Queen Yavara: Chapter 38

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Chapter Thirty-Eight


“Loose!” I roared, and a hundred siege engines released at once, sending great boulders into the air. Those that were launched from the trebuchets tumbled as they arced, those that were launched from the catapults flew unspinning upon a line-drive path. The trebuchet boulders rained into Mid Fort, and the catapult boulders smashed into its walls, caving in the final few lengths of its eastern-facing side, revealing the inner sanctum, the citadel, and the high tower. Debris blasted in the air, a great column of dust rising after it. Stones rolled from the pile of rubble and fell from the cliffside, joining the gold-armored bodies that had been sent flailing from the ramparts. The ogres loaded the engines once more, and once more, I gave the order. Boulders flew and arced, then smashed into the organized rock above, exploding against mortared bricks and punching great holes into walls and rooftops. I ordered the tarred and hayed rocks into carriages, and we set them aflame. Upon release, they shot through the sky like earthborn meteors, then splashed onto the fortress above. The fire spread to pitch roofs, wooden beams and textile tarps, and within minutes, all of Mid Fort was aflame. But the mages were too quick for the structure to be rendered to ash, and the inferno was quelled.

I waited for the returning salvo. My eyes scanned the top of the ridgeline, but there was no movement.

“There hasn’t been a return salvo in five days.” Trenok said, “He’s moved his engines elsewhere.”

“You’re sure?” I asked, raising an incredulous brow.

“He’s calling our bluff.” He grinned at me, “I can’t wait to see his face when he realizes we called his.”

I frowned at the ridgeline. “He’s goading us.”

“We don’t ascend near the forts; why would he waste his engines on us when he can slaughter hundreds that actually attack?”

“He’s waiting for us to tip our hand.”

“He thinks we already have!” Trenok insisted, “You always told me not to underestimate the enemy. Well, the enemy has underestimated us, and we must press our advantage!”

It went against my judgement, but inaction went against my nature, and Trenok at least had a plan. I raised my fist, and jerked it forward. From behind the piles of boulder, the ogres wheeled out twelve ballistae. They’d been left over from the Highlanders at the battle of the Tundra, and we’d only just managed to repair them to working condition. They ogres quickly positioned them fifty yards in front of the row of throwers, then loaded the great iron spears, and loosed. The spears shot through the air, a trail of rope flowing behind them. They struck the cliffside with a thud, and the ropes tied to their butts dangled to the ground below.

“Too low?” I asked Trenok.

“Too high,” he replied, “they need to be below the lip of the cliff, or the imperials will be able to burn them off.”

I gauged the ridgeline, then ordered another round to be shot. A dozen more spears imbedded themselves in the cliffside, the ropes dangling.

“Perfect.” Trenok said, “That spot between the rise of the ridgeline and the eastern wall, that’s the soft spot. Only eighty feet to the top, and not enough room to station a good defense point.”

“Shordian will just send climbers down to cut the ropes.”

“And we’ll nail them to the rock.” Trenok laughed, “These elven bows might not have range, but they can hit a fly from a hundred yards out. We can… ah shit!”

Scores of highland ballistae were wheeled into position atop the ridgeline, their bows drawn back and loaded.

“Get them back!” I yelled fruitlessly. The ogres grabbed the ballistae and pulled desperately, but there wasn’t enough time. The engines fired at once, and a line of motion appeared from the top of the ridge, to the valley floor. Our ballistae were blown into splinters, sending razor-sharp iron shrapnel shooting toward our lines. Ogre limbs were cut clean off, men were split in two, pieces of meat were shorn grotesquely away, the punctures so clean that the shape of the shrapnel could be seen in the wounds. Engines were folded in half by wrought-iron shafts, and an unfortunate few ogres were speared to the earth. Ropes were sent cascading over the top of the wall, and climbers repelled down them, and cut the ropes off the ballista spears.

My mirror lit up. I palmed it, and Field Marshal Shordian’s smug face appeared. “Brock, that seemed wholly amateurish. I’m disappointed.”

“You were boring me.” I grumbled.

“Boredom is a young man’s bane.” He chuckled, “I was wondering when you’d let Trenok grab the reins.”

“No one who didn’t make a mistake ever learned a damn thing.”

“And now you know not to let children play a man’s game.”

“No harm done. We have hundreds of ballistae in production.”

“I’m sure you do.” He sneered, and palmed the mirror.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Trenok grumbled, leaning against the trebuchet with his face in his arm.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “You fucked up, Trenok, but I don’t feel for a second that I made a mistake in trusting you.”

He grunted in reply, and it was enough. He would carry the shame, but he had learned. Another salvo ascended from the top of the ridgeline, and we fired back in kind, throwing the same boulders back and forth at each other until the midmorning sun rose overhead.


It felt like a lifetime had passed since I’d last been in Ardeni Dreus. I stepped from the unassuming building Zander used as a portal, and onto a backstreet of the greatest city in the world. The majesty of the city still wowed me, but the excitement wasn’t as great as the first time I’d been there. I looked down the road, and saw Prestira’s bar at the corner. It was shuttered and locked, the windows broken, and the sign torn down. People passed me without even noticing me, their faces downcast and haggard. I hadn’t realized the first time I was here that Prestira had lived in a slum. I was so struck by the city around me that I hadn’t recognized destitution, but I saw it now. Ardeni Dreus was a great city, but there was a hopelessness within it that did not exist in Alkandra. There was fear in Alkandra, there was rage, heartbreak, and sorrow, but there was not despair and misery. The world had its evils, and I preferred them to be painful rather than numb. I planted my feet onto the cobblestones, and shot into the sky.

I circled above the city, waiting for my audience to arrive. When I was sure all of Ardeni Dreus had emptied into the streets, I dove to the earth, and a great cheer rose from them. Fire shot from my hands, forming great dragon-like wings at my sides, and with my mind, I projected a single thought for all receptive brains to hear, Hello, great citizens of Ardeni Dreus! Thank you all for such a warm welcome!

Their exclamations of wonder filled my ears and mind, and I swooped above the crowd, telekinetically picking up scores of citizens so that they could fly with me. Some screamed, some laughed with joy, and others simply gawked. One young boy tried flapping his arms like wings, cackling in delight. I laughed with him, and returned the people to their families, giving them a story they would tell everyone until their last breath. I indulged in theatrics for another five minutes, displaying my fireworks, performing great acrobatic feats in the sky, projecting my thoughts of good will into the world. When I felt I’d done enough, I landed upon the top steps of the palace, where King Albert Dreus was waiting for me.

“Your Highness.” I smiled at him, bowing my head.

“Your Highness.” He smiled in turn, “I believe I told you the last time you were here that I don’t appreciate impromptu parades in my capital.”

“Whoopsie.” My smile broadened, and I took his arm.

A few minutes later, we were seated in an extravagant parlor, being attended to by his servants. There was a man seated beside King Albert Dreus who could only be Prince Arthur Dreus, first in line to the throne.

