Queen of Spades Ch. 02 – Inked

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Authors Note: Angela is a real woman. This is a continuation of her fantasy, to be a whore. The tattoo WILL become reality. This story was inspired by klitorisring, who wants to see her inked.


Angela and James had been to several tattoo shops in the area. Every one had their section on Queen of Spades tattoos, they were pretty common to be seen, although few actually went through and got one. The design was pretty standard. They were not looking so much for a particular design, as the right artist to ink her skin. She needed an artist with the right personality to make the tattoo special.

She had only had one tattoo, inked almost a decade ago when she divorced her husband. It was almost an ‘up yours’ moment as he said he would divorce her if she ever got a tattoo. By the time she got it, they were long done with their relationship, and the dragonfly on her right butt cheek was something he would never see anyway. Only someone so privileged to see her naked would enjoy that view.

Angela had a new boyfriend now, and their unique relationship called for a unique tattoo. Not too many men out there would allow their significant other to have sex with other men while he remained faithful and not having sex with other women. Probably even fewer would allow that to happen with a well-endowed black man, simply because they usually followed with feelings of inadequacy, as what ‘normal’ white man can compare with a hung black man? Toss on top of that having the symbol of that lust for darker skin tattooed onto your body in a place where is it openly visible, it becomes an ‘advertisement’ to her availability for black cock, and also reflected on the man who accompanied her.

But James was no ordinary man. He worshipped her, encouraged her sexual activities, and relished in watching her enjoy a big black cock. Although no slouch with a 6 1/2″ himself, he still understood that, sometimes, there was just no comparison to a man who had three inches or more above what he had to offer to satisfy her. He was secure enough in their relationship that he knew she would always return to him, that she was HIS Whore. She loved that.

She had no problem calling him the cuckold he was. She rarely humiliated him as that was not her nature, but did enjoy taking over the dominant role when in the company of a black man. She loved forcing James to suck the man off, keeping him hard so he was ready to fuck her, and she enjoyed watching a man take James’ in the ass as much as James loved watching his beloved Whore get ass fucked as well. Even more so, there weren’t too many men willing to suck another man’s cum from her pussy once she was done being used. To Angela, he was the perfect man: Attentive to her physical, emotional and sexual needs. Why would she leave him for anther man when she could have that man AND James too?

So the question was to find the right artist to ink the symbol of her fucking other men – black men – into her skin. This is something that would be with her for the rest of her life, and it had to be perfect. They had talked to dozens of them: The hipster, the punk kid, the goth woman, the newbie wanting to get his name out there. They all had their good points, but they lacked something. She was not sure what, but she would know when she met him. She had already decided the artist needed to be a man, that is just the way it was going to be.

They walked into the sixth tattoo parlor and looked around. It had the same pleasant aroma as many of the others, with example offerings all over the walls, counters and display cases. Most of them were the creations of the artists that were employed there, the REAL resume of any artist. Angela quickly found the normal offering of Queen of Spades tattoos.

The proprietress came out and greeted them. She fell into the classic ‘goth’ look: Her face pale with makeup, black highlights everywhere, black hair and not an open inch of skin to support more inked art … at least not showing on her arms, shoulders and chest exposed by her tight tank top and too-small push up bra to contain her massive mammaries. Angela hated to ‘stereotype’ people, but this woman was what you might expect of the tough-girl look, wearing faded jeans, thick leather belt with large buckle, and a heavy chain protecting her billfold in her back pocket. She was shaped more like the Harley man than his biker chick.

The woman talked to them about the parlor and what they offered as they looked over the various examples of art. She gave a knowing smile when Angela started pointing to and talking about the Queen of Spade tattoos, looking James up and down, wondering if he was actually one of ‘those types of men who allowed their women to do that’. Angela looked at the photos of the various artists, and she talked to a couple of them. Nothing really struck her fancy.

Satisfied she was not going to find what she was looking for at that parlor, they headed for the exit. She opened the door and was almost run over by someone coming in. Before she was knocked to the floor, all she görükle escort knew is that he was big, muscular and carried a heavy punch.

