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It was only 3 days until my sisters 23rd birthday. She lived in Washington at the moment, away from everyone else in our family. It was just like her, so we all made plans to go down there, from Canada to visit her. My parents were taking their new motor home for the whole trek. I was just going to make the drive, probably stopping once overnight at whatever hotel I could find. When I was packed up and ready to go, I left and said goodbye to my parents, knowing I’d see them in 3 days or less.

I left rather late, and after driving for nearly 4 hours I was fatigued and decided to rest and stay the night at a hotel. I wasn’t in any real hurry. It was around 7 PM when I pulled into the lot. It was a pretty small group of rooms, all linked together.

I got out of my car and went to the main office. Behind the desk was a slightly elderly looking man. He greeted me with a large smile. I paid for a room and got my change.

On the way out I grabbed a pepsi from the cooler and opened it. I drank almost half of it before I stopped to look around. Something caught my eye. On the left side of the office lying on the grass was a young lady; I swear she couldn’t have been more than 18. She was lying on her chest taking in some very hot sun, her top was undone and I could see a good portion of her nicely sized breasts squished up against her chest.

I couldn’t believe it. I stood there staring for what seemed like hours. I ran my eyes all over her body, and once I got to her ass, I almost fainted. It was the most beautifully shaped thing I have ever seen. So large, not fat by any means, but incredibly distinguished. Like my favorite lady singer, Shakira, this was an ass to be admired. I simply couldn’t believe it. I felt a swell in my pants and started to spill my pepsi. In an instant she brushed her long dyed blonde hair out of her eyes.

I jumped in a panic. Did she see me? It was hard to tell, since she was wearing sunglasses. Either way, I figured I’d been gawking long enough and awkwardly made the walk to my room. Blame the bulge between my legs.

I got to my room and closed the door quickly. I peered through the closed blinds but the girl was nowhere to be seen. I decided to cool my nerves with a shower.

When I emerged I slung myself down on the couch and started watching Television. It wasn’t long before I had found some pornography. Being the normal male I am, I watched with a little interest for a few minutes. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard. Sitting there in a towel only, it was incredibly apparent. I heard a knock at the door. Like my mom was about to walk in on my reading a playboy, I fumbled for the remote and shut the TV off.

“Come in” I said

“Hi, sorry to barge in, mr…” she looked at a card she was holding

“Steve will do, I said nervously”

It was the same young girl I’d seen sun tanning. She was standing before me wearing a low cut white tank top which showed off her beautiful small breasts quite nicely. Not real huge, but pretty defined. Her tanned, incredibly toned stomach looked incredible as well…and then…my god, that ass. She had on a short pair of denim shorts which made her hips and ass look amazing. I was still sitting and didn’t dare stand up now.

“Hi, Steve” she smiled “I’m the manager’s daughter, also known as your cleaning lady” she laughed “I just came to make sure everything is alright and to bring you this” she added. Referring to the bag of ice she had in her hands. “The freezers have been acting strangely lately, so I’m supposed to but this in there, just in case” with that, she opened the freezer and put the ice in, one handful at a time. She bent over giving me a glorious view of her backside. When she turned around she wiped the water from her hands on her shirt. The cold had also made her nipples rock hard. They jutted out right at me.

“My god” I said quietly. “

So is everything else alright?” she asked, tilting her head to one side. I removed my gaze from her body and found her eyes.

“Yes, uh, great, thank you.” I said.

“alrighty then, I’ll be back to check up on you later, goodbye, Steve”

“b..bye” I managed to say.

she left. I have to admit, my sexual experience was next to nothing. Most girls knew me as a “Good friend” and honestly, it’s all I ever wanted in a relationship. Now, though, I didn’t know. What was this girl doing to me? Part of me was in shock of this young girl, and another part of me wanted to absolutely have her. Over and over again.

Being stuck in town for the night, I decided I may as well go out.

Another thing about me is that I’m not exactly a social butterfly, I mostly wanted to just find a quiet place to hang out and enjoy a drink, but somehow I ended up in a slightly full club of some sorts, with a dance floor in the center surrounded by a bar. I took a seat, got a drunk and kept mostly to myself.