“How do you like Matthew?” King Dreus asked.

“We love him over there. He’s an absolute treat.”

“What kind? A fruitcake?” Arthur laughed, but not cruelly. He obviously loved his little brother.

“I was thinking more a banana split, actually.” I chuckled.

King Dreus cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Yes, well… it’s good to know he’s found people… like him. Now, why have you come?”

“To discuss Lord Lucas Ternias.”

Arthur and his father exchanged looks, then King Dreus looked back to me. “With all due respect, our dealings with the Highlands aren’t of your concern.”

“They are, actually. Remember that I was once Princess Tiadoa, and if I were to be so bold, I could make a claim as second in line to the Highland throne.”

This time, Arthur and King Dreus just stared at me. Arthur leaned in, and asked, “Are you pressing your claim as second in line?”

“No!” I laughed, and laughed harder when I saw the relief on their faces, “No, no, of course not. But to say your dealings with the Highlands are not of my concern is disingenuous. Due to your meddling, the Noble Court has become an international stage, and we all have our actors on it.”

“Is Elena Straltaira truly your actor?” Arthur asked.

I raised my brows. “Is Lucas Ternias truly yours?”

“Point taken.” King Dreus said gruffly, “What is it about Ternias that you want to discuss?”

“My father—”

“We were sorry to hear of his passing.”

“Thank you, Prince Arthur. My father always said that Ternias was a chameleon in a den of snakes, always willing to change color to attain his goals. If his goal is the Highland crown, then I’d like to offer him a deal for it.”

King Dreus twiddled his mustache. “Ternias will never make a peace deal with you, Your Highness. His ambitions are lofty, and he is adaptable, but he is a traditionalist to the core. Still, if you offered him an armistice, I’m certain he would take it.”

“My country—a country that you officially recognized before the war—was attacked without provocation, on false pretenses, by an army assembled and launched in secret. I will not ask for an armistice. The Highlands must extend a lasting peace deal to me with substantial concessions, and they must disband their army, or I will not disband mine.”

King Dreus open his hands helplessly. “And Lord Ternias will never vote to disband the army while yours stands at the border, so we have nothing to discuss.”

“Why do you back him at all? He’s shown to be untrustworthy.”

“You and I share that opinion,” Arthur said, “but Father insists that Ternias is the most Lowland-friendly Highlander.”

“He’s a pragmatic opportunist. Leveria is adversarial to a fault, and plays very long games.”

I turned to Arthur. “You support my sister?”

“In word only. I have no power of my own.”

“I put you in charge of the greatest navy on Tenvalia, and you say you have no power?” King Dreus laughed.

“Military power is a weak brand.” Arthur said, “Economic power, diplomatic power; these are the tenants of true strength.”

“Why do you support my sister?” I asked Arthur.

He sat back in his chair. “She is young, ambitious and energetic,” he flashed a marvelous smile, “just like me. Yes, she is competitive, but competition breeds progress if nurtured correctly. We just need to get these damn armies out of the way.”

“I am young, ambitious and energetic,” I said, cocking my head, “and yet, I was told you were against your father’s decision to recognize my sovereignty.”

“I thought it was the biggest mistake of his reign. I still do. He should’ve had you shackled and handed over to the Highlands the moment you were out of the public eye. ”

I smiled at him, then his father. “You let your son say such things right before you?”

“He will be king. He is entitled to his own viewpoint.” He smiled fondly at his son.

I turned back to Arthur. “You would’ve had me shackled the moment no one was looking?”

“That’s right.”

“And now what would you do to me?”

“To you?”

“You heard me right.”

“Careful, Arthur,” King Dreus chuckled, “don’t make the mistake of thinking she’s just playing with words.”

Arthur sat back, studying me. “Why should we dwell on what might’ve been? The fictional past doesn’t matter; only the uncertain future does.”

“The future of the Highlands is the future of Tenvalia.” King Dreus said to me, “The balance of power tips precariously in your favor. The Lowlands has always been a mercantile state, our strength coming in the form of wealth and knowledge, and so these are the tools of war that we fight with.”

I raised a brow to him. “We are not at war, King Dreus.”

He leaned toward me. “Make no mistake, we are not allies; we are trade partners. Until you disband your horde, our nations will be at odds.”

“I am no threat to you.”

He snorted, and stood. “If you’ll excuse me, Your Highness,” he said, “I have very pressing matters to attend to.”

“Wait.” I said, then added, “Please.”

Dreus stared at me impatiently.

“My patrols have stopped several caravans trying to get into the Highlands. Many of them were laden with gold. I know these are yours, and I know that you’re sending them to Ternias.”

“You don’t know anything. Millions of people live in the Lowlands, many of them rich, many of them supporters of the Highlands.”

“Well, these caravans would find it much easier to reach their destination if Ternias were to adopt a more peaceful rhetoric in the court. Make certain he knows this.”

“You will be disappointed, Your Highness.” King Dreus said, then bowed, and left the room.

“Not what you were expecting when you came here, is it?” Arthur asked.

“I knew he was using me when he first chose to support me. I didn’t know until now that he intended for me to die.”

Arthur shrugged. “The Midlands were the only unclaimed territory in Tenvalia. He had grand plans, and you ruined them.”

“And you?”

“Yes, Queen Yavara, you ruined all my plans as well.”

I leaned back in my chair, studying the man before me. He was as handsome and strong as his father, and young. His mind was shut to me, and his face was unreadable. I didn’t know if I was looking at an enemy. “How do you see the future?” I asked him.

“Alkandra and the Highlands cannot coexist. Your war will persist indefinitely until someone loses.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why does everyone keep saying that? I am a former princess of the Highlands and the queen of Alkandra! If anyone can form a lasting peace, it’s me!”

“It’s not a crisis of politics, Queen Yavara, but one of economics. Even if you don’t take one inch of Highland soil, you will still conquer them completely.”

“If you know this all for certain, then why don’t we work together to stop it?”

“A ruler can do very little in the grand scheme of things to change the course of nations.”

“I don’t believe that.” I said, standing up, “When this war is over, the ruler of the Highlands, Lowlands and Alkandra will convene here to discuss the future of our nations, whatever they may be.”

He stood up, and took my outstretched hand. “Whatever they may be,” he echoed. When he tried to pull his hand away, I held it firm. A smile played across my lips, a playful glint shone in my eyes.

“I asked you what you were going to do to me, Prince Arthur.” I whispered, “Are you going to leave a girl to wonder?”


As a man, it had never occurred to me to use my sexuality to get what I wanted. It had never occurred to me to have ulterior motives when being intimate with someone. I was shocked at how naturally it came to me as a woman. It wasn’t difficult for me to affect interest in Drake Titus, mostly because there was nothing to feign. Despite his undeserved sense of superiority, he was a fascinating character, and a potent lover. Being the victim of a vampire orgy was an experience of such sweet surrender, and I indulged in it with relish. The other hybrids would come join me from time Çankaya Escort to time, but I had stayed in the crypts for five days straight, drowning in my pleasure. I always made sure Drake Titus was close at hand, either watching me or inside of me. I could tell I was getting to him. He was a sleepless creature, but I was not, and when I awoke to the dimly-lit dungeon of debauchery, he would be there, watching me. As the days passed, he no longer let other male vampires have me. Now my holes were to only be pleasured by his daughters, and the only vampiric cock I would enjoy would be his.