“I am so sorry,” the man apologized with a slight accent reminiscent of Jamaican, “I did not see you little lady.” He quickly deposited his fast food lunch on the counter and helped Angela off the floor. She took his hand and was almost whisked into the air as he pulled her up. All she could do was stare at his dark exposed deltoids as he got her situated on her feet. “Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”

“I’m fine,” Angela stuttered, unable to get beyond the chiseled biceps to look him in the face. Other than his arms, he barely sported any tattoos of his own. Her heart fluttered. He was GORGEOUS: Dark with sexy homogenous skin, bald with a rugged square jaw, blindingly white teeth, and a clean face. He towered over her at six feet, and the muscles probably caused him to tip the scales around 240 pounds. He was big and solid, the type of guy you wanted on your side in a fight.

He introduced himself as Sean. He had only worked at the parlor for a month, which is why his picture was not up with the other artists yet. Now being curious, Angela and James were shown to his parlor room where he had examples of his work, which had also not been added to the front counter collection yet. As she looked at his artwork, she noticed the ONE Queen of Spade tattoo. It had the curves and style she liked.

“How many of these have you done?” she asked. She was almost embarrassed to ask but he was not shy to answer.

“Before I left Jamaica,” he explained, “probably hundreds. I never counted. It seems many couples go to Jamaica on their vacation and it is the wife’s dream to have a nice Jamaican boy, then get her trophy tattooed on her skin. Most of the husbands were reluctant as I told them the ink was permanent, but many other husbands supported their wives desires.”

“Where do they normally have them tattooed?” Angela queried. “What part of the body is most popular?”

“All over,” Sean answered, “many ladies like them in private areas … breast, butt, over her pubic area, mostly as a reminder – for them and their man – but wanting to keep the memory private. Most would never do something like that again. Others like them in visible places, like their ankle or wrist. These are the ladies who want others to know what they like, mostly advertising. Some like them on the small of their back so it shows when wearing a bikini, or their shoulder blade. I get a few that like them on the nape of their neck, only visible when their hair is up.”

“Do you get embarrassed when they have you put it on such a private area?” Angela asked, “Like right over her pussy?” She wondered how he would handle her using such frank terminology. He did not flinch.

“One of the first tattoos I did was a woman wanting WELCOME inked around the opening of her arsehole,” he chuckled. “After that there is not much that phases you. I’ve seen and inked every inch of a woman … men too. Some men even want their manhood with something on it.”

“What’s your favorite artwork to do?” Angela asked. He took a few moments to ponder.

“Personally, I love when a woman puts art around her breast,” he replied, reaching for an album of his work. “I think it is the most sensual part of a woman’s body that shows off the ink the best. I love floral patterns, things flowing, especially if they swirl around the nipple. Very pretty, very nice.”

Angela stood in silence as she flipped through his binder of snapshots, taking in all the information. In the moment of silence Sean could see her thinking. He knew what her next question was going to be, she was just getting up the nerve to ask it. He gave a curious glance at James and smiled. He had seen men like him hundreds of times.

“I’m thinking of two,” Angela finally confessed, “one on my wrist, small, maybe an inch tall, far up enough that it doesn’t show when I’m wearing my work blazer. And if I want to – possibly – a subtle advertisement, but not showing off like a billboard.”

“A wise choice,” Sean replied, “this is forever, and not a decision to be made lightly. On the inside of your wrist, even when wearing short sleeve, it can only be seen if you decide to show it off.”

“Like this,” Angela smiled, demonstrating by tucking a lock of hair teasingly behind her ear, turning her wrist outwards toward Sean, where it would flash him. “It sends a message – only to HIM – that I’m interested.”

“Of course,” Sean chuckled, “if he’s black.”

“Of course he would be black,” Angela smiled, “I already have my white guy.” She smiled at James, who returned her smile. Sean was not sure what to make of James as he mostly sat quietly and let her do all the talking, but James was happy she was getting the tattoo, it was one of his desires as much as hers.

“And the other tattoo?” Sean asked, “Where would you want that one?”

“On my ass,” Angela answered without hesitation, “for him as a reminder of what I like,” bursa escort bayan she motioned to James.

“Very good,” Sean agreed, “would you like to do both of them now, or schedule separate appointments?”

“Now,” Angela replied, “I’m here and ready.”

