take it, you pathetic little slut,” she whispered lovingly, “take your big sister’s fat cock down that tight little throat! God, look at that greedy expression on your face as you swallow me! You fucking love this, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I squealed around her, but my mouth and throat were so packed that all that came out was an unintelligible squeak. Leveria understood it perfectly. She grinned down at me, her robust breasts bobbing before her menacing glare, and she began to fuck my throat. She didn’t give me a chance to cough or breathe; she just retreated until my oral sphincter clenched around her head, then she plunged back down, forcing my gag reflex to attempt a feeble expulsion, making me so tight around her that I could feel her pulse in my neck. She drove with harder and harder thrusts, but she didn’t ravage me with speed. No, she charged down my neck, impacted my face with her swinging testicles, then rotated sensually, making love to me at the deepest part of our joining, stirring my swallowing insides and savoring every wet squelching surface. Though I was becoming trained for her size, I didn’t relax my gag reflex. I endured the sweet pain, letting it permeate down my chest, through my tummy, and into my nethers below, where Elena’s bated breath was caressing my salivating lower lips.

As I was force-fed my big sister’s penis, Elena began delicately tasting me from below. Her tongue parted my folds and petals, then slid up and down, lathering me with butterfly caresses from my clamped clitoris to my taint. She pushed her fingers into my ass, but she didn’t stretch me. She kneaded my inner anal flesh, prodding my back wall, massaging the membrane that divided my holes until the vacancy between her tongue and fingers became overwhelming. At the precipice of my need, she finally pushed her tongue past my petals, and into my leaking ovule. I groaned in satisfaction around the cock in my throat, relaxing for a moment to savor the exploratory tip of Elena’s appendage as it tested my insides. Oh, she had learned much with my sister. Her tongue found the spot on my ceiling, and she painted salivary patterns upon it until my hips were twisting and bucking, and my knees struggled against the bar that held them apart. I felt her grin around my moist folds, and would’ve chided her for her arrogance if I physically could, but Leveria brought me back to reality by taking my leash, and pulling my tight collar up my neck until it choked the bulging imprint of her cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Leveria whispered urgently, rocking back and forth on my tits, “struggle for me, baby sister! Choke on it, gag on it, keep fucking sucking, you masochistic little bunny, I’m almost there!”

My arms flexed beneath me as I gripped my spreader bar, bracing against the sexual duality that rocked me, arching my back to savor the traffic of sensations running up my spine. Leveria no longer held down with each thrust, but drove with wanton abandon, pulling her glistening shaft out of my throat, bringing it to the sucking crease of my lips, then plunging back in, plugging my esophagus and slapping her balls against my chin. I glugged and gurgled around her, my face a portrait of leaking fluids as tears ran down my cheeks, spit spread across my mouth, and strings of precum bridged my nostrils and hung from my lips. As Elena fed from my blooming flower with the precision of a humming bird, I fed from Leveria’s driving meat like a starving pig. I was just as gluttonous. For as Elena coerced me to orgasm with expert motions and perfect timing, I sucked until my cheeks were hollow and my lips were stretched from my face, pulling Leveria’s seed right from her roiling balls and down my throat.

“Oh fuck!” Leveria cried as her belly spasmed with sensation, and she emptied her loins into my throat. I mewled a muffled sound as Elena brought me over the edge, turning my pussy into a fountain that splashed upon her face. She pursed her lips around my urethra and drank from me as I drank from my sister, both of us humming in debauched satisfaction. Leveria groaned and slid her slippery cock out of my mouth. She painted my face with the last oozing of her climax, glazing my nose and lips, smearing my runny eyeliner with her viscous seed, marking me as hers. When she was done with her art project, she laid her warm pulsing meat alongside my nose, and I planted worshipful little kisses all down its underside until I got to her balls. Those, I took into my mouth individually, first the left, then the right, and sucked them with such sensual love that Leveria’s sadistic expression transformed into one of adoration.

“My god, you’re beautiful,” she whispered reverently, brushing my hair back behind my bunny ears, “I wish I could paint this moment and frame it above my bed.”

I released her testicle, and nestled my nose into her soft loose sack, enjoying the way it draped upon my face, a contrast to the throbbing member that rested on my forehead. I licked her salty scrotum, then nuzzled beneath it, and began licking the secret slit that resided there. Leveria let out a sigh, and let me taste her feminine nectar as she pulled out a cigarette, and lit it between her lush lips.

“You like the taste of my pussy, don’t you, Bunny?” she asked.

I nodded, gauging her expression from beneath her balls and cock.

