Pushing the Boundaries

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Pushing the Boundaries
I feared our relationship with Chloe might be coming to an end.

As Lynne, Chloe and I lay in bed together one Sunday morning having gently sated our early morning lust, Chloe, cuddled between us, said that she had met someone. She had bumped into a guy she went to school with, they hit it off and went for a drink together and things had blossomed from there. It was not, she told us, a serious relationship, yet, but she thought it might be going that way.

While I lay there thinking the worse, that I would not be able to share Chloe’s hot, sensual body with Lynne for much longer, Lynne seemed to be pleased for Chloe, bombarding her with questions about her new man. What did he look like? Where did he work? What was he like at school and how was he different now?

Then it went to questions only another woman could ask, had they made love yet? What was his cock like?
Chloe laughed at her,

“You are just sex mad,” and with that she leaned over and kissed Lynne’s breast. Lynne responded pushing her body into Chloe’s and suddenly the new boyfriend was forgotten about as we, once again, indulged ourselves in sexual pleasure.

It was a few days later when Lynne said to me,

“On Saturday we are having Chloe and her new boyfriend over for dinner. You just have to remember she is my work colleague and nothing more. So, no staring at her luscious tits,” she laughed.

I laughed too, “It’s you staring at them I’d be more worried about.” She gave me a playful punch followed by a deep passionate kiss.

“Do you think we will lose her?” she asked, but before I could answer she did so herself, “well it couldn’t last forever I suppose but at least I will still have that gorgeous cock of yours.” She teasingly rubbed her hand across my crotch.

I held her tight, “I love you and your gorgeous body, whatever happens, I will still happily spend the rest of my life fucking you.”

“Then let’s start that right now then,” she said dragging me up the stairs.

Saturday arrived and, between us, Lynne and I had prepared the dinner, just before our guests were to arrive Lynne ran upstairs to get change. I was a little disappointed when she came back down, she was wearing her most conservative clothes, the type she used for work. She saw the look on my face,

“Remember we a just an average couple,” she laughed, “at least until we are on our own again.”

Right on cue, Chloe arrived with her new boyfriend, Dan. Disappointingly, Chloe too was dressed prim and proper, I guessed she was in her work clothes too.

We did the introductions, I offered drinks and we sat down to dinner. The next couple of hours were pleasant enough, just general small talk mainly by Lynne and Chloe, with the occasional question thrown at Dan. My job was to play the host, bring out the food, clear away after courses and make sure glasses were filled.

Once dinner was done Lynne bahis firmaları and Chloe declared they were going to sort out the washing up, leaving me alone with Dan. He seemed a good bloke. The same age as Chloe and, if I was honest, pretty good looking. He obviously kept himself in shape and well groomed, I could see why Chloe liked him.

We did the manly small talk thing. Asking questions to discover what we might have in common then, when we found it, focusing solely on the subject for a while. In our case it was art and we were talking about a local exhibition we’d both been to when I heard the kitchen door and Lynne and Chloe walked back in.

My jaw dropped and I think Dan’s may have hit the floor.

Both women had lost their conservative clothes and entered the room in nothing but gorgeously chic, expensive underwear. Lynne’s was a deep green set and Chloe’s was ruby red, both identical aside from the colour. The fine quality silk highlighted their beautiful curves perfectly.

They stood in the middle of the room, not even glancing toward us, and kissed each other deeply and passionately. As they kissed their hands explored each other, Lynne caressed Chloe’s silk covered arse as Chloe ran a finger along the lace covering my wife’s breast.

I looked at Dan and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, and, quite possibly, his cock burst out of his trousers!

I turned back to the action, the girls broke from their kiss as they removed each other’s bras. Lynne bent down to take the younger woman’s nipple in her mouth, Chloe let out a small sigh of satisfaction and reached out her hand to fondle Lynne’s pert tits. They gently touched and kissed each other’s breast, both of them with nipples now hard and proud.

Dan and I watched as they teased each other’s bodies, then they took it up a level, Lynne knelt and removed the ruby red panties from Chloe, kissing her pussy as she did so. Chloe then returned the favour and then, completely naked they pressed their bodies tight together and kissed deeply again. Chloe then lay on the floor and Lynne straddled her face so the younger girl could kiss, lick and taste my wife. Lynne leaned forward to do the same to Chloe while Dan and I drooled at the sight of the two women.

Then suddenly they stopped.

They moved over to the sofa, sitting tightly together, Chloe, straddling one leg across Lynne’s, looked at me and Dan and said,

“If you want to join in, you had better get naked.”

We were both naked in seconds! Chloe held up her hand, “You have had your show now we want ours, we want to see you kiss.”

That surprised me. I shot a look at Lynne and she gave me a serious look and a nod as if to say “Do this for Chloe”.
If I am honest. I have always been a little curious about doing it with another guy and that curiosity had ramped up a bit lately since discovering Lynne’s bisexuality. casino oyna So, I looked toward Dan giving him a nod to say I was okay with it and he nodded in return.