With the decision made, Sean got to work. He made the transfer template in a size acceptable to her, and transferred the temporary purple ink to the inside of her wrist. She moved her arm around, seeing how it showed, how it could be hidden, and how it would be covered by different lengths of shirts. She was satisfied. With a huge sigh, she sat down in the chair, extended her arm, and let him get to work. He straddled the post her arm was on, and she could not help but stare at his body as he worked. His legs, thighs, belly, everything, seemed perfect. He was bulky but there did not seem to be an ounce of flab on him.

James sat back and enjoyed watching them chat as he worked. He was totally engrossed in the task at hand, and was enjoying watching Angela squirm in her chair as it was obvious she enjoyed having his hands on her. Her eyes seemed to dart all over his body, drinking in every aspect of his form. The small tattoo took about an hour to complete. Once done he cleaned her wrist and allowed her to admire the artwork.

She was thrilled and filled with excitement the deed had actually been done. She was no longer just THINKING about proudly advertising her Queen of Spades status, it was now a reality. He had provided wine for them both to enjoy to help take the edge off. Angela had enjoyed three glasses and was in a much less inhibited mood. She was very mellow and jovial.

“And now the second one?” Sean asked. Since this one would be in a private place, Sean closed the curtain across the opening to his parlor and closed the door.

“I want it larger, of course,” she explained, “maybe two and a half inches tall, right smack in the middle of my left ass cheek, opposite the dragonfly.” He again made the transfer template to a size of her liking. Now came the decision for the exact placement. She hesitantly removed her pants and panties and presented her bare ass to him.

“Higher or lower?” he asked.

James could tell she was trying to get up the nerve to tell him exactly where to put it. They had previously discussed it at length so he was waiting to see if Angela would actually go through with it.

“Well,” she said, hesitating. She looked to James for emotional support, but he just returned a smirk waiting to watch her tell him. “I want it to show off best … when I’m getting fucked from behind.”

“I see,” Sean said, nodding but not exactly sure how he would determine that. He gave a quick glance at James who, again, was no help. He just kept smiling at Angela.

“Like this,” Angela finally stated, taking a deep breath and getting down on her knees. She got down on all fours and looked over her shoulder at Sean. “Get behind me,” she instructed, “like a man would if he were taking me from behind.” Sean moved and stood behind her, taking in her completely bare backside. She had her legs partially open and her sex was plainly on display.

“I see,” Sean repeated, holding the template out for an idea.

“No,” Angela corrected, “get down on your knees and get behind me … RIGHT behind me.” Sean looked at James to see if that was acceptable. James chuckled and said go ahead.

He hesitantly got down on his knees and moved in behind her. As instructed, he pressed into her backside and put his hands on her hips. It actually gave him a good idea of where to put the template. He set it down on her skin and asked for James’ thoughts. James moved behind Sean and looked over his shoulder. With Sean’s hands on her hips and pressed into her backside, the tattoo was perfectly centered and showed off nice. It met with James approval.

Holding his position, he pressed the wet template into her flesh and worked it in to transfer the outline. All the while Angela kept her ass pressed firmly against his pelvis. Once done he pulled back to stand up. James noticed Sean had a distinct bulge in his tight jeans. It did not help that Angela had been subtly squirming against his crotch as he worked.

It was not the first time a customer had come on to him, and on more than one occasion he gave in to his own lust and took her as she wanted, but those times the man was not there. He quickly regaining his composure. With the template transferred, he helped her up and onto his table. He got to work again, moving all around as he changed to the best vantage point to work on a particular section of the outline. Once the Q and spade outline were completed, it was just a matter of filling in the space.

Angela reveled in having his hands all over her ass as he worked. The stinging of the needle added to her excitement, like a million little spankings. James could see she was not just enjoying it, she was getting turned on by it. She also could feel he was taking liberties that James could not see. At one bursa escort time he had his hand on the crack of her ass as he worked, and deftly slipped his thumb between her legs. She reciprocated by slightly raising her ass to give him better access. She tried to stifle her pleasure as he slipped his thumb discreetly into her dripping pussy.

