Pumpkin’s Got a Very Bad Side

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(Author’s note: All sex participants involved are over 18 years of age. Please enjoy the read and comment, etc.=)


Brian was running late for work. He kept looking at his watch over and over, as if hoping the hands on it would somehow magically fall back a minute or two. He was nervously tucking in his dress shirt sloppily here and there as his hands held both his briefcase and an umbrella. The radio forecast told of a sixty percent chance of rain around rush hour. His watch hand kept a half-mindful touch on the thick railing of the stairs to keep him from tripping and taking a nasty fall down the steps.

He was just about to go over in his head yet again the key points to his presentation he was going to give the very moment he reached the office, when he came off the stairs and turned into the kitchen.

The whole thing just left him when he set eyes on his daughter in her very racy outfit as she stood having breakfast at the kitchen island. She was having a bagel and too busily working her phone to notice him right away. He stood there silently eating his heart out while running his hungry eyes up and down his Cassidy.

On top of her messy neon pixie haircut was a gloss black headband with blood-red colored devil’s horns sticking out to the left and right. Going down a bit he feasted his eyes on the smooth, fresh ivory skin of her waist as generously revealed by her teal, cropped hoodie. Below that his eyes drooled at a pair of cranberry-colored lace boxers that had a black ribbon on either side of the waistband. His heart pounded against his chest as he marveled at her creamy ass cheeks for what seemed like an eternity.

He was too zoned out to notice his lovely, barefoot nymph had finally noticed him and had turned to call out to him.

“Hey Dad–you okay?”

It would take amazingly a third calling and a hard shaking at his elbow to finally break her Dad out of his daze. But there was no way Cassidy would be prepared for what followed.

“Get away–don’t freakin’ touch me!”

“Why don’t you go out there tonight and work the corner, you dirty whore!”

Brian jerked his arm away from her and walked off into the foyer, without so much as looking her in the eye. He sat himself down in the heavyset chair by the front door as always and proceeded gaziantep ucuz escort to get himself into his well-shined shoes.

Cassidy was completely floored. A raw mix of confusion and shock held her down. She tried to get a word or two out of her throat but was unable to. Her Dad’s wild reaction took the air right out of her. She felt not only suffocated, but now began to tremble with outright horror.

Within moments though, she felt a more relaxed control and thoughts coming through again as a vibrant anger came over her. She was not going to just stand there like a moron and take this crap. She needed to do something and right this wrong! This little devil was going to show what’ll happen when someone gets on her bad side!

She knew deep down her Dad must have meant well after all. He was just uneasy with her showing too much skin. He just hasn’t gotten over the typical overprotectiveness that every father surely has for their girl. She would have been cool with all that, if only he had so expressed himself calmly and slowly with her. But that was definitely not how he handled it, now did he? So everything is not so cool now!

Cassidy needed to put her Dad in line. He needed to know that once some things are said, they can’t be taken back.

Indeed, she was going to be that very whore he accused her of being–she would work on him instead of that damn corner!

He’ll be in for one wild ride–literally!

Cassidy found her Dad putting on his last shoe. Mom was honking from their car by the curb to get him to hurry it up.

There was absolutely no time to spare! She had to get in and get out…

She unzipped her hoodie loose and threw it at his feet.

“Hey…what on earth?!” he asked, jerking his dumb head up. The sight of her bare chest nearly knocked him backward.

Cassidy kneeled and pinned her Dad down with one hand, while using the other to grab around for his penis through his opened fly, which he had left unzipped in his hurry earlier.

He cried for her to stop and shook himself again and again to get her to get off him. But she kept digging until she led his meaty length out into the open.

A sick calm came over her as she bawled him out, “You FUCK with me–I FUCK you right back, gaziantep ukraynalı escort man!!”

Brian just shut down and sat his ass totally still. He knew he had brought this whole mess on himself. For as long as he can remember, everyone near and far has warned him that his hotheadedness will one day lead someone to bite back with a vengeance.