“Don’t you have gubernatorial duties?” He asked me. I couldn’t answer him right away, because my tongue was circling his anus. I moaned, feeling Tiffany dealing a similar pleasure to me, her fangs imbedded in my rim, her venom relaxing my sphincter so that it gaped pleasantly open and her warm wet tongue could slide easily inside, indulgently tasting every filthy inch of me. I shuddered, my knees sliding apart on the bed, my pelvis gently resting upon the face of Francesca, whose fangs pierced my labia, whose tongue slowly tortured that spot on my womanly ceiling. My chest rested upon the faces of Brita and Monica, who nursed from my breasts with their fangs puncturing my areolas, seeping their terrible narcotic deep into my bosom with my pillowing breasts consuming their muzzles.

I licked Titus along his taint, traversed the back of his sack, then took one heavy ball into my mouth, and drew upon it until the loose delicate flesh was taut. His head fell against the pillow, and he groaned. I moaned with him, enjoying the rich masculine flavor nearly as much as I enjoyed the pleasurable invasion of my holes. I serviced his other testicle, then flattened my tongue against the base of his cock, and slowly slid my way up. There was a froth of cum at his apex waiting for me, and I dipped my tongue into the little pool, and tasted it. Then, before his wonderous red eyes, I wrapped my lips around his glans, and with the utmost torpidity, I took him inch by inch all the way into my throat.

“Oh… gods!” He groaned. I smiled around his shaft. He was a self-professed atheist, but every time my esophagus hugged the end of his cock, he seemed to find religion. I eased my way down until he was buried all the way into my neck, and my lips were slurping gluttonously about his base. I rotated, coiling my throat around him, humming indulgently with my nose squishing against his crotch, wafting his scent in my nostrils. I held him there, swallowing around him, then I rose, revealing the full length of his saliva-sheened shaft before I took him again, and again, and again.

The tongues inside me began to work my nethers into a fervor. The mouths on my nipples sucked rapaciously, the felicitous tingle emanating deep into my chest. My insides felt like they were melting, my bones turning to jelly, my muscles wasting in the heat of such slow, wet pleasure. I consumed Titus with the utmost avariciousness, enjoying every splendid inch of him, my spit running down his balls in thick rivulets. I reached back and pulled Tiffany deeper between my cheeks, and she and Francesca touched tongues between my holes. It pushed me over. My back dove into a strengthless arch, my eyes rolled into my head, and around my sucking lips, a humming cry of delight sounded. I undulated with the lethargic motions of our debauchery, my cheeks spreading behind me, my chest sinking beneath me, my shoulders pinching back. The quaking in my nethers ballooned to my extremities, and as Titus moaned in surrender, I gave myself to the enslavement of ecstasy. We came together, and I saturated Francesca’s face with my release as Titus poured his hot thick spunk deep into my belly. My breath sounded in my ears, accompanying the drum of my heart, and then both sounds faded as the sensations ebbed from me. The women extracted their fangs from my flesh, and the wounds closed. Their tongues exited me, and my holes were left swollen and open. They snaked from my body, leaving Titus and me alone in his personal cell of the crypts.

I slurped as I pulled him out, then rested my face upon his wonderful manhood, enjoying its pulse against my cheek. I smiled drunkenly up at him. “What were you saying?”

“Don’t you have a job to do?” He asked.

I gently grasped his balls. “This is my job. Queen Yavara wanted me to make you feel at home, and so I am.”

“Surely you have other duties as governess.”

“I’m an excellent delegator. The others do their duties, and I step in when something needs to be changed, but Alkandra basically runs itself.” I kissed the tip of his cock, and sighed, “But you are right. It is autumn, and the harvest has taken place, and we must prepare for winter. After today, I will not be in your bed until the spring.”

His brow furrowed. “We live in the same castle. Is it too much to walk down a few flights of stairs?”

I smirked at him. “When the snows come, many will live in this castle, and it will be my duty to make sure that the peace is kept. You and yours can walk naked in the winter night without feeling its chill, but I will have to keep the rest warm and content.”

“With your flesh?”

“I am Adrianna Alkandra, Titus. My flesh belongs to all, and I give it freely.”

He cupped my cheek, and raised my face from his lap. “In all my years, I have never tasted something as sweet as you. I’m a greedy man, Adrianna. Maybe your flesh belongs to all, but I would have a piece of you that belongs only to me.”

“What do you mean?”

Titus reached up, and rang the bell above his headboard. A moment later, a young faun woman stepped into the doorway, her complexion pallid, her throat pocked with fang marks, but she smiled without fear. It was the arrangement I’d made with the vampire lord. He would never want for blood in Alkandra, but he would have to pay the citizens for it. If he wanted to hunt for kill, he would have to do so in the Great Forest with the feral vampires that lived there.

“Would you share her with me?” He asked.

“She’s not a whore.”

“That’s not what I meant.” He muttered, stroking my throat, “You’re unobtainable, untamable, and unrepentant, and I wish I could have all of you, but then I would have none. You were right about your kind. All I did when I changed those women was taint perfection. I always thought creating half-breeds was to create an abomination, for why would I sully my blood with someone who would but use the gift as a novelty and revert to their lesser form? But with you, I can only hope that you would accept such a humble gift. I would understand if you don’t want it, but—”

Before he could utter the next word, my mouth was on his, devouring his lips and tongue, my hands reaching backward to aim his cock against my slit. He entered me, splitting my moist channel, stretching the walls against my lewd muscles until his tip pressed against my bottom, and my netherlips sucked about his base. I groaned into his mouth, subduing him expertly in our oral combat, then I parted with a smile on my lips and in my eyes, and I tilted my head to expose my throat.

“Take me… Father.” I whispered, and he looked close to weeping. He reverently brushed my hair from my neck, and planted a kiss on the bow of my throat. Then he bit, and I felt a liquid chill seep into my chest. I sighed helplessly, and dropped against him as he poured his transforming venom inside me. My heart slowed. The world dimmed. My breath left me, and all was black.

When next I regained awareness of myself, I tasted blood in my mouth. The faun woman was unconscious on the bed, a pair of fresh wounds in her throat. I reached out to help her, and stopped. My hand was long-fingered with elongated nails and pure white flesh. I looked down, and my short bronze elven body had become a splendor of alabaster and muscle, my robust feminine curves perched atop toned legs and contoured abs, every inch of me honed for desire and murder. There was a cock inside me, and it awoke not just the pleasures of flesh, but the primal desires of violence. I turned to my new blood father, and grinned with my new fangs. He grinned back, and my eyes fell upon the pulsing vein in his throat. We came together, clawing at each other, biting, grabbing hair and pulling until the roots seared with delicious pain. We drew blood, we merged our bodies violently, and we made love with the rapaciousness of the apex predator.