“I can tell you’ve been practicing; you’re better than the last time we ate each other.” Leveria took a deep inhale, and let the smoke cascade from her lips. “You’ve been waiting to get fucked for so long. Do think you’ve waited long enough?”

I nodded fervently.

Her black-sheened lips curved wickedly. “Of course you do.” She turned around, and looked back at our mutual lover, “Elena, be a dear, and fuck my little sister.” Leveria dismounted my face, and crawled behind me. She seated herself just above my head, then picked my head up, and rested it comfortably in her crotch so that I could look down my body at Elena. “I’ll let you two have your little moment,” my wonderful big sister said.

Elena smiled up at me from between my legs, her mouth sheened with my lustful film. She kissed her way up my body, pausing at my breasts to clean the vaginal nectar Leveria had smeared on my bosom, then moved up to my lips. Our smiling mouths connected in a loving kiss, and we softly exchanged lips and tongues as Elena lined up her shot, and slowly pushed into my pussy.

Oh god, it had been so long! My moist netherlips opened and sucked her gently as she pushed inside, stretching my tight womanly sheath, nestling her cock into me until its entire wonderful length was surrounded by my soft insides which held her so lovingly, so reverently in my heat. We parted from our kiss with a mutual gasp, and stared into each other’s eyes with half-lidded gazes, our expressions easy and loving, only pleasure wrought across them.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” I moaned, “I thought I might never feel you again!”

“I’m here, Yavara.” Elena breathed heatedly upon my lips, “Feel this now.”

She undulated against me like a woman, squishing our slick breasts, sliding our slippery tummies, but delivering each thrust with a man’s authority, driving into my soft pussy, hitting that spot with her curved organ. Elena didn’t try to compensate for her lack of size when she filled me, but moved her small cock within me with such purpose and grace that I felt all of her at once against my most pleasurable surfaces. She stretched my entrance enough to give me that satisfied fullness, rubbed against my ribbed ceiling, and pressed her pelvis into my crotch to stir my insides up, ruining me so softly, so tenderly, grinding her pubic mound against my clit so that I felt the vibrations up the chain and into my nipples. I oscillated against her as best I could in my captive state, wishing I could embrace her, but loving that I couldn’t. Even as she made such tender love to me, I was so helpless, and so had to focus on reciprocating with the only tools I had available. I clenched my lewd muscles around her, and rolled them in pattern, bringing her deeper into me with every thrust, rewarding every inch she gave. I made our joining so tight that the shape of her cock was imprinted in me even when she retreated, the fleshy mold ready for her when she thrusted back inside.

“Goddamn, you feel so good!” Elena panted atop me, “Gah! Yavara, if you keep clenching like that, I’m gonna fucking come!”

“Then come inside me!” I hissed, “Come as much as you want! Fill me until I’m overflowing!”

Elena’s undulations became more impassioned, her back bowing and arching to deliver powerful thrusts. The ecstatic sensations began to crawl between my splayed thighs, the feeling intensified by the bar that braced them apart, forcing me to take Elena’s plunging cock even as the spasms compelled my legs to close. Leveria stroked my hair lovingly as she watched the two of us dance and writhe together, her cock twitching against the back of my head every time she saw something that pleased her. I mewled and moaned into Elena’s gasping lips, grinding for all I was worth, giving her everything I had as she did the same. We moved in one oscillating wave from our squishing breasts to our joined pelvises, and we sang into each other’s mouths and shared each other’s breath. I stared into her depthless blue eyes, as captivated by them as my body was to the bondage that held me open to receive her over, and over, and over again! Orgasmic sensations swelled in my nethers and ballooned through my splayed thighs and clenching belly, moving in line with the chain that held my nipples and clit, comingling all pleasures and pain until I was overcome with sensation, crying out with every labored breath, exalting and begging until I crested over the final wave, and Elena let out a final gasp.

We came together, quaking in a paralytic lock of limbs and torsos, then we descended. Her warm nectar filled my pussy, and soaked into the abused flesh therein, permeating euphoric warmth all the way to my womb. We shared a smile, and kissed, then Elena raised herself into a kneeling position between my legs, and Leveria brought the hot end of her cigarette onto my nipple.

“Did you forget about me?” Leveria giggled as I screamed. The comfortable lust left me, and the heart-racing carnality of pain and violence surged back to the forefront, electrifying my limbs, cutting through my hazy mind. Leveria grinned down at me, her eyes alight as I reacted beautifully to her pain. “Bunny didn’t ask you stop fucking her, Elena,” she hissed, “I believe she said ‘fill me until I’m overflowing.’”