Well that ‘someone’ was right now sitting between his legs, spitefully tugging away at his love muscle. It hadn’t taken long for her well-practiced hands with those fine, tight jerks to fire up his cum cauldrons to a simmer. But then again, needless to say, the sight of the debonair swaying of his baby’s modest boobs as she worked on him sped things up a whole lot quicker.

Cassidy eyed the wetness on his tip and stopped briefly to get onto her feet. Brian saw her next evil intention and kindly helped her up by the armpits as she wasted no time raising a foot up onto his chair to begin her climb aboard.

At this point, he just couldn’t hold back any longer. He didn’t want to be what they call a party pooper. He dove right into his girl’s depravity with equally unashamed virility.

“YES–come on, bitch!” he hollered, dealing a rabid slap onto his baby’s backside. “Fuck me REAL good!”

Cassidy straddled over her father, and proceeded to reach under to push aside the crotch piece of her lingerie shorts so she can ride him.

Brian let out a sweet gasp as his baby girl guided his knob to rest right under her warm and willing lips.

“Dammit, Pumpkin–you’re a fucking loose cannon, aren’t you?!”

Making cute, little side-to-side wiggles, Cassidy slowly slid herself down her Dad until she came to his nuts. Then the wonderful symphony of skin-on-skin slapping merriment started to fill the room as she raised and lowered her clasped snatch around him over and over. Pop–pop–pop!

Brian shifted his hold on her between her waist and her fleshy buttocks to get that desired smooth, rhythmic ride. She likewise also alternated her grip between his shoulders and the chair back as she saw fit.

Cassidy leaned in to place a kiss on his forehead, and laughed “Haha…No, I’m not!”

She continued. “Actually–that would be you, man!”

“You can’t just gaziantep üniversiteli escort talk shit whenever you like–people got feelings, you feel me?!”

Lol….he FELT her alright! She fit him just like a glove too–it was so unreal. The two then rocked away silently mostly, save for a few moans and a couple professions of love for one another.

Their speed then really picked up. It was a good thing the old, carved oak chair was sturdy as it was because they really went at it. Pop–pop–pop!

“I’m gonna come, sweetie!” Brian patted his daughter again and again on her back to warn her. But she wouldn’t get off him and only bounced on.

Brian didn’t know what to make of it. Just what was he going to say to Margaret if she got pregnant? He began to freak out.

Just then, Cassidy reached behind herself and plugged him out of her. The timing was way too close! He began making a wild mess almost immediately onto her back and buttocks. A few wads even reached her hair!

She bit her lips and looked down upon her Dad with a dirty grin as she gently pumped out the last oozes of cum from his now softening cock.

Brian threw his head back with ecstasy, shutting his eyes to savor the sweet aftertaste of their little libertine hook-up. His body was shaking badly from a most gorgeous nut. There was never one quite like this one in his now twenty-three years together with his wife.

Cassidy collapsed onto her Dad’s burning torso. She kissed him all about his face and neck, trying to catch her breath as well.

Brian curled his weak arms around his baby’s back and hugged her into him and laughed, “Fuck it! I think I’ll call in sick today!”

Cassidy smoothed her Dad’s hair back, saying “Silly goose–you better get on it before Mom comes up to get you!”

Brian sighed and gave a quick acknowledging grip to her shoulder.

The two then exchanged amicable kisses, wished the other a happy Halloween amidst the stepped up torrent of frustrated honks blasting from the car outside and scrambled to their feet.

Just as Cassidy was turning to go, she noticed her Dad searching his pant pockets for maybe a tissue to wipe away a smidge of his cum from his dick.

“Hey–stop, let me get that for you!” she cried.

She took to her knees again and polished his knob clean with a few quick twirls of her tongue.

“Okay, man–you’re good to go now!”

Brian returned her grin, while shaking his head with silent awe at his delightfully unchaste daughter. He finally zipped up and gathered his belongings.

Taking her by a nipple and shaking her breast with a naughty grin spread across his face, he laughed under his breath and turned for the door.

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