“…he said his name was Gorlok.” The girl said, her voice dead, “He said he was sent from the bowels of hell to punish the Highlands for our sins.”

I wore a veil to court, and arm-length gloves to cover my flesh. I did not want to bring attention to my Alkandran blood when the Feltianan village girl gave her testimony before the nobles.

“…they made me wear a necklace of my little brothers’ and sisters’ hands,” the girl said, “he told me it would keep others like him from harming me. He told me to walk to Bentius and ask my liege why he did not protect us.” She turned to Lord Feltian. “Why did you not protect us, my lord?” She asked, her eyes seeming to look through Feltian, tears rolling down her cheeks, “Why did you not protect us, my lord? Why did you not protect us, my lord? Why did you not protect us, my lord? WHY DID YOU NOT PROTECT US, MY LORD?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!” And she was carried screaming from the court, her question echoing in the annals behind her.

Yanas Feltian looked so pale that I wondered if he had any blood in him at all. He staggered to his feet, and left the court. His hobbled gait and hunched back belied his frailty, and everyone in there knew he’d just been broken. The next time his seat was filled, it would be by his son, and I would have my second noble.

Lord Ternias stood. “Do you need to hear more, good noblemen and women of the court? The Dark Queen sends her mongrels across our border to terrorize us into surrender!”

“Gorlok was stripped of his lands, titles, and family name following the battle of the Tundra.” I said, “He is a rogue actor, and there will be more of them! If we do not make peace with Alkandra soon, more and more of their outlaws will take advantage of our weakness and flow across the Knife River. Do you think Ternias’s regiment at Castle Thorum can patrol the entire border? They are not rangers!”

“This is an underhanded attack, make no mistake!” Ternias countered, “Gorlok acts upon the bidding of the Dark Queen!”

“Even if that is true, it does not change the fact that there are marauding orcs moving uncontested within our borders!” Sofia yelled, “With all our resources spent on fighting a losing war, who is to protect the home front?”

“The marauding orcs are not a failure of our military, but a failure of its leadership.” Ternias said, “Too long has the queen’s lacky been at the helm of this disastrous stalemate, and for what? To make sure that the king’s uncle is in charge of the military, nothing more!”

“Field Marshal Shordian has proven himself on the field. He was the hero of the Tundra.” Leveria answered from her throne.

Ternias scoffed. “Even a broken clock is right twice a day. What results has he gotten us since then? Has the enemy been pushed back? No! They stay upon our doorstep, and wait until winter to freeze us out!”

“And how would you win the war, Lord Ternias?” Leveria asked, “If you have a grand strategy, then by all means, share it! Not doing so would be tantamount to treason, and we know you would never partake in that!”

Ternias guffawed. “My generals tell me there’s a way to win this war quickly and decisively, but not with the command structure that is in place. We have but one chance, and it will be wasted in the hands of the queen’s bumbling idiots.”

There was a murmur around the room, and nods of concurrence. I thought about standing to object, but there was no use. Ternias had once again made the debate about how the war was being fought, not if it should be, and the nobles loved nothing more than the comforting idea that victory was still possible. Even after the girl’s testimony, they did not feel the terror. She was just a country girl after all. And so the hours passed while Leveria and Ternias exchanged meaningless diatribes until Leveria finally stood up, and adjourned court.

I organized my notes as the nobles walked out, Ternias smirking at me. No doubt he thought that Yavara and I had callously orchestrated the attack, but I believed Yavara when she told me she knew nothing of it.

I connected eyes with Huntiata as he crossed the room. I smiled at him from beneath my veil, and he sneered back. Yes, he was an ornery, racist, avaricious, despicable bastard, but he sure knew how to treat a lady like me.

“Any word from your friend?” He asked me.

“Your delivery will be in nine days. Any word on that mining project?”

“The outlet is on the edge of Xantian’s province, and he’s awfully curious about why I asked for a permit to prospect the mine.” Huntiata growled, “Used to be he wouldn’t dare, but since he got his contracts back with the dwarves, the fucker’s been uppity.”

“He has a nose for gold.” I chuckled.

“He’s a cheap whore; why haven’t you paid him yet?”

“He hasn’t accepted my invitation yet. He’s skittish. I’ll wait until he’s ready.”

“Fat, soft, weak little shit. Are you going to give him a little something extra too?”

I grinned. “Would it make you jealous?”

“No. It’d just be a pity that you’d have to endure that.” He got a little too close for public, and whispered, “I know how you really want it.”

“Save it for when the doors are closed, my lord.” I whispered back, “So that no one can hear me scream.”

He might’ve taken me right then and there if he didn’t have so much self-control. Instead, he walked away, strategically ruffling through a bag placed before his waist.

“My lady.” Lady Droughtius said as she approached me.

“I was glad to see you stand in court today.”

“I only parroted your point.” She smiled coyly, “I felt rather foolish, actually. You’re a much better orator than I.”

“All it takes is practice.”

“I think my talents are much better suited behind the scenes. Speaking of which, I have a proposition that you might like.”

“I’m all ears.”

She pointed to Feractian’s faction. The lord himself had been absent at court to deal with a problem in his province. Apparently, the townsfolk of some farming village had beaten a taxman to death when he went to collect the monthly bill. That didn’t bode well. “Do you see those six men?” She prompted, “Those are Feractian’s barons I was telling you about. They’ve all come to court today because of what’s happening in their territories. There are whispers of rebellion, and without any garrisons to quell it, those whispers could become shouts in no time at all.”


“You are making a deal with Huntiata, and he has two-thousand men at his disposal. It would only take five-hundred to kill this rebellion in the crib. I imagine Feractian would be eternally grateful if you could arrange this.”

I nodded. “See if you can set up a meeting with those barons.”

“I already did. Eleven o’clock tomorrow night at your estate. They were incredulous, but then I told them about how… hospitable you can be.”

I smirked at her. “Are you my ally, or my pimp?”

“I’ll be there too. I need to practice acting like an Alkandran, after all.” She tittered.

I smiled back, hoping none of my pity was betrayed by my eyes. It wasn’t, for Sofia Droughtius shared a secret wink with me, and walked away. If I survived this shit, I didn’t know how I’d be able to look at myself in the mirror again.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” I screamed, and Elena drove into me one last time, her breasts squishing against mine, her muscular abdomen forming against my soft belly, her cock pumping thick hot loads deep into my starving womb. I kept my nails dug into her back as I stayed rigid with ecstasy, all my worries leaving me in a moment of pure bliss. Then she collapsed Cebeci Escort atop me with a sigh, and the world came surging back.

“Xantian.” She gasped.


“You wanted to know who the secret factor was in Ternias’s conspiracy.” Elena said, peeling herself off me, “It was Xantian the whole time. Huntiata told me he got his contracts back with the dwarves, and I know you didn’t get them.”