“I know how she wants it.” Elena chuckled, and began thrusting back into me, growing hard inside me, using her hot spunk as lube to drive faster and faster, harder and harder, yes, yes, yes!

“That’s right,” Leveria hissed, running her thumb around my lips as she twisted the embers out on my nipple, “no more lovey-dovey bullshit from here on out, Bunny. You’re going to get what you asked for.” And with that, Leveria reached to her side, and a lit red candle flew from its holder, and landed in her outstretched hand. Before I could even think about objecting, she lifted her leg, and sat on my face. I was encased in suffocating darkness, my head and face pressed on all sides by succulent sweating flesh. With my arms pinned beneath me and my hands cuffed to the spreader bar that held my legs apart, there was nothing I could do. I had become a slave for Elena and Leveria’s use. With my lips firmly planted against Leveria’s netherlips, I was forced to breathe through my nose, and saturate my sinuses with her musky anal scent. My mouth watered. Elena’s rhythmic drives reverberated throughout my body, making me lurch back and forth, my breasts jiggling, the chain jerking and relaxing. My pussy salivated. I was in hell. I was in heaven.

I slithered my tongue into my older sister’s slit, and tasted her as she rode my face. My mouth smeared across her cunt and ass, where I sucked her rim into a pulsing ring before she shifted once more. As I sloppily sampled from her two holes, she went to work torturing me. Hot wax splashed between my jiggling breasts, and I screamed in delight. My fists balled beneath my cuffed hands, my pussy clenched around Elena’s driving cock, and I arched my back from the bed to stretch my chain and savor the pain. The wax was too cool to damage my flesh, but just hot enough to provide the agony I craved, and when I reacted to my first dousing, Leveria became so wet in my mouth that her nectar dribbled down my chin. She shifted forward once more, making me taste her vile shithole, and I lovingly wrapped my lips around her swollen ring and pushed my tongue inside. I heard her muted exclamations from above, then felt her go rigid atop me so that she could steady herself and deliver another molten drip onto my body. The next one landed on my right nipple. I thrashed in agony and delight, the adrenaline pumping through me and comingling with the hormones that controlled me. I felt the hot wax pool into my stretched piercing, and solidify into the hole, pushing my nipple ever outward.

“God, every time you pour the wax on her, she clamps down!” Elena exclaimed.

“She’s our toy, love,” Leveria chuckled breathily, “no need to hold yourself back with her. Do whatever you want. She wants you to.”

Elena grabbed my chain, and pulled outward. Fresh hot wax pooled further into my piercing, upending my nipple, turning it into a fixed node of pure nerves. I seized around her cock with such force that I could feel her veins pulsing within me. Elena groaned, Leveria giggled, and another splash of wax doused my flesh. My left nipple was caked in molten fluid, brought to a searing, throbbing point, then solidified. I no longer distinguished between pain and pleasure, for there was no longer a difference. There was only a heightening of sensation, and that pushed me over the edge. My pussy convulsed with violent spasms, my belly flexed sporadically, and I screamed into Leveria’s depths as she shifted forward, and made me tongue her slit.

“Fuck, she just came!” Elena gasped.

“I know,” Leveria said proudly, “I know exactly how this bitch ticks.” She ran her hand down my convulsing belly, and pet it soothingly, “what a precious thing she is. So uniquely reactive, always willing to Escort Bayan go further.” She began grinding on my face, smooshing her pussy-lips across my consuming mouth, dragging her balls on my chin, “I’m going to make her come so much she’ll forget her own name. Follow my lead, Elena.”

The wax splashed down my belly drip by drip, then pooled into my navel. The burning sensation seeped right into my gut, and sloshed with the pounding ecstasy Elena was delivering to my ruined pussy. She pulled the chain tighter, and I came again. My orgasm came so suddenly and so violently that I nearly bucked Elena off of me, and she pulled on my chain like she was breaking a horse to calm me. The opposite of course happened. With my clit and nipples stretched to their absolute limit, I came again, even stronger than before. I sobbed and wailed into Leveria’s depths, expressing such anguish and delight that I didn’t know which was which anymore. I only knew that I loved the taste of my big sister’s pussy, and so I tongued it incessantly, savoring every twitch and convulsion my seeking appendage prompted.

Leveria cried out in glee, her voice strangled with rising ecstasy. She poured a line of hot wax down past my navel, and toward Elena. I thrashed and squirmed beneath them, riding on the very edge of my sanity. She poured along the crease of my thighs, and the wax ran in searing rivulets down my buttocks, and pooled in my anus. I let out a scream of delight, and was immediately muted when Leveria made me eat her ass once more. As my tongue swirled into her decadent filth, she pathed a careful path of wax down my pubic mound. The tension within me built, winding so tight that I was flexing every muscle. Elena’s cock pounded inside me, her cadence not breaking once, each stroke sounding off the seconds as Leveria’s wax poured closer, and closer, and closer.

