Putting Myself Through College

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Going to college had always been a dream of mine, growing up in a working class neighborhood had been all the inspiration that I needed to study hard and get good grades throughout school. I will never forget the day that I received my first acceptance letter; it was like a dream come true. Four more followed, in total five of the eight that I had applied to accepted me.

My parents had never had the opportunity to further their education and as a result had always been stuck in lower paying jobs. Still they had tried to save, and if I could obtain a scholarship, things might work out. I chose a school close to home, as it was the cheapest, plus being an in-state student I qualified for a couple of grants. Things looked promising as I started my freshman year, my father had recently received a nice raise, I had a good paying part time job, and I was still able to live at home.

At the end of my first semester, over the holiday break, my world seemed to fall apart. My father’s company announced a shutdown, and he and my mother were faced with the choice of either my day losing his job or transferring to another of the companies plants and taking a significant pay cut. Within weeks my parent’s house was up for sale, they had moved, and I was staying temporary with a friend of the family trying to figure out how I could continue with school.

My parents were very upset about this, as they expected that I would leave school and come join them within a couple of weeks. I did not want to move several states away and move into a small apartment, which was all that my parents could afford at the time. I was desperate, and the family friend made it clear that they did not want me there for very long. I had taken up the offer, which I soon found out was made more to try and consol my parents, then an actual invitation for me to stay.

I was trying to figure out what to do, I could transfer to a community college, and try to work several jobs and maybe find a room to rent or try to find several roommates and get an apartment. Unfortunately I could find neither within my means at that moment, so I just started looking through the want ads for anything.

One day while coming back from an interview from the nearest city, I was reading a newspaper that I found on the train. I was almost out of money and options, trying not to breakdown in tears at the realization that I would have to drop out and move away. Somehow even at 18 I knew that if I left college then, I would most likely never have the opportunity to return again.

The paper which had been left on the train was a local paper, more of an alternative lifestyle newspaper. Since no one was near me on the train, I started flipping through the paper, seeing advertisements for clubs and bars, as well as articles about things that did not interest me. Then near the back of the paper I saw a wanted section, and one advertisement caught my eye. It was for young male models who wanted to make $ 1,000 plus a week. I never knew that people paid for males to model, especially that type of money. The ad was vague, but I ripped it out of the paper and put it in my pocket.

I thought nothing more of it as I returned back to the place I was staying only to be meant by my parent’s friend who asked when I was leaving. I had just hit bottom I thought, so I started reading the evening paper trying to find a last minute place to live, no luck. Out of curiosity, I took out the modeling ad and tried to call the number several times, yet each time I chickened out. Finally the owner of the home ran out for a while, and I thought what the hell, I am alone no one would know if I called, what can it hurt.

The gentleman who answered the call was very pleasant, his name was Kevin, and I told him that I was answering the ad for young male models. Kevin asked me where I saw that ad and I told him which paper, and how I came across it. Kevin took his time and did not get right to the details; I could tell that he was trying to put me at ease. He asked astalavista porno me my age, 18, my body type, slim and if I had any tattoos or piercing’s, which I answered no too. This seemed to please Kevin as he asked me if I could come by for an interview, he told me over the phone that I sounded like an ideal candidate. He gave me the directions to his office, and we agreed that I would drop by the next morning for an interview.

This could not have come at a better time as when my parent’s friend returned home that night, I was told that he had reconsidered and that he wanted me out by the end of the week. With nothing to lose and only one option besides dropping out and moving to my parents, I got the train the next morning early than I needed. I dressed that morning in a nice button up quasi-dress shirt and a pair of nice blue jeans. I found Kevin’s office, but was about two hours early, I just had to get out of that house that morning.

When I was in front of Kevin’s office, which was in an older building several blocks away from the normal business district, I ran into a man who was passing by me to enter the building as I stood in front if it. The man asked me if I was waiting for anyone, and I told him no that I had an interview here later in the day, but had arrived early because I wanted to give myself time to find the building. That was a lie, but I did not want to sound like I was strange or desperate. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be Kevin, he asked me my name, then with a smile said you’re early. He welcomed me to come inside, telling me that we could begin the interview process now if I wanted.