“That fat little piece of shit.” I muttered, too sapped of energy to give much to anger.

“If you didn’t have Feractian and Feltian, that probably meant Ternias had them too. If you had won that battle, they would’ve struck the next day.”

“So I was doomed either way.” I snorted, “Hooray for me.”

She chuckled, got up, and washed her cock in the bidet.

“Busy day ahead?” I asked, “Does Lady Droughtius not like my flavor?”

She smirked over her shoulder. “I love it when you get jealous.”

“You’re cheating on me, you whore.”

“You’re one to talk. At least I’m not married. By the way, where the hell does Eric even sleep? It’s not only that he doesn’t sleep in the royal bedroom; he doesn’t even sleep in the high tower!”

“He mostly lives in his estate. The only time we ever see each other is during court functions.”

“Ah, true love.”

“I’m actually quite fond of him. We’re not a partnership, we’re a team, and I’m the captain, and he understands that.”

“Perhaps I should try to woo him to my team, hmm?” She grinned, “I see the way he looks at me in court.”

“Perhaps I’ll have the Droughtius house replaced by one of their barons. Would you still let her visit you then?”

“Yes.” Elena snickered.

“Fuck you.” I laughed, and helped her button her dress. When she left, I felt the familiar loneliness, and went about distracting my mind. I drew a sigil on the mirror, and palmed it.

“You Highness?” Field Marshal Shordian asked.

“Battle report?”

“Our casualties are down fifty-percent for the week.”

I raised my brows. “That is good news. What changed?”

“We began operating under the cautious assumption that the Dark Queen has no intention of invading as of now. We’ve begun practicing evasive tactics instead of engaging the enemy directly.”

“You said ‘as of now;’ does that mean you believe she intends to invade in the near future?”

“The preliminary actions were taken to assault Mid Fort, but they didn’t get past the first phase. I have not seen any concerted effort by the enemy to marshal an invasion, but we should be wary. If we’re lulled into thinking we know their tactics, we will be unprepared when they change them. The increased supply train through the marshlands would intuit an intention to prolong the engagement through the winter, though the enemy has shown a propensity for trickery before.”

“What do you think she’ll do?”

“With all due respect, Your Highness, she is your sister. I think you should know that answer better than I.”

I lit a cigarette, and sat back. “There’s talk in court that there is a way to win this war quickly and decisively. Is this rhetoric, or is there a working theory amongst some of your generals?”

Shordian scratched at his beard. “General Florence Krakis believes that attacking Alkandra directly could win us the war.”

“With a naval assault? Only the Lowlands has that kind of naval power.”

“Our cavalry division remains wholly intact and stationed at South Fort to act as reinforcements between there and Mid Fort. The old imperial highway travels from there to Alkandra. The theory is that sending a fast-action invasion force to Alkandra would force the enemy horde into a chaotic inward retreat across the marshland bridges, and we could cut them down as they tried to head off our cavalry.”

“You don’t agree with it.”

“The enemy doesn’t have the cavalry to match ours, and they know it. Brock Terdini is no idiot. He will not pursue. He will write Alkandra off as a loss, and invade through the empty South Fort. A contingent would be left behind to head off our cavalry’s retreat, and the Highlands would be razed without quarter. Perhaps you could evacuate a thousand people on ships before Bentius was burned to ash.”

I sucked on my cigarette, contemplating the idea. Despite what Ternias had said in court, Shordian was not an overly-cautious man. He had sacrificed his own regiment to save the army, and I believed his assessment about Brock, who had gambled his entire horde to bait the Highland generals into a trap. Neither men were fools, and both men were willing to do whatever was necessary.

“This idea is very dangerous, Field Marshal.” I said, “If pitched right, it would play right into the nobles’ fantasies of a quick and victorious end to the war. How many of your generals agree with Krakis’s idea?”

“Around a quarter think favorably of it.”

I flicked the ash compulsively. “Silence them or replace them, Field Marshal. I will not have this idea gain legitimacy. Tell Krakis that I want to speak with him personally.”

Shordian nodded, and I palmed the glass. I stood up to leave, then stopped myself.

A new sigil appeared on the mirror, one I had never seen before. I drew it upon the glass, and waited. After some time, a face appeared. He was a young boy, no older than ten. He stared at me with a confused expression upon his face. I surveyed him, then his surroundings. My father once said that the greatest talent a diplomat could have was to keep her face passive during moments of great revelation, and so, it was my greatest talent. But in that moment, when the puzzle fell into place, and the path I had sought was finally revealed, I nearly broke. Nearly. The endgame was laid out before me, all the moves made so clear, all the pieces ready to shift at my command. Ah, but what was the most dangerous position to be in when playing chess? Two moves away from checkmating your opponent, because you were never quite sure if your opponent was one move ahead of you.

Caution, Leveria, I thought, and smiled at the boy, know who you are playing.


I was looking up at the tallest man-made structure on Tenvalia. The Jonian Spire was a twisting tower that stood three-thousand feet high. It had taken a full academy of mages forty years to build it. Much like Castle Thorum, it was an engineering miracle carved from necessity. Alkandi had cut off communication between the Lowlands and the Highlands by destroying the mirror relay that spanned the Great Forest. To counter that, the Highlands built the Jonian Spire in the eastern-most part of Jonianas, atop an uplift called Mount Lucia. The mirror that topped the spire could see clear across the neck of the Great Forest, and connect with the mirror that topped the Ardeni palace. There were way too many ancient protection spells for me to even contemplate destroying it, and I wouldn’t if I could. This tower was great and unique, and the world be lesser without it, but I wasn’t above a little tampering.

I transformed into an eagle, and flew to the top of the tower. In my talons, I clutched an astral gemstone I’d made myself. I flapped to the mirror, got on to the service platform, and transformed back. Careful not to disturb the orientation of the mirror, I placed the gemstone directly beneath its bottom lip, and jumped off the tower. After transforming, landing, and transforming again, I rested my staff against the tower’s base, and pulled out the hand mirror I’d brought with me.

Mirrors were two-way instruments, and so I could not listen in on a conversation, only intercept the sender. I could, however, see which specific sigils were active. Few people had access to enchanted mirrors, and even fewer were connected to the international relay. Only the rich and powerful used this tower, and with Yavara cutting off all trade through the Midlands, only the truly powerful used it now.

The light on my mirror illuminated, and two sigils popped up. One was from Bentius, and the other was from Ardeni. Two more sigils popped up, another one from Bentius and one from Ardeni, and I wrote down the shapes of each. The conversations ended, and I waited for twenty or so minutes before the light on my mirror illuminated once more, and two sigils came into view. One was from Bentius, and the other was from the Rift. The one from Bentius was the same one from the first conversation.

*Leveria?* I wrote beside the symbol. I did not yet know Yavara’s sigil, but I assumed it must be the one drawn in the shape of a penis. It seemed like her. Leveria’s was in the shape of an eye, which was appropriately ominous for her.