Though the flesh she burned delighted in the pain, it was the anticipation that wracked me now. For I could feel the heat edging ever closer to my clamped clit, which had been so abused that it was swollen like a little red cock filled with nerves, and now wobbled tensely at the end of my chain. Drip, drip, drip; Leveria drew out the torture with sadistic patience. Elena pulled my chain tighter. I writhed and wept. Drip, drip, drip; I could feel it just a fraction of an inch away. The tension within me reached its limit. Elena suddenly stopped, let out an orgasmic groan and pulled out. Drip, drip, drip; Leveria poured the wax onto my clit. It ran like searing butter over my flesh, encasing the entire surface, filling every pore. Pure agony suffused my most sensitive spot, and drove me over the edge.

I came. I came over, and over, and over again, each wave more intense than the last, each one crashing upon me with such suddenness that I lost control of my body. My hips twisted and danced in the air, trying to expel the ecstasy that coursed through me, but it was useless, for the sensations expanded from my center ceaselessly, ballooning to the tips of my fingers and toes, running traffic through my neurons and synapses until there was nothing in my mind but blinding euphoria. Leveria flooded my mouth with her orgasm, and I squirted out my own, spraying Elena down as she spurted thick ropes onto my pussy.

“Oh my god!” Leveria croaked. She dismounted my face with quivering thighs, glistening strands of her viscous nectar stringing from my nose and mouth, then snapping from her netherlips when she pulled away. Before I even had a chance to catch my breath, her mouth was on me, consuming me with such passion that it stole what little breath I had. She parted from me slowly, staring down into my eyes with her pupils dilated, her orange irises resting so easily upon my face.

“Were you about to tell me you loved me again?” I sneered.

“I was waiting for you to say it, actually.”

I tucked my lips into my mouth, and grinned evilly at her.

She smirked back at me. “You would’ve screamed it if I wasn’t sitting on your face,” she ran her hand gently down my throat, “I could feel your orgasm through you, it was so intense.”

“I never knew torture could be so fun.” I whispered.

“This is child’s play, Yavara,” Leveria chuckled, “but… baby steps. We’ll get there eventually. Look how pretty I made you.”

I looked down at my body. Dark red candlewax contrasted my pale flesh all down my abdomen. My nipples were entirely covered and sealed with hardened shiny wax, censoring my breasts perversely in a candy-like cone, fusing the golden chain inside the casing. A splash of red was between the domes of my breasts, and little droplets dotted my abdomen and filled in my navel. From there, the droplets forked in three paths, two which creased my thighs and disappeared beneath me, and one which ended just below my mound. I raised my head and pelvis to see my newly decorated clitoris, now encased in a waxy cone, the golden chain coming out of it.

“This is so fucking hot.” I whispered.

“Mmm, isn’t it?” Leveria giggled beside me, touching me cheek-to-cheek, “And when I want to play with my little toy, I just…” she flicked my nipple, and I shuddered from head to toe, “…give you a little tap. But of course, taking them off is the fun part.” She pinched and pulled, stretching my breast to a conical point, sending felicitous stings deep into my chest. I growled and purred with pleasure until the wax popped free, leaving my raw and raised nipple nearly as red as the casing that had been on it. She did the same with the other nipple, eliciting a similar reaction, then she moved down to my clit. Before Elena’s watchful gaze, my sister put my wax-sealed clit into her mouth, bit gently, and slowly stretched backward. I whined and groaned in comingled pleasure and delight, feeling my sexual voracity return to me the more intense the sensation became until the wax cap finally popped away, leaving my throbbing, stretched and ruined clit standing proud and aroused from my cute little pussy, a grotesque and beautiful display.

“Oh god, please suck it, Master!” I begged through ecstatic tears.

“I’d love to, Bunny,” Leveria sighed, eyeing my clit like a snack, “but I need you to be a high-elf for a little bit longer. Besides,” she gave me a devious smile, “I know where you really like it.” She reached beneath me, and upended a string of wax from my taint. Pulling it slowly, she peeled off the little hairs leading to my anus until she was tugging on the wax plug itself. This time, I screamed. I screamed in abject agony and ecstasy as Leveria pulled outward, stretching my pelvic floor, extending my anal rim until it was white with tension. It popped free with an audible ‘pop,’ revealing the smooth red plug that had formed there.

“Look at that,” Leveria mused, examining the plug. She put it between her lips, looked at me, then sucked it clean. “Do you know what I’m going to do now, Yavara?” she whispered.