My eyes wondered from time to time to the dance floor, gazing at the ladies who danced for a few minutes and walked away, eventually I focused on one girl, çankaya escort more specifically, her ass. She turned around slowly and I almost fainted.

It was her. The girl from the motel. She was wearing a very short glittery black tank top and some very tight jeans, showing off the string of her thong as it gripped her amazing hips. I felt my pants grow tight and wondered again what the hell this girl was doing to me.

Another girl with brown skin and a gorgeous set of breasts approached her slowly. They kissed each other quickly and before I could blink they were grinding against each other. The girl from the hotel stood behind the new girl and began groping her breasts, squeezing them passionately through her tight white t-shirt. Her cleavage spilled out the top as she put her head back and had her neck licked from top to bottom by the hotel girl. The switched positions at that time I saw her staring me in the eyes, not shocked, she smiled slightly and began thrusting her ass backwards toward the other girl, running her hands through her hair.

I stepped up and turned around slowly to get another drink, hoping not to miss the free show, when I returned to my seat, however, both girls appeared to be gone.

I breathed a sigh of minor relief, and utter disappointment. I reminded myself how young she must be as I downed my beer and made my way to the bathroom.

I opened the door and stepped into the large, well lit empty room and made my way to the urinal, just as I was unzipping I heard a soft moan. I thought nothing of it at first, but it still continued so I stepped away to investigate.

I made my way to the stalls and looked under one of the doors. I saw 2 feet together in between two others as the moans grew louder.

I peaked between the crack and was blown away by what I saw. The brown skinned big breasted girl I had seen earlier was on her knees sucking the cock of an unknown man as he sat on the toilet seat. The girl was really working at it, too.

She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, taking extra effort on the head, licking and darting her tongue in and out rapidly. She then took the entire length of it into her mouth and began sucking loudly. The man closed his eyes and moaned In agreeance, and the girl, moaned even louder as she began playing with her pussy from behind, slipping a finger in and out rapidly while going hard on the cock in front of her.

I couldn’t believe it, and instinctively began stroking my own dick which was stiff as a board, sticking out of my still unzipped pants. I grabbed at it and began jerking off slowly, not taking my eyes off of this hot bitch sucking a cock before me.

As she began jerking off the rock hard cock in front of her while shoving it into her mouth part of me wanted to kick down the door and fuck her silly from behind, but she seemed to be doing a fine job as she flicked at her clit and began humping her own hand.

She moaned loudly and more frequently now as the man began to thrust toward her and directly down her throat. I could hear the saliva in her mouth getting swished around but she never stopped for air. Eventually the man pulled his dick out of her mouth and began jerking off violently.

“ohhh, ohhhhh” he repeated loudly

“come on. Come all over me’ the girl said in a sexy low voice.

The man stood up suddenly and shot his load all over her. The first bit hit the bathroom door in front of me, the other spurts landed right on her brown rack and beautiful face. “mmm” she moaned as she sucked the cock clean.

I zipped up quickly and sprinted to the exit satisfied with the free show I had been given.

As I returned to my seat I noticed the dance floor was empty, in fact, the entire bar, aside from the few lone people looking for peace was empty. I sat at my seat and noticed something. A black lacy thong was wrapped around my beer. I looked around the room before I made the same realization that the place was empty. My cock was still hard and it flickered with excitement for a moment before I realized it was time to head back and release a little tension on my own, if you know what I mean.

I slipped the panties into my pocket and left the bar.

When I got back to my room I immediately closed the curtains, took my clothes off and found the adult entertainment channel, not that I needed it, my dick was still throbbing from what I’d seen earlier.

As I began stroking my dick there was a light knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat.

I put on a robe desperately trying to hide my erection (it didn’t work) and opened the door.

There was the girl, my little hot assed house keeper in all her glory. I said nothing as I ran my eyes over her body again, she was wearing a white tank top with no bra, I could see her light brown nipples clearly, and she had on a short (and I mean short) blue and white plaid skirt and pink fishnet stalkings. I focused on her toned stomach for a moment before I made contact with her eyes; they were decorated nicely with black ankara rus escort eye shadow.

She said nothing for a moment before leaning against the door frame. She bit her lower lip slightly, cocked her head to the side and spoke.