*King Albert Dreus.* I wrote beside the sigil that had communed with Leveria in the first conversation. This sigil was a boat. As to the other conversation, it was hard to guess. The mercantile Lowlands had dozens of governors that operated much like the nobles in the Highlands, and they undoubtedly communicated with one another often. It could’ve been an insidious plot, or a banal conversation between friends. Still, I drew the sigils on my pad all the same, and marked the time and length of communication.

The conversation between Leveria and Yavara ended. For the next three hours, I watched different sigils pass between the Lowlands and the Highlands. Most were between Bentius and Ardeni, but there were a few dozen between lesser cities of both nations. I marked off the ones from the nobles estates, circling the sigil that came from the Ternianas estate. The lord himself was likely in Bentius, but it was good to know the communications that came out of his house. I matched the sigil with one similar that came from Bentius, and watched for it. Sure enough, it came up again. This was the sigil from the second conversation between Bentius and Ardeni, and the recipient was the same: a dog’s paw. I frowned, and crossed out the name ‘King Albert Dreus’ I had already written next to the boat, and instead wrote it next to the sigil of a paw. I contemplated what I had written on my pad, and then wrote, *Prince Arthur Dreus?* beside the sigil of the boat.

“What are you doing talking to the crown prince, Leveria?” I asked the mirror.

The conversation ended, and another came up. This one was between Bentius and Alkandra, and from two sigils I hadn’t seen before. There were only two mirrors that I knew of in Alkandra; one was Prince Matthew Dreus’s, and the other belonged to Governess Adrianna. The sigil from the Highlands was a wavy stripe, and the one from Alkandra was an eagle’s beak. I wrote them both down, and waited. More conversations went between Ternias and King Dreus. More conversations went between Leveria and Prince Arthur, as well as Leveria and King Dreus. There was a brief conversation between King Dreus and the Bearded Peaks, then another between King Dreus and Ternias. If anyone from the Highlands conversed with the dwarves, I would not know, for the tower wasn’t part of that relay.

There was another conversation between Bentius and Alkandra. Leveria’s eye, and the eagle’s beak. I scribbled *Prince Matthew Dreus* next to the eagle’s beak, and waited to identify Adrianna’s. My mirror went dark for a long time, then finally illuminated when dusk fell. Leveria’s eye appeared, but not on the side. It was dead center. She was calling me.

“Shit.” I growled. If she found out the relay was being monitored, she would never use the same symbol twice. I quickly donned the image of a young high-elf boy, and tapped the mirror.

Leveria’s visage swam into view. She assessed me, then my surroundings, then looked back. “Hello.” She said.

I gawked, then shouted over my shoulder, “Oi, Sam! The fookin’ queen is talkin’ to me!”

“Shove it up at yer ass, you little twerp!” My spell answered me from twenty feet away.

“I’m fookin’ serious! It’s on this mirror Da’ bought from that old man with the cart!”

“I said shove it up yer ass!”

“Your brother sounds delightful.” Leveria giggled.

My eyes went wide. “Oi fookin’ hell, you’re not a spell! Are you the real queen?!”

“How old are you, boy? Eight? Nine? Where did you learn those filthy words?”

“Me mum and Da’ yell ‘em at each other when they’re wrestling in the bed.”

Leveria’s face contorted, then she broke into a laugh. “Oh, sweet mother! God bless you, boy. What’s your name?”

“I’m fookin’ not tellin’ you! You could be a witch!”

“I thought I was the queen?”

“Aye, but I don’t know what the queen looks like! You could just be a witch with a crown! That’s what you are, a witch tryin’ to put a spell on me, turn me into a frog, and boil me to cure yer warts!”

She laughed harder. “Damn, you caught me!”

“Oi, I knew it! I knew it!” I shouted victoriously, then leaned to a conspiratorial distance, “Say, you wouldn’t happen to know any spells I can do to me brotha’, would you?”

She grinned wickedly. “Something I used to do to my sister is put crushed prunes in her oatmeal. She thought they were berries, and she’d eat them up. Then when she was in school, she’d get a tummy ache. When she stood up to go to the bathroom, she’d shit herself!”

“Oi, yer an evil witch!”

“I am!” She giggled, “But not nearly as evil as my sister turned out to be. If you really want to deal with your brother, you’ll go out on a hunting trip with him, wait until his back is turned, then bash in his skull with a rock.”


“Just a suggestion.” She smiled sweetly, “And here’s another one: don’t ever answer a call from that mirror. Only witches have them, and I’m the nicest witch of all of them. You’re very lucky, because if any of the other witches caught you, they’d hypnotize you, and make you kill your mom and dad.”

“No way.”

“Yes way.” Leveria nodded, “So, what are you going to never do?”

“I will never answer a call from this mirror, I tell ya that!”

“Good boy.” Leveria smiled, and palmed the glass. I watched the mirror, and saw two sigils illuminate on the sides. Leveria and Prince Matthew. It was a short conversation.


“…from now on, I won’t be contacting you. I’ll tell you before each meeting ends when you should next call me. Use Prince Matthew’s sigil when you do.” She paused, then said, “I think you should tell Yavara that I tried to recruit you.”

“If you wanted to give her a reason to monitor the relay before…”

“It’s always good to cover your tracks. Sometimes, it’s better to cover your tracks with someone else’s. He’ll be a dead man anyway, so what does it matter?” She held her hand up to the mirror, and smiled at me. “Thank you, Commander.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“I can tell you like it.” She smirked, and palmed the mirror, leaving only my reflection.

God help me if I’m wrong about this. I thought to myself.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and carefully flexed the new muscle in my mind. My blue eyes turned red, my incisors became fangs, my white hair became black, my bronze skin became pale, and I began to become translucent in the glass. I stopped the transformation before it was complete, and my old self returned. In truth, I was just as wild in this form as I was in the other. My ethos was Alkandran in totality, and I could only guess at what Thomas Adarian would’ve done. He was like a caricature in my subconscious, something to point and laugh at for being so foolish and weak, and yet, the idea of him still compelled some part of me.

“Adrianna?” A voice came from the doorway.

I looked up, and smiled at Furia. “Got off work early?”

“Slow day today. Only ten murders, four rapes, and six robberies.” She said, pulling off her magistrate robes, “You?”

“I don’t think we’ll ever have any problems with Drake Titus.”

She smirked at me. “No, I don’t think you will.” She reached behind the door, and grunted as she hauled out the largest floral arrangement I’d ever seen. Blood-red roses decorated a womanly figure in a display that must’ve cost thousands.

“Oh no, he’s in love.” I giggled.

“You better fuck him all night Çukurambar Escort for this.”

“He’s had me for five days straight; he can wait a little.” I smirked, “Besides, I’ve been without my favorite toy, and you know how I get when I don’t have it for a long time.”