“What?” I smiled excitedly.

Leveria forked her fingers around my anus, and massaged me there. With just her kneading touch, she created a pleasant lassitude within my rectum, and after the fisting abuse it had taken, I lost control of it. My anal sheath flowed freely out of my body, and bunched up into a glistening rosebud protrusion from my gaping hole. I gasped with pleasure, amazed at the way my entire pelvic floor suddenly felt like jelly.

“So beautiful.” Leveria whispered, staring avariciously between my legs. She looked up at me, her expression unchanging. “You like it in the ass more than anywhere, right?”

“Yes!” I whined.

“When I’m done with you, this pretty little asshole will belong to me.” Leveria hissed, and squeezed my prolapsed rectum. I let out a cry of delight, fresh tears filming my eyes. “You can’t let anyone else touch it until I transform you, do you understand?” She lowered her mouth to my protrusion, “Besides,” she whispered, “none of them will be as good as me anyway.”

She wrapped her lips around me, and my head fell backward in pure drunken bliss. Her tongue traversed the fleshy folds of my bud, dipping into the filthy creases and lathering the tender petals. Every gentle caress and tender lick sent weakening pleasure deep into my bowels, turning my body into mush, making me receptive for anything. It was like she put me under a spell with just the tip of her tongue, and when she unshackled my ankles from the spreader bar and my wrists from the cuffs, I felt no compulsion to move. I will still her captive.

She beckoned me to rotated onto my belly, and I did so. She beckoned me to tuck my knees beneath me and spread my ass in the air, and I gladly followed my older sister’s orders. She gripped my alabaster cheeks, sank her fingers deep into the succulent flesh, spread my ass wide, and planted her face into it. Her consumption was like that of a predator, and I was the helpless downed prey being feasted upon, only able to mutter helpless cries as I succumbed to her so easily. Elena crawled around me, assessing me with curious eyes. Like an opportunistic vulture, she used my weakened state to her advantage, lifted my head, and rested my face on her cock. I took her into my mouth mindlessly, and stared into her passionate blue eyes, gauging how good I was by the furrow of her brow. After Leveria had trained my throat, Elena was an easy mark. I slurped and sucked her with gusto, taking her all the way down, clamping my lips around her base and rotating as I pulled up. She knitted her fingers into my hair and groaned with pleasure, falling under my spell almost as easily as I fell under Leveria’s.

The three of us stayed like that for several minutes, simply enjoying the taste of each other and the sensuality of our mouths. Then Leveria flicked her tongue forward, and pushed my coiled rectum back into my gaping hole. I looked back at her with Elena’s cock in my mouth, and she grinned back at me as she rose to a kneeling position behind me, her hands still spreading me wide open. She nestled her shaft into my crack, and began to slide its underside along it. I groaned as she rubbed against my puckered anus, the rim so swollen that the entrance was nearly shut even though the insides were reamed. She moved back and forth along my hole for tortuous minutes, then she grabbed her shaft, and pressed her tip against me.

She rammed herself in. Pain lanced through me, my back arched, and I let out a muffled shriek. Elena grabbed my head and held my face firmly against my crotch, giving me something to vent against as the beautiful agony took hold. I seized around my sister, clenching with every anal muscle, sucking her deeper.

“Oh my god!” Leveria exclaimed, “Oh fuck, it’s even better than I imagined! Yavara, you were made for me!”

My asshole was packed full with my older sister’s cock, my elasticity stretched to its limit, every surface flattened and wrapped around her, clinging in a membranous hold like a latex glove. I could feel every vein, every crease and every bump of her rigid organ. I could feel her pulsing inside me, her heartbeat skyrocketed with lust. I didn’t even realize until she began pulling out, that I had orgasmed just from her putting it in. The realization only came to me when my bowls were evacuated, and my anal sheath clung to my older sister’s cock like a condom as my asshole birthed her shaft. Then, I was blubbering mindlessly around Elena’s cock, sucking with the gluttony of a starving woman, not even knowing what was happening. I only knew I needed her back inside of me. I needed it harder and faster, I need it rough and painful, I needed it grotesque and filthy, but oh god, I just needed it! I shook my fat ass at her, enticing her with all my feminine wiles to just fuck me into the mattress. I needn’t have bothered, for Leveria was just as possessed of me.

She rammed into me again and again, plunging into my smooth bore, filling me to the bottom, testing my elasticity with each drive. I backed against her, our impacts so violent and sudden that my ass jiggled with a ripple that continued right up my lower back. I held her in when she pulled out, sucking her thick meat for all she was worth, and then I pushed against her when she penetrated, using my shitting muscles to make her fight for every inch, to make my sphincters coil around her advance until they were gripping her like fleshy cuffs.