“I think you have something of mine” she purred. My mind was reeling and I honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

The only words I could get out of my mouth were “come in”

And she did. Her eyes focused on the TV, which displayed two men fucking a big breasted girl on a bed. She smiled slightly before asking if I wanted a drink. I said yes as I sat on the couch, wondering what the hell was going on.

She strutted to the fridge and opened the freezer door and reached far back, allowing her skirt to ride up her hips, giving me a view of her gorgeous round ass cheeks sticking out the bottom. She leaned in even more and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Jesus fucking Christ” I thought to myself.

After digging in the freezer for a few moments, making sure to give me a nice show, she turned around with an ice cube in her hand. “

This is all there is” she remarked, purring again.

Without so much as another word she touched it to her lips and licked it seductively. She ran is slowly now down her neck and to her chest, circling the nipples slightly, making them even more erect. She then moved onto her belly and traced circles all over her bare toned chest making it glisten in the light. Before I could even take in what I was seeing, she lifted one of her legs onto the chair next to her, making her skirt ride up even higher. I could see her tanned thigh and almost, but not quiet, everything else.

She glanced at me a moment before letting the ice cube disappear under her skirt and between her legs.

She began moaning slightly, pulling at her top and lifting it just enough for me to see the bottom of her small, well formed breasts. Moaning louder now she throws her head back and pulls her skirt up entirely. I see her young shaven pussy devouring what is left of the ice cube, and water running down her thighs.

Suddenly she puts the ice cube in her mouth and finishes it with a loud crunch.

She licks her lips slowly and says her first words in what seems like hours.

“I’m freezing cold, could you warm me up?” she asked, putting her leg back down slowly and biting on her lower lip again.

She pulls at her fishnet stalkings making them tight against her tanned thighs.

It is at this time I notice my robe is open, and my cock is doing little to hide the fact that I want to take this young girl and fuck her silly right there on the floor.

She notices it just as I do, and walks slowly toward me, pulling her tank top over her head slowly. Her small perky breasts bounce slightly and then come to rest. I stare at her rock hard body and pray to god I’m not dreaming.

She continues to walk toward me and steps up onto the coffee table just three feet in front of me. She begins dancing seductively and lifting her skirt slightly, giving me a view of her young, completely shaved pussy.

Enjoying the show, I begin stroking my rock hard member, slowly, I’m entranced by her. Noticing this, she steps down off the table and climbs onto my lap, straddling me.

She pushes my head back and breathes into my ear “do you want to fuck me?”

I search for words, but all I can do is moan as she pushes the weight of her ass cheeks down on my dick. She bounces up and down slightly, doing little but teasing me.

“Do you want to cum inside me? Or all over my face?” she breathes into my ear again.

“Yes” is all I can manage.

The young girl gets off of my dick, allowing it to spring free again, but she quickly gets on her knees and finds her place between my legs. Without a word she takes my cock into her warm mouth. It is the greatest sensation I’ve ever felt. She runs her warm rough tongue over the shaft repeatedly before returning it to the depths of her throat and sucking for all she’s worth.

This is a sight I’ve only dreamed of, I watch her beautiful face as she sucks me off, looking into my eyes from time to time, checking to see if her gift of pleasure is working.

She moans slightly as she pulls my cock out of her mouth and begins stroking it violently; it makes a loud sloppy sound as it’s covered in saliva and pre cum. I’m doing all I can to hold off on Cumming, but watching a beautiful young teen jerk me off is too much. I feel the sensation from the depths of my balls. She feels my cock stiffen and returns my member to her warm mouth.

I begin to think that I shouldn’t even be doing this. This girl cannot be any older than 18…and that’s pushing it. But lust as taken over and the dirty feeling inside me is growing. I want to ravage this girl and make her mine.

It is at this time the orgasm hits me, squirting massive amounts of cum into the young girl’s mouth, she coos excitedly before letting my dick slip out and pumping the rest of my load onto ankara yabancı escort perky tits. As I lay stunned in the aftermath of orgasmic ecstasy she sucks my cock clean, swallowing it all, and at the same time, keeping it rock hard.

“mmm’ she moans rubbing my cum over her breasts, making them shine in the low light.