“A spoiled little brat.” Furia snickered, and climbed onto my lap. She straddled me like a woman, and indeed, every inch of her was a splendor of femininity, save for the nine-inch cock that poked me in the belly. She leaned down, smiling with her lush lips, and I opened mine to receive her kiss. She stopped me.

“What?” I asked.

I felt her thumb brush against my mouth, then pull away. She eased herself upright, examining the red spot on her thumb, then looked at me. “Are you going to tell me this is lipstick?”

“Would you believe me if I did?”

“I was a ranger, Adrianna. I know blood when I see it.” She narrowed her eyes, “You weren’t going to tell me, were you?!”

“Furia, I just wanted to—”

“Don’t give me that ‘I just wanted to protect you’ bullshit!” She snapped, “You were content with roping me into a suicide mission if Yavara invaded, but now I’m helpless and made of glass?!”

I took two deep breaths, then let them out slowly. “When I made that deal with you, I really liked you, Furia, but…”

“…you didn’t love me?”

“No.” I whispered, “I knew you worshipped me, and I used you. Now… now the thought of losing you… I can’t risk you… I just can’t.”

Furia brushed my hair from my face, and whispered, “Adrianna, you’re a cunt.”

“I know. Forgive me?”

“My forgiveness is conditional. We’re in this together all the way.” She dropped against me, pressing her cock between our joined bellies, squishing our busts. She angled her face so that only the tattooed side shown, and she pulled her hair away from her neck. I didn’t have to ask if she was sure. Furia was always sure. I took a deep breath, and transformed.

Her body became small in my arms, her toned ranger musculature suddenly seeming fragile and supple. Her eyes widened, a look of comingled wonder, fear and desire upon them. My eyes fell upon the pulsing vein in her throat, and instinct took over. I planted a kiss on her neck, and she whimpered. I drove my fangs inside, and she gasped. I drank of her, my love, and she was nectarous velvet on my tongue. Titus and I had indulged like royalty upon the variety of Alkandran beasts, but I had not tasted one of my own kind, and now I knew why he compared us to the finest of wines. My lips drew sensually from her, tenderly taking her life, feeling it surge into my veins. When I’d had my fill, I injected my venom from one fang, and held her against my breast as she slowly died. When her heart stopped, I transformed back, and stroked her white mane.

Her heart beat, the sound so loud that I could hear it through her, the pulse so violent that it rippled beneath her flesh. The roots of her hair darkened, her limbs began to grow, her flesh began to lighten. She grew in my arms, her naked body stretching, cording with muscle, ballooning with suppleness in her feminine curves. Her head flung up, and her face was bared to me, beautiful and terrifying, her luscious red lips like a strawberry in her milk face, her crimson eyes divided with a reptilian pupil that contracted when it looked upon my throat. She seized me in her massive hands, pulled my head to the side, and plunged her fangs into my throat. I held her head lovingly, stroking her black hair as she killed me, savoring the strange arousal of being consumed by another. When my flesh was cold and numb, she released me, her pupils dilating in recognition.

“Adrianna?” She hissed.

“God, you’re beautiful.” I croaked.

“I could’ve killed you!” She gasped, “Why didn’t you stop me?!”

“I liked the idea of you sucking me dry.”

She shook her head, “If you keep upping the ante like this, your fetishes are going to get one of us killed.”

“But can you imagine how intense the orgasm will be?” I whispered as I began to transform, “It would be enough to die for.” I wrapped my thick alabaster thighs around her waist, and drove my ass down. Oh, her manhood had grown in proportion to her body, and it impaled me to my bottom, parting my slick vaginal walls, stretching them to the sweet point of pain, pressing into my cervix. We groaned in mutual satisfaction, our voices now low and husky, dripping with predatory splendor. Her fangs came out, and so did mine, and we bared them in a mutual avaricious grin before coming together in a piercing kiss. Our tongues slithered in wriggling combat, our blood-red lips sucked with tender gluttony, and our fangs injected our venom into each other as she injected her cock between my legs, driving, driving, driving me into the back of the chair. Our breasts bounced and squished together, our pert red nipples throbbing in tense combat, our muscular bellies molding silken flesh together, communicating our pleasure by the spasms that wracked our abdominal wall.

She spun me on her cock and took me from behind, her claws digging into my succulent flank, the nails piercing the flesh, oh god! The pain was exquisite, done with love and not with malice, the tendrils of agony dancing with the waves of pleasure that ballooned from my penetration. I backed my ass into her, arching my spine, my torso forced into an upright position against the chair, my mouth moaning over it. She pried my cheeks apart, her nails still imbedded in my gluteus fat, and she burrowed her thumbs into my tight anus, and pulled it open. I snarled in delight, wrapping my hands around her head, bringing her face to my neck so that she could drink from my bowed throat. My snarls turned to pleasant growls when her fangs sank into my neck, pouring her sweet venom into my heart. She moved her cock from my pussy and forced it all the way up my ass, and my head flung back to sound a delighted scream. I pushed back against her, swallowing her pulsating meat with my anal ring until it was consumed, and clenching to hold her inside me.

“You’re not getting out.” I chuckled sultrily over my shoulder at her, “You’re trapped in my ass forever.”

“You like it more here every time we fuck.” She growled.

“So do you.” I hissed.

She had me on the floor a second later, her foot planted atop my face, my ass high in the air. Oh, she was torturing me, pulling all the way out to savor the sight of my shithole lazily contracting, waiting for me to beg her to fuck my ass once more. And beg, I did. I blubbered through every debasing plea I could think of, getting more turned on by each one, meaning every word I said with my heart and soul. Yes, I was an anal whore who just wanted to get my shit-box fucked. Yes, I was a filthy ass-slut who would suck sperm from another whore’s ass. Yes, I was a degenerate cunt who only deserved to get fucked from where I shit. A filthy sow like me didn’t deserve to get fucked in the pussy. I said these things with a gaping, fanged smile, her foot squishing my face, deforming my lips. She railed into my ass, clawing into my flesh as she did, the fat jiggling around the eight points of unnatural penetration, my crack bowing and jutting with the forceful fucking of my sinful hole. She accelerated with a whine of delight, her head flinging back, her body becoming tense. I rubbed desperately at my pussy, driving my fingers inside, stretching it open, thumbing my clit into a throbbing ruin. We came together, our song of ecstasy harmonizing. I gushed from my slit, the orgasmic urine creating a puddle on the floor, and she gushed into my ass, her hot spunk sating my ravenous asshole. But oh, we were not done.

Furia’s demeanor turned loving once the catharsis left her. She retracted her nails from my flesh, and the wounds closed bloodlessly. She took her foot from my face, and my cheek reformed. She knelt behind me, and I got onto my hands and knees, no longer the victim of her predation, but the lioness that would voraciously consume her.

“Eat it, Furia.” I commanded softly, perking my ass up. She smiled demurely, and bowed her head between my cheeks. I felt her tongue slide into my ruined ass, then her lips wrap around to suck the sperm from it. When her fangs pierced my rim, I groaned in pleasure, and eased myself back. Gracefully, she descended beneath me, sliding her body between my legs and falling back until I was seated firmly atop her face. Her tongue wriggled through my filth, tasting the mixture of her seed and my anal juice, and I sighed contentedly, and eyed her rigid cock.