“You feel so fucking good!” Leveria cried, “Elena, fuck this slut with me! I need to feel your cock on the other side of her!”

Without any preamble, Leveria grabbed my ponytail, and ripped my head back, popping Elena’s cock from my mouth. My entire torso was pulled upward, and my back was pressed against her front, her breasts flattening into my shoulder-blades. She pulled my legs out from beneath me, and with nothing to support me from below, I sank down the last inches of her cock with a blissful groan until her balls squished against my tailbone. Elena crawled over to me, assessing me once more, enjoying the sight of my depravity. I wiggled invitingly for her, and expired a blissful breath when Leveria’s cock stirred within me. Elena rose before me, and pressed our fronts together. I let out a gasp when her cock rubbed against my engorged clit. God, it was so sensitive!

“It’s like you have a little penis,” Elena giggled, “aren’t you excited to get a real one?”

“Then I’ll get to milk your prostate every night.” Leveria whispered in my ear.

“Right into my mouth.” Elena hissed, and ran her cock sensually along my clit, “or in my pussy and my ass.”

“Or maybe, on some lucky nights,” Leveria growled lowly, “you’ll get to fuck me.”

“Boundless pleasure,” Elena moaned.

“We’re going to be absolutely disgusting.” Leveria purred, “If we weren’t all so fucking hot, they’d throw us in an insane asylum, but since we look the way we do, and we moved the way we do, people will come from all over the world to see how grotesque we can be.”

“I can’t wait.” Elena hissed.

“Goddamn it, just fuck me!” I screamed.

Elena chuckled, angled her cock, and drove into me. I let out a cry of pure delight, and rolled my eyes back to savor the fullness. Their cocks nestled perfectly into my insides, filling every void space, squishing the nerve-swathed membrane between them. Their bodies pressed all around me, encasing me in supple warmth, rubbing slickly together.

“I can feel you, Elena,” Leveria whimpered with pleasure, “I can feel your cock rubbing against mine inside of her! Fuck, it feels so good!”

“I can’t get enough of this high-elf pussy,” Elena groaned in my lips, “after fucking the entire Noble Court, I have to say, no one really squeezes quite like a high-elf slut!”

“God, just fuck me…” I groaned drunkenly, moving with entranced torpidity between their pressing bodies, “fuck me, fuck me, oh god, FUCK ME!”

They did. Moving as one, they lifted me between their pressing crotches, and plunged all the way inside. Elena’s hand came around to grip my thighs, and they pinned me between them to retreat, then thrusted once more. Every drive sent me lurching upward between them and further compelled the deepening arch of my back. They cried out and groaned on either side of me, their cocks throbbing through my clenching insides as I screamed in delight upon each thrust.

“Fuck me harder!” I begged, blubbering uselessly on Elena’s shoulder, “I’m your little Highland queen slut! You’ve conquered me, now fucking rape me!”

They increased their speed and force, pounding into my jiggling ass and thighs, sending competing ripples through my delectable fat. My breasts rubbed wildly against Elena’s squishing bust, our nipples toying and stabbing pleasantly, our areolas prickled with sensation. My hair flailed atop my head, my ponytail flying haphazardly behind me until Leveria secured it in my leash and used it as second collar to choke me with. As she did this, she sent a vicious smack across my ass, and I yelped in pure pleasure. The stings stabbed right into my violated nethers, comingling with the torrent of sensations that coursed through my churned-up innards.

Leveria spanked me hard again. “Tell me how it feels, you fucking whore!” she growled, and smacked my ass a third time, “Tell me how your big sister’s cock feels in your slutty little asshole!”

“It feels so fucking good!” I exalted stupidly, my eyes lolling into my head, “I love my big sister’s cock ruining my shithole!”

Leveria grabbed my face and squished my cheeks together so that my lips smooshed open. “Didn’t I tell you I’d give you what you wanted?” She whispered, her voice suffused with malice and love.

“Yes.” I whimpered, nodding submissively.

“Does your wonderful big sis keep her promises?”

“Yes!” I whimpered again, nodding more fervently.

“That’s right,” she hissed, and spit in my mouth, “I’ll always treat you right, little bunny. I’m going to fucking spoil you every night.”

“Spoil me!”

“Squeeze that slutty little shithole around me!”

I clenched around her, and she let out a low growl, and surged harder into me. As her hand left my face, Elena’s clamped around my jaw, and forced it toward hers.