I can hardly believe what is going on. But she’s not done yet.

She notices my slightly limp member, and after an orgasm like that, I’m not quite ready to go yet, so she sits on the edge of the table facing me. She lifts her skirt of showing me her hairless pussy again. I can feel her eyes on me, but all I can do is watch as she inserts a finger into her herself and begins basically humping her own hand. She’s wet as hell. I can see her fingers coated in her juices as she flicks at her gorgeous clit and massages her breasts with a free hand. I stroke my cock ever few seconds as it quickly regains its form.

I sit and watch this smoking hot girl masturbate in front of me. Her body begins to shiver as her hand becomes a blur. She begins rocking back and forth as if humping the air. As an orgasm begins to grip her one of her hands grasps at the edge of her skirt, trying to brace herself.

Suddenly her body goes solid and shakes slightly and she repeats in a low, hurried voice “oh. Oh my god. Oh” over and over.

Half a minute later the orgasm passes but her eyes are glazed over as she looks at me, completely horny still. She watches me stroke my cock for a while before I decide I’ve had enough.

I stand up suddenly and turn her around, bending her over the table quickly, which forces her to moan as she braces herself with her hands. She pulls her skirt out of the way and I see her glorious pink pussy lips directly in front of my rock hard dick. I run my hands up from her ankles to her legs, over her pink fishnet stalkings to her incredible ass. I rub my dick against her ass cheeks, painting it with precum.

She moans excitedly, and perhaps impatient lets out the words “fuck me”

I oblige as I slowly slide my solid cock into her young and eager pussy. She moans as I first enter. I am in awe. He pussy clenches against my dick as I bury it inside her enjoying the incredible sensation and tightness.

Without another word I pull back and slam into her again, this time faster. She moans louder, and like a conductor making music to my ears I begin pounding her pussy with lightning fast strokes. I can hear her breathing hard as she begins rubbing at her clit again.

I watch her tight, ample ass jiggle as I pound into her, stroke after stroke. I reach around and grab at her breasts violently, wanting to feel every inch of her as I drive myself home.

Half a minute later I feel that feeling again. I’m ready to burst and she encourages me by moaning loudly. I’m pounding her so hard and fast that the table is moving forward and so I have to step forward every few seconds, but I won’t let it stop me.

I feel the orgasm coming on and pull out of her pussy, squirting loads of cum onto the small of her tanned back, ass and skirt. I grab at my cock and stoke it a few times, forcing some of it all the way onto the strands of hair draped over her back.

I collapse onto her. She pushes her ass against me and my dick, gyrating backwards, making the remaining waves of pleasure shoot through my body like crazy.

After receiving a dick massage courtesy of her hot ass, I fall back onto the couch, slightly out of breath.

She remains bent over the table for a few moments, watching the porn still playing on the television and playing with herself.

A few minutes pass and she turns to me. Again, with little to no communication she climbs onto my lap, unbuttoning her cum covered skirt entirely now she sits on my cock and leans in as if to say something. She says nothing and instead sticks her warm tongue directly into my ear. It sends shivers up my spine and makes my cock jump. She notices and lifts herself up slightly, guiding my erect pole into her pussy now. She sits down on it hard and looks me in the eyes.

She grits her teeth and begins grinding back and forth on it. I thrown my head back in pleasure and she begins moving even faster, still looking right at me with intensity. She eventually starts riding me completely, pushing me back on the couch and bouncing up and down on my dick.

I reach out and slap her ass from behind, causing her to increase speed. She’s humping away happily now, moaning indistinct words. I begin to push back now, timing my thrusts with hers and getting quite the impact. I feel a bit of pain amongst all the pleasure, as I’m sure she does, but the look in her eyes tells me she loves it.

I fill my hands with her soft breasts now for a moment, but she leans in, almost laying down on me to breathe into my ear

“come inside me” she murmurs.

My heart races as I pound up into her pussy. She bites the lobes of my ears gently before she returns upright and grinds away on my shaft again.

I look now at the entire picture. Her eyes closed in pleasure, little beads of sweat on her forehead, wet strands of hair in her face…and her body. Her tight abs and hips bouncing up and down with her breasts, all glazed in a thin layer of sweat…and it’s too much for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32