Pure Bliss Ch. 03

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The silence that followed drove me nuts I wanted to scream but I didn’t for fear that the man would shoot me or Chance. He paced the length of the couch again and looked at the window. Finally unable to keep my silence I opened my mouth.

“What are you doing?” I demanded. He spun around quickly and looked at me. He didn’t glare this time. He almost smiled.

“I’m waiting for my partner. You are both coming with us to a new location that even I haven’t been to yet.” He replied. I mulled this over for a moment.

“That’s kidnapping.” Chance said. The man looked at him and laughed.

“Ransom actually.” He corrected. “If your sister does what we ask we’ll let you go. If not you both will die.” He said casually as if he was dictating a grocery list. It put an ice cold panic in my chest and made it difficult for me to breathe. I looked at Chance and realized he had similar feelings. He gave me a reassuring look though in spite of himself. I forced a smile.

“What beef do you have with Nathan?” Chance asked.

“Her name for one thing.” The man joked. Neither of us cracked a smile.

“All in good time my dears all in good time.” He said all seriousness now. Chance and I looked at each other again. What could his kid sister have done to anger this man? Why would she even talk to a man like this? Chance escort ankara shook his head.

“Ah here he is.” The man said eagerly rushing to get the door for his partner. It was in that moment that I realized these men were twins. I gasped startled. Both had smoky black hair and bright blue eyes with dark complexions and dazzling white teeth. I hated to admit they were attractive twins. Both now looked at me and Chance as if we where piles of smelling garbage. I felt repulsive and unworthy and then I felt angry that two men I didn’t know could make me feel that way

“This is Nathan’s brother?” The man’s twin said. The man nodded with a vindictive smile on his face.

“Yeah that’s him alright. They look alike those two.” He said. His twin laughed.

“Like twins.” He agreed. They both laughed for a few minutes as if it was the funniest joke in the world. Chance looked ready to kill them but looked down quickly when they looked back at us.

“Locked?” The man’s twin asked. He nodded again and they both stepped forward. The man’s twin grabbing me and jerking me to my feet while the man yanked Chance around like a rag doll. They blindfolded us and gagged us before leading us out into the snowy night. I tried to fight the push of the hand on the small of my back but it was useless. I couldn’t see escort etlik or move my hands. And I couldn’t scream all options for an escape had been eliminated. This put another cold stab of fear in my chest. I fought back tears. I listened to the crunch of our feet on the snow for clues. All I really knew was we were walking out toward the street. A car door opened and I was shoved roughly inside. The door on the other side opened as well and I heard Chance trying to fight his captor. Finally both doors slammed shut and the doors in the front opened and slammed in synchronization. The engine started and we shot away from the curb.

“Do you think this will work?” One twin asked. The other snorted.

“It damn well better. Nathan knows not to fuck with us but yet here we are.”

“Maybe she tried to do what we asked before?” a twin suggested.

“Hardly. She could have avoided all of this but did she? No. she chose to play this game let her face the consequences.”

“And if this doesn’t work?”

“Then her brother and sister-in-law die. They are no great loss.”

“The sister-in-law is a writer isn’t she? Won’t somebody miss her?”

“Her name is Piper.” I jolted at the sound of my name. How did he know that? Had Nathan told him about her family? I struggled against my gag trying escort demetevler to make a sound any sound. It was a muffled gurgle but it was a start.

“Shut up back there nobody can understand you. Nor do they care what you have to say.” I immediately stopped trying to make noise fearful of death.

“What’s the guy’s name?”

“Chance. He’s a wimp. Not worth your time.”

“Oh.” The voice sounded almost disappointed. I focused on their conversation trying to pick up clues.

“Piper has been a write since she was nine. Her poetry has been in several children’s books. She has seven novels and is rumored to be working on another. She’s smart. Keep an eye on her don’t let her fool you. It will cost you dearly if she escapes. Just remember that.”

After what seemed like an eternity of silence we finally pulled to a stop. The car doors opened and I was dragged out by an arm. I tried to struggle.

“Stop that! The harder you make this on me the more I’ll enjoy you dying. Stupid bitch.” A harsh voice said close to my ear. I shivered from anger more than the cold. “Steps coming up. Lift your foot easy now. Lift again. One more. Ok no more steps.” The voice coached. I felt foolish like a child. The hardwood porch smelled like old wood and dirt. I coughed a few times to clear my throat. Rough hands shoved me from behind so I toppled to the floor just inside the door that had just been opened. I cried out in pain as my head struck the floor. Every nerve ending in my body screamed in protest. I heard Chance topple beside me. He made no sound at all.

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