“You like my cock in your tight little elf pussy?” Elena hissed heatedly into my mouth, taking hold of my throat and choking me just right.

“I love it so fucking much!” I whimpered, my eyeliner running down my cheeks with my ecstatic tears, my portrait an absolute ruin, “Please keep fucking my slutty little pussy, fill me up, I want it, I need it!”

They raged into me, pumping in cadence with each other, driving through my squelching entrances until my juices were dripping freely down my taint to form a sticky puddle beneath me. Orgasmic waves descended upon me without warning, sporadic and violent, making me writhe and wriggle between their heaving bodies as they pressed me between them. They just kept going even as I blubbered and pleaded for reprieve, and I loved them for it. I shared a sloppy kiss with Elena, exchanging our tongue through open mouths, licking each other’s lips, and then I turned to taste Leveria’s power-hungry consumption of me, every practiced and methodical motion of her mouth meant to subdue me. It worked. I wanted to be subdued, to be used like trash, to be fucked mindlessly by someone stronger than me. I always needed someone stronger than me. Elena had been my rock, and without her, I was lost. It was very likely that if we had never separated, that I would never have noticed the wrongness of my joining with Alkandi, and I would’ve stayed the Dark Queen in perpetuity. It was Leveria’s strength that led me to the truth, and Leveria’s strength I leaned on when I went into the void of the astral plane to confront the woman who had stolen me. Now, I gave myself freely to her, Alkandi in the flesh, the woman who fucked my ass with the combination of sadistic sensuality and masculine brutality that left me breathless.

I wrapped my hand in Leveria’s hair, and separated our kiss. Her eyes were wild as they stared into mine, but they were also depthless in their affection. How strange it was. What had changed? Why had hate turned to love within her so quickly, when all that she had for me before was contempt? What was the secret ingredient in our relationship that changed it—not just for her, but for me too?

Forgiveness. Leveria answered in my mind.

I told you never to read my thoughts.

I never have to. I just need to read your face.

“I love you.” I whispered, shocked that I said it.

Leveria just beamed back at me, and kissed me once more.

The three of us rose in a crescendo of thrusts. They fucked me with a fervency, driving until I was a blur of white flesh between their bronze forms. My holes gripped and clenched around them, my netherlips and anus sucking upon their retreats before plunging back into me with their advances. Over and over, faster and faster. The orgasms cascaded upon me, rolling one after the other, leaving me quaking and limp between the thrusting bodies of the hermaphrodites, my muscles turned to jelly with ecstatic lassitude. All I could do was croak breathlessly over their duet of screams, and milk them with my vile holes, willing them to burst inside me. Their flesh became hotter, their breaths became faster, and their bodies moved slickly against me, heaving and trembling, convulsing as though in a fit. The orgasmic waves intensified, driving me over the edge of sanity, making me lose all thought but for the transient bliss of being violated over and over again, my hollows being stuffed, my innards being turned out, every nerve and neuron firing into overdrive as the last wave crested, building higher and higher, expanding, ballooning, drawing paths of electric ecstasy through my nipples and clit, churning my nethers into quaking channels that gripped and sucked, drawing the milk ever outward, pulling it from their loins, oh god, I need it! Give it to me! Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!

They burst inside of me, filling my wasted rectum and destroyed pussy, saturating my walls with their hot nectar until it flowed from my gaping entrances to add to the pool below me. The three of us shifted wildly in the last chaotic throes of our ascension, then fell into a heap upon the bed, struggling to catch our breath.

“That…” Elena gasped, “that… that was fucking amazing.”

“You’re fucking amazing,” I grinned drunkenly, crinkling my nose at her.

“So are you.” Leveria whispered, and planted a kiss on my throat. Her lips curved into a wicked smile, “By the way, Elena, you’re getting gangbanged by centaurs tomorrow.”

“WHAT?!” Elena exclaimed, then glared at me, “You didn’t… no fucking way.”

“What are you talking about?” I mumbled, wondering if I was hearing things correctly in my post-orgasm fugue state.

“We had a bet, and she lost.”

“Yavara,” Elena said, looking very serious all of the sudden, “look into my eyes, and tell me you didn’t just tell your psychopathic, incestual, conniving, murderous—”

“I think you made your point, Elena.”

“…rapist, torturing, megalomaniacal older sister that you loved her.”

Leveria chuckled. “That’s rather hypocritical of you, isn’t it?”

“You guys bet on this beforehand?” I exclaimed, a little insulted.

“Yavara… please,” Elena smiled, “tell me Leveria’s full of it.”

“Elena,” I said, framing her face in my hand, “you better get a saddle, because you’re going for a horsey ride tomorrow.”