We sat in Kevin’s office for a awhile just talking, he got to know my story and how I came to learn about his business. He then explained that if I was interested, that he would send me on “jobs” where I would be doing nude modeling amongst other things. I said that was fine, I just was never aware that there was a demand for male models. This is where the interview became serious; Kevin informed me that there was actually a high demand, especially for someone of my age and build, but that his clients preferred more interactive modeling, if I knew what he meant.

I said yes, not wanting to come across as naïve, and at that point Kevin said great. He then asked me if I would mind taking a couple of test shots then, and I said no. We started out by taking several head shots, including a few shots from the side. Next I stood up against the wall in the back of his office and he took more shots, soon asking me to unbutton my shirt. Next came the request to remove my pants and underwear, which I did and to my embarrassment I had an erection. Kevin said not to worry; it would actually excite his clients to see me this way.

So there I was with just my shirt on, he took a few more shots, then asked me to take the shirt off as well. Once fully nude, he had me stand up straight and took shots of me from in front, behind, then on both sides. Next he asked me to bend over for a few shots, and then we finished with me lying on top of his desk for what seemed like 10 to 15 shots. I was wondering if any were for him. Once that was done, Kevin told me that I had excellent potential and that it was basically up to me and how hard I wanted to work, as to how much money I could make. That was the best thing I could have ever heard considering the circumstances.

We concluded the meeting, once I had dressed, with Kevin asking me more detailed questions. He asked me about my past sexual experiences, I tried to dodge the question, but he was persistent. I finally said that I was still a virgin, which seemed to surprise him a lot. He asked me directly if that was true, and I said yes. I received the shock of my life with the next question; Kevin asked me if I wanted to make $ 10,000 for a one night assignment, I could not believe it and jumped at the chance. Kevin told me that a wealthy business client of his would just love to take my virginity, asyalı porno if I was willing.

It then hit me, the realization that this was not strictly modeling; instead it was an escort service. Either way I had no choice, so I said yes. Kevin told me that he would make the arrangements and would call me later that day. He gave me a hung, not a hand shake when I left his office, which was kind of a shock.

I could not think straight after the interview, and I walked around the city for a while until I came across a little park that was empty at that time a day. I sat down and thought everything out, I was not gay, yet here I had just agreed to give myself to a man for money, money I needed more than anything else in the world. I was fucked, so I decided, that if I was going to be fucked, it might as well be for the money. No one would ever have to know.

True to his word Kevin discreetly called me later that day and thankfully so as the owner of the house answered the phone, Kevin acted like he was calling me for a second interview. Kevin told me that if I was ready, he could send me on my first modeling assignment the very next evening. I said yes, but that I would have to call him back in a little bit, as I did not have privacy to discuss the particulars. I immediately left the house and went for a walk and called Kevin back collect on a pay phone. Kevin told me that he would have to get me a cell, but was not upset taking the call.

I was told that a married businessman in his late 40’s was very interested in meeting me the following day. I was told that I should meet him at his office around 5 pm, be very discreet and that his name was Mr. Deverson.

Chapter 2

I slept that night with no trouble, it was not until the next that it really hit me what I had just agreed to do. I was very nervous the entire day, and hardly accomplished a thing. I showered around 3 and dressed as nice as I could. I did not have anything special to wear, plus the fact that I was told to be discreet, made me think that I should not wear anything that would make me stand out. I arrived on time and had his secretary let him know I was there. Thankfully she was in a hurry to get out of the office, as she just notified him, and did not ask why I was there.

In no time at all, everyone was gone except for Mr. Deverson and I. His first question once we were alone was if I was actually a virgin, I guess my face said it all, as he accepted my answer as the truth. I saw pictures around his office of his wife and children, but somehow knew not to mention them, I let him take the lead in our conversation. Mr. Deverson, asked me to call him daddy, this took me by surprise. He escorted me to his car and we drove for about half an hour to a little road side motel. I waited in the car as he went in to get a room, definitely not how I had envisioned my first time.