I stooped into a feline arch, gently dominating her with my body weight. I made her earn the pleasure I hinted at, only moving closer to her cock when she pleased me exceptionally well. Her lips rotated around my swollen anus, sucking my rim into a pulsating ring, and her tongue circumnavigated it from the inside.

“Very good.” I groaned, and dipped my face into her crotch. I was careful not to ignore Furia’s feminine side when I was with her. It was easy to forget at times when she could be so dominatingly masculine, that she had a pretty pink pussy just below her cock, and it needed attention too. I wrapped my hand worshipfully around her magnificent rod, and angled it off to the side to reveal her blushing slit. I craned my neck, slid my hands under her thighs, and gently pried apart her cheeks. There, just below her pussy, was her puckered pink aperture, the sweet stink of it wafting into my nostrils. I circled it with a curious finger, and giggled when it popped and winked in reaction. I wasn’t the only one with an anal fetish, though it was usually Eva who sated Furia’s. I didn’t have the tool Eva used so effectively to turn Furia into a blubbering slut, but I had ten little fingers. I pushed one from each hand into her ass, and pulled them apart. She parted from my anus with a loving smack, and inserted her fingers in turn, copying me. I groaned, and pushed two more fingers into her ass, pulling it apart to reveal its ruby sheath. She did the same, though after the abuse she’d given me, I was much more pliant than she. We inserted finger after finger into each other, our moans turning to groans, our groans turning to whines, our whines turning to growls of pain and delight.

I had eight digits inside her, and my breath was coming from me hard and fast, spurred by the deliciously grotesque sight before me, and the wonderful pain behind me. I sank my hands into her past the bottom knuckle, and she did the same.

“F-f-f-fuck…” I hissed with just breath. Her digits kneaded my filthy hole, toying with the taut delicate flesh within, stretching the ringed entrance. Mine did the same, venturing deeper and deeper, squishing her taint against her slit so that bubbles formed from her leaking vaginal froth. I could no longer resist tasting her, and she had earned my mouth. I joined my oral lips with her nether counterpart, and kissed her there, my fangs piercing her puffy folds. She did the same with me. As our fingers pressed against our womanly channels from the wrong side, our tongues slithered into each other to taste the nectar of our ovules. We groaned around our slurping mouths, our tender kisses sounding wetly against our salivating slits, our petals blushing with pleasure. Her salty tang saturated my palate as my tongue wriggled and swirled, teasing the inside of her entrance until it was pulsating with delight. She did the same with me, and our oral snakes ventured deeper into their holes, and curled upward. Her muffled moan sounded from behind me, her fingers tensing in my ass. I was more composed, but barely. My body was quivering with glee, both my mouths watering as they tasted and consumed in turn. I ran the tip of my tongue around her spot, and her legs spasmed. I dragged my palate across the ribbed ceiling until she knew the texture of my tongue down to the pore, and she did the same with me, causing my legs to lose their strength.

My pelvis rested upon her face, my thighs turned to jelly with pleasure, my belly filled with butterflies that only grew with each slurping motion of her tongue. My lips were coated with her nectar, which bridged them in glistening strands when I parted to lather her outsides. She slithered her tongue from my quaking depths, leaving me woefully desperate, but then I felt the heat of her lips on my clit, and my panic was quelled. Acting in kind, I kissed the base of her cock, and indulged my new predatory sinuses with a deep sniff. Ah, the fruit of her loins was a pungent scent, and the mere aroma of it made my head light. I lathered her shaft worshipfully, tasting the decadent mixture of my ass and pussy, licking every inch of it from base to tip. She sighed splendidly, wrapped her mouth around my clit, and sucked it from its hood. After that, I could only do one thing. My eyes rolled back in a fugue state of sensual wet pleasure, and I opened my throat, and took every inch of her all the way down.

I sucked her with love and tenderness as she did the same. While she toyed with my bead in her mouth, I massaged her length with the tight squeeze of my throat, slurping upon her base with worshipful lips. Oh, how I loved the feeling of her meat pulsating in my neck, the bulge of it moving through my gullet, the wet seal of heat it formed with my consuming inner-flesh. My head bobbed up and down, methodically pleasing her like I knew she liked. There were a few times when she nearly lost control, and tried to ferociously face-fuck me, but a firm press on her prostate stayed her ambitions. It was my turn to be in control. We sloppily fed from one another’s parts, then I rose all the way up, my throat relaxing in the wake of her vacancy, and I left a kiss upon her tip to punctuate the end of our oral pleasure. Then I looked back at her, and grinned.

I mounted her like a stallion, and she thrusted against my descent. Our impact resonated throughout our bodies, and we stayed still for a moment, enjoying the fullness of her nestled all the way into my pussy. Then, I began to grind. The oscillations of my hips were deep and passionate, the undulations of my back were long and sensual. She reached up to grasp my bobbing breasts, and I intercepted her hands with mine. Around a mischievous smile, I sucked each of her fingers clean, savoring the filthy tang of my ass. I brought my sullied fingers to her lips, and moaned as she sensually cleaned them. Then she rose after me, and we filled our hands with each other’s breasts, digging our nails into the succulent mammary fat, growling into each other’s faces. She pumped into me harder, and my grinds became more impassioned, each one desperate to take every inch of her throbbing meat deep into my tight moist depths. My slit stirred around her piston motions, salivating my nectar upon her shaft, slickening her motions so that she could pound into my tender sheath again, and again, and again!

“Oh god, I’m coming!” I moaned, and she moaned with me, our eyes locked, our blood-stained lips panting heavily. We did not scream and shriek like we might’ve in our elven forms. We did not thrash and flail. We moved with a violent sensuality, a dance of jiggling flesh and winding limbs, of arched backs and craned necks. We sung out our pleasure in low, tense tones, our breaths hushed and whispering, silent like the predator in the night. We seized together, our hands in each other’s black hair, our mouths wrapped around each other’s lips, our fangs drinking. Our pupils dilated, our eyes widened, and we stayed still in the moment of nirvana.

Then we descended, and our collapse was like that of a wilting flower. We made beds of each other’s bodies, and stared into each other’s eyes upon the floor.

Can you hear me? I asked her with my mind.

Yes. She whispered back, touching my lips gently with her fingers.

You’re my blood-daughter now.


I giggled. I’m trying to make a point about how close we are.

She traced her razer-sharp nails over my cheek, and brushed the hair from my face. It’s not something that can be said; only felt. It’s not something that can be learned; only something you know. She narrowed her eyes slightly, And that’s how I know you’re hiding something from me, Adrianna. What is it?

Fear. I said. It was the truth, which is what made is such an effective lie. She cupped my face endearingly, and brought our mouths together. We transformed back into our bodies, and the exhaustion mercifully took us.

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