We stepped toward each other and our bodies and lips met. It was a little awkward at first, neither of us seemed to know what to do with our hands, but we soon settled into a long deep kiss, our tongues touching as we used them to explore each other. I slid on of the hands I had on his back down to his butt and pulled him tight against me. I could feel his hard cock touching me, it all felt so good.

When we broke Chloe was standing next to us, she went down to her knees pulling Dan down with her. Then, inches from his face, she began to tease my cock. Using light touches with her lips and tongue she kissed, licked and gently pecked the end, that combined with Dan having one hand on my leg sent a sensual shiver through me.

Chloe moved slightly away and, using her hand pushed my cock slightly toward Dan, inviting him to take over, which he did without hesitation. He took it between his lips and used his tongue to flick the end.

I looked over toward Lynne, she was watching intently her hand gently stroking her pussy. I mouthed, “are you okay with this”, she smiled and mouthed back “horny”.

I stroked my hand across Chloe’s head, “Dan’s got this Babe, I think Lynne needs some attention right now” my wife nodded as Chloe rose and moved toward her, prising her legs open so she could put her head in between.

The sight of that combined with Dan’s mouth around my throbbing manhood was getting a bit too much and I did not want to come yet. I gently touched Dan’s face and pulled my cock from his mouth. As he stood, I slid down, putting my hands on his firm arse and slid my lips around another man’s cock for the first time.

I was surprised at how good it felt. Dan’s hard dick twitched in my mouth as my mouth and tongue relished in the experience. The sensation of was incredible. I moved one hand to gently stroke his balls, and his cock twitched even more, his hips beginning to move gently as he fucked my mouth. I think he to was on the brink of coming because he pulled himself from my mouth for to soon for my liking. As I stood could see Lynn and Chloe standing too,

“Bedroom,” Lynne said breathlessly. Chloe grabbed Dan’s hand and rushed him up the stairs. Lynne held me back a bit. “Are you alright with me fucking Dan” she asked.

I brushed my hand over her arse, “I want to see you fuck him hard Babe. Now let’s get up there before they fuck each other.”

When we got to the bedroom Chloe and Dan were kissing furiously on the bed, so Lynne and I jumped on the bed and did the same, the pure sensual energy my wife put into kissing me was out of this world. The anticipation of having another mans cock inside her, and me being okay with it, seemed to have raised her levels of sexuality slot oyna beyond belief.

Lynne broke away from me and, suddenly, I was face to face with Dan. There was no awkwardness this time as we kissed, only pure man on man lust. Holding each other tightly, eagerly, and roughly pushing our open lips together. This time I was bolder and I reached down to hold his cock against mine.

Chloe pulled him away from me and now she was in my arms kissing me hard. That kiss then turned into a much softer one, she lifted her mouth to my ear and whispered “Thank you,” then, a little louder, “Let’s watch Lynne fuck Dan.”
She flipped around her back spooned against me, working her arse deep into my crotch trying to get my cock inside her, I helped out with that. We moved with a slow gentle rhythm and both looked over to the other two.

They were kissing with hot savage passion, as they were doing so it was obvious Lynne was pushing Dan onto his back. Once she had him there, she swung her leg over to straddle him, lowering herself on his cock as he held it steady for her.

Then she fucked him furiously.

Lynne rode that cock so hard. Her breasts bounced wildly with the sheer force and speed with which she strove to get Dan’s tool as deep as possible inside her. Dan had his hands firmly on her thighs, holding her steady as she bucked harder and harder.

As she did Chloe’s grinding on my cock began to get a little faster, she was getting more and more turned on as she watched.

It was clear that Dan was about to pump his load into my wife, his body stiffened, his face contorted and he exhaled a long deep satisfied sigh. The cum didn’t stop Lynne though, she carried on, sucking every last bit of cum into her pussy as she drained his balls. I held Chloe tighter as we saw Lynne’s body shiver with an intense orgasm tearing through her body. You could see it explode in her crotch and streak its way through her body finally leaving it a deep low moan from her mouth.

The sight of them was so horny obviously for Chloe as well as me because she rolled on to her front and lifted her arse toward ready to have my cock fuck her from behind. I pumped her wet juicy pussy frantically, desperate now to feel that sheer ecstasy of orgasm and shooting my load.

Chloe must have felt the same because she forced her hips backwards, trying to impale herself on my rigid dick, we moved together in a desperate rhythm and then, almost together, we climaxed with such power it felt like an earthquake flowing from Chloe right through my very core.

The four of us, wonderfully exhausted, arranged ourselves on the bed. Me one side, Lynne the other with Dan and Chloe in between us.

“Sorry for springing that on you like that,” Chloe said to Dan, “I want you to be a real part of my life and that life includes Nick and Lynne, I need you to be okay with that.”

Dan didn’t say a word, he just kissed her with a tenderness that said it was all okay with him.
As they kissed their bodies moved and Dan’s firm arse brushed against my cock, my mind was suddenly full of new ideas but that is for another time……….

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