Mr. Deverson was a successful businessman, but he did not play in luxurious setting as you see men of his stature in a movie. We went into the room and he immediately started to talk to me in a different way. He asked me why I was playing with myself, and if I knew what happened to bad little boys. It took me a second to catch on, but I finally did so and said “no daddy”. He said that he would have to show me, and told me to get undressed.

I took all of my clothes off, at his direction, and Mr. Deverson looked like he was taking his. Instead by the time I was nude, he had only taken off his belt. He approached me and asked me once again, why I was such a bad boy who was just caught playing with my little cock. He then directed me and I started to stroke my cock. I was not fully hard at this point and I really started to stroke hard in order to become erect, as I could tell that he was getting slightly upset, I was ruining his fantasy.

Once my cock was hard, he approached me once again and acted like he was my father who had just caught me playing with myself. He slapped me hard, but not duş porno too hard, and then pulled me down across his waist. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against me, still trapped in his pants. Next thing I did was jump at the sudden crack of his belt against my ass. He spanked me a little too hard for my liking, but I just laid there trying to think of the money. I wanted to have fun, but this was all new to me, and I could not fully relax with Mr. Deverson or his fantasy. I would soon learn though that playing along, really pleased clients and that they paid better for it.

After spanking me for a while, he pushed me off of him, then through me down on the bed. I was lying on my stomach and he said that if I wanted to be a sexual pervert, that he would treat me like one. He pulled his pants down quickly and only spit into his hand, I knew what was coming soon, but I did not expect such a sudden and violent entrance. He was bigger and stronger than I so when he put his cock at my virgin entrance, he grabbed on to me and I could not get away. He yelled at me some more, then pushed in. I tried to get away fast from the pain, but he held me tight, with the tip of his cock buried inside of me. He pulled out, slapped me across my ass some more, then hit me in the back of the head and told me that I was a no good son, and he was going to teach me to respect him.

He thankfully spit on his cock a few more times, but it did little to help me. Soon he entered me once more, this time though he did go slower, not give me time to relax and accept it, but more for his pleasure of feeling my tightness give way to his invading cock. Once he was buried all of the way in, he started to pump away at me, and hold hit me ever so often. Mr. Deverson was really enjoying this as I was a mile away from what was going on, trying to block out the discomfort and debating if I would ever do this again. Finally after he had taken my innocence, Mr. Deverson came inside of me.

It was not too long afterwards that he pulled out of me, it hurt slightly he his head finally popped out. I felt funny, my ass hurt a little, and it had this empty feeling, something I had never experienced before. He then walked around, grabbed me by the face and asked if he was ever going to catch me masturbating again, I said “no daddy, I am so sorry”. This seemed to please him that I was playing along, as he loosed his tight grip around my face. It was not over though, as he suddenly brought his cock around toward my face and forced it into my mouth, demanding that I clean it off for him. I had no choice, but to lick it, gagging as he kept it buried inside.

Yet cleaning was not what he wanted, and soon he was harder than ever and was fucking my mouth. He started to demean me by calling me his little cock sucker and saying how I, his son, was going to suck his cock when ever he wanted. He took his pleasure assaulting my mouth, and finally came inside, holding my head so that I had no choice but to swallow.

He withdrew afterwards and told me that I was not worth of his time, and said a few other things, I was not sure if he was still playing his game or not. He then told me to dress as he had to get home, so I did quickly and he drove me back to where I could catch my train. We did not talk much, but he did tell me that he might enjoy my services at a later date, he then joked at how he had paid my bill by charging it to his company as a legal expense of all things, as all he had to do was make up a phony case number on a blank invoice copy, and none of his auditors would know the difference.

I rode the train home that night in silence, I had just for lack of a better term, allowed a man to rape me. Yet it was not rape, as I was a willing participant. That night I laid in my bed trying to figure out what I was going to do next, around 10 that night I received a call from Kevin. Kevin was excited to see how things went, he told me that he had my money and wanted to know if I wanted another assignment. I was not in a position to talk at that point, but the very next day when he placed the cash in my hands I was so overcome that I agreed to do more business.

This is the first part of this series, please let me know what you think and if you would like to read further adventures. Thank you, RobXXX

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