Leveria and I burst into laughter, and Elena groaned.

“You better let me watch on my mirror!” I giggled to Leveria.

“Or you could come in person,” she chuckled, “we’ll get some wine and some vampire sluts to lick our cunts, and we could sit back and enjoy the show in my theatre.”

My laughter waned in my throat, and melancholy came over me. “You know I can’t, Leveria,” I said to her over my shoulder, “as queen of the Highlands, I can’t ever go to Alkandra.”

Her smile faded. “And how long will you be queen of the Highlands for?”

“For as long as it takes.” Elena said resolutely.

“There’s still so much Highland pride here,” I sighed, “everyone thinks we’re just in a rut. Only a few of the people understand that it’s over. If I do anything to appease Alkandra, they’ll call me a traitor, and I’ll be executed. The royal mages are powerful, Leveria, and they act more like my jailors than my advisors.”

“I never had any trouble with them.”

“Because you’re you.” I said, flicking her nose, “Not all of us can be such conniving little cunts.”

“Oh, I think I’ve become much more direct as of late.” Leveria grinned, and gently thrusted her cock.

“No, Leveria,” I groaned around a blissful smile, “even after all your change, it seems you’re still stabbing me in the back.”

Elena and Leveria giggled, then both slowly extracted themselves from me. Their half-hard members slopped great volumes of hot cum onto each other and myself, and I snuggled my body into the puddle, loving the way it soaked into my flesh. My ruined holes leaked freely, and the air caressed them for a moment before the hermaphrodites nestled their drooping organs against them. We all sighed in contentment, enjoying the intimacy, comfort, and sensuality of the position.

“How long will it take, Yavara?” Leveria asked again.

“Twenty years.” I muttered.

Her face twisted, but she didn’t object. She nodded solemnly, and muttered, “twenty years then, but no later.”

“No later, I promise you.” I reassured her, then turned to Elena, “I promise you both.”

“You won’t be able to stay unmarried for twenty years, Yavara.” Elena frowned.

“I have a husband in mind.”

“Who?” they asked simultaneously.

“Your mother found him for me, actually,” I smirked at Elena, “Yanas Feltian.”

“That old man?!”

“Precisely,” I chuckled, “he is indeed, a very old man, and in failing health too. He is also technically the last surviving member of the Noble Court, since Percain was killed by Verto well before Yanas abdicated. And so, I will remove Yanas as my last potential threat, pump his old ass full of succubus venom, and ride his shriveled cock until he finally croaks blissfully between my legs.”

“Why are you getting wet thinking about that?” Elena snickered at me, rubbing her soft cock against my leaking pussy.

“Because she’s my little sister,” Leveria crooned in my ear, “by the way, that’s basically exactly how I killed Dad.”

“Why did you tell me that?!”

“No more secrets between us, little sis,” Leveria hissed, “and I can tell you got hot thinking about that too. I love how fucked up you are.”

“Stop it.”

“Stop?!” Leveria chuckled, “Oh, Yavara, what lewd words you use with me.”

“Broomstick!” I growled.

Leveria groped my breasts, and purred in my ear, “you can call it rape if that makes it hotter for you.” Her cock grew hard against my asshole, “We still have all night long.”

“And all of tomorrow too,” Elena whispered into my mouth as she became hard against my pussy, “a queen can take a sick day.”

“I’m tired.” I grumbled.

Leveria reached behind her, ruffled through her pursed, and dropped a baggy of white powder onto my face. “That’ll keep you going until you drop.”

I examined the bag of cocaine, and frowned. “I don’t do drugs, Leveria.”

“Oh, are drugs bad?” Elena snickered.

“Drugs are so bad.” Leveria giggled, nestling her mouth against my throat, and kissing me there, “Be bad with me, Yavara.”

“Oh…” I groaned defeatedly, “…didn’t they ever teach you whores not to peer-pressure?”

“You’re addicted to something far worse than coke.” Elena smirked, and pressed her tip against my moist entrance.

“But don’t worry, little sis,” Leveria purred, and slid her tip against my winking asshole, “we’ll always be ready to enable your addiction.”

“Now snort that fucking line,” Elena whispered, drawing out a line of white against her wrist, “and we’ll give you what you really need.”

I was already shaking like a druggy going through withdrawals by the time I hovered my nostril over the line, and inhaled it violently—desperately—into my sinuses. My mind kicked awake, the world clarified, and euphoria washed over me. My pussy thrummed with readiness, and my asshole ached to be violated.

“Well,” I whispered to both of them, “what are you waiting for? Rape me!”

They did. Oh god, they did.

End of Part Eighteen.

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