Pushing the Envelope

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I felt especially wonderful that day, the day I let someone into my life, my private place, my head, my heart, and thus they were for a few minutes, my lover.

The two of us had conversed earlier, that particular day, about whether oral stimulation can be considered “having sex.” Whether being caught with another person other than your committed partner, in an oral way, was actually the same as “having sex.” As the conversation commenced and lengthened, we both came to the same conclusion that any touching, be it with the mouth, or any other item, which came into contact with one’s “bits”, this was actually the same as “having sex.”

So, with this in mind, and knowing full well that I normally do not participate with my sub sexually, I decided to push the envelope.

I couldn’t wait. I wanted “it.” I wanted him.

I had admitted to myself that I would take everything I wanted, and this included admitting that I wanted him. I wanted not just to feel his eyes on my skin, to know his mind was fixated on me, that he bent down to fix my shoe just right, but know that I would now touch him the way I had imagined.

His skin is a light brown, his hair is now grayed in places, but coarse and thick. He always looks away from my glance so I see only his eyelids, which are soft and thin. I had imagined his cock was like the same, as I know that man’s eye lids have the same texture as the skin of his member. I kept staring Avcılar Escort at his eyelids, becoming fixated on what I knew I would soon feel and taste.

Unzipping his pants, he let me bring them down low so I could see him now and know him the way I had only earlier thought of in my mind. Looking at him finally, I couldn’t believe I was actually going to touch him with my tongue, but I did and soon my lips licked his head slowly. Licking my lips to gain more leverage, I slipped down easily, grasping now his cock on my tongue to suck it in toward the back of my throat. I was careful to cover my teeth with my lips so as not to make contact. I felt his soft balls in my hand and rolled them gently with my palm like 2 large dice, which needed to be rubbed together before rolling at a craps game.

My tongue now slid down his shaft to the base and then up again and down again and up again several times until I felt the blood begin to creep in it and make him hard. I knew I was seducing his brain and that made me smile. He was a tough little brat, not wanting to acknowledge that he wanted me to suck him off, but with his body responding to my exploration, he couldn’t help himself.

I now had a very firm cock in my hand and exchanging his balls in my mouth, gently moving them back and forth slowly one and then the other. My kisses on his skin were making his veins pop on his penis and his balls were being Avcılar Escort bayan sucked inwards toward his body, involuntarily. I knew I had something special going on here, we were now at the point of no return. Were his eyeballs rolling back inside his brain? Was his breathing becoming so quiet before the storm?

I began the stroking up and down now, with my spit being changed to man-made lubrication, I knew that this new slipperiness would soon overcome him and he would want to grab his cock and stroke it himself so that he could fly to oblivion, and that’s exactly what he did.

“Go ahead, come for me now, take over, do it yourself,” I told him.

As I predicted, his strong hand came from its flaccid place of rest to now a frenzied rubbing up and down of his skin, making the epidermis rise and fall with a quickness that he had memorized over the years, since he had his very first hard-on.

I moved my head back slightly, as I told him to “continue rubbing” and I wanted to hear him cum in orgasm. I told him to “let it all out”, I told him, “I want to hear you scream with happiness”, I told him, “I wanted to lick your warm liquid and lap it up!”

It was at that point, a guttural groan took him over and he began to shake and then begin to sputter and then spurt a great geyser of whiteness up into the air like that resembling “Old Faithful.” I felt my neck stretch to witness as much Escort avcılar as I could so I could then place my whole mouth over his head above where his hand finally stopped and I then began sucking hard on his dick. I tasted him, his sweet cum, his benign and yet warm white tapioca-like substance. It was finally him in my mouth, his goodness was on my tongue and I liked it. I was smiling and I started laughing, which made him begin a light grin on his face. I looked at him and beamed a bright and joyful smile and laughed out loud. I was very happy. I was extremely happy. I don’t think I could have been any more happier at that moment, because of one thing…We had just had “sex.”

I watched as his dick softened and reduced and finally relaxed to a comfortable place. I got up and walked to the sink where I washed out “him” from my tongue and the inside of my mouth. I rinsed again and then came back to him still lying on the bed. I kissed his mouth and smiled. He looked at my eyes and smiled as well.

I don’t know how many women he has had “sex” with, but I really don’t care. What I do know is that we had just experienced something that was completely intimate and special and I was very content. I will always know that I made someone very happy at one very particular point, in my life, and that will always make me smile.

I don’t care if I ever do this special deed again, because I rarely let anyone this close into myself. But, because I took a risk, I opened my private place, and thus, he became my lover for just a few moments. I will always feel especially wonderful when I remember that day, it was only a few moments, but I will always have a wonderful place for my memory, and that rests in my heart.

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