As he both worked and teased her, they engaged in conversation. The topic quickly turned to the reason for the tattoo and if she had ‘earned’ the right to wear it. She relayed to him the story of John taking her in the elevator, and the double penetration she had with John and Eric. She did not leave out the part of having James suck John’s cum from her pussy after she had been fucked.

Sean admitted to hearing of many men who enjoyed their wives having black cock, but not that many that openly admitted to eating another man’s cum, much less sucking the man as well. It was something to him that was relegated to the kinkier porn videos. He would never admit to anyone else that the idea of taking another man’s woman right in front of him, and then having him do something so risque as eating the cum back out, was an immensely erotic idea.

“I love watching James suck black cock,” Angela eagerly admitted, “especially when I know he’s getting him hard to fuck me.” Sean chuckled.

“I love the way you talk pretty lady,” he mused. “It is not too many women who would talk like you.”

“First of all,” Angela corrected, “I’m not a lady, I’m a Whore.”

The revelation had Sean stop his work and look at her, “A Whore?” he asked, “Why would you say that.”

“Because I am,” Angela explained, matter-of-factly. “James SOLD me to the woman and her husband who used me, and then gave me to John to be used.”

Sean thought for a minute, returning to his work. “And this excites you?”

“Tremendously,” Angela admitted. “I love being sold and being told what to do to please the customer – man or woman – and being given no choice in the matter. It gets me wet.”

“Does it now?” Sean asked.

“Can you feel it?” Angela asked. “I’m wet now.”

Sean looked at James to make sure it was okay. Again he was quiet with just a big grin on his face. Assuming his silence was consent to continue, Sean pressed two fingers into her wet pussy as she moved to open her legs more. She was drenched and had soaked the towel beneath her. Sean moved his long thin fingers around to give her a thrill. She openly moaned and encouraged him to play more.

“Mmmm, don’t stop,” she ordered, “keep going.”

Instead he removed his fingers and gave her a sharp smack on her ass. “We finish this,” he declared with a huge grin on his face, “and THEN we play.” He went back to filling in the last bit of the tattoo.

“I can’t wait,” Angela pouted, the sting of the needles fueling the excitement already between her legs. She was rapidly approaching the point of no return. Looking James wantonly in the eyes, she crooked her finger at him and had him come over to her. With her head at the perfect height, she playfully unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect manhood. Without any further discussion, she sucked him into her mouth and started sucking.

Sean laughed out loud, “Pretty lady, you are not going to make this look good finished if I can’t do the work without you moving. This is a first, a customer giving a blowjob while getting a tattoo.”

“I told you I’m not a lady,” Angela corrected.

“Ok, WHORE,” Sean corrected, “stop moving or I end this.”

“FINE!” Angela huffed, releasing James. James put himself back into this pants and sat down again.

In five minutes, Sean was finally done. He took off his gloves and cleaned up the needle set. He cleaned the area around the finished tattoo, and Angela wiggled her ass teasing him.

“Now,” Sean declared, “to see if it is right.”

“Right?” Angela asked.

“Yes,” Sean said, “to see if the tattoo is in the right place when you are getting fucked from behind … BACK on the floor.”

Angela beamed with anticipation as she moved off the table and got back down on all fours on the floor. James just watched as Sean got back down behind her. Already he could see the bulge forming in Sean’s pants. Moving right in behind her, he grabbed her hips and thrust his pelvis against her. She gave out a squeal with his assault, but he held her firm.

“What do you think?” Sean asked James. “Is the tattoo position perfect to see she is a black Whore Queen of Spades while getting fucked?”

James beamed a huge smile. “I think so,” he agreed.

Sean grabbed her hips tightly and gave another couple of thrusts. He stopped and pulled back.

“Don’t stop!” Angela demanded, “keep going.”

“It need something,” Sean said, “she need to suck you again.”

Angela smiled broadly as James moved in front of her on his knees, unzipped his pants, and presented his hard cock to her again. She so eagerly sucked him into her mouth she stopped paying attention to what Sean was doing behind her. James watched in anticipation as Sean quietly unzipped and pulled his pants down. His cock was black and smooth and almost nine inches long, with a thickness to match. While she was busy sucking James, Sean gently took her by the hips again, and lined his cock up with her wet slit.

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